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  1. mylene

    holiday = higher vocal range

    Let me see if I can offer a valuable response since no one else has replied. I can’t say if your experience has anything to do with Canada itself, but I took the time out to ask a friend who is a vocal coach, because I found your post intriguing. This was her response, more or less: What happened is that relaxing and refraining from using your vocal chords did wonders for your voice each time you visited. She would recommend that you try relaxing more often, whether in Canada or elsewhere to keep your voice in optimum shape. Good luck and it would be interesting to hear about your experiences elsewhere or whenever you revisit Canada.
  2. So, I’ve stumbled upon this post and I'm a little surprised that nobody has replied to your link since it’s been such a controversial ruling. I’ve heard much debate for and against it which sound valid, but I think it’s going to be hard to overturn the original verdict. However, the argument being put forth in the new appeal does have some merit, you really can’t copyright a feeling or a groove. Watching to see how this one plays out because it’s not just about blurred lines but songs being made in the future. Thanks for sharing by the way. PS: I know this was posted in 2016 but it's interesting what has become of the case since, so I felt compelled to respond.
  3. mylene


    No problem, I’m happy my reply could be helpful to someone on here. To be honest, I had stayed away from Muse’s Muse after Jodi, the previous owner, handed over the website. However, someone recommended I join another community, and in checking it out, I came back to this forum and decided to jump back in.
  4. mylene

    poems vs. lyrics

    Interesting thread. Without getting too technical, song lyrics are almost always written to go with a musical arrangement. There is always some basic melody in the writer’s head that helps to shape and restrict the words to suit its form and rhythm. On the other hand, a poem is more about just getting out what needs to be said. As such, it doesn’t need a refrain like the chorus of a song (although one can be included). Yes, it might follow a format too, but it has nothing to do with music. With that being said, many poems can easily be turned into song lyrics, with or without minor adjustments. Maybe it’s then fair to say that poems might be more versatile than lyrics.
  5. mylene


    Hi there, working with professionals ensures you get the best results. And that is especially important if you are making music for commercial purposes. The thing is, people who you might want to share your music with, including publishers, record label owners, artists, and music supervisors, are looking to hear a certain quality of sound, one that only professionals can provide. So, working with professionals ensures you get the right type of sound and quality which increases your chances for success in your music career. Also, surrounding yourself and working with professional musicians, will increase your own skill. Working with musicians at your own level, will increase your own skill level much slower. Always practice/work with the best. Lastly, if you get your car fixed reliably, you expect a professional, correct? If you are sick and go to a doctor, you expect a professional, correct? This applies to any service you seek, if your plan is to use the outcome professionally or reliably.
  6. mylene


    Not sure about how to help you with the lyrics part. However, if you’re looking to collaborate with professional singers, musicians, and engineers on future projects, you should definitely try Tunedly. It’s an online music recording studio, where all musicians are vetted, so you don’t have to spend precious time doing background checks to ensure you’re working with professionals.
  7. Hi there! If you’re still searching, you can check out tunedly.com. It’s an online recording studio that has on its roster some of the world’s top session musicians, including several guitarists. It has everything and every type of musician you will ever need – offering all the components required to go from song idea to radio-ready track.