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  1. album cover mock-up

    Ah now that, I hadn't thought of. Well spotted, thanks. This'll require some reworking anyway so, well all good stuff to keep in mind!
  2. album cover mock-up

    And that's the greatest quality of all for an album title, right? Heheha, just being a cheeky div of course. Well I've got plenty of time to decide either way, and that's actually a great way to look at it so thanks for that.
  3. How many songs have you written?

    Oh, I've forgotten way more than I'd like to have. I'm sure some valuable stuff does absolutely get lost for good. It's a shame but I have to not care, because that's just the way it goes with me, and if I did care I'd be sad all the time. Additionally I'd say your Dad still holds the prolific songwriter thing over me most likely, since it sounds like he's got much more numerous much more finished stuff, so yeah... judging by where you draw the line of what counts as a song. And should the line be drawn at a higher standard, then that can count as a higher record.
  4. album cover mock-up

    It does! Mind if I nick it without acknowledgement? Actually, damnit I don't like to do that. I've grown a little fond of 'enermittent' actually. It sounds a little dejected, which I think 'dynasporadic' is missing. I might come up with something different entirely.
  5. How many songs have you written?

    I have several hundred here and there, as people are saying though it really depends on how much development you'd draw the line at calling a song. The quality obviously varies a lot too, as in yeah a randomly picked item might be definitely a song but it's also full of problems and doesn't really work very well. So not, most of them, things I'd chuck on an album or anything. A lot of full shelves of repurpousable ideas, although not very collected so I can't be sure - I tend to remember them more than I note them down (or record them). But yeah, could be as many as a thousand. Actually not unrealistic, if you allow for quality variance and insist on a bit more than say, just a simple riff idea. I've been called extremely prolific by several people before. Nowadays I like to try and calm it down a bit, not necessarily thinking of every new thing I come up with as an instant classic (difficult natural tendancy to grow out of, that). Being as I started songwriting as a means to cope with horror at a very young age, yeah that's probably why I wrote so many. The stuff I write currently, being guitar based is comparatively a lot newer and less numerous - the vast majority of the hundreds of songs would be piano based, with a couple hundred or so computer based songs thrown in. Do note that I don't remember them all! I've certainly lost several hundred along the way. They do tend to come back eventually, though. It's a weird memory thing. I have memory problems and do wonder if that's contributed to them.
  6. album cover mock-up

    A mixture of 'energetic' and 'intermittent'. A word combination in a very stop-start way, so its meaning is like its construction. I'm not stuck on the album title, though. If something better carries the same vibe, I could use that instead. 'Difficult' definitely works well with the album. It's an uncomfortable and jabby and grating work.
  7. album cover mock-up

    Hey, I mocked up an idea for my album's cover. I have no recordings to share yet, but thought why not share this in the meantime since I have it. Front and back cover, see if it catches your eye, any feedback welcome and so forth. Feedback not really necessary though, more just sharing; comment how you like.
  8. Stroboscopic

    Okay... I'll keep that then.
  9. The Shape of You

    Ron your puns are a hex! Sorry but it's been oblong time coming.
  10. Stroboscopic

    Hmm, I have been thinking about that first line. It's not as punchy as I'd like it. Maybe it puts the first verse on a bad footing. Could be a case of too many ideas... I'd thought it fun to picture the warning itself being in flashing lights however... it's very squashed in indeed and probably doesn't come through at all. Also kinda unnecessary. Might be a good time to go through and see what I can simplify. The first verse has a lot less syllables to work with but that doesn't mean to say it can't still be strong. So I ought to make it strong, really. I want to keep the song title as the 2nd line just since it plain sounds good there but I can certainly play around with (and possibly simply rewrite) the lines around it. I certainly do want "a certain glue" to come through sufficiently, doesn't sound like I've quite managed that yet with this one. Cheers Jim. Also... that third verse has got me wondering as well. Very strict rhythmically, that one but could I be saying more with it? Hmm. Possibly it's yet another unneeded idea in the song. Thanks, all you guys! You're helping lots. Sometimes it takes a little time for me to see something's up.
  11. Ear warmers (rough first draft)

    That's cool!
  12. Fun game! Here's the one I got:
  13. The Shape of You

    Lol, silly heterosexuals... I can sing that no problem. (besides, since when can't a man have sexy curves?)
  14. Stroboscopic

    I was aiming for a feeling of confusion with the song in general, as that's what the song's subject's going through, jumping back and forward in time trying to get a grasp on whether she's depressed or not and failing to succeed. Noting suicidal tendancies with an "oh, that's odd" rather than a "woe is me", if that makes sense. Trying to express how different a mindset can be, just given a bit of time passing - how different it can be, in both directions; better and worse. There's a fine balance to be struck with "deliberately confusing" lyrics; it's quite a difficult target to hit, is that. Properly hit, that is - as opposed to it being an excuse for crap writing. I hope that side of this came through more than the other? You wouldn't need a full sense of it but I'd want to know I at least gave over the spark of its idea. I might not've. Very useful comment anyway, and thanks for it. Lol, strobe lights. Probably. Maybe not, though. I don't tend to like 'em since that's... you're excluding a bunch of people with photosensitive conditions from enjoying a music performance. I dunno, I probably wouldn't do that despite the song name. By the way, Snarky your comment simmered in my head for a while and I changed that line. It's now "And I'm sitting in a roundabout middle in a stun." Expresses what I was going for without screwing around with language quite as much. I like to screw around with language! But I realize it's a licence that ought to be libertied sparingly.
  15. 3 Tells You're An Amateur Songwriter

    I'd venture to suggest that a lot of the success that comes from songwriting and those big scary bank balances you tout out before us is not down to genuinely connecting with an audience. There's something they do that resonates with enough people for it to work, granted. But it's not all of it, probably not even most of it. Nobody I know - old or young - likes most of the stuff they hear that charts. Everyone has a complaint. The difference is this, as is the difference with ANY form of art and the very reason why you should never take proness as a stand-in for quality: it's more about the marketing, and knowing the right people. Why on earth do you even think that so few people write so many of the popular songs? Because it's to quite a large degree not even anything to do with the songs at all. The music videos are typically more important. The trendy cliques that form around the image of the people in the music videos are typically even more important than the videos themselves. The songs are not the main part of what's being sold, here. So you can't say success in this field is down to being better than everyone else at writing songs, it's just not true. I like some modern stuff. Like anyone, I look back on my favourite era through nostalgia goggles and typically forget about (or over-romantically pedestal) all the crap that was also popular back then. Just like I'll do once this current crop is sufficiently in the past and I'm similarly looking back on it with selection bias. It's nothing to do with being old, beyond that necessary skew. Doesn't change the quality of the people making the songs. In that respect, I'd say there's one thing they consistently fail at when it comes to songwriting and it's a thing they're pretty much chosen because they fail at - they're way too homogenous. Their ideas aren't interesting. Every song's about being in a club, and even in that limited setting you don't get the more genuine emotions such as depressive jealousy or oneupmanship collateral to connect to since it's not about the song - it's about selling the image of the artist attached to it. And that's it. In this way, pop will never represent the pinnacle of music, because it shifts its definition to mean whatever is the current pinnacle of commercialism, whose aims are somewhat combative with the aims of writing a good song. And by good song I don't mean one in a personally preferred genre, or written by my favourite artists, or about things I'd myself connect to - I mean one that resonates with someone, means something, does something, has some kind of interesting thing. One you could dance to? Sure. One you could sit and listen to? Sure. Whatever its purpose is (keyly, a music purpose rather than an external one), however it's meant to be listened to - a song that achieves that purpose. That, to me, is a good song. There are a lot of good songs I can't stand but I know they're still good songs. Formula kills a lot in that aim. And formula is what a lot of 'successful' types lean on since in order to get successful in capitalist systems that cause money to be the thing that makes you more money (and lack of it the thing that stops you), there is only one dominant strategy - turtling up, and doing "what works". It's grossly formula-encouraging. And we don't all get necessarily exposed to the best selection of music because of that! It is mitigated against to a large degree however by the simple fact that people tend to want to have a passion in what they do (however much they might not dare rock the money boat in order to express it) and artists have an amount of pride in being thought of by their listeners as good at what they do, and wanting their listeners to genuine enjoy their output. Which certainly does happen! Again, largely due to the sheer exposure dominance that heaps of cash thrown behind something can achieve - most listeners don't know any better (this also being why they prefer them young - put plainly, they've had less chance to absorb better stuff). So a certain amount of that will always win out, and so you'll always get exceptions, breakthroughs and also a certain even underlying element of quality in pop. But it's not excellence. You have to understand it isn't the genuine measure of the best songs. And yeah, most of my favourites are barely beneath the popularity surface themselves and that's likely due to not having heard of better stuff. Everyone's collection is gonna be limited to a degree. It's just according to how far you're willing to go in order to discover the best, that's all - me, I'm satisfied with a bunch of moderately popular artists. I stopped there. I may go deeper someday. But like I said, there are spots of quality everywhere - there never won't be. Because people love music. The mistake is in thinking that the most exposed are the most loved. That's generally not true, for all those reasons.