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  1. DanJames

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Worthy winners, and great songs all round. Thanks Paul for organising. Re the new lyric/music scores, I like the system but was slightly puzzled as to how I got top score for lyrics, 2nd top score for music and 5th place overall! Maybe the Production Police cast the deciding votes... Not to worry, being one of Murphster's favourites was good enough for me! The top song for me was ScenesFromPalacio's track. A joy to listen to.
  2. I've been playing around with this guitar part for a while now, but have been unable to develop the idea. If anyone feels inspired, i'd be keen to collaborate!Dan
  3. DanJames

    January 2018 Song Contest

    Song: Tables Turn Music/lyrics: Dan James Audio link: I think about that night we spoke, the lies you told, the vows you broke, and I miss you even less than before. I think about the acid tears, the broken hearts, the wasted years, and I miss you even less than before. Don't want to talk, but soon you'll know just how I feel. Tables turn on you now, these things workout somehow, tables turn on you. I think about the old routines, the future lost, the shattered dreams, and I miss you even less than before. I think about when we still cared, the fun we had, the love we shared, and I miss you, yeah I miss you. Don't want to talk, but soon you'll know just how I feel. Tables turn on you now, these things workout somehow, tables turn on you.
  4. DanJames

    October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Thanks Paul and congrats to the winners. Agree with others that this was a tight field- some cool tunes out there!
  5. DanJames

    Where The Sun Keeps Shining Down

    Took a couple of listens but I really like this. Very catchy chorus, nice tight mix and faultless vocals. Reminds me of Maroon 5.
  6. DanJames

    My Avalon

    David, wow, first of all thanks so much for taking the time to both listen to my track and provide such detailed feedback. I really appreciate it, especially from someone with your songwriting and production expertise. I'm secretly delighted that your feedback focuses on very specific production flaws and not any significant weakness in my songwriting ability/musicianship, especially given that I started recording songs less than a year ago. I haven't had the chance to investigate the 'crackles' and 'bumps' yet but I'm sure there is a simple explanation and it most likely relates to my clumsy editing of the vocal track, where i have tried to eliminate all the Pops and eSSes and have copied and pasted sections of other tracks. It's either that or my tendency to tap my foot on the mic stand when i'm recording... My recording set-up is very basic- I use free software (Audacity) on a knackered old laptop, and sing/play through a Behringer Xenyx 302USB mixer using a £20 microphone in my living room. I hope to get some better equipment one day but at present the budget is £0! Despite this, your feedback has motivated me to take a much closer look at the quality of my recording and see if there is anything obvious I can do differently/better to improve the sound. Any further advice you may have on this and future recordings would be very welcome. Thanks again and good luck in the October song contest! Dan
  7. DanJames

    Flotsam & Jetsam

    Cool song with a distinct 60s/early 70s vibe in terms of the vocal melody, harmonies and production. I'm hearing Bowie, Pink Floyd, Mamas and Papas.... Tasteful chords and, as with RoadDog, I especially enjoyed the Maj7th on 'universe'. I was wondering whether the song was unnecessarily long- to my ears the natural end point was around 3mins25 and I don't think the listener would be missing too much after that point. Undoubtedly a matter of personal taste, and the important thing is that I enjoyed the song very much.
  8. DanJames

    White Lake Country Club

    Hey Joe, I enjoyed your performance. It certainly takes balls to post a live video of a composition and then invite critical feedback! However i'm with HoboSage on the chord/lyrics mismatch. I hear Nirvana unplugged in the chords (great) and your vocal tone is Cobain-esque in places (cool), but the lyrics would be more suited to someone like Jimmy Buffett (hmmm). But I'm a stiff Brit and have never been to a fishfry so what do I know? if you've played the song at the club and people like it then take no notice and keep doing your thing!
  9. DanJames

    My Avalon

    Thanks, very good points. I had doubts about the song title too, but dismissed 'Avalon' due to the massive Roxy Music hit of the same name and thought 'Goodbye Avalon' might give away the ending of the story. Both good song titles though. Funny you should mention November Rain, that was definitely in my head as i was writing the song. The neighbours might have something to say about screaming vocals though...
  10. DanJames

    My Avalon

    Thanks very much for listening and thanks for the constructive feedback. I haven't really got a clue when it comes to mixing and mastering, so any tips you may have would be welcome.
  11. DanJames

    My Avalon

    thanks for taking the time to write this. Glad you approve of the early chorus. I do this a lot and the feedback has been mixed- some prefer songs to slowly build up to a chorus, others want to be hit with the hook in the first 30 seconds. I guess it's just a matter of being guided by the mood/style of the music on a song by song basis. Very pleased with the Pink Floyd power chord reference, although I confess I was thinking more of The Who when I wrote it into the song. I haven't played with the tempo and was slightly concerned that, at 130bpm, the song was a bit slow. I'll have a play around and see how it sounds. Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers, Dan
  12. DanJames

    My Avalon

    Thanks for listening, and for the positive feedback! I know what you mean about the electric piano- I've just started experimenting with a midi-keyboard and don't really know what I'm doing yet..
  13. DanJames


    I enjoyed this, made me smile. Funny, original lyrics set to familiar classic rock n'roll instrumentation and a reassuringly predictable song structure. My only criticism would be the lack of contrast between verse/chorus/bridge which might ordinarily be required to keep the listener's interest. In this case you probably get away with it because the emphasis is quite obviously on the excellent storytelling, with the musical experience being of lesser importance. Sorry to hear of your terrible Seerz experience! Dan
  14. DanJames

    Seasons of Life

    Enjoyed this, very soothing! Its a lovely song and a faultless vocal performance. Nice guitar tone too. I'm not a huge fan of talking sections in songs (eg All Saints 'Never Ever' makes me criinge), but I think you got away with it here!
  15. DanJames

    The Nearly Man

    Brilliant! Clever lyrics and a catchy melody throughout. Reminded me of the Lightning Seeds, but with a bit more humour!