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  1. August 2017 Song Contest - Results R in!

    good work everyone and congrats to the winners. I look forward to next month...
  2. All About the Rims

    hey I really like those harmonies in the first guitar solo! The best thing about this song is your vocals- you've got a strong original voice and there is probably room for even more power in your delivery. The guitar playing and sound is pretty lo-fi, but I like that and imagine it's your intention. Good luck in the August contest!
  3. Wasting My Time

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write this forensic review- much appreciated! Interesting comments about the lyrics/melody conflict. It's intentional - the lyrics are quite serious on their own, but set to a jaunty rhythm and jolly melody, I was trying to give the impression of self-deprecating amusement at the recurring situation i.e. laughing at my pathetic inability to break the cycle. Not sure I succeeded but that was the intention! Maybe it's a British thing...
  4. Castles In The Air (Demo)

    That's good to know! thanks. I have now applied the hi-pass filter aggressively! Hope it sounds a bit better...
  5. Inner Child

    Lots of good ideas and melody here, it just feels like there is too much going on. I think you just need to extract the best bits (eg the chorus 'inner child' hook) and rebuild the song around them. This will make the song easier to listen to and to give the listener a better chance of registering the lyrics.
  6. My entry for the August competition. All feedback welcome! Wasting My Time Stop wasting my time! You'd better look me in the eye, and tell me where you were last night, Don't give me the lies, I've heard ten times before, You say 'everything's fine, this life is for living', I know you're wasting my time once again. Stop wasting my time! You promise the earth, But I get nothing, Makes me question my worth and my sanity, You say 'everything's fine, we're just taking it easy,' I know you're wasting my time once again. Stop wasting my time! I want to forget you, I try to abstain, But I'm hooked on the feeling, It drives me insane! God knows what you're thinking, Don't tell me that everything's fine, Are you wasting my time? You're wasting my time. You're wasting my time You're wasting my time, You're wasting my time once again. Stop wasting my time!
  7. The Wonder Years

    Nice happy accessible song, which I assume is about childhood. Good production and catchy chorus.
  8. Begin Again

    Really enjoyed that. You have a great voice and I'm not sure any additional effects are required. Good song with plenty of melodic and rhythmic interest. Reminded me a bit of Del Amitri (that's a compliment!)
  9. Castles In The Air (Demo)

    Thanks very much. I have had a good fiddle with the EQ so hopefully it sounds a bit better now
  10. Castles In The Air (Demo)

    You're right, the guitar tone sounds terrible! I will experiment with a mic and see what I come up with. Thanks for the feedback
  11. Castles In The Air (Demo)

    Thanks for your excellent feedback. I agree with everything you say and will look to modify the strum pattern when I record the next version.
  12. Castles In The Air (Demo)

    Thanks very much. I'm not a great singer so I usually record 3 vocal tracks, pan one left, one right and leave one in the centre to fatten up the sound. Then, generous reverb/compression seems to do the trick!
  13. Alone In This

    Your dark powerful lyrics are the highlight here. I like them a lot. I listened first and was not particularly gripped by the melody or song structure. The vocal melody is so close to the accompanying guitar chords that at some points is feels like they are competing, not complementing each other. Then I read the lyrics and grasped what you are trying to express. Pretty depressing stuff but, with the right melody and accompaniment to draw the listener in, could form the basis of an outstanding composition. My recommendation would be to keep the lyrics, rewrite the vocal melody and then decide on the guitar accompaniment which fits best. I thinking that a sparser sound, with a bit of distance between vocal melody and guitar would work best.
  14. I would love feedback on how I might make this song better! This is a rough home demo recording, so not too concerned about production at this stage. Thanks, Dan
  15. Rock 'n' Roll Citizen

    Hey, some good lyric lines in there which made me smile. The overall sound reminds me of Ash, which is obviously a good thing!