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  1. Thhank you Paul, for me, this song is finished. It took me two years to complete this song. I've forgotten how many rewrites this song has had. The melody and music are done, all that's left is to record it. This is my first completed song, ever. I have many others I will welcome feedback for but this one I am quite happy with. I really like verses that have a lead into the chorus. I don't always use it but I do when it's possible. 😊
  2. Right now there is only a rough demo of this song and the musical arrangment and melody have changed since that demo was made. When we get the time to record a new demo I will add the link.☺
  3. I was going to suggest the same thing. "Heaven's Creed" seems to jump off the page.
  4. Since I'm new around here, I thought I should at least share something. This is a lyric inspired by one of my favorite people. Sing Me A Smile V1 Up there on the Stage Under the soft Lights' glow Through the Noise of the crowd his Music fills my Soul Heals & makes Me Whole And he (Chorus) Sings me tears of joy Eases my pain His Song offers a sweet His song offers a sweet embrace he sings me a smile Sing me a smile V2 The dam breaks in my mind words start to flow like a waterfall the raging storm fades away In the clearing I see The strength to chase My Dreams Because He (Chorus) Sings me tears of joy Eases my pain His Song offers a sweet His song offers a sweet embrace he sings me a smile Sing me a smile V3 Picked up my guitar Workin out a little tune Gonna try and spark the flame Of passion and desire An pass it on to you An' I will (Chorus) Sing you tears of joy try to ease your pain Offer you a sweet Offer you a sweet embrace And sing you a smile Sing you a smile (bridge) Can a whisper in thin air tell us who we're meant to be? Can the secret of a song set a frozen heart free? Mountains of worry Dark clouds of fear One song comes along and makes 'em all disappear because He (Chorus) Sings me tears of joy Eases my pain His Song offers a sweet His song offers a sweet embrace he sings me a smile Sing me a smile
  5. kimlew34

    Won't Be Your Tool

    This is what I saw while reading your lyric and by no means is my way the right way, it is only what I saw in the lyric itself. When I sat down to rearrange the verses a few other things came to mind, again, my 2 cents and that's about all it's worth. I You use me like a tool Your puppet on a string Like a dummy on a stool And when the curtains close, I’m all alone backstage It’s the same old worn out act With the same old one punch line And when you say, you’ve got my back Well, that’s the joke ’cause the dummy has no spine But this time, the joke is all on you I won’t be your…. I won’t be your fool any more I won’t be your…. I won’t be your tool any more II I used to be your tool A prop up on your stage Just a wide eyed, smiling fool You’d say it all without me saying a thing But this time, I'm walking out the door I'm not your…. I'm not your fool any more I'm not your…. I'm not your tool any more I used to be your tool Your brand new shiny thing
  6. kimlew34

    poems vs. lyrics

    My "definition"... A poem doesn't have to try and be memorable [although, it can be -- but it is not a fundamental 'thing' it's trying to be]. A poem is trying to be about language ... But song lyrics strive for memorability. They repeat phrases, for that memorable effect. A lyric can often be a bit simple, or a bit corny, and the music can rescue it from how it looks on the page. The lyric needs to work with the song's phrasing ... A poem leaves phrasing up to the reader.A lyric, by its very nature, is not trying to be a poem: it's trying to be part of a SONG. Song writing is trying to be memorable, trying to be catchy, trying to say something powerfully, that ties into human emotion in a very short span of time.
  7. kimlew34

    "Todays music vs. "classics"

    I don't listen to much of today's music. I make my own playlists from my physical CDs. The music I listen to doesn't get played on the radio. It doesn't seem that today's music has the heart or sincerity that Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, etc. have. I can't speak from experience but if you're covering a song you really don't care for, don't want to sing, how good is it really going to sound? Just a thought.
  8. kimlew34

    Won't Be Your Tool

    I really like this. The guitar and vocals are awesome, I can hear the emotion in your voice. I love the lyrics, reading them though, made me want to rearrange the verses. Overall, great song!