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  1. I think the vocals are a little too loud. They just don't gel well with the rest. It might be the reverb you're using as well. Ye also some timing issues. Are they pitch shifted as well? It's a good idea overall for sure. The backing track, sounds extremely well produced, even though it's kind of drowned out a little. The lyrics seem pretty decent, maybe a little crude at times. But a nice idea for the hook. It could be really good, just needs to gel better.
  2. Any feedback is appreciated. Yeeee I feel trippy, the sunshine's hiding away, God let that eager little beaver turn the colours to grey, Feel grateful for the things you have, congratulations to your mom and your dad, Feel peachy now the sunshine's hiding away, away away, Chorus Can you shut me up I've got nothing to say Find the bottom of my heart in a shallow grave I feel stupid when you tell me how I have to behave, this conversation is only going one way, Feel hooked up to a dangerous fad, Dirty little trine make me feel bad, I feel super now you tell me how I have to behave, behave, behave Chorus x3
  3. It sounds good. The instruments sounds a bit too rigid and not very authentic. You should add some more percussion particularly at the chorus. I like the vocal, they sound very jarvis cocker. I think you could maybe add a little reverb to all of the parts really to make them gel a bit better together. It could generally be a more full sounding I think, this could be accomplished with additional parts in frequencies away from the middle and panning. But I'm by no means an expert at this. The song overall is very solid, nice lyrics, good tune just needs work on the production side of things in my opinion. You certainly don't need to be anxious, you should be proud. Great job.
  4. All my lyric vocabulary comes from other songs too. I'm an native english speaker though, so, ye..Opening section is cool, reminds me of paramore - only exception a little bit. I like the sped up section too, kind of reminds me of doves - there goes the fear. It's a bit too much of a drastic change for me though or maybe it just was on first listening, it's kind of growing on me. I would love you to be absolutely belting out that chorus. The vocals don't seem to match the rest of the song dynamically. Everything else sounds pretty good, in terms of mix and recording quality. Nice stuff
  5. Any thoughts at all are much appreciated as ever! Verse 1 Crawling down a rabbit hole. to combat the sickening rot cancel all my plans today I'm burning down the walls to take a shot I know firmly where my motives lay but you're not keen at all Chorus Bas, You shut down the rhythm again, shocked to consider your waste in ability please don't you intervene I can' deliver a taste of your medicine don't bother me though, don't bother me though Verse 2 Flying like a cannonball until a precipitous stop I'm running from your problems till the raging and raging turns to thought, the earth beneath my body shakes my courage to core as momentary silence breaks your words sound so familiar Chorus
  6. hank

    Y Fly

    Ye I think percussion would be a good addition for sure. I do the mixing and the recording myself yep. It's probably the worst aspect of all of my songs though...
  7. hank


    Thanks for all the detailed feedback! I agree with most of what you say. Ye I dunno the bridge was just something I wanted to try. Always thought tempo shifts in songs can be done well but I'm not really sure if it works that well here. The transition is definitely something that I would change if I wasn't extremely lazy. But you might be right, a more similar tempo could be the best remedy. Diplomat's son is a really great song. As for the social media, all I have is the ol' soundcloud. Will hopefully be writing a lot more productively over the next while.
  8. hank

    Y Fly

    Thanks guys. Ye I agree with the b section being a bit meh. Appreciate the kind words though!
  9. Hello, Any feedback at all is appreciated! Spare me form the motion turning endlessly you say your soul is easy to feed but when the autumn colours fade inspiration can bleed Way out in the darkness burn out in the streets you say there's charm in living carefree on the dark and gloomy days i'll be ripe to survive in an awkward kind of way i feel ready to fly bring out the heart in me some air to breathe I'm chasing trails to no relief we're stuck in a fantasy I'm trying so hard to leave daylight kicks me out of jaded sanctuary set my sights so eagerly but when the tide is forming waves and it's starting to rise it's awful long to wait till a quarter to five on the dark and gloomy days I'll be ripe to survive in an awkward kind of way I feel ready to fly
  10. hank

    Before It Grows

    It's really good. You have a nice voice, it reminds me a little bit of john newman. It's extremely professional sounding. I don't really have any specific feedback. You should be very proud of it.
  11. I like what you have so far. Structure wise, there are no wrong answers really i wouldn't say. What you have work's fine I think. The only question would be the finishing on a verse instead of a chorus. It might take the punch out of the flow of the track little bit. I'd say just try and get some more of the vocals done and then see what you think about the structure. But otherwise it sounds great I really like the guitar you have over the chorus.
  12. Ooh I love that initial sound on the guitar. So crisp. Production wise I think it could maybe improve by just adding a little bit. Maybe beef up the drums, add a bass and a second guitar more prominently. It could be a little bit tighter timing wise in parts as well. I like the vocals but I'd prefer to hear them a bit clearer and maybe sound a little more like Pixies or someone like that. The guitar playing is excellent. Really like the sound.
  13. hank

    The Stars

    The guitar at the start kind of reminds me of The Beatles - I feel fine, which is excellent since that's a great tune. Takes an interesting turn after that for sure. Everything kind of feels like it moulds together a little bit, which I think is kind of cool but it might be a little bit messy or something as well. But I suppose that's a kind of style of its own. I like the sound on those vocals. Overall a solid song and some very nice guitar work.
  14. Not a big country fan but I enjoyed this. The lyrics are really good. The arrangement and mix etc are very well executed.
  15. hank


    Ah thanks guys really appreciate it. Ye I think writing more variations would definitely help, now to motivate myself to do that...