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  1. The first one is great. Love the sound on the guitar and cool vocals. Definitely needs another section to go with this initial idea though I'd say. The second version I'm not as keen on. The drumming is a little repetitive and in your face. I think the strings could be cool for sure. Kind of reminded me of Sufjan Stevens or something. I suppose you could start similar to the version and end up towards the second version. Great idea though. I'd be interested to see where you take.
  2. Ye as everyone's said, this is really good. Very solid all round, well thought out arrangement. Maybe the only thing I wouldn't be too mad about would be the second guitar, the one that sounds a little bit like gun's n roses paradise city. It might not even be a guitar. Maybe a little bit less of that. But really probably wouldn't matter too much. Seems excellently crafted.
  3. I think you have a very raw and unique voice which is very pleasant to listen to. That adds to the performance. I like the opening and the changes into the different strums. I think there are parts where the strumming could be a little bit more even. You a very direct approach to your lyrics which is a good thing, but it could be refined a little bit. There are parts where the words could fit the melody a little bit better too. I think you could work a bit more on melody and chord structure after the change. I like all of the parts you have at the moment but I think varying these aspects could take the track further. But overall, it's an interesting track. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hi, I don't particularly like the way the vocals on this. Any feedback specific to that would be great. But of course any feedback of at all is welcome. Lyircs Verse 1 You're not the only one you're not the only one who needs expression I'm dying to release Heavy on your shoulders flat on your feet my conscience torn looking back on ancient history twisting rollercoaster sweet relief my wits are worn your mind is such a mystery to me Pre chorus don't want to lose you tomorrow I can't handle you today don't wanna deal with the sorrow Chorus Ohh I'm trying for you darling that we sort it Ohh I can hear you calling do you want it tell me you want me tell me how we used to be jubilation you are the one who set me free over speculation sensitivity my lips are numb I know you're the only one for me taking everything so personally argument comes your mind is such a mystery to me Pre Chorus Chorus x2
  5. Nice stuff. Would maybe maybe be cool if the bass comes in a little earlier with the initial guitars. The overall the arrangement is good. I like everything you use really and there's a good amount adding and removing of different elements throughout. I think you need to add another musical idea though. For me there's just too much repetition. Just a chorus that's maybe major or something. I don't the I love you I love you line is substantial enough as a chorus. It's good though I just think it needs a little bit further elaboration.
  6. Firstly the lyrics are very nice. Very thoughtful and sweet. But ye I wouldn't be totally sure about the vocals. I can see what you mean in terms of the vocals should be from a young man's perspective. I kind of feel like the vocal level is a little too loud in the mix. For some reason I'd live to hear someone with a voice like rufus wainwright to be singing it. But I think the composition is pretty good. I think the arrangement could maybe be a little bit more delicate to suit more lyrically, could maybe include piano or something. Overall it's nice stuff though.
  7. Very catchy tune and very well produced. Sounds pretty radio ready. Your vocals are great sounds kind of like Ryan Tedder or whatever that guy from One Republic is called. Don't really have any criticism. So ye great job.
  8. Any feedback is very much appreciated. Intro I can't do everything can't do much worse find a purpose in the circus or live on an island If I could do anything anything real pull my guard down, turn the lights off and carry me there Verse 1 The funny thing with love is you blink and you've lost it it's already dead subtle paranoia the mud will destroy ya stuck in my head silently hoping praying for a moment to live every day elegantly sightly it's highly unlikely I'll give it up today Chorus Before I fall onto you x2 I didn't know it would be wild wild wild Verse 2 Memories are blurry mind's in a hurry mine's out of phase belligerently open frantically coping stuck in a daze instinctive reaction mental distraction turns into fear crookedly he poses everything is roses god get me out of here Chorus x2
  9. Interesting site. Did you just provide the lyrics or also the melody too? I think the lyrics are good for sure. I'm not really feeling the song though. More than anything I just think that the melody is a bit too sporadic. Doesn't really very grounded. Almost like she's literally reading the lyrics and sort of free styling. I suppose to be fair that has a sort of style in itself though as well.
  10. Thanks boys. Ye defo need to work on panning/mixing/making everything clearer. Thanks for the kind words though. Haha Ironknee I'm not sure we know each other though do we??
  11. I feel like there could be more to the beat. Particularly when the hook comes in. At the moment I feel there aren't really any clearly defined parts to the song and for me the song kind of just plods along a little as a result. I'd like to see it build more in parts more. I like the hook though. The vocals are solid. It's a good song.
  12. I feel like the guitar could be a bit tighter with the drums. I also think it sounds a maybe a little too muffled. I like the lead part over it and the drum beat. It's a nice composition. I think you could build on it by adding further instrumentation and maybe vocals too.
  13. The music composition as a whole I like a lot specifically the arrangement and the instrumentation. I think maybe you could ease off the backing vocals ever so slightly when the lead vocals come in, just to give the lead a little bit more breathing space. Otherwise I think the production is pretty good. Each part is crystal clear and seems to have been recorded very professionally. I am by no way a lyrics man, but the lyrics seem a little cheesy. But honestly I don't think it matters too much, most lyrics are cliched. I think the track holds together very well. Overall a very good stuff, keep up the good work.
  14. Any feedback would be great. Intro Quit it again I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do I've been feeling so lonely all along but I'm in need of an intermission from you Chorus It started with a bang the friendlies upped and ran I won't mislead you in thinking that I've a plan Generator froze melancholy pose I know that you're aching but breaking me's far too close ooh give me a moment when I'm living on the edge ooh give me a reason to get out of bed Verse I don't think I'll see this through x2 what am I supposed to do Counterpoint you've torn me apart from the moment I started to you've torn me apart from the moment I started to lose Chorus Verse Chorus
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Yep real piano and probably a tad out of tune too! Ye I think lyrically it needs work but of course the mix is the biggest problem I think at the moment. Will defo bring them up when I get around to it.