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  1. Written & recorded back in 2002, "Not Quite the Same" was my attempt at a different kind of 9-11 song. (Please forgive the over-compressed sounding snare )
  2. As luck would have it, one of my YouTube channels contains a 9-song playlist titled "Songs of Societal Angst" Perhaps something from it can be useful in helping you find that middle ground of constructive critical creativity? Honestly, I'm not sure such a thing exists, but that's what I was shooting for too. Playlist share link - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9jJvb9ASy7dpmfHsYG00Piz2_XWAnDca Good luck with your search! Tom
  3. Nice to meet you Josh! I'm gonna be straight with ya'...you really shouldn't release this, or any of the other tunes listed on your channel. I'm not trying to be unkind, you're simply not ready for that yet. My advice - step away from the computer, get yourself an education in the fundamentals of music, take up an actual instrument (guitar, piano, etc) Then and only then, should you consider writing, producing & releasing your own music. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's the best I have to give. Good luck, take your time & enjoy your musical adventures! Tom
  4. tunesmithth

    "The Death of Decency" (w. lyrics)

    I'll spare you the labor pains & give ya' the baby... both July & August were much more demanding than originally anticipated. As things turned out, I had neither the time nor the patience to be a proper participant. Perhaps next time. Tom
  5. tunesmithth

    "The Death of Decency" (w. lyrics)

    A steam engine whistle to be exact, traditionally powered by wood or coal. Seemed an appropriate touch Tom *BTW I hated to pull this from the July contest, but given my current circumstances, it was the best.
  6. tunesmithth

    "The Death of Decency" (w. lyrics)

    Much appreciated Andy, that's exactly what I was going-for ! 👍 Some of the lyrics are open to interpretation...good to hear that the video format helped. Thanks again! Tom
  7. tunesmithth

    Just Down The road From Babylon

    Very nice! Conceptually, it reminded me of "Hotel California"...first thing that popped into my head reading it over. Tom
  8. tunesmithth

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Congrats to all ! 👍👍 Tom
  9. Honestly, I'm not sure you need anything additional, but that's your call. Good luck with it! Tom
  10. Welcome! 👍 Do you intend for this to remain an instrumental, or will a vocal melody be added at some point ? I'm asking because one of the primary functions of a song's "arrangement" is to support the primary melody. How long will the finished version to be? Were you going for "dissonance" because some of your chord changes push it in that direction (i.e. the one occurring at the 21 second mark) ? Grant it, it's different, but as it stands now, it was a real jolt to my brain when it came around. Regardless of your answers to my first 3 questions, you may want to consider nixing that erratically syncopated percussion instrument (Block) running through your intro/verse section. IMHO the textures of the instrument don't blend well with the rest of your mix & the syncopated timing actually distracts from the primary feel created by your arrangement. Tom
  11. Circa 2011-2012...socioeconomic musical commentary set to video. Inspired by the exponential growth of a more-than-questionable segment of our financial services industry...post 2008 Although the lyric addresses various types of bottom feeders, payday-loan & predatory purchasers of underwater properties were the primary catalysts. *Average Payday Loan Rate 2017 - 462.87% (state of MO.) - https://finance.mo.gov/reports/documents/SurveyReport2017_001.pdf Tom I'll include a supplemental video, for anyone interested. It's a 1 min. 17 second demonstration of the primary guitar progression. Please forgive the quality ...it predates the purchase of my hi-def video camera (mid-2012). On the plus side, I did wear my best duds LOL *Sorry this didn't occur to me earlier...better late than never I guess. There's a free downloadable mp3 of this song loaded to my website. If you'd like a copy for personal use, please help yourself Downloadable link - http://www.tune-smith.com/Bottom_Feeders.mp3
  12. No problem at all...you're the first to express an interest in seeing them. Appreciate your interest BTW 👍
  13. WOW...another new financially oriented new member - "Loan Cash"!

    Wonder if he knows members "Get a Loan" & "Best Payday Loan"?

    Bet he does! :rolleyes:

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      Thank God...it's about time we had "Quick Loan"! LOL


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      ... just noticed that another new member "Online Payday Loan" has joined the party. ;)

      Wow...so many charitable purveyors of financial assistance, how does one know where to begin? :rolleyes:

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      Since this appears to be a growing trend, thought I'd share a bit of socio-economic musical commentary :D



  14. Another unusual new member name - "Get A Loan"

    Wow...what are the odds?

    You don't by chance know another new member name of "Cheapest Payday Loan", do ya' ? ;)

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      Mr Distraction

      All ya want now is " Need A Loan" and you have the complete set haha


      I wonder what the rates are🤔 Just joking of course 🙂

  15. tunesmithth

    I wrote a song in 14 minutes "Just Me"

    Yeah, I hope you stick around too...good stuff! 👍
  16. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    I assume you're referring to my newest creation "The Death of Decency"? Proceeding on that assumption.... To begin with, my comments pertained much more to entire gigs or sets of music than single songs. "The Death of Decency" is a single song & to the best of my recollection, THE ONLY demo I've EVER created in a 1 +1 bare-bones format. Next, because I recognize that I am not the norm! Many others enjoy listening to 1 + 1's. And...if you've listened to the song, you already know that it utilized a total of 6 chords + 2 additional chord extensions (7th forms), mixed primarily barre-form verse/chorus sections with a bridge containing nothing but open-form chord voicings, with stiff sounding semi-muted strumming patterns used for the verses/choruses...and a much looser rhythmic feel in the bridge. In addition, there's quite a bit of variation built into my lyrical meter...again adding to my earlier point about building in rhythmic diversity into simpler arrangements. I also built more variation into the rhyme scheme than I sometime do. In addition, sounds effects were added to intro, bridge & ending sections. Moving right along... I felt it was an appropriate choice with this particular song. The vast majority of my song arrangements are about creating an overall impression on the listener. This one was an exception! The sole purpose of this arrangement was to serve as delivery vehicle for my intended message. Long-story-short I wrote this song because I had something specific to say. I tried to say it in a creative way, but this one was about "the message". I didn't want to sugar coat it, I simply wanted to convey it in what I hoped would be an enjoyable format. Last but not least. I did it this way because it's a message I wanted to convey "NOW", but I had very little time to work with. My wife's scheduled for major surgery Wed. morning followed by a 3-month recovery at home. Not only was construction of the arrangement rushed, but recording & production were done in record time. Everything was recorded acoustically (mics) & because of our current restrictions, I had time for only a couple takes of both guitar & vocal. Bottom line - I did what I had time to do given my current circumstances. Honestly, I'm amazed that it sounds as presentable as it does. I wasn't sure I'd be able to generate a song in the time I had much less a finished video, but I managed to squeeze them both in. Color me grateful I may try to do more with at some point in the future, but for the moment, I'm grateful to have what I have. Hopefully I answered your question. Gotta go...have a good one! Tom
  17. tunesmithth

    I wrote a song in 14 minutes "Just Me"

    Actually, I was being both. Yes, the way in which I chose to state it was sarcastic, but I'm also dismissive of mass marketing efforts to promote "speed songwriting" as something to be aspired to. I do NOT see it as a direction to be aspired-to for impressionable musician/songwriters. My intent was not to offend anyone, but those are my honest feelings on the matter. "Songwriting in 14 minutes" is a more of marketing ploy, than beneficial methodology but again...that's simply my perspective. Ordinarily I don't comment on things like this...he simply caught me at a weak moment. What can I tell ya', my day pretty much sucked ! LOL Tom
  18. tunesmithth

    I wrote a song in 14 minutes "Just Me"

    Yep, I think that's exactly what the world needs more of...people who aspire to write a new song in just 14 minutes.
  19. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    No problem gentlemen, you're right. I simply misinterpreted your response Bob. The way in which you phrased it made me think you took my little joke personally. My bad
  20. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    Grant it, but my point was that MANY do choose to teach and that is precisely why...because it allows them to supplement their income while still doing something musically related. No need to get defensive here...I was simply shooting-the-sh*t, ya know
  21. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    Perhaps the expression should be... "Those who can, do. But those who like to eat & pay their bills teach"? ...just sayin Tom
  22. tunesmithth

    Hit it Raw (Explicit Lyrics)

    You neglected to post a song link Tom