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  1. tunesmithth

    President Trump

    Let me see if I can paint you a clear picture. "What" he chooses to lie about isn't nearly as important as the fact that he does! Concepts like personal credibility, moral obligation & honesty are completely beyond his ability, or desire to comprehend. He say's whatever he wants, whenever he wants to say it...without a care in the world for the damage it inflicts or the people it may hurt. I believe him to be incapable of sincere concern for anyone other than himself & question whether he has ever placed the needs of a single human being above his own. I can honestly say that he is the single most despicable human being I've ever been exposed to...but somehow we chose to place him in charge of one of the most powerful nations in the world. Now do you "get it"? For me at least, it's never over a single action. It's about who he is & the fact that he wears it like some frikkin' badge of courage. I despised the guy before he ever entered the political area...it's hard for me to accurately describe how I feel about him now. But for your benefit, I gave it a shot. Tom Sorry, forgot to add....let's hear it for Free Speech!!! Hip, hip hooray!!!!!
  2. tunesmithth

    President Trump

    Yep, but IMHO all that pales in comparison to one fact. He publicly stated that it could NOT be done through executive order, then turned right around a week later and did exactly that! 'nuf said...at least by me it is. Tom
  3. tunesmithth

    President Trump

    His publicly declared stance last week - when it came to keeping migrant families together, "you can't do it through executive order" And today's breaking news - Source article - https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/trump-says-he-ll-sign-order-stopping-separation-families-border-n885061
  4. tunesmithth

    A Non-Trumpian Topic For Us To Ponder

    Unfortunately no! But there is desire to further DEregulate...some of which is already in the works. ...which is why these 2 photos have graced my Facebook profile page for more than a year now, along with the following statement - Tom
  5. If you read down a bit, you'll find this statement, which I find particularly alarming since student debt is perched at an all time high - "rising default levels on consumer and student loans could lead to big losses in the swaps market, similar to what happened a decade ago in the mortgage market." Oh Joy...Deja Vu all over again Source - https://www.npr.org/2018/06/19/621543525/big-banks-are-once-again-taking-risks-with-complex-financial-trades-report-says
  6. tunesmithth

    Guns anyone?

    Article actually mentions that he fancied himself a collector
  7. tunesmithth

    Guns anyone?

    I imagine they're in there somewhere...perhaps in that rack on the left?
  8. tunesmithth

    Guns anyone?

    Ran across this article on Google News...figured I'd share. "Over 550 guns seized from the home of a felon in Southern California" - https://abcnews.go.com/US/550-guns-seized-home-felon-southern-california/story?id=55994959 Quite the avid collector ! FYI although this is excessive, it's by no means an isolated case. A few years ago, following a 2-hour standoff with SWAT, one of my neighbors (3 doors down, opposite side of the street) was found to have approx. 375 weapons in his home. He would have continued to go un-noticed had he not decided to bolt out his front door at 11 PM, armed with a semi-automatic, clad in only his underwear...to chase an 11 year-old neighbor boy who had leaned up against the trailered boat he stored in his driveway. Middle-aged white guy (early 50's), if anyone's wondering...neighbor was of Middle Eastern decent. Takes all kinds I guess!
  9. tunesmithth

    Is there a North Korean deal

    Sorry Barney...my intent wasn't "to mock" anyone's remains. It was to mock the fact that you see that as an indicator of positive results from the summit. I do not! I see it as a superficial gesture...one of many thus far. As I said previously, I prefer to wait for measurable, verifiable results before congratulating us on a job well done. That's my take on things...you are certainly entitled to your own interpretation of events. Tom
  10. tunesmithth

    Is there a North Korean deal

    Yep ! Nothing says good will quite like the return of 1/2 century old misc. body-parts I hope you're right Barney, but I am reserving my judgement until I see some more measurable, verifiable results. Tom
  11. tunesmithth

    Best Movies Related to Music

    Here are a couple more I'd recommend. "Standing In the Shadows of Motown" (2002) "Respect Yourself" (The Stax Records Story-2007) Tom
  12. tunesmithth

    Best Movies Related to Music

    I enjoyed "Almost Famous" ...felt they did a good job with it! 👍 Yeah, it was kinda cheesy in parts, but I enjoyed it...in part because it was based in an era I could easily relate to. Tom
  13. tunesmithth

    Is there a North Korean deal

    The Urban Dictionary lists that as their top definition Barney. Several members have used the term frequently to refer to people they don't particularly like, but seriously...who comes closer to fitting that description...you or I ? Tom
  14. tunesmithth

    Is there a North Korean deal

    Absolutely Barney! Matter of fact, that's what they're known for...fair & balanced propagation of the right wing agenda. Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_News
  15. No problem Mike....the check is in the mail