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  1. tunesmithth

    September Song Contest

    "Not-For-Profit Life" All rights (music, lyrics, arrangement & performance) - Tom Hoffman *click on photo to open video version of song "Not-For-Profit Life" Voices of children enjoying the sunshine Laughing & playing with friends Livin’ out days as if each was a lifetime & Losing themselves in pretend No plan for riches No thirst for fame Young lives so simple Less greed, less pain They’re livin’ not-for-profit lives No sleepless nights, no worries or fears They live it one day at a time Livin’….not-for-profit…..lives Then come the years of bigger & better The quest for success at all costs Convincing themselves they’ve gotta keep pace with The neighbors, the times & their boss Squandering life for the sake of achievement More money, more stuff, but no time Chasin’ the dream, the one they bought into The one with no reason or rhyme No thanks, you keep it! That’s not for me! Things I hold dearest Mostly come free I’ll take a not-for-profit life! No sleepless nights, no worries or fears I’ll live it one day at a time Livin’…a not-for-profit…life copyright 2008- Tom Hoffman
  2. About a week ago, I got the urge for something new, so I set myself up on Twitter.
    I know it's hard to believe, but I'm "The Voice of Reason" :rolleyes:  ...my mother would be SO proud ;)



  3. Much appreciated one & all 👍 😊
  4. tunesmithth

    Sell my songs

    Steal it from someone else, of course
  5. If your simply copy/paste the "Share" link into your post, that should do it Steve. Like this... Tom
  6. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    No harm done...appreciate your response now. Yep, you're right, these types of things are the nature of the beast on social media. Likely compounded by the fact that you were runnin' the contest the song was entered in. Shame on me that I'm still bothered ! What can I tell ya'...rough couple of months I guess, nuf said. Thanks again! Tom
  7. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive, but I'm going to mention this anyway. It seems to me that when someone posts a question directed at a specific member (in this case "me")...and that member is courteous enough to post a well-thought-out, detailed response...you should at-the-very-least acknowledge that you took the time to read it! Seriously Bob...how long does it take to click on the "Thanks" icon below a comment? In the future, if you're not really interested in the answer, please don't waste my time by asking the question. Thanks 👍 ...my response to Bob's question -
  8. tunesmithth

    Songwriting Legal Question

    This may ease your mind a bit. Even though "Melanie" was a fictitious example, I performed a quick search of the Library of Congress records for songs titled "Melanie"...grabbed a screen-shot of the results. As you can see. there are 701 pages of songs with that title currently registered. 701 pages Based on that, I think you can probably relax. Tom
  9. tunesmithth

    Songwriting Legal Question

    Honestly, were I the writer, your question would never even occur to me. Unless you included her last name, social security number...something specifically identifying her as "the Melanie" your wrote the song about, how could she? If it were my song, I wouldn't give it another thought. After all, think about all the songs named after women "Layla", "Mandy", "Claire", "Jane", "Mary Jane". "Amy"...…………... Do you think those writers gave a thought to being sued? That being said, I am NOT an attorney...so this advice is not a legal opinion. Just a mix of common sense & life experience. Good luck with your release! 👍 Tom
  10. ...and a big welcome goes out to new member "PornosexEn"! 👍

    Can't wait to see your contributions to The Muse ;)

  11. Nice to meet you Josh! I'm gonna be straight with ya'...you really shouldn't release this, or any of the other tunes listed on your channel. I'm not trying to be unkind, you're simply not ready for that yet. My advice - step away from the computer, get yourself an education in the fundamentals of music, take up an actual instrument (guitar, piano, etc) Then and only then, should you consider writing, producing & releasing your own music. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's the best I have to give. Good luck, take your time & enjoy your musical adventures! Tom
  12. tunesmithth

    Just Down The road From Babylon

    Very nice! Conceptually, it reminded me of "Hotel California"...first thing that popped into my head reading it over. Tom
  13. tunesmithth

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Congrats to all ! 👍👍 Tom
  14. Honestly, I'm not sure you need anything additional, but that's your call. Good luck with it! Tom
  15. Welcome! 👍 Do you intend for this to remain an instrumental, or will a vocal melody be added at some point ? I'm asking because one of the primary functions of a song's "arrangement" is to support the primary melody. How long will the finished version to be? Were you going for "dissonance" because some of your chord changes push it in that direction (i.e. the one occurring at the 21 second mark) ? Grant it, it's different, but as it stands now, it was a real jolt to my brain when it came around. Regardless of your answers to my first 3 questions, you may want to consider nixing that erratically syncopated percussion instrument (Block) running through your intro/verse section. IMHO the textures of the instrument don't blend well with the rest of your mix & the syncopated timing actually distracts from the primary feel created by your arrangement. Tom