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  1. tunesmithth

    Hit it Raw (Explicit Lyrics)

    You neglected to post a song link Tom
  2. Putting aside your amazing claim for just a moment, the link you posted isn't viable. BTW I am absolutely amazed at the number of people who do what you just did. You went to all the trouble of register & become a member of this forum, you made your first post, yet you didn't even bother to check & see if the link you posted works! Seriously...how friggin' long does it take to check a link?
  3. Received this one via SoundCloud messaging Friday. Seems to be a trend. As of yet, no change in my numbers. Tom
  4. tunesmithth

    Make America great again

    Great...then I'll delete my previous post.
  5. tunesmithth

    'How Did You Know' (Live at Jaz Bar, Hull, UK)

    The link you posted isn't clickable Kev...here's a ready-to-view version, should make it a little easier for folks to access.
  6. tunesmithth

    Chord Progressions

    I think there's a tendency to overvalue chord structure & undervalue the context in which that chord structure is placed...overall arrangement. Neither chord structure, nor melody exist in a vacuum, so much of the listener's impressions are determined by what's going on around those 2 elements. Since open mic gigs generally consist of single instrument & vocal (limited arrangement), I would think lack of chord diversity would be more noticeable. I've never done those types of gigs myself, but if I were to write new material specifically for 1+1 performance, I'd lean in the direction more chord & rhythmic diversity. To be perfectly honest...as a listener, it's hard for me to enjoy 1+1 performances...just not enough going on to keep me intrigued. I do encounter the occasional exception, but it's rare. Tom Good topic BTW! 👍
  7. Congrats on the release 👍 ...gotcha a few new channel "Subscribes", can't hurt! Nice job on it BTW! Tom
  8. tunesmithth

    June Song Contest

    My sincere thanks to all of you ! Tom
  9. tunesmithth

    June Song Contest

    My top scores.... 8 - New School 7 ½ - The Truth Comes Stumbling In 7 ½ - Dreaming of You 7 - Love and Joy Tom
  10. tunesmithth

    June Song Contest

    Although I fully expected to finish in the bottom half, I do NOT appreciate your malicious, ridiculous assessment of my entry. Sorry, but if you thought I'd accept it as well-meaning constructive criticism, you were sadly mistaken. "Pat on the back" my die-in' ass! That being said, guess I'll turn the other cheek & get on with my life. BTW I am curious about something...did you bother to listen to the song, or was your misunderstanding of my intent based entirely on the lyrical text? Congrats to all the winners BTW...excellent job ! 👍 Onward towards next month! Tom
  11. tunesmithth

    New Single need feedback

    Sorry...bad idea If you really expect folks to listen, you'll need a universally accessible player link, not a proprietary streaming service. Tom
  12. tunesmithth

    What Video Editor are You Using?

    I wouldn't classify it as "so funny", but I did think that Mike intended his response to be somewhat comedic.
  13. tunesmithth

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Damn near every writer in Nashville
  14. tunesmithth

    Best Synthesizer for for beginners

    My apologies...I'm prone to being overly suspicious these days. Hope you get some useful feedback. Tom