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    Just uploaded, figured I'd share.:)

    Short & sweet...less than 2 minutes in total length.

    BTW No Ads...for that matter, no ads on any of my YouTube content;)

    I'd love to tell you that was entirely my choice, but I hate to lie, so I won't. LOL


  2. Racist

    Yes sir...I'll just do that. Certainly am glad that you set me straight. You and I are gonna be good board-buddies...I can tell. Thanks Barney! Tom
  3. Racist

    Since it's already been established we're big fans of free speech, here it is...."THAT my man, is a complete load of crap!" ALL artist are human beings first..."artists" 2nd...or in some cases 3rd or 4th. I live smack dab in the Middle of the good ol' USA, but I can't think of a single person I know who's "open to all forms of artistic expression". I'm sorry, but in my humble opinion, that artistic claim is nothing more than self-serving delusion. BTW I would have sworn you locked this thread. Perhaps it should have remained locked? Remember...we're not all as socially evolved as you are. Tom
  4. Need help with song writing

    Interesting find...& it may very well be as you've alleged. But another possibility does occur to me. Since both men are named "David", his member name could simply be a pseudonym...right? My real name isn't "TuneSmithTH". Is yours "Harreh"? Yes, it could be as you've alleged. But if it is, I can't really see where he has anything to gain from this single post. He simply asked for tips & hasn't returned since he made the post. Bottom line - if this is a scam of sort, it's not a very good one & he didn't think it out very well. I'd be willing to bet that I'm as skeptical of online interactions as you are, but I don't see much here that points in that direction. Gotta go...have a good one! Tom
  5. "Under the new guidelines, channels will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the last year to be eligible for receiving ad revenue. Previously, uploaders needed just 10,000 total views to run ads on their videos. All Google Preferred channels will also now be manually reviewed, with ads only running on videos that have been approved. Enforcement of these guidelines will start February 20th." Article Link - https://gizmodo.com/youtube-unveils-new-monetization-rules-killing-ad-reven-1822154823 Tom
  6. A new forum section about sound design

    FYI "I resemble that remark" is a famous old "3 Stooges" line...more of an American thing I guess But in all seriousness, I am one of those people you described. My interests have always leaned more heavily towards the musically related. Tech to me is simply a means to an end...a necessary evil. Tom
  7. A new forum section about sound design

    I'll have you know that I resemble that remark
  8. “Too Small To Save" was written & arranged in 2008….recorded & mixed in early 2009. The original recorded tracks were remixed in 2014. That 2014 version is the one you’re hearing now. The Idea My songs typically evolve from…. - a chord progression - a riff/pattern - a section of melody - a central theme In this case, it was 2 of those elements combined. 1. A guitar progression (riff/pattern) 2. A central theme, which was also served as the title (hook) In songwriting, it’s essential for the subject matter to blend with the musical feel. In other words, one should complement the other. In my humble opinion, that is the case here. Subject Matter This particular lyric hit pretty close to home. It was loosely based on my wife’s employer, who shall remain nameless. The lyrical message was inspired-by…and based-upon changing conditions following the financial collapse of 2008. Simply put, none of those changes benefited the employees & most didn’t bode well for the financial future of the company. Much to my surprise, the company survived. The employees however, were a different story. Most of what they lost was never returned. The financial recovery that followed did little to benefit them. The title “Too Small To Save” was applicable to both employer & employee. At the time this song was written, both fit the description…seeming doomed to failure. As you may have guessed, the title was also a tongue & cheek play on that infamous 2008 headline - “Too Big To Fail”. While banks & auto manufacturers were too big to fail, small companies & employees were “Too Small To Save”. Essentially, the yin & yang of monetary policy. Structurally, the lyric is brief…with a generous dose of repetition. The message is heavily reliant on imagery & metaphors, which is not typical of my lyrics. Because the subject matter was both current & dismal, I chose an artsy lyrical format. Lyrics: Too small…too small to save Just another business crushed by the wave One more tiny fish…too small to save A victim…of the economy No golden parachute waits for me Almost 80 years business don’t count these days No friends in high places…too small to save Last call…for 401Ks Get ‘em while you can…they’re fadin’ away It’s closin’ time cause we’re…too small to save Copyright 2008- Tom Hoffman Song Structure Introduction / Verse-Refrain / Instrumental Verse-Refrain (guitar solo) / Bridge / Verse-Refrain / Ending Musical Fundamentals Musically, the song was built around a single guitar progression. It’s the one you hear being played throughout the intro & verse-refrain sections. Key of Aminor….BPM 100 Genre-wise, I’d have to call it blues-rock. The arrangement is guitar-based, utilizing 3 separate mono tracks. My Gibson SG was used for two of those. The 3rd was a mixture of Strat & SG…with Strat being chosen for the bridge section. Its’ single coil pickups were useful in creating thinner sounding guitar textures. - One of those 3 tracks contains intermittent lead guitar. - The other 2 are the primaries, heard throughout the song. The verse/refrain sections consist of 1 guitar playing the primary progression, while a 2nd guitar plays 3-note power chords (I-V-octave). The bridge was intended to have a unique feel, so both guitar parts change dramatically. The SG picks single notes within standard open chord forms, while the Strat strums triads (3-note chord forms…I-III-V). The core drum track was creating using a Boss DR-670 drum machine. After 13 years of recording with "real drums", I converted to the Boss unit in 2007. Being a drummer, I had mixed feelings about using synthetic drums. But the additional control, flexibility & convenience of the machine method sold me on the change. Suffice to say that recording live drums in a single-person home studio setup is a tedious process! Regardless, the marching snare used for the bridge section was an actual drum. Since machine decay makes crash cymbals sound VERY artificial, all crashes were overdubbed onto separate tracks, using actual cymbals. Final Production Notes The recording, editing & mixing were done on a PortaStudio 2488….a 24 track Tascam deck. (*Tascam is on the right, between the keyboard & the rack-mounts) Performance Credits Drums, Guitars, Bass Guitar – Tom Hoffman Vocals – Tom Hoffman *This article is taken from a YouTube playlist series of the same name. For anyone interested, I've pasted in a link to the video version, which includes the song in it's entirety. (FYI - the audio begins around the 15 second mark.) https://youtu.be/8A6W4OarAWY Tom Hoffman "About Me" Muse Member pg. Tune-Smith.com Tom Hoffman YouTube
  9. Backup Automation Scripts

    Good advice & all-too-often ignored. To be perfectly honest, while I do feel bad for her, I do not feel sorry for her. There were any number of way she could have avoided finding herself in this position, but she chose none of them. She gambled, lost & paid the price for her bad decision. That's the way things are supposed to work! After all, if there was never a cost to making bad decisions, why in the hell would anyone go the extra mile to make good ones? Tom BTW the industry can keep "their clouds"! I'll back up my own hard work to my own external drives & hard copy media...thank you.
  10. January 2018 Instrumental Competition

    Song title - "Along The Way" copyright 2012 - Tom Hoffman All writing, arrangement, performance, recording & final production are my work also. Description/Intent My intent was non-specific. I was interested in creating something that contrasted my earlier instrumental efforts, which were both alternative genre. I was going for something pretty, flowing & heavily melodic...something consistent with the title. Bottom line...I wrote it for the same reason I write everything...because I wanted to Of the 2 songs that fit this contest criteria, I chose this one because it hasn't been used for much, other than my mother's funeral. She passed away Christmas Eve 2012...I knew it was one of her favorites, so we found a way to incorporate it into the service. I think she would have been pleased. Structurally, the song is basic...written in the key of C. All the instrumentation is real, with the exception of some percussion elements (wood block, congas & primary drum kit). Those parts were structured & recorded first, using an old Dr. Rhythm drum machine (Boss DR 670). Crash cymbals & triangle were recorded on separate tracks using actual instruments to achieve a more natural sounding decay. Once basic percussion was recorded, all other tracks were recorded one-by-one using a 24-track Tascam deck, like you one you see in the photo below. All mixing, editing & final production was done on this same system. Additional equipment used - Gibson SG, Fender Strat, mid-priced Yamaha acoustic guitar, Peavey Fury Bass, Yamaha P80 digital keyboard, $100 MXL condenser mic Unfortunately, the only version I have online right now is video format, so that's the one I'll have to use. If you click on the photo below, that should open up the YouTube video. Tom
  11. January 2018 Song Contest

    Song Title - "The Usual Suspects" All rights - Tom Hoffman *Photo is a live-link...click on it to open the mp3 "The Usual Suspects" Verse Here we sit, just you and I, about to break it off Knowin’ that the love we felt is gone Thinkin’ back I can’t believe we let it fade away Fade away like darkness into dawn Chorus Was it you, was it me…Was it never meant to be? Did we change, grow apart,Lose the love once in our heart? Did we try hard enough? Was the challenge just too tough? In the closing hours, these are…the usual suspects Verse Life was good & love was fresh many years ago I assumed we’d always feel that way Days turned into years before I ever realized That our life together’d gone astray Bridge Can’t you see I’d rather not end us this way? But we can’t go one more day Without askin’ why…we pretend & lie Hopin’ that we’ll never have to say Chorus / Ending Was it you, was it me…Was it never meant to be? Did we change, grow apart,Lose the love once in our heart? Did we try hard enough? Was the challenge just too tough? In the closing hours, these are…the usual suspects These are the usual suspects These are the usual suspects Copyright 2004 - Tom Hoffman
  12. Key Analysis

    Seriously? LOL Are you sure you wouldn't like to rethink that statement?
  13. Best opening line to a song

    "When you hit me on the head with your beer bottle" from "Amnesia" by the Pousette-Dart Band Tom
  14. "Recording Drums Back In-the-Day"

    Still own one of those old Dr. Rhythms , but yep...they are antiques LOL Tom
  15. Columbo Mambo

    Good deal, thank you! So that would make you "Alyssa Mason". Sadly, in an age where spamming is considered an occupation, ya' can't be too careful about these things. Once again, nice job all around! Tom