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  1. Annoying lyrics

    Actually heard a cover band sing these lyrics to Dobie Gray's song "Drift Away" "Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soulI wanna get lost in your big A--hole and drift away" Actual lyrics - "Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soulI wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away"
  2. The best Christmas song ever...

    For those that may remember, a classic rendition of a classic Christmas song, Simon and Garfunkel's "7 O'clock News/ Silent Night" from their 3rd album "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" (1966) A poignant statement at the time of it's release, and one that stills resonates with me, for an update, all one needs to do is change the names mentioned, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Source Wiki: "The track is a sound collage and simply constructed: it consists of the duo singing "Silent Night" in two-part harmony over an arpegglated piano section. The voice of the newscaster is that of Charlie O'Donnell, then a radio disc jockey. As the track progresses, the song becomes fainter and the news report louder. "The result rather bluntly makes an ironic commentary on various social ills by juxtaposing them with tenderly expressed Christmas sentiments."
  3. Roundabout 18

    The implements that seal the deal The slow, long draw of razor steel Edvard Munch fringes in silent scream Or was it all, just a hypnagogic dream
  4. President Trump

    Okay lets try this one more time, there has always been a bust of Churchill in the WH since the sixties, and is still there, and is on display next to the entrance of Obama's private office, a second bust of Churchill was lent (the key word here being "lent") by Blair to Bush, for display in the Oval Office. The bust "lent" by Blair, was displayed by Bush until the end of his Presidency, all of the art "lent" specifically for Bush's Oval Office was removed by the curator's office, as is common practice at the end of every presidency. So to recap, there is a bust of Churchill that remains in the WH. Obama did not remove the "lent" bust of Churchill from the Oval Office, the office of the WH Curator did. Trump supporters continually ignore facts, while making ridiculous claims. Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/07/27/fact-check-bust-winston-churchill
  5. President Trump

    Nah, the Churchill statue thing has already been debunked... =bob= My understanding is Obama didn't outright reject having the bust of Churchill, it was after all a loaner, and not a gift to the U.S. and Obama thought it should be returned, (an expectation and understanding, of folks who have large collections of books) and preferring instead to replace the bust of Churchill with the bust of his hero, Martin Luther King Jr. into the Oval office. I guess what remains to be seen, is if Trump keeps the bust of MLK in the Oval Office, or replaces it with a bust of Putin. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Be4P44wbJsU
  6. President Trump

    Could be one of the shortest presidencies on record if Trump loses the civil suit (one of three) against him and his Trump University for fraud, trial starts this Nov. 28th. If he loses that suit, he could, and will probably face federal felony criminal charges, for interstate fraud and racketeering. Plus, and if the scuttlebutt is true, in addition he may also be facing federal tax evasion charges. Gotta give the GOP credit, they knew, and why they forced Pence on him (Trump) as his running mate.
  7. President Trump

    Well it will be, I'd imagine a lot of Americans will wake up this morning much like the Brits did with Brexit, and wonder what the whiskey tango foxtrot did we just do. Trump now has two options, maintain the status quo, at which point there will be no real change, or actually implement his campaign promises, which will surely cause the U.S. to crash and burn. Actually I see the Republican Senate and House being quite divided, if Trump runs the Presidency like he did as the boss on the Apprentice show. He's not dealing with a bunch of snot nosed, wet behind the ears interns. Egos will clash lol, beware, the Ides of March. Et tu Ryan?...lol.
  8. Well of course it paints Trump in a bad light, you can tell the video was heavily edited, just more of the smear job by the lefty msm with the strings being pulled by the elites and Clinton, they also must have gotten to Comey, to get him to walk back on his investigation of crooked Hillary, there's nothing these lairs and cheats won't do, to seize power.....and..and.... Hey, this is fun.
  9. The greatest country on earth

    Trump hates the way America is today in 2016, and it is in bad enough shape that he has to run for POTUS in order to make it great again. Is there an idea or speech a Trump won't steal or plagiarise ?
  10. T v H debate

    I've could have sworn I heard the clicking of ball bearings while Trump was delivering his rant on Mosul, Iraq. Classic. Summarization of Trump's performance in tonight's debate. Substitute: Queeg for Trump Harding for Ted Cruz The Officers for the GOP primary candidates. Maryk for Marco Rubio The Crew for the GOP elites The strawberries for the birth certificate, the key for the emails....well you get the idea.
  11. President Trump

    You mean to "go" around. Your word choice is incorrect. I think you also meant "women", not woman. "His" not "he's" genitals. Well at least I now know what offends you the most, I'll be sure to watch and be more mindful of my typos and grammar in the future. Thanks.
  12. T v H debate

    Keep watching I'm about to unleash something that will make Wiki jealous. The only thing WikiLeaks would be jealous about, is if you came up with a bigger joke than what the Clinton Email leaks have turned out to be.
  13. President Trump

    Polls, smolls, I don't care who the hell Trump thinks he is, if he figures he's got free pass to do around groping woman, and If he came within ten feet of a daughter or niece of mine, I'd cut he's genitals off and stuff them down his throat, the man's a degenerate. What Trump feels he has a right to do (with woman) is what Sharia law allows.
  14. T v H debate

    Phil Hughes died on the pitch in 2014