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    The Beatles, cute furry animals, 1960s-type love songs, drawing, the Beatles, fashion, singing and guitar, the Beatles....

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    Depends on what you mean by "write music"; I make up my own tunes, but I can't read music and couldn't write down the notes. Lyrics, though, I can definitely say that I write. Basically I write the whole song - lyrics, melody, and chords.
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    I would not be any kind of songwriter if not for the Beatles. I spent many a time with my guitar, trying to play some version of their beautiful music. Not to mention the hundreds of times I have listened to their albums. (I speak especially of their early-years music here.)

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  1. I think "hearts" is good. It reinforces that she's a different species, with a different makeup from humans - and one of the differences, it seems, is that her species has more than one heart. Maybe the mother even thinks that a boy with only one heart couldn't possibly be good enough for her little girl!
  2. There is one point here that confuses me a little - in the bridge, when you say "his glass half full". A "glass half full" is usually a metaphor for optimism and looking on the bright side, which seems a little out of place in a song about a broken heart. Is that what you were trying to do? If not, you might want to think about revising that lyric.
  3. Since this has been re-written so many times, I'm sure you'd like it to be finished by now - and I don't think it does need much editing! The lyrics are a nice blend of imagery and emotion, and the rhymes are creative but not too much so. I'd say all you need to do now is take another look at the format. You go verse, pre-chorus, chorus three times, and the pre-chorus is always the same. You might consider skipping the pre-chorus after the third verse, or just playing an instrumental of it there instead. Or you could switch up the lyrics to the pre-chorus after the second verse - although since this has been re-written a lot of times, maybe you don't want to write any more lyrics? Or you could take the third verse, pre-chorus, or chorus and do something different with the music. Maybe just play with the format and see what works for you. Other than that, I'd say it's good to go!
  4. Exactly what would count as a "cliché"? A lyric, or a theme, that's been done before in a lot of songs? Because if that's it, I'd say there's probably a reason so many songs use that lyric or theme. That's not to say that a song with creative lyrics can't sound good, but really, the themes I've heard many times work just fine. Songs are supposed to make you feel something, and our feelings aren't going to care if this song's theme is the same as 100 other songs we've heard before. It's not the same as reading 100 books with the same plot. Music is different. Most times when I like a song, the message is just "I love you". Yes, it's been done thousands of times. I'd say no other song theme has been done quite so much. And I'd say there's probably a good reason for that.
  5. Thank you! I was beginning to think that I was the only person left who appreciates simplicity in music!
  6. Yes, I know who you mean. Well, if it were me, I would say a song about saving the Earth should be more about peace and cooperation, but it's your song, and if you feel the verse fits, go for it!
  7. Hi. I don't know if it's too late to answer this, but just in case it isn't, my answers are: Yes, acoustic guitar. It often helps with the music and the structure of the song to write it on guitar instead of only making it up in my head. I'd like to know the answer to that myself! I'm told the chords I play sound like folk. Really, I just write what I feel and try not to complicate it too much. It all depends. Whenever I get an opportunity - I never count up how often that is. Almost never. I'd have to find another musician who's into the same stuff as me... besides, I work better alone. No. I just play what I like; I never think about genre. If I was going to be in a band, I'd want it to be with other musicians who really think like I do and share my vision for what we'll accomplish. Preferably they'd all be girls around my own age. Oh, and I'd still want to be the one leading the band. It seems better to just go solo. Well, that would be really disloyal to all the bandmates - in both bands! I'm listening to more 60's music - a lot of what I call the "simple love song" genre - and paying attention to how it's done. I'm hoping eventually my music will sound a lot like that. I love that kind. Inspiration running out before I've written the whole thing, not to mention forgetting all my initial ideas if I don't repeat them to myself again and again as soon as I've thought of them - which slows down the creative process on its own... sigh... it can take me years to finish a song. Nobody said it was easy, but it's worth it. Sounds difficult. How does that even work, exactly? No, I didn't know they had apps like that.
  8. This has the makings of a beautiful love ballad. I think what you might want to do with it is trim down the metaphors, adjectives, and all the words that show us an image without telling us what's happening. I'm seeing shiny doors, hummingbirds, pink skies, and back seats, but not much about you and Mary. I think you could replace these lyrics with ones that tell us how you and Mary felt when you were together, how happy you were with her, what you did, and how she then left and you still haven't forgotten her. It's a lovely story, but I felt I couldn't see the story under all the imagery.
  9. I really like the sentiments of this song. It makes a great statement, and the first verse is particularly catchy. "Only one found life-friendly; can we treat it any worse?" Brilliant! I'm not sure about the verse about politicians, though. I think maybe you should alter it, or take it out entirely. It seems a little out of place to me - if humans are ruining the earth, then everyone has to share the responsibility. That line felt to me more like a political rant, so I felt like the song was suddenly going off-topic. Maybe you could say, "there are people saying truth is a lie". That sounds more like this problem affects the whole world and not just whoever dislikes these politicians.
  10. Actually, I've found sad songs to be very touching and beautiful, as well as a great release if I'm feeling down myself. It is true that the listener of a song cares only about how they feel, but if they are in the mood for a sad song, then that is what they'll want to hear. I always try and hit the right balance between writing what I feel and writing the kind of song I enjoy listening to. It isn't always easy, but I believe both are equally important. As far as the lyrics on the message board go, I've seen some that remind me of how I used to write songs, before I had any real skill or started playing guitar. Once you really start getting into songwriting, you realize that there's a lot more involved than just picking two words that rhyme and hoping they'll fit. Still, you can't always tell how a song will sound just from reading the lyrics. Can you imagine just reading the lyrics to "She Loves You", and critiquing them, without knowing how the song sounds set to music? Lyrics and music are two equally important halves of a song, so I think you need to keep in mind, when judging lyrics, that you've only got half the song in front of you.
  11. Does anybody know how that works these days? Releasing singles, I mean. 50 years ago, it made perfect sense - you release a record with only one song on each side to promote a particular song. But now that you can download any song individually, how do you identify one particular song as your single? I know artists are still doing it, but how?
  12. It is a beautiful album, Sgt Pepper. Of course, Help! remains my favourite of the Beatles' albums.