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  1. Ashfi

    We're in Love, So...

    Perfect pop song. When I first heard the 1st chorus, I felt it like silly straight forward pop love song. but your 2nd chorus (changed version) omit my thoughts. hahaha.. The song's story also developed Nicely. It's fun. Thumbs up.
  2. Ashfi

    Favorite Things

    People have different moods in different situations. This song will give some kinda favorable emotions obviously. I'm hearing fast swing feel rock'n roll type song here. Just like this -
  3. Thanks a lot to hear my song and give your opinion. Ashfi =============
  4. Your appreciation means a lot to me. It helps me to continue. Thanks, Ashfi ===========
  5. Ashfi

    Half of you

    Man, sorry for late reply. This one was my last love song that I wrote. I just want to leave it, right now. I learn a lot from your comments, as always. Thanks a lot. Nowadays I am focusing more to develop my instrument playing, production knowledge, and my voice techniques. I have written down tons of ideas with the random straight thoughts about it. Hope I will have time to turn those ideas into songs and share. So far I am following the rule, lyrics first. So I must. Thanks again.
  6. This song's sound reminds me of the 90's band"The cranberries". It's so soothing. I really love it. Yes, you could use a female voice approach like Dolores. But still, I am confused about your lyric's theme. what do you mean the word 'capitalists', Expressing your concern, about bad important of it? If then the overall sound doesn't fit here well. Check The cranberries - Zombie. I am asking more like this. Rather than I am getting a soft romantic vibe. you could easily change/turn your main lyrics into a love song. maybe it is! I might totally wrong.
  7. Ashfi

    Dear mom

    Hey, welcome to the forum. Is it rap lyrics? I guess you missed to put it in a song format. I tried a bit. I found few good rhyme schemes over there. There are always two points of view in a bitter relationship. some are good and some are bad. You pulled out your bad side in here. I don't buy it. Sorry. Dear Mom: you know I use to love you. And after I saw the real you I never even know you. You said you gave me your all but once I started to fall you didn’t seem to care at all. Only about your stupid fucking rep and the money didn’t I matter at all? I fucking hate it all, like when you looked me in the eyes and said you loved me where those lies too? I can even tell anymore, it’s like we aren’t even family anymore. Let me guess You wanna say that’s my fault too *huh*. Make me seem like the bad guy *hah*. Always treating me like I am the clown. Like I only ever fucked around. You never see me try, help, or want to die only the fucking bad guy who broke his wings and never learned to fly. Trust me I saw the look in your cold eyes. Back before you kicked me out we always fought and you accused me of choosing friends over family like you’d die for me and ended up putting that knife me. Blood will never be thicker than water and you made that be. I use to miss the days when I smiled and laughed, but life taught me that family stabs you in the back and gives you shit once you react. Reminds me when I was with you and never was good enough to you. You never let me have an opinion, now I do, so fuck you Another thing, you have to comments at least 02 before get any another response
  8. Ashfi

    The Exorcism

    Exceptionally superb lyric. melancholy feel at it best. No need to add any other new lines/part. you could repeat few lines. Like this lines repeat few times at the end, “You should have left when you still had the chance”. Use another sustain noted Cello later some places.
  9. Ashfi

    Colossal Collision

    Great work. Keep it. Hope you will be a famous film score composers 😎
  10. Ashfi

    Mighty (UPDATED!!)

    it has everything. Pls do proper marketing, It deserves to be a hit funk pop song. one thing, I can’t hear/understand The main song title “Mighty” In chorus part. I am feeling “mighty”.
  11. Ashfi


    it feels like blend of Leonard Cohen and Roger Waters (solo). Both are top level passionate artists & lyricist. You have it. Great.
  12. Ashfi

    puppet (original song)

    Waoo.. It touched my heart. That's all we need, right? Keep it up.
  13. I love each of it. I love Layne's voice so much. You sound better than him here. Trust me! The solo part is awesome. Just add another 4 bar cause I wanna hear it more.
  14. Musesongwrites is the birthplace of my musical journey. I shared my first song ideas in here and got so many constructive feedbacks. Those comments inspire me a lot to start and continue my writings. I posted this song's lyric earlier in this forum but this is my first attempt to making a complete song. The recording quality is so poor. I don't know much about mixing/mastering thing. I got a few tips & tricks from youtube. This is my first singing experience in my entire life! So I didn’t expect much from it. I’m trying to improve my singing ability and playing instruments to achieve a better sounding recording now a day. I missed/miss placed a few words here and there and it’s hard to understand the lyrics due to my bad English & accent. All tracks have timing/pitch issues. Guitar part - I just played. I tried to convey the vibe by using the trusted minor pentatonic scale. Hardware/software - DAW - GarageBand (ISO) All guitar (even bass) - fender tele Guitar tone - GarageBand Default Guitar - D# tune. Tempo – 65 bpm Chords - Intro/verse: Em7 / D / + Cadd9 / G / Em7 / D / + Cadd9 / G / G / / / + Em7 / / / G / / / + Em7 / G / Refrain: Em / G / + C / D / G / G / + C / D / PC: G / / / + Em / / / (2) C: D / / / + C / G / + D / C / + C / / / (2) Outro: E 5 / C5 / ……………… === Last day of our lives V1: Can we save a single moment of our life that's passed away? There is no chance to turn back, Just a few memories left to tell. V2: The present is never present cause When we try to point it out, It's already placed in the history. All we have is the uncertain future ahead. Refrain: Let mess up our hair, dirt on the feet, With sparkling eyes radiating streaks. PC: Make each of our steps promising. Skip out on our silly worrying. Make each of our steps promising. Skip out on our silly worrying. C: As if it's the last day of our lives. As if it's the last day of our lives. Solo... V3: Life is one n only cruising. Rowing forward but can't return. It'll over in the blink of an eye. But do we hardly recall that we die? V4: Everyone knows the hush truth. But still not ready to accept it. Seeking relief from stories. Life will restore forever after we die! Refrain: Let mess up our hair, dirt on the feet, With sparkling eyes radiating streaks. PC: Make each of our steps promising. Skip out on our silly worrying. Make each of our steps promising. Skip out on our silly worrying. C: As if it's the last day of our lives. As if it's the last day of our lives. Outro with guitar solo: Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Let's make a wish list. Go, go, go, and go, Go for it very straight... ============== 1. Do you guys like the overall sound of the song? What's the genre I could define it? 2. The song length (7.01 minutes) is too big. Should I reduce it anyhow? The outro makes it bigger but it is my favorite part. 3. Do the vocal melody lines fit in with the lyric? 4. I guess I have a baritone voice. I used my head voice in pre-chorus part to hit the higher notes. Is it sounding bad? 5. I used mostly three guitar tracks beside percussions and voices. Should I use additional instrumental tracks in some places? Or reduce something? 6. How’re the guitar tones? Should I use acoustic guitars in verse sections? 7. Most of my bass lines followed my voice melody lines. Is it sounding silly? 8. Percussions? 9. Guitar solo? 10. I want to make the refrain part brighter and happier than this. What to do? 11. I want to make slight difference between V1 to V2, V3 to V4. What’s the best way to do that? 12. Do I need any Tempo/ scale changes? 13. How do I establish any hook parts from here? 14. Any other ideas to improve it? Phew!! Whole lotta things to learn! I love to have your expert opinions on it to learn some production stuff. Thank you. === https://soundcloud.com/shahariar-mahmud-ashfi/last-day-of-our-lives-3/s-XLMI5
  15. Ashfi


    I'm getting U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" sound vibe in it. I love the chorus part most. 'Home' is always a strong word for me. In the song, it will resolve everything peacefully/perfectly.