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  1. Short Order Kook

    He or She

    Hey songbird52, As a bluegrass and oldtime fan, I thought your song was very nice and fits in well with those genres. You emulate Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard sounds that I'm familiar with very well whether you meant to or not. However, if you are going to do a 1 vocal and 1 guitar, I think it would have wider appeal to more listeners if you slow the song down a bit--it is sad and melancholic after all--I believe it could be perceived as a little rushed. The lyrics story-wise and rhyme wise I found really honest and real. I love this verse: As a 1 & 1 I think slowing it down and focusing on the melancholic vocal is probably the best way to go with this song. If you do it at a faster tempo, it probably needs more bluegrass instrumentation in my opinion for it to realize it's greatest potential. Good song songbird!
  2. Short Order Kook

    Listening to whole albums

    I have a pretty large collection of music that is album based, so I listen to full albums fairly frequently. Even though I've converted most of it to mp3 or similar format, I usually listen to them as an album. I still have a cd player in my car so I listen to albums on cd as well. When I decide to purchase new music, I almost always make a decision as to whether to purchase the album and I rarely think about purchasing just one song. Maybe I am subconsciously questioning if the song will leave a lasting impression if other songs on the album are not also enjoyable. "One hit wonder" used to be a not so flattering term for artists. It probably still is, but it doesn't seem as relevant in this day and age. There is something special to me about the flow of one song to the next in a particular order (there are so many albums embedded in the recesses of my brain that cause me to anticipate the next song) and I appreciate a recording artist's "vision" in making an album of songs.
  3. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Glad to see folks are having some fun with this. I have an announcement/update. Moso informed me that he needed to drop out due to other obligations. I randomly selected a replacement musician to work with Jonie (in this case Chazmataz), and he has agreed to give it a try. Welcome Chaz!
  4. Short Order Kook

    His Eyes

    Great song Tom. In my opinion this song represents a new gold standard for 1 + 1's. Just enough length to leave the listener with a lasting impression. Nice pauses for effect, use of harmonics, fingerpicking, catchy melody. All around it's very well done! I will note that from a song "formula" perspective, it's unconventional in a few respects (there really isn't a recognizable repeated hook and the song title's connection to the song itself is a little buried and really only became clear to me in the last line), but I don't think that really matters. Just goes to show there's more than one way to skin a cat (who came up with that saying anyway?)! 5 happy faces from me...😀😀😀😀😀
  5. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    I'm very pleased to announce that @9thStLine and @Mr Distraction have joined us in this collab contest. Welcome gentlemen! If any of the other teams have had trouble connecting with each other, please let me know. PM me.
  6. Short Order Kook

    keep'em or delete'em?????

    Well, I'm a history buff I guess, but it's special to find ancestral artifacts like when my family discovered the logbook of one of my ancestors entering Ellis Island. Imagine a great great great grandson, niece, whatever listening to your stuff. Document your life's journey with music. Why not? Someone might appreciate it! Doesn't have to be family either. Take pride in what you've accomplished. Archive it as best as you can.
  7. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Just a quick reminder that it is not too late for musicians to join this collaboration challenge. We've got one lyricist on deck, one in the hole and one on the bench ready to go to bat! PM me or post here before midnight EST and you're in! Join the party!
  8. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Hi folks, I'll be the first to admit that this could be an absolute failure! Thanks for keeping an open mind and giving it a try! Neuroron, FWIW, I did understand the purpose of your previous post. I wanted to give you credit for bringing those categorizations to our attention. The list I used was a "happy" medium...some of the other categorizations seemed too short or too long or too complicated...BTW, for you musicians out there, I think the other neuroron post that he gave had lots of great musical ideas of how to experiment in showing emotion. The section on "structural features" I found particularly helpful and I think, applicable to this contest. I'll repost that here in case you missed it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_and_emotion#Structural_features Lazz, WTF do you care?!!! Stirring up trouble as usual I see! 😉
  9. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Yes technically that is correct. What you write here could turn into an interesting philosophical discussion, but I'd rather save those discussions for after the challenge, and simply ask you to "run with it" for now! Our brains all work a little differently, so literal might work better for some. However, the limited list of emotions available for your use (noted above in Moso's post), the lyricists skills in crafting a lyric, and the musicians skills in creating an emotional mood/vibe do not make the scorers task for guessing an emotion a shot in the dark...at least that's my theory. The list of the emotions, btw, were lifted from the Wikipedia entry cited in the earlier thread by neuoron, and they were identified by experts as a reasonably accurate representation of the range of emotions that humans have. It is my understanding that they were selected because they were thought to reasonably stand on their own as having unique enough meaning that they won't be confused with the other words on the list. Now, there are some words that are close like "fear" and "horror", but I expect there will be enough of a difference to distinguish the two, especially when given the song as a medium for creating hints and moods.
  10. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    New twist added to the contest...see the original post and look for the purple font. Don't worry it doesn't add any more complexity to what you are already doing, it merely incentivizes scorers to pay close attention to the songs in the contest. 😀
  11. Short Order Kook

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Hi Joan, The scoring system was based on input from songwriters in the previous thread. Based on that input, I surmised that it was the interest of the participants that spoke up to have a challenge that accounted for both 1) evoking a particular emotion as well as 2) the degree to which it evokes the emotion. I concede that evoking a particular emotion in the long run may not be the typical songwriter's goal (I have heard a number of songwriters say that they don't necessarily care if listeners understand the songwriter's message as long as it moves the listener in some way), but the point of this challenge was an attempt to test and hone our technical skills and talents for evoking particular emotions. I will gladly share the emotional ratings given to the songs, which can provide some insight on if the song was moving or not, regardless of whether the correct emotion was selected by the listener. There will be no door prize for this contest. It's just a bit of a game designed to help us grow as songwriters. Like all contests, probably the most valuable insight and feedback will come in the discussion period after the scoring is completed. -SOK
  12. OK, I think we are ready to get started! 😀 I've tried to account for most of the input participants have made in the earlier discussion in order to keep the challenge interesting, fun and provide enough time to spend on the project for those short on time. TEAMS: My children have randomly picked your names out of hats and paired a lyricist with a musician. More lyricists than musicians expressed interest in this collaboration contest so two lyricists remain in the lyricist hat (actually 3, one graciously bowed out to provide other lyricists a shot). If there are three additional musicians that come forward by August 31st 11:59 EST, I would be glad to randomly assign them to the remaining lyricists. Here are the teams: ⦁ DinoRider and mick70 ⦁ chazmataz and jonie ⦁ One Who Loves Rock and Nuclear Winter ⦁ Scotto and graybeard ⦁ Oswlek and Tracysomebody ⦁ Murphster and SongWolfe ⦁ Fabkebab and Lyrical ⦁ Discattucus and Clemo ⦁ Neuroron and Joan ⦁ 9thStLine and Mr Distraction If for any reason someone has to drop out, or you end up having creative differences that make it impossible to complete the project, I can try to randomly reassign partners, but please try your best to work together, get to know each other, learn from each other, and have a little fun! THE CHALLENGE: ⦁ Your primary goal is to collaborate with your partner to create an original song that has strong emotional impact. Your peers will try to guess the emotion(s) you are trying to convey and how well you convey that emotion through your lyrics and music. ⦁ As you know, there are a number of emotions. Choose up to three of the following emotions that you would like to convey in your song: admiration, adoration, aesthetic appreciation, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, contempt, craving, disappointment, disgust, empathic pain, entrancement, envy, excitement, fear, guilt, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, pride, relief, romance, sadness, satisfaction, sexual desire, surprise, sympathy and triumph. ⦁ Your goal is to "show" emotion, not "tell" emotion. Do not use the emotion word(s) that you have chosen for your song. Lyrics should avoid writing something like "I'm so happy, sad, mad, etc" and instead write something that exemplifies emotion either through story, metaphors, description or other measures. ⦁ Complete and submit your song by October 20th at 12 pm (noontime) EST on this thread. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING YOUR SONG: ⦁ When you submit your song on this thread, also list a number (up to 3). This number tells the scorers how many emotions you are trying to convey in your song. Do not list the actual emotions you are trying to convey in your song, or your song will be disqualified. Private message me with the list of emotions you are trying to convey. I will keep them confidential until scoring is completed. ⦁ When you submit your song leave an audio link to the song and type out the lyrics. No video submissions please. SCORING: ⦁ Non participants are highly encouraged to score the songs in this challenge, but must score all songs according to the rules that follow. ⦁ All scorers are encouraged (not required) to take notes on songs that can be used to help provide feedback to the other teams' songs after the scoring phase is completed. ⦁ Each individual participating in this collab challenge must score all of your peers' songs. Your song will be disqualified if you or your partner do not participate in the scoring. ⦁ Scorers will try to identify the emotions you are trying to convey and rate your team on how well you convey that emotion on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 = emotion very weak, 2 = emotion weak, 3 = emotion somewhere in the middle, 4 = emotion strong, 5= emotion very strong This 1 to 5 rating should be based on the lyrics AND the music together. You are judging both elements of the song as one complete package. ⦁ Songs with one emotion will have a base emotion score of 1. If you choose to convey 2 emotions, the 2 emotions will each have a base score of 0.51. If you choose to convey 3 emotions, each emotion will have a base score of 0.34. You will only receive credit for your base score if the scorer accurately guesses the emotion. Your base score will be multiplied by the scorer's emotional rating above. This gives a slight potential advantage for teams wanting to write a song expressing more than one emotion. ⦁ Successfully selecting an emotion that isn't used by another team will result in your base score for that emotion doubling in value. This is for the risk takers among you and hopefully getting some of you to try your hand at more challenging emotions. Example 1: Fabkebab incorrectly identifies the 1 emotion that Oswlek and Tracysomebody tried to convey (surprise) and mistakes it for awe. He gives it an emotional score of 5. Oswlek and Tracysomebody end up with 0 points from Fabkebab because we multiply 0 (base score) x 5 (rating of emotion). Example 2: Oswlek correctly identifies 2 of 3 emotions in DinoRider and mick70's song: disappointment and guilt, but not horror. No other team chose to write about guilt. Oswlek gives each emotion score a rating of 4. Oswlek's resulting score for DinoRider and mick70's song is disappointment (4 x .34) + guilt (4 x .68) + horror (4 x 0) = 1.36 + 2.72 + 0 = 4.08 ⦁ I will total all the resulting scores to determine the most successful team, runner up, etc. ⦁ Since the scoring is complicated enough already (and several of you say that emotional impact is THE most important criterion when you judge a song), I have decided to do away with the idea of each person entering an overall score for the song. Those of you that want to discuss other aspects of the song during the discussion period after the scoring is complete are encouraged to do so. VOTER CHALLENGE (updated on 8/29/18 and shown here in purple font) At the urging of one of your peers, I have been asked to add a contest to this contest. I think it's a great idea, so I'm going to do it. Here is how it works. Scorers will be recognized (with points) for correctly identifying emotions. One emotion songs are worth one point, two emotion songs are worth three points, and three emotion songs are worth 6 points. For any song, if you do not guess the emotion(s) correctly you do not receive any points for that song. If you guess only one emotion for any song you receive one point. If you guess two emotions correctly for any two or three emotion songs you receive three points. If you guess all three emotions correctly for a three emotion song you earn 6 points. This challenge is separate and distinct from the collaboration challenge above, and applies to individual scorers. In other words, for those of you participating on teams, these points will not be added to your team scores, they are scores for you as an individual and recognize your acumen for discerning emotions correctly. Contestants and non-contestants alike receive scores. For those of you that like games, you will probably like this idea. For those of you that abhor games, you might be thinking why bother? Don't worry non-gamers, I'm the one stuck doing all the freakin' math! I expect to give roughly a week's time for people to do their scoring. I've tried to think of everything I could, but I won't be surprised if there are any questions. PM me if you have questions. I will clarify any challenge rules if warranted on this thread. Good luck! Feel free to PM your partner to get the process started whenever you are ready!
  13. Short Order Kook

    John Burns

    Yes, I agree with kuya's assessment, the phrases and word choices are a bit unusual to use if modern American English is a consideration. But I would also say, America is a land of immigrants and it wouldn't be surprising to hear an old story narrated about the old wild west with what American's might consider "old" English. I believe the most common use of brayed on this side of the pond is when it is used to describe a the donkey call, which gives it interesting imagery of loud dissonant shouting/noise. As an American I identify it with one lone person/donkey rather than a crowd/herd, but that might be just me. Brayed and blood is good alliteration.
  14. Short Order Kook

    Mighty (UPDATED!!)

    Your second one is even better! Nice work! Had to go back and see some batman action! EDIT: What's with the guy in the elephant mask and plaid suit in the beginning?!!!!
  15. Short Order Kook

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    Here's some songs I can think off the top of my head that are not tear jerkers that have strong emotional impact. happy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I anxious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A9RvEzCYoc scared: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWZf_RBcB_Y lovestruck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j3okb3kuts disgust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvxxdZpMFHg hopeful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOgFZfRVaww Hopefully this will inspire folks... I'd rather not restrict the contest to being inspired by a movie (although you could do that if you wanted). Here is what I had in mind...I believe that this scoring system will score a song on it's own merits for having emotive impact as well as it's score as the best song. Teams submit one to three words along with their song that describes the emotions they are trying to induce/inspire/prompt. I keep those words confidential until the end of the contest. Scorers submit one to three words along with their "emotional impact" score for each song. This score is based on how well the song did in making them feel the emotion they think the song writing team is trying to induce. In other words, some songs may be graded on how happy the song makes you, how scared the song makes you, etc. Scorers send a separate score on the overall rating of the song (along the lines of songs are traditionally scored). Does it make sense to give teams more than a month to pull their songs together?