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  1. Short Order Kook


  2. Short Order Kook

    'How Did You Know' (Live at Jaz Bar, Hull, UK)

    Couldn't tell if you were nervous, which is a great start. Also you weren't reading the lyrics which I think is important for an open mic performance. I think I've pointed out that you sing off key from time to time before, but I agree with you that it appears you are improving. Still you've got a ways to go. Enunciating the lyrics is really important and I think you need to work on that as well. You had some dynamics put in the song, but I agree with Neal's post above that more dynamics with the guitar will be important, particularly if you have trouble changing things up with the vocal. I find that playing in duos or trios at open mics is a good experience, not only because you learn to play with someone else, but because it's easier to create song dynamics and keep the audiences attention. If you have an opportunity to do that, I would suggest giving it a try.
  3. Very nice! The queen-like chorus towards the beginning is excellent. Good luck on your release!
  4. Short Order Kook

    It Happened Again Today

    Totally agree
  5. Short Order Kook

    It Happened Again Today

    I wrote my earlier post before I saw your last post making a case for more mental health professionals and I was making some assumptions that probably weren't fair. I understand the argument for more mental health professionals and I think that's a good start. But one of the drawbacks of that approach all by itself is that it can perpetuate stigma on these alienated kids (those crazy kids), which I think is important to avoid as much as possible. It's a bigger challenge, but my point of view is that I believe we have to go further than that to address alienation. I believe we are losing our sense of community all across the United States and a good way of addressing that could and should start by refocusing on how we run our schools. When I say "community" I'm thinking about two-way communication, good will, and caring social supports that help prevent people fall through the cracks. I am not a conservative by any stretch, but I think there is federal (and state) overreach of our school systems, and I think our general approach to education (standardized testing, common core standards/inflexible curriculum, inflexible hours and schedules, segregating learning by age) is misguided and backwards. At least where I live, the schools are essentially run by subject matter experts from far away. Even the superintendents and teachers have their hands tied. How can you build a sense of community when there is no empowerment or trust given to the people that run and attend our schools? In order to create community, everybody deserves a voice and respect, everybody needs to be heard, everybody needs to feel like they have a stake in what they are participating in. The reason for shootings is complicated, multifaceted, and each case is going to be a little bit different. But I think the foundation to managing alienation is building stronger community and you can model a stronger community through schools. I subscribe to the idea that humans are social by nature, even those of us that are introverted or need down time from people. I see these shootings (in schools or otherwise) as a symptom of this erosion of community. I share a similar view that "taking away guns" is a simplistic, unrealistic and dangerous view of dealing with the overabundance of guns in our country. I agree that the implementation of a "take away gun program" or suddenly making guns illegal would likely turn very ugly and violent. At the same time, I think more guns (in schools or anywhere else) is a simplistic, unrealistic and dangerous view (I'm not suggesting that is your view BTW, but that is one of the solutions that many pro-gun groups put forward). I do think gun control is perfectly reasonable and should be part of the solution, although not a panacea. Just throwing up our hands as defeatists is an odd reaction, when we can have control on new gun sales and we can chip away at the problem with better background checks and a ban on weapons and weapons accessories designed to kill massive numbers of people in seconds. The majority of Americans agree that guns can be in the hands of responsible, sane, non-violent people and kept out of the hands of irresponsible, mentally unstable, violent people. Why we can't institute more gun control measures for irresponsible, mentally unstable, violent people seems to be happening because of the gun lobby and this exaggerated messaging out there that the government wants to take everyone's guns away. It's frustrating that people believe that crap, or that they think it is even possible.
  6. Short Order Kook


    @RoadDog, The thing I like about your songs is that there is such fantastic imagery in your lyrics and I love the sarcasm and twisted humor. It's totally original which is refreshing. The music for this was pretty catchy, but the pre-chorus needs work I think. The lo-fi recording reminded me of the Latin Playboys--a side project some of the guys from Los Lobos did awhile back. The guitar solo was a lot of fun. You must have had a lot of fun putting this together. I get that this is experimental, but I found it an odd choice to have the drums down so low. With such a rocking song, I guess I expect more prominent drums. Maybe bass too? I'm listening off a laptop so I could be missing a lot. The ending is great. -SOK
  7. Short Order Kook


    I expect to play this live at a show in August and I have a friend who will play a harmonica part to it. Good call. Hmm. I wonder what it's like mic'ing a bottle? Thanks Pat! Levon Helm is one of my all time favorites...I think the drums are similar to the loose style that he had, but that was totally accidental! Thanks for your kind words Fragile! I'm glad you liked it. The organ part is only during the bridge, and based on what I've heard I so far I should probably turn it up. I kind of like the gear shift of the bridge and plan to keep it, but it's a little too loose/sloppy as Moso said. Yes, you are probably right about there being a patch default. I'm definitely going to work on the panning based on you & Hobo's feedback. Yes, admittedly I was a little rushed putting it all together. The fam was out of town for a day, so I had about 8-10 hours or so to immerse myself in the recording at my kitchen table. I only did a couple of takes with the vocals and guitar parts and then fiddled with MIDI drums, bass, horns, organ trying my best to line them up with each other. I believe the loose, sloppy sound is mostly the result of me trying to do the whole thing without a click track and just trying to match up the different tracks visually and making little adjustments here and there. I've learned my lesson to use a click track, but like you and others have said there is some charm to the loose feel. Yep, there's a whole lot of that going on all around me with people that I love so I know it well...Thanks for all the great feedback!
  8. Short Order Kook


    Thanks man. What happened to the old HoboSage user?
  9. Short Order Kook


    @bachandI, Thanks for the feedback! The Stones are one of my faves! Lyrics added. The middle section is 3/4 time.
  10. Short Order Kook

    June Song Contest

    @Murphster, For what it's worth, I didn't find your song polarizing, and I'm not sure what about it is polarizing. This is not something to throw in the trash heap. It has a lot of potential. You have a knack for coming up with nice simple, catchy melodies, including this one. Unfortunately, your voice wasn't at it's best. The music was kind of plain too... so plain music mixed with the vocals it didn't give the song much spark or energy. I'd say rerecord it when you feel better and think about adding some additional instrumentation. But what do I know? I don't even understand why it's a polarizing song!
  11. Short Order Kook


    Here's a song I entered in the June song contest. I would appreciate any feedback you have but I do have some specific questions. I'm curious if the horn section sounds ok or cheesy/fake. What about the organ? The drums? I'm also curious if the song is so depressing that no one would want to listen to it more than once? I'm new to DAW recording, any tips on production? V1 I don't know why I don't know when I don't know how you got Back on the bottle again Back on the bottle again V2 It's as if it's A siren song It calls you and you follow Fol' that bottle along Fol' that bottle along Ch I love you but I hate you Why you keep on fallin' for it? The reaper is a' comin' You can't keep on a' runnin' 'Cause your liver's gonna slow you down! Bottle, bottle give me some a' that gin Bottle, bottle here we go again Bridge Another night and your watchin' television Drink in your hand, squintin' one eye Commercial break and you stumble to the kitchen Refill that lie up to the sky V3 Another pledge You still can't keep It's just that bottle talkin' Bottle talk is cheap Bottle talk is cheap V4 It's not my call It's up to you To choose life or that bottle 'Fore your time is through 'Fore your time is through 'Fore your time is through Ch I love you but I hate you Why you keep on fallin' for it? The reaper is a' comin' You can't keep on a' runnin' 'Cause your liver's gonna slow you down!
  12. Short Order Kook

    June Song Contest

    Congratulations to the winners! The top three were my top three, though Jason's was my favorite. While most songs were great that one sounded the most ready to be released. Scenes was a close second and Fab was a close third. I've got some notes on all the songs which I'm happy to share here or over at the song feedback section.
  13. Short Order Kook

    The Turd That Got Left Behind

    My kids would love this! If you come up with a catchy melody I'll make sure not to share it with them, because I wouldn't hear the end of it!
  14. Short Order Kook

    Greatest Misses

    As someone that grew up in the 80s, I really enjoy your sound. I think your singing is fine. It reminds me of David Bowie. The harmony from Aika Z. is very nice. My only real nit is I think you need a stronger ending. The other criticism is that I think the song would benefit from something other than the sound of the synthesizer especially for the instrumental breaks. Saxophone might be a nice touch.
  15. Short Order Kook

    It Happened Again Today

    Hi Kuya, I think the theme "listen to our children" is an important point to make. Obviously the children are key stakeholders. But it can't come from a token listening session or school assembly. And listening needs to lead to action. And adults and children have to have trust and respect for each other (I dare say as equals) during that conversation. Unfortunately, I don't think Americans put too much stock in what children have to say. Imagine if schools were actually democratized communities that enable students, staff and faculty to arrive at some consensus on policies that could make the school a safer environment--So that the school safety debate wasn't being filtered through a simplistic political shouting match between the left and right trying to reduce the discussion to black and white, I'm right, your wrong, one size fits all talking points when it's anything but. As you say there is just too much damn noise. Maybe schools in urban areas would arrive at different policies than rural areas, and poor areas would arrive at different policies than rich areas, and areas with strong hunting traditions would arrive at different policies than non-hunting communities. In the meantime, our children could learn about how democracy actually works, which would be helpful in these times since American democracy seems to be eroding in front of our eyes. Listening to our children is a good start, but what does this song mean by "listening"? Honestly, the song's message falls a little flat with me when there is a line like "The guns don't shoot the children unless the children shoot the guns". Maybe you didn't intend it this way, but I read that as the favorite mantra "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." To me that is politicized black and white nonsense that reduces a complicated problem to a 7 word talking point and it blunts your song's core message about listening to others. In my opinion, if this song is going to be powerful you need to trim the politics. The lyrics that Peko came up with on same topic did that very successfully, as an example.