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  1. RepeatingZERO

    Stick Figures

    Thanks for the feedback! I'd certainly consider adding a few lines to the chorus, or perhaps varying the words the second time around to give it that meat you're looking for... If I can some how recapture the magic, so to speak, of the moment when I wrote this... Alas, I'm not so sure. Maybe one day haha. As it is, I quite like how minimalist this is, so I don't know how much I want to mess with that. The first verse is my least favourite, so that could definitely be somewhere to start with regards to revisions. Thanks again, Jim.
  2. RepeatingZERO

    WWDD? (What Would the Devil Do?)

    While yes it needs some tweaking here and there, the way I read it was that asking her out and being faithful are things the narrator wants to do, but once he's had a drink he thinks he won't be able to stop himself from doing what the devil would do.
  3. RepeatingZERO

    WWDD? (What Would the Devil Do?)

    Not sure this needs to be any more cooked down as Malcolm put it. Although when you have some music for this I would question whether you need as many repetitions of WWDD. I could see it working, but I wouldn't want the hook to get stale.
  4. RepeatingZERO

    Stick Figures

    Thanks for the feedback, Paul. Yeah, I consciously tried to resist cramming too much into it. While I'm not usually a fan of minimalist lyrics, I like how it worked out here. As for "I won't / it won't" I did mean "I won't". No typo. "I hope you hope to be" is meant in the to exist definition of to be, rather than the singer saying he wants this person to be anything specific. Does that come across clearly? To me it's like saying I hope you finally stop trying so hard to be something and just be yourself.
  5. RepeatingZERO

    Stick Figures

    Simple lyric knocked up in a few minutes to see if I can bust out of a bit of a thematic rut I've been in recently. In my head I can hear a singer/songwriter type arrangement. Piano accompaniment. VERSE Stick figures drawn in sand Wishing for a life you never had I hope you hope to be at last I hope you know you have a past With me CHORUS Somethings never change, this I know Something went astray, this I know Will it ever change? I guess I won't But I want to watch us grow VERSE Stick figures in my mind Memory of a life lost to time I'd like to say I'm through with this I'd like to stay to reminisce With you CHORUS Somethings never change, this I know Something went astray, this I know Will it ever change? I guess I won't But I want to watch us grow OUTRO Stick figures drawn in sand Will you take me by the hand?
  6. RepeatingZERO

    DAW technical issues / recommendations

    So funny thing... I was just collecting a few screenshots and such for you guys, decided "I'll just update to the latest version of Reaper. What's the harm in that?" and what do you know? It's working again... I guess we'll see how long that lasts! Thanks for trying and I'm sorry for not replying a bit quicker. I'm a busy fool these days.
  7. RepeatingZERO

    the day the spacemen came to town

    Well ... I like it! I'm not sure I can see the civil rights movement in there (apart from maybe "god damn our birth" etc), nor can I get much of a sense of structure... But in a way I'm happy to take your word for it, because it reads well, and I like the simplicity of it.
  8. RepeatingZERO

    Today, I Saw the Elephant in the Room

    Cheers for the reply. That's definitely help me hone in on what people are talking about. So either I need to get clever/intriguing, or keep the language simple and tell a story. Or something like that haha. I was worried that it was a case of "not my cup of tea" rather than anything intrinsically wrong with my lyric, but now you've given me some thing to think about I can try and pull future works in the one direction or the other... instead of sending mixed signals! EDIT: My writing is usually in the direction of pop punk or alt rock, but I also have an experimental background. So.. anything goes?
  9. RepeatingZERO

    Today, I Saw the Elephant in the Room

    I'm curious what people think about whether lyrics must have a clear beginning middle end plot or not. I've listened to and enjoyed countless songs that didn't overtly take that route. Of course I greatly respect the lot of you, so I want to try and understand this as much as possible. Is it the content in my lyric screaming out for a plotline? Or is it a general piece of advice, e.g., the more popular examples of lyrics in popular music tend to have a storytelling element so it couldn't hurt to emulate it? To be completely honest, I never set out to tell a story with this one. It's more a single moment where the singer finally admits to themself that they need to cut the person out of their life. As I'm not convinced by certain lines in the verses there is definitely room to hint at a plot... But I'm still not sure that matches with my intention, you know? It's more about getting over it and psyching himself up then what the "friend" has specifically done. Does that make sense?
  10. RepeatingZERO

    Today, I Saw the Elephant in the Room

    @John Voorpostel I'm going to redo v2 anyway, specifically that line I don't like 100%, but I definitely see your point with it getting closer to the message than other parts of the lyric. I may just use it as you suggested. Thanks!
  11. RepeatingZERO

    DAW technical issues / recommendations

    I do suspect a driver of some kind yeah. I remember looking on reaper based forums back when it first happened and they more or less saud fiddle with settings or reinstall and hope for the best... So your advice is REALLY appreciated, guys. I spent I good bit of money getting a PC that should be able to keep up with a vst or two, so obviously it would be a little annoying if it were a resource issue... but it sounds like its probably a case of reaper not playing nice with the current settings, driver-wise. I wondered about sample rates And buffers and so on, but I need to dig into it when I have the time and get you a bit more info. I can also record a clip of what I get on playback if you want a more specific idea than my naff "stuttering" descriptor haha
  12. RepeatingZERO

    DAW technical issues / recommendations

    As good as free then haha The audio issue is that for seemingly no reason it would playback at a fraction of the full tempo with a crackling stutter I guess you'd say. Almost like you've stretched a clip out way passed the point of being listenable. I believe it was something to do with the built in sound card interfering with Reaper? Been a while since I last "lucked into" fixing it. But once it happens it'll happen no matter how many times you close reaper down or restart the PC. The plugin thing is simply Reaper not recognising anything by softube. I can't spot why. Which is a pain because I wouldn't mind buying a few more things from them. Anyway, I'll get back to you with the specs in a bit.
  13. I'm looking for a few recommendations and / or some technical help regarding DAWs. I've previously been using a free version Reaper, but recently I've run into not only an audio stuttering/bit rate problem (fixed by reinstalling only apparently...), but a situation where some of my soft tube plug ins just aren't working anymore. I've been able to fix them in the past but I feel it's getting to the point where I need something new that will cope on both fronts. I've been considering splashing out on some version of Cubase 9.5 in the future but something free for the time being would be excellent. I'll post my tech specs, plug ins, etc later when I'm sitting in front of my PC.
  14. RepeatingZERO


    The one thing that jumps out is that your second verse has a far looser rhyme structure. It doesn't quite match the first. No comment on the la da da's haha
  15. RepeatingZERO


    I'm not saying you couldn't make a name for yourself out of spoken word performed over underground beats, I'm just not sure how many people would call it rap. But hey it's like you said on my lyric, do what you do regardless of what every one else wants it to be. I mean most rap has always been about the rhymes so I tried thinking in terms of what would rhyme in a Australian accent. I think I got a couple more out of there but I'm British and terrible at imitating accents haha so I'd be interested to hear this performed! You may in further verses want to introduce some more rhyme (I would) or not. It's up to you.