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  1. March Lyrics Contest

    Hi, Kerry, Just saw this and wanted to say Thanks for the top pick and for the smile at "loath to admit it." I do see the similarity in both of us taking on rather taboo subjects, so I'll give you that. I think lyrics that venture into those areas are way more interesting than "safer" ones. I couldn't give yours a high score because I was offended by all the F bombs. What can I say? I knew what you were doing but it just wasn't my style. I think you're at your irresistible best with songs like Rain Keeps Fallin'. I'd like to see more of those from you. Patty
  2. Nothing Says Love Like Flowers

    Hi, Jonie, I like the lyric and the twist. My only thought is that I didn't click on this for awhile because the title made me think it would be maudlin or an FTD commercial. I should have known better because it was yours, but I didn't get that far. I'm wonder if there would be a way to make the hook more intriguing. Of course, I have no ideas to offer you! Sorry! Patty
  3. Pirate Booty

    Somehow Shake your looty didn't do it for me. Pirate beauty Shake your booty?
  4. Coffee Break

    Like these lines! Which one of them is wearing the heart on the sleeve? Alucard23, You have the start of a good lyric here. I think it needs some meat with all that espresso. Your chemistry line shows a sense of humor, or some cleverness that intrigues me, but then nothing happens with it, so I was let down. Who are these people? What's their connection besides both of them working part-time? What's the story? Fill it out a little and come back? Patty
  5. Bobby, You certainly write well. I think we all want you to turn the page over now and write something of your very own. I hope this exercise convinced you that you have it in you. I liked Paul’s idea of writing it from the opposite perspective. I also think you’d have no trouble with ANY subject, Patty
  6. War song

    I liked the effective/reflective rhyme. I’m with Joanie in that it needs some tightening up. The flow could be smoother. Maybe try for less stilted expression? To be really effective (there’s that word again) I think you need to either say something new, which is hard to do with this topic, or express the timeworn message in a fresh way. Make it less sing-songs and more “more.” That’s the fun part: taking your first draft and making it great!
  7. Short Changed

    Thanks, Ron. I'm in "Revision Mode," so your comments came at a good time. I will consider all of them. Patty
  8. Short Changed

    Thanks, Donna. Both of those are better than what I had. I'm stealing the 2nd one!!
  9. Short Changed

    Hotshelrae, Thank you! I'm glad you like this direction. So much of writing (for me) is rewriting, and I'm still at it. I know there are things I still need to work out, but it's encouraging to hear that it's starting to come together. Patty Hi, Carl, Good to see you, too! Thanks for giving me your input. Those PC's are not right yet, so i will take a look again, and talk with the musician about what's possible there, music-wise. I've been thinking about something simple for each one that rhymes with the couplet before. So, for example, V2 ends with She made a crack about fish in the sea And how much she liked bein' free PC So I told her how it was with me V4 ends with: He stood before me, the best of men I made my decision there and then PC When he told me how it was with him I haven't figured out if I need a PC before the Bridge (which it looks like I'll be rewriting, too!) See above for another revision I have in mind for V3 .
  10. Short Changed

    Much improved, Patty. Detailed thoughts in red. Thanks so much. You are helping me make this better.
  11. Short Changed

    I took two weeks off and came back at this one again. I cleaned up the rhyme scheme and re-thought some wording and some of the story. I'm sure there are things I missed. Tell me what you think? Patty
  12. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Just reading through this thread again from the beginning. This feels like a real community with really wonderful people in it.
  13. Hard Way Home

    @fabkebab Great Word Cloud! Thank you!
  14. Take it All (updated 04/10/2018)

    Paul, I REALLY like this! The only line I stumbled on was Put beside the love I'm losing. I thought it might be a typo: Put ASIDE the love I'm losing. But that didn't go anywhere. Now I understand what you meant, but it really stopped me. More below:
  15. March Lyrics Contest

    Thank you, everyone! I am so honored to be in the company of Donna (very poetic) and Paul (great story, as usual)! You are both masters of this lyric thing! I thought this month's entries were quite good. I also especially liked More (Ty Cobb), All the Way to Jordan (Jonie) and Let Your Self Go (Clemo.) I've taken to trying to figure out which one of the Musers wrote each one. Didn't do very well on my guesses this month! That's a probably a good thing! Thank you, Iggy, for all the admin work!