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  1. AMK, Thanks. I wrote these lyrics TO Joey's music, which made it much easier to fit the words and music together, IMO. I think writing to music cuts days, even weeks, off the process because with a good composition, the parts are all there, just waiting for the words. It's kind of "fill in the blanks." I'm glad you liked the result. Patty
  2. Thank you, Nameless, This was such a fun experience for all of us. I'm glad you liked it. Patty jonlint, Thanks so much for your comments on the song, and I'm especially glad you like the hook. I'm working with two musical powerhouses in Joey and Dominick, and I don't want to disappoint them! I think your lyric suggestions are good. I should have thought of them myself. Thank you! Patty Gary, Thank you. This means a lot coming from you. I appreciate both the technical suggestions and the general "just listening" response. And yes, we had a lot of fun doing this. --The girl 😋 Andy, SO glad you like this! We will take all these things into consideration. I wrote the lyrics to Joey's existing music and they just sort of fell onto the page. It's so much easier for me to start with music, and this composition was a gift! Thanks for your comments. Patty
  3. Peko

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Congratulations, discatticus! A runaway winner! And nice job, too, to Kuya and Ty. Way to go! There were a lot of good entries this month, so extra kudos to the winners! Patty
  4. Peko

    Needs a title.

    Hi, UnitedbyRhyme, When I first saw these words just presented on the page, I thought, Whoo, Boy, this is going to be rough. But you sucked me in with V1. It felt real and intriguing. Nice job! I Now, as for V2, Whooboy! 😃 Feels like this was written by another person. Can you do whatever you did in V1 to make this as REAL and heartfelt? I don't think a grandmother would say, "Don't worry, man" so I wasn't sure who was talking. The wording in green comes off as stiff to me. These comments are meant to show you how one person reacted to your words. Maybe other people will feel differently. But I really like what you had going in V1 and if you can do that in V2, and make it as simple as possible, I think you'll have something special here. Now, I'm curious as to which parts YOU felt needed work! 😋
  5. Peko

    Tonight I gonna tell her

    Hi Steve, I liked this all up until the last line. What is interesting to me about the lyric is him telling her how much he DOESN'T love her. It was kind of a letdown to hear the opposite at the end. Maybe a little more preparation for the switch? Perhaps in a bridge? Not sure. Patty
  6. Peko

    This Is Divorce

    the_routine_scar: I really like this! Comments below: When you have this set to music, please post it. It could be really special. Thanks, Patty
  7. Peko

    Out on my feet

    Thanks. I understand what you're saying, and I'm glad to learn a new expression. Patty
  8. Peko

    Out on my feet

    Hi, Songwolfe, I always enjoy reading your lyrics and listening to your songs. I think I might be the only person here who isn't familiar with the phrase "out on my feet." Does it mean outside, walking around? Or dead on my feet, as in tired? Or what? Is it a well-known phrase and I just missed it? If so, just ignore me, please! 😃 If not, and it means "tired," then "dead on my feet" or something else might work better for me. If it were just one phrase in the song, I wouldn't mention it, but since it's important enough to be your hook, I'd like to know what it means. Patty
  9. Peko

    Door to door bible man

    Hi, Mick, I don't know if you'd want to go this direction, but if you just hit the guy with pepper spray, it would be kinda cool to describe his eyes differently in the last chorus. I imagine they would be scrunched tight, and watering, not "gleaming" any more. But there could be an interesting rhyme in there somewhere. Just a thought. Patty
  10. Peko

    Jazzman's Blues

    Kuya You know I like what you write. On this one, I'm with JMichaels on the backwards construction of Chance like this you won't see me blowing To me, it sticks out, not in a good way. The rest of it reads pretty well for the genre. Patty
  11. Peko

    I Feel It Because I Don't

    Steve, I like your hook, and the way you laid it out in V1, right up front. I agree with Mick that this is the same old story, but it works for me because I think you HAVE found a new way to say it. 😃 Patty
  12. Peko


    Ty, I liked this one in the contest. It stopped me and I wanted to read it again and again. The first line was terrific. There were some tired rhymes that downgraded the lyric, IMO. Sport/consort felt forced and awkward, and life/strife is way too predictable. If you sharpened those up, it would lift your lyric to a higher level. Very good V3. I liked "migration" in the PC. To me, it meant he wasn't her first fling. Your topic is timeless, and this was a fresh look at it. The fact that a guy was questioning the motives of his (possible?) lover was a new twist. Nice job. Patty
  13. Dominick, This is a beautiful song. You have captured the emotion of this moment, and anyone who has ever been in this situation can relate. I know what you mean about the blessings of the gift of music. You have given us all a gift with this one. Patty
  14. Peko


    Hi, Carl, Your Rev9 changes the whole message of this for me. The earlier versions seemed to be about some dystopian world of "freaks and twisted souls." Now you have "People crossing borders" which brings in the whole immigration topic for me. I didn't think that was what you were talking about. Rev9 makes it very political. That MAY be what you were intending, but I didn't get that vibe from your earlier posts. So, I guess it depends on what you want this song to be about. Patty
  15. Peko

    June Lyric Competition

    Hi, all. Today is Everything is now posted in the Song Critique forum if you're interested in hearing how it sounds. Patty