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  1. Khappa MJ

    Flashback - [IndiePop / 2000s]

    Hi Luke thanks for your feedback, i know what you mean (new productions will be a bit different)... pls stay in touch and sub to my channel and if you like my video pls share it ok? You're amazing guys, let me see you in my YT channel love you
  2. The second 'old' production just made. Im working for a new album n videos Let me feel you are here (and if you can... also to my Youtube channel ) FLASHBACK - Khappa MJ
  3. Khappa MJ

    My last video before a new one

    Thank you man, nice to know you like this video even if its not my best one, its simple. Stay in touch cause im working to new albums and video too... also via Youtube
  4. Khappa MJ

    My last video before a new one

    Because a in some role im a bit "Gothic" .. Thanks for you comment bro, i will post other videos too with lyric. And maybe also lyric of this song, cause it is impressive
  5. It is my first official Music Video i created with my previously staff. I just wanted to create a funny but significant music video, of course let me know what you think about it
  6. Hi everybody, my name is Khappa MJ, i do and play music (under label Believe) and im also working as a filmmaker (K-Storm studio). Please let me say that i need very very much support and to "spread the word" about me and my contents, so i hope to get in touch with lot of peoples even for collaborations and to get your positive (but also negative feedbacks. Thank you very much and also thanks to admins for their work. talk soon My last music video: if you like it or you hate it, please feel you free to "LIKE" it or "DISLIKE" it on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/embed/Gll_FP1TWhY
  7. Khappa MJ

    Don't Let Me Down

    Song sounds good and video looks good too, maybe its just a bit boring , you could create other scenes or choose a second location, however its a good work for me
  8. Khappa MJ

    Wizard and Glass video

    good work , just a thing guys, for my opinion in case of video try to use an articulate editing, i mean with more rhythm, and in case of music video it should be better dont use a static cam but a "shoulder-cam" or a steady-cam. This gives more energy too
  9. Khappa MJ

    Me, Myself & I

    Good work but for my opinion you should try to create a real video (even with your phone) using footages instead that single images slideshow Doing this you make your song more relevant
  10. Khappa MJ

    The Train

    It remember me some solo artist I've heard some years ago. It sounds good and the video looks appropriate for this song, its basically a kind of video i personally wouldnt do, but its fine for this song and music genre
  11. Khappa MJ

    Roland - Ghost / GO

    Hi, mmh the song sounds good but your video is a little bit messy. I mean, try to use a better illumination, a bette exposure, and try to take good scenes. In this case you may procude a good .. music video Of course is just my opinion