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  1. nice work!
  2. just thought of something: changing it to 'first love' works on that line but then the next line is 'crazy in love with...' --- maybe not a big deal but *usually* i try to avoid repeating words so close together. #conundrum
  3. based off your explanation, I did at least get a scosh of 'defending the helpless' feel. very vague and abstract but not in a wtf sort of way - at least to me... Lyrics alone carry a feel or a mood, and with the right musical arrangement I think could be pretty cool. It reminded me a lot of a Ryan Adams song, 'World War 24'... I don't know exactly what's going on in that song (relationship problems if i had to make a guess – but it's Ryan Adams so that's sort of a given) but I love that song nonetheless due to the mood and atmosphere of it.
  4. haha that was a lot of fun – I too like the specific references to bikes, the vernacular of that scene, the innuendo... lots to like. simple but effective, sounds like a great dive bar sing-along
  5. haha fair enough - i'll check that out too!
  6. not really my kinda jam but it feels very thought out and flows nicely. only thing I notice is I kinda want another verse, another story of a character. all the verses are very front-loaded... and nice work on that carbon/garden rhyme
  7. It's got a nice flow to it - you didnt mention a genre but i got a rock vibe from it. A lot of nice things in there - I particularly like the bridge. It's pretty clear what's going on despite the grandiose phrasing (at least i *think* it is... it's about being in a relationships, right? haha ...taking them as they come, moving on from them when they're over, etc, etc...) dig it
  8. i don't know much about sea chanties but i like the story it told. vivid imagery - so kudos to that!
  9. LOL i thought it was pretty funny - definitely sounds like a Jason Mraz song, as Melahide suggested. The only thing I have is it seems short and long at the same time... but there are some really short punk songs. as a lyrical conversation goes, it definitely flows though.
  10. LMAO! :-D
  11. given the subject matter, maybe 'hips' instead of 'feet'? unless you're into that sort of thing... @spanishbuddha has a good point too. nice job
  12. I really dig this - lots of stout imagery throughout. it has a large - or epic - feeling to it. The tweaks you made strengthened it as well. very nice job
  13. to me that definitely sounds a lot better! :-)
  14. I'd agree with John about Eddie losing an arm. reminds me of an episode of M*A*S*H... in the 3rd verse does the narrator get shot/killed? he's obviously bleeding.. the staring down at a dark countenance made me think maybe that's what happened... im torn on the spoken word intros... may depend on the execution nice job!
  15. i missed this the first time around so i'm unfamiliar with the other version but this one i like.. 'I caught a glimpse of my first girlfriend Kate' sounds sliiiightly cumbersome to me -- i think it's the word 'girlfriend'... not sure why i stumbled over it. but that's a small nitpick. otherwise it flows smooth, it's relatable, and i dig it