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  1. Picture This: You are lost in the woods. It's dark but there's an early dawn settling in the air. You've projectile vomited at least 3 times and you can't find your friends. You tell yourself: "Remember where you came from," literally (because you are lost) and figuratively (because you need to keep it together). The wicked don't sleep and neither do the weak.
  2. Mind Ya Nose

    This song is V cool and I like the lyrics and the chill vibe of it. It's different from a lot of songs I've heard and a like the style and the layering of the vocals. The only suggestion I could really make is the quality, maybe adding in light/interesting drums to fill it out. But really not super necessary I really like the song!
  3. Can't Get Enough

    I really like this song!! It's a very summary song, the production is pretty good as well. The only thing I would say about that is it would be good to get a good mic to pick up the quality of the vocals (which are really good). The only other thing I would say is the beginning instrumentals don't transition as smoothly as they could, it feels like there is a bit of a really really small gap in between chords. I hope this helps! It reminds me a little of Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae - but is not exactly the same by any means.