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  1. Arthur Atsu


    Thank you for the feedback @spanishbuddha here are the lyrics; I see them all, but I don’t know how I should feel ‘Cause all I know is I don’t know if you’re really real A man at night with coat collar high He’s just walking by, without batting an eye What a guy, I’ll follow him behind Maybe I will find, what I lost inside, sorry but I got a broken mind He walks down a curly but narrow alley smoothly but it can fit me barely Only an inch of space between But as I get close he seems further away As I’m out of the way I lost the kind sir I’m alone again I see them all, but I don’t know how I should feel ‘Cause all I know is I don’t know if you’re really real I met you after all we’ve been through You seem new, seems like you grew Since when we bumped into Out of the blue, how obtuse Back when we walked in two I always knew but never told the truth Look at all this swollen bruise Should have told you sooner But i know for sure you don’t want it too So I ensure that this so called literature Is the only truth I hold no further What’s after this I am never sure But when we meet again in the future We’ll be strangers and I won’t be your’s I see them all, but I don’t know how I should feel ‘Cause all I know is I don’t know if you’re really real (I see them walking by I don’t recognize anyone Maybe when I cried I lost sight of everyone)
  2. Arthur Atsu


    Hello everyone! I'm just looking for a general feedback on this one. Tell me what you think! Cheers.
  3. Arthur Atsu

    Too much too little too late

    Yeah that looks good. Well how you wrote it before you have; long (a) yellow (b) on (a") highway (c) you (d) through (d) wait (c") The second verse you wrote as look (a) somewhere (b) book (a) long (c) alarm (d) there (e) glare (e) through (f) scarred (Is that e"?) Verse three is tight though.
  4. Arthur Atsu

    Let's Get Together

    Hey! That's a great great track. Enjoyed lots. Awesome to hear some positive lyrics as well. One thing I would say is that the lyrics lack in edge. The message is there and the words are well put to convey that. However after hearing it, I don't feel like I've learnt anything. We all want peace and want people to just get along but what does that mean? Although giving too much edge could also harm your song as it is a positive, easy going song. Quite a subjective one but from my taste, it lacked in a bit of depth. All that being said great arrangement, great voice, and great message. Love to hear more.
  5. Arthur Atsu

    Too much too little too late

    I think you can be more consistent on the rhyming. On the first verse you have the A, B, A'', C, D, D, E Then on the second verse you have A, B, A, C, D, E, E, F, G It looks and sounds disorganised. You can do cool stuff with the structure of rhyming. If you read Robert Frost's work he uses rhyming in a very unique way in a consistent manner. Or Bob Dylan... don't we all want to be Bob Dylan. It may be worth checking out. More like poetry feedback I guess but I hope it helped! Can't wait to hear it with music!
  6. Arthur Atsu

    Mrs. Rainbow

    Thank you PaulCannuk and Triffid! Yeah I thought the lyrics were a bit too abstract and makes the song too open ended. I agree with the production as well. It lacks in quality and the individual tracks don't stand out individually and turned out quite mashed. I will make sure to improve for my next project. Thank you once again for the review!
  7. Arthur Atsu

    Mrs. Rainbow

    Hello! Just released a new song and I was wondering what you all think? It was for my Uni project which was to write for an established artist. Can you guess who? Also if you can give me comments on the harmony, production or anything that would be awesome! Thank you for helping in advance! Best regards, Lyrics; Mrs. Rainbow I'm looking for a shade of yellow But Mr. Green doesn't know, he's mellow Mr. Blue doesn't care, he's solo Mrs. Yellow seems to not be home So I went to Mrs. Red I don't think she likes me too much And Mr. Orange lives with her But someone tapped my shoulder it's a miracle Chorus She's rainbow in front of blue Ask her what you want she'll give it all She's purple she's also blue She's yellow she's green and red Mrs. Rainbow She's beautiful She's everything I want to be She gave me a drop of Yellow and I became, Something no one has seen before Chorus Somewhere over the rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow
  8. Arthur Atsu

    Girl, Don't Do It

    Great track! Great lyrics as well. I see you want feedback on the lyrics but I would say your lyrics serve the purpose well. It's an honest and straight forward message that shouldn't be over complicated since you wouldn't do that in a real conversation. The subject matter is not off putting at all. How to improve the lyrics may be challenging for me to say however I can give you a suggestion. I think you should make the lyrics more detailed. "Think about your life" for example on the second line of the chorus is related but also too broad for the core message that you're telling. The song to me is about the narrator telling a woman that she shouldn't be having affairs. "Think about your life" is a broad statement which can be applicable to anything. (Friendship, relationship, life and death, jobs, money. etc) "There's heartache down the road" is a great line and shows that you're talking about the emotional downfall that the girl is headed to. Have your words resonate with emotion perhaps and make that the main motivator of the song. But like I said, it's great lyrics and it's good for what it stands for. I don't know if my suggestion helped but thought I'd try and help out. Looking forward to more of your songs! Cheers.
  9. Arthur Atsu

    Cold Summer Rain

    Hello there everybody, Thanks for the feedback! Imma get right to it Cheers
  10. Hey there I wrote a song with a partner and thought I'd like to hear some feedback. This was the first time doing a collab so I am happy to hear any kind of feedback. Cheers. Cold summer rain, hear my pain Where's my memories that should have remained Childhood lost in vain Where I called my only home Was taken by the time that went by It feels like no one's home I left this life behind, the way it should be And dad he knows I'm right, I lead me own way Tender mother's eyes won't let me go They still see me as a ten years old boy I don't belong here no more Cold summer rain, will you hear my pain? Was it really worth leaving them behind? Friends I used to own, they came and will go Love I used to have, they left me on my own Tender mother's eyes won't let me go They still see me as a ten years old girl I don't belong here no more
  11. Arthur Atsu

    Lay Down Your Burden

    I like the original track. However I think the other instruments such as the bass and the drums could be more interesting. There are great parts with the breaks before going into your guitar solo, I think it could you more sharpness as such on your other parts of the song. The mixing I think could have been better as well, with the drums coming up front then what you have now. There could have also been a greater dynamic range in your composition as some might lose interest while listening to the song. The guitar sound and solo is sick though. The lyrics are great as well. The ending is tight and gives a great edge to your whole composition.
  12. Arthur Atsu

    Mind Ya Nose

    Really love the voice lad! Very unique and technically advanced I would say. The diction could be better as a lot of the parts I couldn't understand what you were trying o say. It felt like the instrumental was slightly too long. Making the whole composition 4 minutes and a half. Although the harmonies and the small details you include in between is very very well done. All in all, great song, great voice, great performance, just need to sharpen the edges a little more in my opinion.
  13. Arthur Atsu

    Japanese singer songwriter here!

    Hello! thanks for the feedback! Below are my lyrics. Cheers. “Can you hear the broken sun weeping on the shoulders of gold? Can you hear the footsteps taken by the wisest tree?” “Or are you deaf to what fate has to say? Or are you death and life has no place?” “For lonely trees like me to grow The roots down below Consumes what is left from dead and alive” So now I’ll wave goodbye ‘cause the sun was sinking behind Above the mountain high Where the glaciers freeze our time yesterday Acacia tree tell me Where did everybody go? The golden sand below Who was I suppose to be shinning for? “Can you hear the winter storm Carry tears and then let it snow? Can you hear the waves collide Breaking every shell to sand?” “Or are you deaf and you just wait and see Or are you death and doesn’t mean a thing” “For lonely trees like me to grow The leaves high above Consumes what is left from light and dark” So now I’ve waved goodbye All the stars are fading on Above the mountain high Where the glaciers melt the time to tick to tomorrow Acacia tree I know Where everybody went Golden sand below I was here to shine until the sun ignites again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again………
  14. Hello! Please check out my song and tell me what you all think! Cheers.
  15. Arthur Atsu

    Every Step

    Great melody and great voice! Melody reminds me of older Ed Sheeran works. The production needs some work and there are some guitar parts that are slightly off. It's dope! Keep it up!