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  1. If this was my song "I wish it was" I would slow the tempo down a little bit more and go with a bigger open air type sound. If you get a chance I always use "GINO VANELLI's - Lady" production as a baseline for a open air sound. The reason for the slower tempo is, I feel the words will sink in better "not rushed" and give the listener a chance to let the words sink in. I like it....thanks for sharing.
  2. RGMixProject

    Rise up (Original Composition)

    This should help you understand what I'm talking about.
  3. RGMixProject

    Rise up (Original Composition)

    I started to like the arrangement until the distortion and serious over saturation of the production. Your production needs dynamics, not over compression. The massive wall of sound ended my listening experience before the first minute. sorry Thanks for sharing
  4. RGMixProject

    Foolish Girl

    Guitar here He’s a smooth operator and he loves me Bring in bass here He goes round and around and around and around in my head Bring in drums here This would make a good chorus And I know that something gotta give Nothing can last as good as this I know I’m a fool for his love Nothing worse than a foolish girl in love Start fading in strings here If he wants out I’ll give him something to talk about If he wants in then I’m going down with him I can’t leave his eutopia’s is opium I’m just a foolish girl in love Chorus ????
  5. RGMixProject

    Just Let Go

    Everything is there, in your face but not overdone. drums, low end bass, various keys, synths, pads & sound fx voices all right in the pocket mix wise and such .... just a killer sound. The arrangement is interesting - at worst. At best it's intriguing and beguiling. The riff which is handled by multiple instruments (voices) is really sorta intoxicating. Before I had the chance to be bored by it gives you big points as well. The basic song structure is catchy, the chords and again, the riff, works it well and is a body mover as well as a pretty good melodic draw ... the strongest passages are ruled by the bass synth but the refreshing thing about it all are the variety of voicings chosen. and woven into each other .... This is a hooky poppy and just overall fun listen. which in fact, I really dig. It's cool shit.....Thanks for sharing
  6. RGMixProject

    Sunken Legacy (Instrumental)

    Any thing and everything you want to know about recording at any level....go here http://homerecording.com/bbs/?s=3191430241b6f7d71ad38dbf173c904a You will be glad you did and hope this helps.
  7. RGMixProject

    Every Step

    Emerald eyes like the ocean Tempest rise from the sea Waves crash down all around me Currents pulling me in So will you hold me, tightly so I know that I’ll be alright There’s nothing we’ve left say Everything now in its place And If I dive in I’m never resurfacing But there’s nothing that I’d like more And we will grow old But I will not love you less I’ll always look at you this way And I’ll make mistakes but I will do my best to be there every step of the way Crimson lips whisper too me Softest touch at my skin Still the waves crash into me Swirling tide starts to spin Will you tell me stories so I know that I’ll sleep tonight But I can feel trouble it’s rising Darkness lurks on our horizon I should known It would end like this I know I know nothing perfect nothin's bliss uh oh we'll be fine x4 Hope you don't mind I posted the lyrics for you...thanks for sharing
  8. RGMixProject

    And So I Joined

    I saw her climbing around the mountain Viewing passengers flying by her And so I joined And So I joined And So I joined Her climbing that mountain And so we are climbing together Viewing the weather It feels so good up here We may want to stay up here forever And so I joined And so I joined And so I joined Her staying up here viewing the weather Now we get off the mountain together Dusting off our clothes and Begin to venture a different path Together And so I joined And so I joined And so I joined her getting off that mountain I got the lyrics from the other site. For some reason I could hear this song in a Hard Rocking Blues Production with lots of breaks. Thanks for sharing
  9. RGMixProject

    COUNTRAE - Kings of Rock & Roll

    Interesting production. Like the other, would you call this Americana?....thanks for sharing
  10. RGMixProject

    COUNTRAE - Louise

    Checked out your song. Americana?........thanks for sharing
  11. RGMixProject

    Sunken Legacy (Instrumental)

    Make sure you kill everything below 40hz and understand Bass frequencies behave differently at different volumes. Kill all the upper bass mud you can on any instrument you can do it on. These muddy frequencies around 250-400HZ build up fast and can destroy a great song. I'm telling you this because through my three different monitors I'm getting the same muddy results. Sometimes no matter how much time and effort you spend on a mix......sometime you just need to sit back, take a couple of days off and start from scratch. A spectrum analyzer is your best friend. Hope this helps...thanks for sharing.
  12. RGMixProject

    Time Taken

    Everything sounds good however, the drums do not do this song any justice. The beginning should be a eight count snare not two. For a ballad the drums rush the song to a "it has no feeling" type atmosphere. I agree with Daryl's great idea on the harmonies. I like it....thanks for sharing.
  13. RGMixProject

    Brand New Song And Video

    I really like the song and the lyrics however, the video production is spectacular with good looking guys playing but the 00:47 floating head is a little creepy. I would lose the footage of the left handed playing guitars. Its kind of a distraction because the question floats through the mind " how did he get a right hand guitar to play left hand" and then you loose the meaning on of the song. Overall great...thanks for sharing
  14. RGMixProject

    I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

    All good. I, at first thought this came off the Billboard Charts.....if not....it should be. Great production thanks for sharing.