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  1. J.W. Terry


    Sounds to me like you are saying humans are ruining everything and that we should kill ourselves, or that we are going to die because of the things we are doing. Not my style of music, but I don't have any criticism. Your word choice makes you sound intelligent, which always helps when trying to get a message across. I like that it's short, songs like this sometimes go on for a long time after they've made their point. It piqued my interest enough that I read through it several times. It definitely paints a picture.
  2. J.W. Terry

    I tell them I love fishing

    Ok. EmilyEmily's version is better.
  3. J.W. Terry

    I tell them I love fishing

    This is great. Thanks for the laugh.
  4. J.W. Terry

    With Age Comes Wisdom

    Like kuya said, a very nice tribute. Immediately made me think of my grandfather who worked in the steel mill all his life. Wondering if a contraction would work better in the last line of verse 1 - "you're" instead of "you are". In the second line of the last chorus maybe "get" instead of "got". Love the line "My father's gift took years to understand" - the sad truth for a lot of us. Enjoyed this very much.
  5. J.W. Terry

    You and the Moon

    Nice! Women will love this. Only thought: When you're just a fool Gliding through a starry pool
  6. J.W. Terry

    Nostalgic State Of Mind ~ Revised

    Touching, sentimental, heartfelt. Don't know if this person is really in your life, but you certainly made it sound that way. Now I'm all starry-eyed and wistful. Nice when a song does that. Looking forward to hearing it someday.
  7. J.W. Terry


    Love the message and I think it comes across clearly. I think the above suggestions are good, and could help you turn this into something really special. I'm too new at this to give much advice at this point. The only suggestion I have is not to throw it away. I think you've got a good start to a potentially great lyric.
  8. J.W. Terry


    I really like this song. I don't have anything to add... you already got a lot of great advice. It's beautiful. Very inspiring to those of us who may be timid about trying something new. I hope I hear it put to music someday.
  9. J.W. Terry

    I Took Love for Granted

    A topic I think most people can relate to. Your words seem very genuine to me. I feel like this is personal for you. As someone who is shy and struggling with making songs personal, I really appreciate the honesty. Nice job.
  10. J.W. Terry

    When He's Lonely

    Thank you to all who replied to this post. I can't express how much I appreciate the feedback and advice. Joey M - You gave me some very useful advice which will help me with future songs. I'm not going to put much more time into this one. Too much time spent already, I think. But I wrote down your advice and have already applied it to some other songs I am working on. kuya - You pretty much figured it out. And I liked your line-change suggestion. spanishbuddha - I had to laugh when I read your review, because this really isn't a song I would want to listen to either. You were more honest with me than I was with myself. Thanks. The realrush - Thank you for the kind words and honesty. I am going to change things up a bit and try and write what I might like to listen to. It took me twelve days to get up the nerve to post something, and now I don't know what I was afraid of. Georgie is dead, by the way. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. J.W. Terry

    When He's Lonely

    First posting... hope I did it right. The original song had more adjective and symbolism, but I read Alistair's post about writing lyrics and made some changes. Looking for feedback and advice. Thanks. When He’s Lonely Strumming his guitar next to the broken window pane He tries to match the rhythm of the gently falling rain Georgie takes his hand softly humming as they sway When his wife walks in the room Georgie goes away Now he’s lonely Yes he’s lonely He stops strumming his guitar smells the perfume in the air He does his best to show he cares But it’s hard to let her near When he’s lonely Old wood creaks beneath his feet as he’s pacing in the hall He sits down near the window leans his back against the wall Georgie rounds the corner takes his hand and pulls him close When the kids come through the door Georgie has to go Now he’s lonely Yes he’s lonely He gets up to his feet hears the laughter in the air He does his best to show he cares But it’s hard to let them near When he’s lonely Lord knows he loved his family and tried in every way To show them just how much he cared about them every day But he could never shake the memory of a friend who couldn’t stay No he could never shake the memory of a friend who couldn’t stay Having quiet conversation Georgie’s telling him to rest His wife is sitting close he holds her hand against his chest She can’t make out the words he says his breathing’s getting hard Looking out the window she sees Georgie in the yard She knows the time has come when she sees Georgie in the yard Georgie takes his hand they walk from darkness into light She’s smiling through her tears because she knows he’s free tonight She’s knows she’s gonna miss him, but her love is free tonight
  12. J.W. Terry

    New to site need help

    Thank you.
  13. J.W. Terry

    Kindred Souls

    I can imagine this being sung in several genres. I like the message. It makes a point without being preachy or political. I read through several times, and really don't have any suggestions to make it better in my opinion. I like it.
  14. J.W. Terry

    New to site need help

    I am new to the site and am not sure how to post lyrics. Do I copy and paste, or attach the file? I've been looking for a long time, and can't find any information on how to post. Thank you.