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  1. Vara La Fey

    Find Myself

    Hey Ty. Generally good flow in the lyric, tho personally I'd not use "chagrin" or "existentially" or the alliteration of " heart hunkered here to hide". I don't think alliteration works for a fairly serious melancholy song. Lighter-hearted stuff can do that, but I'd still be careful with 'H', as it could make the singer sound out of breath. To answer your initial questions, I'd say def put the chorus after your first PC, and I think V1 and V2 are all the setup it needs. That chorus could use a hook. One idea is something like: "This is how I find myself when everything else is lost". That's not great, but it's just a top-of-the-head example. I do believe that the more common the theme, the more important the hook.
  2. Vara La Fey

    By the Time the Rumour Got to Me

    Hi Paul. Spiffy idea for a lyric, and it's potentially a very strong chorus. It reminds me of Taylor Switft, "You talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me", but it has its own direction. The timeline is confusing me, tho. :-( Should the protagonist believe that she doesn't love him, or that she told her friends he's her dream guy? I presume he found out what she initially said after he broke up with her....? I'm glad you're calling out the rumor mill for its bs. Stupid damned rumor mill anyway.
  3. Vara La Fey


    More EDMetal. Maybe you'll like this one better than the last one I posted.... I dunno, you tell me. :-) All words and music © 2017 Vara La Fey. - - - n O i Z e That ain't music, that's just noise Whoa-oh You know it's good when the retros call it- noise nOiZe It's our nOiZe and it makes the body move we love our nOiZe Feel it Feel the sound take over and fill the world with- nOiZe All you little critics got it all reversed All the sounds you're talkin down are rockin all the earth Move Move the body Move and make some nOiZe
  4. Vara La Fey

    Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    Hey 'buddha. It's totally alright to say you weren't confused, when you weren't confused. :-) And I agree, it's a fairly generic subject matter compared to the esoteric libertarian-transgender heavy-metal themes I usually do that nobody else does. (Radio Free World, Incoming, I Am Karma, etc.) But Dominick and Patty had come up with really nice early stuff, and when they let me come onboard, I was all witchy-laugh, and that kinda thing.
  5. Vara La Fey

    Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    Triffid, thx for in-depth review. I wish the system would let me quote deeper than 1 level, but it doesn't, so I don't know how much sense my responses will make without referring back. :-( "Maybe" is def a bit wordy, but editing out things like "but", "I'm", and "where" do change the meaning a little, and along with editing out "the" and similar things, they will sound like syllable edits. "Will walk ME home to YOU tonight" is the "we". And if I left out the "to you", then the "we" really would be un-introduced. :-) Re "footprints in", Sreyashi already knows. There may be a new version before long anyway. "If we lived like/what/as we were dreaming of" would all work about equally well for meaning. But "like" stands out more than as/what, and is prolly easier to sing than "what". "And bad days end in cold beds" had been changed to "And bad days lead to cold beds". That might appear in a new version. Originally my line had been "And bad days end in a cold bed". Talk about too many syllyllableses.... "Day-to-day ways" would be begging for the repetitive completion found in "day-to-day days". It would just sound like a missed opportunity. If definitely would if I heard it, anyway, but maybe I'm just weird like that. You made a pretty decent review effort for your first time. :-) Believe me, there are people on these sites doing worse.
  6. Vara La Fey

    Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    I'm curious how many people have been confused by the lyric.
  7. Thx for reviewing. RoadDog, melody first is a good idea. I've done it before, but not with LIAPITA. Prolly I should have. This song was my first real full-song EDM/fusion experiment, so everything was on my mind. Triffid, I agree that there's a bit of a science to repetition. That, too, is a new thing for me. Normally I've done HR/HM with full lyrics. Maybe I tried to expand my horizons before I was ready.
  8. Vara La Fey

    Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    Hi Jim. Thx for taking time to review. I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say, as the setups it seems you're looking for are right there in the preceding lines. What it was that's "left of you and me" is the remains of a fading ("sunset") relationship, and of the people in it. The memory of how they used to be is what she's reliving during the sunset. "Left it our footprints in the sand" is setup by the line right before it in the chorus: "if we'd fled the world hand in hand". And those chorus lines are the "If only we woulda done this" that you mentioned later. So I'm confused. Maybe this is it: The line "Caught in our day-to-day days, we set us aside" is what the song is really. It's not about the relationship itself, and it's only partially about the sunset of a relationship. It's really about any romantic relationship which sunsets because the couple lets the daily concerns and hassles outweigh their importance to themselves and to each other. So if you mean that the lines describing what the song is actually about don't arrive early enough, and that's why there's little or no sense of urgency, then I think I'd have to agree, and if we do another version, I will try to fix that.
  9. Vara La Fey

    Maybe We'd Still Be In Love

    Thx. It was a fun project. And waaaaaay outside of my normal thing.
  10. A collab!! Peko (Patty Lakamp) and I did the lyrics, I did the arrangement, Dominick Giarraputo engineered it and wrote the music that started the whole thing rolling, and Sreyashi Mukherjee lent it her lovely voice. Lyrics below. Tear it up. Lost in the sunset but the day can't be done yet I'm still reliving how we used to be The cool air of twilight will walk me home to you tonight where we bring what's left of you and me Maybe we would still be in love If we fled the world hand in hand Left it our footprints in the sand Maybe we would still be in love if we lived like we were dreaming of Maybe we'd still be in love You said and I said and bad days end in cold beds where I miss the way you used to say my name The world turned and hadn't seen us now it fills the space between us and I can't decide just how much it's to blame Maybe we would still be in love If we fled the world hand in hand Left it our footprints in the sand Maybe we would still be in love if we lived like we were dreaming of Maybe we'd still be in love Love came home with us one day and so we let it in But we never fed the fire and so the flame grew thin Caught in our day-to-day days we set us aside Love felt like it over-stayed and kissed us goodbye Maybe we would still be in love If we fled the world hand in hand Left it our footprints in the sand Maybe we would still be in love if we spread our wings and sailed above Maybe we'd still be in love
  11. I posted this before as "Love Is A Pain", and I just deleted that post. This has re-done vox (tho I already know I can't sing). I also gave it a a new mix, and I really need feedback on it. Tear it up. Ooh, what is love? Love is a pain in the ass Hurt me Love hurt me It really really should be easy We make it hard to make it easy Look for love, you're gonna wreck it Love comes when you don't expect it Then over and over it's over too fast Love is a pain in the ass
  12. I need a singer for my song postings here and around the net. You can look up my posts; I've posted 3 full songs (Radio Free World, Incoming, Love Is A Pain) all in beta version, and several additional lyrics (Finir En Beaute, I Am Karma, prolly others). I'm a transwoman, so some of my stuff is trans-themed (and Love Is A Pain was written for the gay guys). I'm nobody and I have nothing, but a composer/vocalist union could still help us both. If interested, let me know. I wouldn't mind a writing partner if our styles mesh. But I'm a do-it-all-myself type, which is why it's taken me this long to start looking for a singer. :-(
  13. Vara La Fey

    Deep State

    Writers are always welcome to use my suggestions if they want to. :-) So the Br is sung to your fellow citizens (and/or your Yankee friends) about the leakers? That wasn't clear, cause the "Leakers!" bit suggests you are addressing them, rather than referring someone else to them. This might clear it up, and should work into the melodies I'm sure you already have.... People! Where's the loyalty you've demanded? That you're due? People! Leakers are coming To blow the whistle On you On YOU! I bet you can handle metal. :-)
  14. Vara La Fey

    I will Not Submit

    OMG, you're speaking my language here!! (Still in my Parts folder is a draft-snippet called "Crusader", a term the islamists find especially offensive. "Crusader / Let history say what it will / Crusader / No more shall thy tongue be held still / Tis more noble to kill". My own approach isn't "I will not submit", it's Allah will submit to human rights.) Your V1 L1-L2 is a very strong opener. But personally, I think this needs a brief powerful chorus, a real fist-pumper. One idea is to focus the chorus on some variation of the "I will not submit to the cult of peace" angle, and put the defending soldiers in a bridge. Another idea is to focus on the soldiers in the chorus, and make a repetitious "I will not submit" bridge. I'm glad you posted that. The world needs more like it.
  15. Vara La Fey


    Tee hee. Yeah, I even slipped that one past a lady I've been coaching for maybe a couple months now. I figured she'd know my rhythm, rhyme and general thought processes. She rated the entries and then gave 6 guesses as to which was mine. All guesses were wrong. (Well, I know I got an honest rating from her.) I didn't know I could be that different, and I wasn't trying all that hard. So apparently I'm more versatile than I would have thought. This weekend I worked on 2 collabs: a naughty EDM pounder that's mostly mine, and a very pretty mid-60s style radio-friendly for which I'm giving the writers a new music and lyric arrangement. Having huge fun with both. I also have a punk-metal thing I'm hoping to track and post soon. Metal is my main love, but apparently not my only love. I'm kind of a slut that way. LOL. I also didn't know that I tend to open with cliches first, as a setup of some kind. That has to stop. Opening lines are not my strong suit, and I never think I really hit my stride until after the 1st chorus. Gotta fix that. There will be a new Beaute when I get time. I've already tracked scratch bass and vocal. I guess the point is that I really didn't know all this until I started using these sites. So thanks, all of you, for the education. Seems y'all know me better than I do. :-0 I will prolly keep the title out of the lyric unless I find the right way to work it in. Not every song should be a perfectly formulaic radio-friendly, just like not every Vara song should be pounding metal. Beaute is meant as a fun image-heavy mini-epic. A fan favorite - so I dream, anyway. Ya gotta have those too. EX-wife? And the venus/mars angle? As in DNA? Then to me, that suggests "The Spiral of X and Y". Hey, that's what you get for hanging with nerds. :-)