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    Virtual song-swap-open-mic?

    It is interesting. I guess if it is just a few people here, who i already have subjected to my dulcet tones, I might be brave enough to give it a go.
  2. Murphster

    Rhymes 8

    Captain Correlli, appeared on my telly, Strumming his Mandolin. It fills me with rage, When I see that Nic Cage, His acting is 1 out of 10. Switching the station, commercials for bacon, Then Kimmel, and oh god it's him! Nicolas Cage, With that grin on his face I switch back to that bloody Mandolin. The Italians retreat, facing certain defeat, And Corelli now broken and poor. Not that you'd know, From the acting alone, So he'll tell you, just so that you're sure. Captain Corelli, has a sandwich at my deli, They call it the Full Mandolin Slam. It's loaded with cheese, Both Cheddar and Brie, And always a double helping of ham. Next topic: Is this all just a dream?
  3. Murphster

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Just a few notes, I need to get better at note taking to be honest... The Countless Few Nicely played and recorded. A different sound from the usual 1+1 and it worked well. I am not sold on the idea and the lyrics, #metooo is a movement that is long due and I am glad it is having an effect but I dislike the use of the word “we” to signify that all men are somehow to blame. Cold Lover Strange start, I really wasn’t sure. but when the song proper started I really got into it. Voice fitted well after start, really like the style of singing here. Liked the “oh oh oh” section. Interesting song, Individual. Enjoyed it a lot. Vampires Interesting Funny Nice recorded Like the Chorus Vocal good Trust the Tales Nice Different Odd Simple Guitar is really nice Total Loser Song What a loser Nice guitar That awesome JackBlack sound lyrics made me smile Guitar is interesting and sounds really good. Places Simple Very Nice hook, love the hunker down line. A nice track to listen to. Hairbrush Love the piano and the vocal delivery. Donna you already answered my question, I was confused a little as to who was singing, the whole hairbrush thing wasn’t so clear. But I think this was a good thing, it had be thinking about it. Lovely song. Passengers Nice sentiment Relatable lyrics Nice guitar Well recorded When I find my Way A great melody, you do come up with interesting melodies and chords. As always your voice helps the song come through. Not one of my favourites of yours but still a very solid and decent song regardless. Hang on Shep A PaulCanuck song if there ever was one. Never going to be my favourite type of music, just not me, but you have a habit of writing bloody good songs regardless. I find your writing to be far more clever than the often simple delivery would suggest. This one didn’t really do it for me to be honest, but a solid song regardless. In My Memory I am a father to a young boy and this song is incredibly difficult to listen to. Not my favourite song in the contest I will be honest but it is the one where the lyrics stayed with me a while. It is a brave thing to do to write such honest, painful lyrics, I often wish I could. I feel bad now for not scoring higher than I did. Every song here is good, there is no doubt, this is a special song anyway. Ted Talk Great, Hilarious, Clever, nice voice, nicely recorded, simple but such a great idea. One of my favourites this month. The Empathetic Man My favourite this month, a great tune. I do like a good melody and you are someone who can write a good melody. Easy listening, very nice guitar playing and you can sing well. Games Already Lost Not one of my favourites, it was a nice tune and actually sung well in my mind. But the lyrics didn’t do anything very different and the melody just wasn’t strong enough, and a little downbeat to distract from that if I were to be honest.
  4. Murphster

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Thanks for the listen and feedback. This was a last minute song, and only really came together because I hit upon that chord change in the verse that I thought sounded great and it sparked this song really. That morning I was reading an interview with a UK singer called 'Lily Allen', she talks an awful lot of nonsense, and the song it sort of framed around her. Really though it is just a general whinge at what I like to call "Virtue Signalling", people who love saying how right on and Liberal they are and seem to want to tell people how to live, while not bothering to do it themselves, mainly rich pop stars tbh. Yes, I play guitar without a pick, and have developed a habit of being quite percussive on my guitar body. I like playing this way, I never really learned to do it it just started happening. I down strum with my thumb and thus leave fingers to hit the body. I am not a very good guitar player at all, just a strummy busker tbh, but this style works for me and adds something I feel. Cheers.
  5. Murphster

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Huge congrats everyone! I am stoked that my song did so well! Really pleased as I wasn't expecting it to do well at all. It was the quickest thing I have ever done from idea to demo. I have notes on my computer so will get them later on, but for now I can say that Ironknee was may favourite very closely followed by Fabkebab, Triffid and Donna. All great songs. I do have some questions, certainly to Donna, but will grab my notes first. There was a nice selection of songs here again and I enjoyed my afternoon listening to them all. Cheers
  6. I think all my songs are awsome actually. So I'm not afraid of having them scored out of 10, thus as an idea I don't mind one way or another. I guess it is possible that my songs will never get perfect 10 scores everytime but I think that not everybody here is on my intellectual wavelength and thus don't always see my true brilliance anyway.
  7. Murphster

    How I do vocals

    I just wanted to say thanks for this post Paul. I have nothing to add really, I am definitely learning and other than using Logic Pro effect presets for vocals I don't do anything else. But this post is tremendous in terms of ideas and I gaurantee I will be putting it to good use during my next recording. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  8. Obviously, not a massive surprise. It appears to be the world we live in, they call it distruption and apparently that is a good thing. I think I am not alone in beginning to realise that distruption isn't all it is cracked up to be. Chapter 11, not exactly bankruptcy, a chance to get their shit together. Here's hoping they do, maybe tomorrow... I am currently laid up with a broken ankle, and not only have I had to give up on a trip of a lifetime, but myself and Mrs Murphster had tickets for one of our favourite bands who played here last weekend and we had to give up on that too. It has not been an easy week so far. So as a little tribute to Gibson, my favourite song of theirs... Maybe tomorrow.
  9. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I think this is a question relevant to all artforms. Look at the Oscars for example. Every year a few hundred movies are released, and despite the fact that the customers choose to pay and go see Superhero movies and comedies, when it is time to go to vote it is usually the serious, moody pieces that win best picture. Even the Grammys there is some of this, though not as stark a difference, Grammy winners do tend to also be big selling artists as well, but there is often a clear distinction between popular and something deemed as higher quality, or even "More Worthy". I think a lot of (though am not suggesting it is something that is a huge factor here) is that when we are asked a question about our taste in culture we are more likely to lie and pretend to have more highbrow, or serious choices. I don't think there is a doubt this doesn't happen and does often end up producing meaningless surveys that reflect more who we aspire to be rather than who we really are. A lot of it is also that serious and moody just seems more real than light and frothy. As Humans I think that we are more attuned to noticing when things are serious, and there has got to be something left over in our genes that produces that feeling, Fight or Flight, it is a feeling that is responsible for Humans still being here today, a important part of evolution. So emotions that are seen as more negative are registered more in our brains and thus feel more important. Haha, that could be total bollocks, but I think there could be something there. I thought Lily was awesome, it was close to being my top pick but just missed out to Footsteps. I did actually suggest in my notes that it was more of a novelty song and Footsteps won out because it touched me more. So I am just as guilty I guess.
  10. Murphster

    Where do you put your goals?

    My goals are pretty straightforward; Get fit. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Quit my job. Sell a song to Adele. Every night I write these goals onto a cigarette paper, I roll a fag, I pour a vodka and tonic, I trip over my unused exercise bike, I email work to do shit I shouldn't be doing at 9pm and I light my cigarette and turn my goals into smoke. I keep writing a song for Adele btw, it is gonna pay my mortgage off. I fully recommend this method btw, it really works. Goals are good, doing shit is better, even if it is shit. ;-)
  11. Murphster

    Songwriting problems

    Oswlek and Alistair echo what I have heard so many times. Listening to, and reading, interviews with a lot of songwriters over the last year or two has led me to be sure of one thing. Songwriting is about work. And while a song can just drop on your head from nowhere, it is the five hours of strumming chords or humming melodies you did before that attracts that song to you. It is amazing to listen to how many songwriters treat it as a job, and put in 6 hours a day of just trying to write a song, often ending up with nothing to show for it. They all seem to be aware that the song will come. Best answer I heard (and unfortunately cannot remember who it was) when asked about how he handles writer's block was to suggest that nobody ever uses the phrase plumber's block, or carpenter's block. He just works on writing until something comes.
  12. Murphster

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    I didn't have anything for this, everything I was trying all week just wasn't working. But one song appeared in my head after reading an interview with someone in a newspaper yesterday, a fairly famous singer, and it gave me an idea which I have tried to turn into a song. I have not worked on this at all, and this is my first every attempt at a "live" entry to anything here, i.e. single take ignore mistakes. This is nothing more than a dirty demo really, but I like to have an entry in these things, it is the only thing that forces me to write sometimes - no matter how bad the outcome is. Perfect Light You're like a rabbit in the headlights Seem surprised by all the headlines But you crossed the street Before you looked In the shelter there's a safe space A little corner where you feel grace Why did you leave Just to come unstuck Just live like you mean it, one-time Be what you're preaching to the choir Live like you care about the fight You could be, you might see, the world in a perfect light. You like to talk before engaging The brain of yours is always raging Against the lines Pushing back on truth If you believe in all your leanings And stand up to those demons You could show them all You could raise the roof Live like you mean it, one-time Be what you're preaching to the choir Live like you care about the fight You could be, you might see, the world in a perfect.. You could talk or you could walk the walk You could shine a light and give us warmth Shine through the gloom lift your eyes Light up the truth not just lies If you could see that you have got choice You could prove that you’re just not noise So follow through Light up the world And live like you mean it, one-time Be what you're preaching to the choir Live like you care about the fight You could be, you might see, the world in a perfect light. You could be, you might see, the world in a perfect light. You could be, you might see, the world in a perfect light.
  13. Murphster

    Have you always been you?

    I was here when it was all just fields. Just me and Alistair sitting on my back porch drinking homemade quince wine and smoking big fat ones while noodling on our guitars. Then came the 60's, my username back then was 'ElectrifyMyMind'. It was all just Beatles back then, I was writing songs that wanted to be Beatles' songs but they rarely placed in the contests. I think I was definitely ahead of a curve back then. When the 70's came I was into the whole Elvis revival and my new username "TwoBugers&Shakes" was much more successful, I was a bit of a king around these parts. I won song of the year with my awfully good "Drinks on me in the Ghetto". I was heading places, I even left my wife because she really wasn't prepared for life in the fast lane. I didn't see punk coming, I was too busy with Disco. By then I was known as "SkinnyBoy23" and I was making a name with my Donna Summer rip-offs, which didn't really get me much traction and as the Sex Pistols took hold I found myself banned from the Muse for my aggressive behaviour. It was only when Mark Chapman decided to blow the brains from John Lennon that Alistair declared an amnesty and allowed me back. I was by then renamed "DuranDuran" but then would you believe that some band came out of nowhere with the same name? I was allowed to change my name to "OneDirection" which worked much better as I began to experiment with mixing UK new wave pop with rap. I actually was the very first person to post a rap song on the Muse! I actually came second in that contest, I should have won but Triffid had a song about a dying Elk which really tore enough heartstrings to make the difference. I spent a lot of time in prison after that. No major sentence, nothing too serious, just lots of short stays. I tried to keep up with Muse but to be honest it wasn't a great time for this site either. Kurt Cobain changed the game, and blew his stupid brains out. All of a sudden most members of Muse switched to Radiohead and every single contest was just 9 different versions of Creep. I had a few of them, now under the name of "WTF" I came third once with a song about a wet dream I had for Cindy Lauper. For ten years I was gone. I spent most of my money on drink, drugs and women. The rest I just wasted. I think my username back then was "MustangScally" I can't even remember the songs I wrote back then. It was a band called 'Take That' who woke me up and made me realise the power of a good song. I was prolific around these parts and by then, as the member named "ILoveJasonOrange275" I owned this site, wining every single 1+1 for an impressive 6 times in a row. I was like The S, but really cooler. I got rich, and fat. I mean really fat. Suddenly I couldn't reach my guitar anymore, I couldn't leave the house. When Amy Winehouse died a big piece of me died too. I left this site for the last time when my song "Bacon" finished last of all in a monthly contest. That was the end. It really was. But then the strangest thing happened, Take That got back together! Then so did The Libertines, then Pink Floyd, then Salt N Pepper and even, the most unbelievable, so did Kajagoogoo. I knew my time had come. I trained hard, I stopped eating BigMacs for breakfast and I downloaded the Rocky III soundtrack to my iPhone. I came back, now known as 'Murphster', an homage to that other come-back king, Eddie Murphy, I think I am finally ready for the big-time. I won't be changing my name again, I am here to finally show the world the talent that has been ignored for so long. Nothing is going to stop me now!
  14. Murphster

    The new look

    Much better Alistair! Easy to read the names. I am seeing different colours though. Different people seem to have different colours. That's cool though cos they are all readable now. Cheers. Edit: just re-read your post and it makes sense a second time! ;-) orange works well.
  15. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I had to Google band in a box. Haha, that is some kind of backhanded compliment. I tip my hat to you for that. I'll take generic. Cheers.
  16. Murphster

    NGD - Recording King Parlor Guitar

    I think is pretty poignant that you shared this on the same day that Gibson announce they are filing for chapter 11. That sure is a nice guitar, I have been planning to purchase one for a while. I still have my eye on a Martin 00-18 but those Recording Kings are getting such a good rap now that I am going to get one next, certainly better for the wallet. I do think it is a shame that the rise of the Chinese manufacturers are clearly having a major effect on the traditional U.S. makers, and while nothing is nicer than holding a Gibson or Martin, I guess that is the price of progress and now that they are building guitars with as much quality as this then they are going to be successful. Congrats on the purchase. It looks really nice.
  17. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Kuya, My man! Please don't try to diminish your part in this. I honestly couldn't have produced anything without your lyrics. I felt an enormous amount of pressure to do them justice and It really helped me. It was a real joint effort, one I would be happy to repeat with you someday. I am gonna keep an eye on your lyrics in the feedback area and would like to try to come up with a new song in the near future if I see something that inspires! Thanks.
  18. Murphster

    Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    Music history has a bit of a back catalogue of this when you look at some lyrics from the past. "When you were sweet 16" is a song that would never be released today. Young girls have always been an object of desire for many an old rock star. Seems odd how it was accepted for so long. There is a song called Strange and Beautiful, many might remember it being a big hit due to it being the song that helped launch the new Beetle back in the day. It is a haunting, beautiful love song, or at least it seems to be. But I remember when I first learned to play it and actually seeing the words written down it is bloody creepy! I've been watching your world from afar I've been trying to be where you are And I've been secretly falling apart Unseen To me, you're strange and you're beautiful You'd be so perfect with me But you just can't see You turn every head but you don't see me I'll put a spell on you You fall asleep When I put a spell on you And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see And you'll realize that you love me
  19. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I still don't get the hate for this line. I find it really weird, yet really fascinating, that one line can cause so much conversation. Personally I would absolutely love that, I actually think that it makes it even more worth keeping it in. Don't re-record it, embrace it!
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    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I use Google Play, it has everything there. I have as way all my CDs a long time ago and just choose songs from Google Play, same thing as Spotify really. You can download albums to store locally as you like, mark favourites etc.. Depends on what country you live in Google Play has the added bonus of YouTube Red subscription, which means add-free YouTube, which is worth the $12 a month on its own. It means we don't have a stereo anymore, but I bought one of those Google Homes and it works the same way. I find life much less complicated with streaming services. Obviously appreciative of the fact it means nobody seems to get paid anymore! I am pretty confident that will change soon enough.
  21. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I actually think what you say is right, and I would agree that it is something to aspire to when voting in these contests. But I have to admit I don't always do what is right and personal preference does often come into it. But it is like what Alistair says, I actually think it comes down to good songs and bad songs more often than not. The problem is when having to choose between just good songs. It is funny that Paul has been mentioned here, as I don't really like Country, but that is such a silly blanket statement to make and there are some country songs that blow me away with their skill. Hence my recent found love for Jason Isbell. I actually placed Coyote very high in this contest because it is a really well written and and sounds awesome. But there are definitely times that I based my final decision on whether I would listen to it as part of my day. It was pretty clear to me early on that I am a fan of Triffid, and do like listening to his stuff. I am waiting for an album to appear one day. I don't actually do downloads now, I am 100% streaming my music. And while I am sure it is possible to download tracks to my phone (the only place I listen to music now, with great headphones of course) I probably wouldn't. I like SoundCloud and am gonna fillow and listen to more people's stuff on there. You are right though, it is better for learning purposes when I am able to "see through" the genre or style I may not enjoy as much. Just takes more work.
  22. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Moso, you are a prince among men. Your amazing comments and feedback for all contestants here is truly remarkable. I can learn absolutely heaps just by reading your comments on everyone else's songs. You have a great ear, I am amazed at what you can pick up on how a song was recorded. Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback. I will work out a way to respond to everyone, but saw your questions and thought I could try to answer them. Yes, piano was doubled, and I used the piano roll to lower the velocity rather than just turn down the volume - a trick I picked up here recently and I like how it sounds with piano. The Muppets is actually just a Cello played up in a higher octave that it should be. I just wanted something in there and played in the lower register it didn't sound right to me. It is actually the same cello sound I used to double the vocals with for the chorus, I doubled the cello line panned left and right, but lifted the right one up an octave and I like the sound of them combined. That phasing tweak before the chorus actually happens before both choruses, but more noticeable on the second. It wasn't exactly intentional but is a result of my slightly raising the BPM for the chorus, only by a couple. Instead of just a jump in BPM I did a curve for the bar before, which resulted in that slight disturbance. I didn't bother fixing it, I actually like to think it helps signal the chorus. Good catch though! Post-chorus I really like, I layered a few melodies in there. I did tone it down a bit for the final mix, there was a couple of chords which clashed badly, but somehow sounded awsome to me, probably better without them for this. I play by feel and sound, I don't always know exactly what I am doing, but I enjoyed this section and have taken lots away from it. I actually am toying around with a new song that is based on this section. For a while the song ended with those claps and beeps. The reprise was a late addition, it just popped into my head that the song needed it and I went with it. I don't know if it makes the song better or not, but like most things I do it was an experiment and the first time I had down a reprise so I left it in. I like it. But I think you are probably right, it doesn't really need it. I really had fun with this song, my favourite recording experience so far. I still have lots to learn but it's good to enjoy it too. ;-)
  23. Murphster

    What I Need

    I was back in Ireland at Christmas and I actually brought one back as a present for a friend's kid, I need to ask if he actually has bothered to learn it, maybe I can steal it back! ;-) I used to have one for years, I got it from a pub as it was a Murphys Stout design. Terrible to say I never played it once. It just hung on my wall. Silly really.
  24. Murphster

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Am I slightly disappointed? Of course, I am proud of what we did and was hoping for a better result, obviously. But it is amazing how many songs got so many different votes, and how close the scores have ended up being. Kuya and I are only 6 points off 3nd place, which is a bit crazy really. I am not surprised that the voting was so close in the end, as I said earlier, I think everyone brought their A game to this competition. Reilly exceptional songs. Well done all. Especially well done to Triffidwolf, who were the exception to the close scoring, let's be honest, they killed it!! Well done guys, well deserved. I promised before that I would start posting comments for every song in a contest, and I think this is the better way. Scores are cool, but listening to feedback is what makes these contests special. But there is a lot of songs, and this might make for a long post. And rather stupidly I used a real notebook to write my notes. So I am literally having to copy my notes, using my phone, so while I may add some comment, others I am just dumping my thoughts as I listened to each. What will probably happen is I will add further comment as the conversation progresses this week. But for now these are the words that these songs put into my head during my final listening session of each, with pen in hand... Walking Shoes Lovely guitar, nice sound. Love the doubled vocals. Entrancing. Very 60's. Footsteps. Electric guitar sounds great. I liked this a lot, very catchy, lyrics worked well and it stayed on topic. Nice listen. Top 7 pick Footprints In The Snow Absolutely terrible that this song was so short, I would have enjoyed another minute. Brilliant song. Triffid trademark thing of a few quick chord changes at end of verse. Just love the footsteps sound. Bridge is perfect. Lumineers. Fantastic instrumental section. Love the "Hey" it could have so easily have sounded stupid, but here it really worked. I listened to this a lot over the last few weeks. I even started humming it in the car. It is a wonderful song. What I found interesting is that I am not a lyrics person really. I don't usually hear the lyrics to a song until that song is firmly implanted into my mind. So while yes of course, my favourite artists and bands I know their lyrics and have understood them over time, with music that I haven't listened to a lot I never really hear the lyrics, just the melody and feeling. So it was a while until I really got the lyrics here, but when I did it was like BOOM!. I love the imagery it gave me, footprints in the snow the only thing left, and soon they will be gone. Absolutely gorgeous. I said in the discussion thread that I had heard the best song I have ever heard on these forums. This was it. A truly brilliant song. You should both be very proud of this. Top 7 pick. Obvs. Crocadilly Lily I do love this song. A lot. That is all my notes said. Lol. I think it is just far too straying over the line to novelty song to get my top pick. And while that might be unfair, to be honest Triffidwolf already bagged that prize anyway. But it did end up my second choice song, because I loved it, and because it made me smile, and because it was produced so excellently. Actually, there was one more word that I scribbled down in my notepad... Genius. Top 7 Pick. Again, we were on a roll. In My Shoes Great song, performance was great, as always. So nice to see a performance as a change from just listening and your voice really works so well for your style of music, it really does make your songs stand out. As a song it didn't really grab me like some others and this really comes down to personal taste in music style really. As much as I try not to let that get in the way it so often becomes my method of shortlisting. Indecision Funny. lovely lyrics.Wonderful sound. Fantastic voice.Beautiful. NO SHOES! I really love this sound. Very professional recording. Drums are spot on. Love the bass guitar. This is an awesome track and your voice is excellent. A really polished and fun song. It could have easily have been my top pick for a lot of reasons, but other songs hit me in the heart more and I think that as good as this song is it didn't quite do that. Plus, it didn't really try to meet the criteria. Top 7 pick, regardless. I ain't looking back. Nice song. Very atmospheric. Lovely choice of instruments. Lyrics fit perfectly. Voice is really good. Not really my style to be honest, and with only seven spots to give votes for this just missed out. Lucky Man Very nice. Accomplished. Great throwback kind of sound. Sounds awesome. Lyrics are great, good images. Good humour. Love the La la Las. Clever song. My only problem here really is the length. It really was too long for my liking, the instrumental went on a little more than it needed and helped make this song just a bit too long for comfort. It is a really great track, and a clear example great lyrics coming together with a wonderful production and yet it didn't make my cut and that is probably down to a mix of not really my ideal taste in music, and the length. Coyote Lovely. Piano sounds awesome. Vocals. Harmonies are excellent. Just a brilliant tale. Oooh's are cool. Electric guitar! Chorus sounds so classic (or classy, can't read my writing. Maybe both). I can easily hear this played in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Top 7 pick. You better believe Vocals too quiet. Good voice, let me hear it. Nicely recorded though. Guitar is really nice. Lyrics tell a nice story, well. It actually is a really nice song. Lost on a thought Nicely recorded. Piano sounds excellent, perfect. Very original. Made me tap my feet. Bass guitar is an awesome job. Didn't make the cut, but was close. Walk a Mile Interesting. I like the feel. Hypnotic. Reminds me of music I used to listen to in the 90's. Voice definitely has the Thom Yorke's (that is a good thing btw). Lyrics work well and flow nicely. Shoes! Great Middle 8. Solid. Top 7 pick. Dancing Shoes. Such wonderful singing Really beautiful lyrics. Excellent idea! Love the refrain, simple but so classy idea. Sparse. Sounds great. A really great song. Top 7 pick. Sole Mates. Coldplay. Fun, interesting, a nice change from most of these songs, dancy, toe-tapping.. Vocals maybe a little OTT. A fun song, and as much as I love hearing something different, it didn't make the cut for me. Nice work though.
  25. Murphster

    What I Need

    A bodhran isn't a bad idea, it might well add something to this, there clearly is a Celtic feel to this arrangement already. I personally am not sold on the guitar, especially during the intro and between the verses. I think there might just be too much going on and this is why you feel the vocals just don't sit right. It sounds quite busy from the start instead of building, like the percussion does. There was a moment after the chorus, before the verse starts again, that I thought another instrument might be better, and I do keep thinking Cello here. That could well be however is that I already get a bit of a Lumineers vibe from some of your songs and Cello works well for them. But I guess it must have something to do what Alistair mentioned in having something in a lower frequency. For me it is definitely the guitar, too bright and too busy. Might be worth trying other instruments here, maybe even piano? Especially for the intro and between verses. Great song, love the chord changes. That first verse really did make my ears pickup and want to hear the rest of the song. Cheers