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  1. After a holiday over Christmas, and a terrible January where I just couldn't seem to get the motivation to work on anything with any passion at all I have had what I would consider a pretty excellent week in terms of just getting on with songs. I have been going through all my ideas of the last few months and have managed to record quite a few demoes. None of which I would consider finished but enough for me to start working out what works and what doesn't. This is one I really like. But as usual I have got no idea. It is certainly unpolished, vocals were just one take and I didn't really sing them. Perfect for posting here and seeing what help I can get to polish it, or if it is a turd maybe flush it! In the original lyrics the chorus was Christina, rather than Angels, a sort of nod to the famous Christine Aguilera song, Beautiful. But thought that was a bit stupid in the end... Would love any feedback. Cheers. More Than Beautiful Look at you now You let the world eat out of your hand So cast off your doubts And embrace this time you have You're like the moon in a sky full of stars so brightly you stand Don’t believe, the angels when they say you're beautiful. You just leave, the room when they call you beautiful, Don’t you fall, for if they knew you at all, they'd know you're more than beautiful Beautiful Whe you were young You felt the world would not let you in Out in the cold Wearing someone else's skin Water too deep to hold your head You learned how to swim Don’t believe, the angels when they say you're beautiful. You just leave, the room when they call you beautiful, Don’t you fall, for if they knew you at all, they'd know you're more than beautiful Beautiful When their eyes don't dig to deep Then all they’re gonna see is skin And while it's you who’s losing sleep They don't feel anything Don't be defined by all they can see You've got more within. Don’t believe, the angels when they say you're beautiful. You just leave, the room when they call you beautiful, Don’t you fall, for if they knew you at all, they'd know you're more than beautiful Beautiful
  2. I wasn't planning on posting this here, but it appeared to have got a few picks in the 1+1 and that actually surprised me. So to take a lead from Triffid I figured I should post it and maybe decide what to do with it. Not sure if anyone is at all interested about how and why I wrote it, proably not, but it is actually a really special song to me because it is officially the first ever song I wrote. Well at least that verse piano riff which I have spent the last 14 months or so wondering who I have stolen it from, and then more recently wondering why nobody has done it before. I have tried for a year to write lyrics to this damn thing, I have changed the melody so many times to just to try. For the last few months it was called 'Flowers in the rain' and despite the stolen title was an very traditional love song, but still it would not work. So I actually wrote the lyrics last month after decided to enter it in the 1+1 and Jesus it ended up soooooo depressing. But I think it might need to be. I actually thought about the major to minor change in the verse and decided that it should be about a life gone from good to shit. Same reason I neglected to resolve the final chord, it just felt better, more open ended. I did play with middle 8s but nothing seemed to work. What a terrible and depressing song. So I guess my only reason for posting is to find out whether this goes into my little "keep for the showcase" pile or straight into the much larger "worth a try, maybe I can reuse that part in a future song" pile. Is there anything I could or should do with this track, especially with the limited time I have already to work on stuff. Any feedback would be appreciated... Cheers
  3. Music first lyric wirting?

    For what it's worth, and I doubt that is a lot, I think I am typical of many on here, or at least it seems. I start with a chord progression, either on guitar or on piano and come up with a loose melody just by humming, singing nonsense. This is probably 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time is the occasions I hear a melody in my head and head to the piano to try and get it out my head, which very rarely results in something usable. I write this straight after I have managed to get 30mins pulling the bones of something together (time to write is a very scarce resource for me atm) and it might be my entry for the March contest or it might just be an idea that doesn't go anywhere. We will see, it is called Death and Taxes, so funny calling it out here before it is even a song, will be interesting to see if I actually do manage to post it next week. I came up with the chord progression and melody idea a few weeks ago and have been humming it in my head for a while. For whatever reason today something clicked and I came up with a chorus lyric. So hence why I sat down and started work on it tonight. My next stage is to then record a 'template' which is usually just rough piano and a basic drum loop and I record the whole song (no words) and arrange it so that I have a finished structure with bridge and everything. From there I start at the beginning with drums, bass, other instruments etc. Until I have a 90% completed track that will sit there until I find lyrics for before I finish. This last bit is always a struggle and I have a few songs still without lyrics. This one today is different, I have a chorus and I have a feeling I can finish this one. I can only write lyrics to music, I have tried the lyrics first approach and that just doesn't work for me at all. I am not a great collaborator for that reason really, I think I got really lucky with Kuya in the Collab contest because we have managed to make it work with some great lyrics he sent me, but that really is a one-off I think, a good bit of luck that I could do something with his words. I think we have written a really great song to be honest, I am quite excited by it.
  4. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    Arsenal start every single season at the top of the Premier League but, rather unfortunately, they have not ended the season there for quite a long time. And team Kuster isn't even there for alphabetical reasons, more just a random decision by Alistair. I don't know if this is an omen or not. Apart from that I love your work here Alistair. Looks great to me. You are certainly no heel.
  5. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    This is gonna be quite a competition, a real Brougues gallery of participants. Much better than having just a sole competitor, obviously. Let's keep it all civil though, no need for anyone to put the boot in, or start talking cobblers. Everyone is in with a chance.
  6. For a while now I have been wondering when radio will start to die, I guess it is today. It is a unsustainable business model that has no future. Newspapers and TV can at least rely on a subscription model to replace advertising, Radio is never really going to be able to do this. I still listen to a radio station on my commute, for 20 mins it is not even worth the hassle of sreaming music. The moment I have an Android car system then it will just be Google Play. It is a shame, another piece of our culture that is just going to be distrupted and replaced with something that will end up not being as rewarding and enriching. In that I mean our opportunities for hearing something new and exciting will diminish. Sometimes I really really hate the Internet. I feel sorry for my kid sometimes too.
  7. looking for a little advice

    I agree with Tunesmith. Just place your index finger across the fretboard and "bar" the three strings that make the A. That is the only way I have ever played an A for a long time, except for when I play a song that needs an Asus or moves to a 7th, or something similar. I am the last person ever that anyone should take advice from for playing guitar, because I am a crap guitar player. But I am also the best person that anyone should take advice from because I have grown to be a lazy guitar player! Depends why you want to play guitar really, who is your audience? If, like me, you have no audience other than your wife, kid, cat or sometimes neighbours when you are so drunk that you actually start to believe you can play, then learn to get lazy co's it sounds just as good. I grew up listening to guitarists like Noel Gallagher (Oasis) and Damien Rice (I have also noticed recently that Ed Sheeran is the latest in a long line of lazy guitarists) who really embrace what I call "Oasis chords" but are open chords when the top two strings (B & high E) are permanently held down by your little fingers. Easy as, and sounds awsome, and while all the chords played are not true chords and always variations, Suspendeds, 7ths and other, it can really lift a song and give it a cool indie vibe. I also stopped playing an F after a C ages ago and always play F7 after a C, cos it is easier and sounds nice. Prince couldn't play barre chords by the way, he used his thumb. Eric Clapton calls him the greatest guitar player who ever lived. Anyway, unless you really want to learn to be great, if you just want to pick up a guitar to enjoy playing and singing and impress chicks, then my advice would be to buy a capo and learn to be lazy! ;-)
  8. Romantic Comedy (Produced)

    It's really weird but I know I have heard this before, and have just searched and found a post where this was work in progress, but I didn't comment. I must have listened and for whatever reason something else took my attention in the real world and I never got round to it. Unfortunately happens probably more times than I like. It is a great, very cool, track. But you know what my favourite bit is? It is that little piano melody between the verse and chorus, you just play it once but is absolutely demands a repeat and because you don't repeat it creates a wonderful moment of tension while I have to wait a whole bar for the chorus to start. It is soooo infuriating, but in a really good way. I know you are a musician and I absolutely trust that was on purpose and for me that is worth the price of admission. This track is one of those songs that I can listen to and learn something from. And while you are not necessarily here to teach, it is always nice to actually learn something (or at least be reminded of something) while I listen. I know I have a habit of suggesting to people what their songs remind me of. I actually don't know if this is a bad habit or not. Personally I remember that when after posting my first song ever on this site and someone said I remind them of Jarvis Cocker I had the biggest smile I have ever worn (probably the biggest since I found a $100 note that has blown on to my windscreen one day) and I hope this plays the same way for others. But my last comment about your song led to a little discussion about Regina Spektor. This song really reminds me of someone else who writes pretty kooky songs, and while there might be a pattern here, is also someone who I think is an absolutely brilliant but vastly underated songwriter. I am not sure if you are English or not btw, you sound it but it is bloody hard to tell with singing voices. If you are then your chances are slightly higher, but not much, of having heard of a "band" called 'Mull Historical Society'. I say band but actually it is just some Scottish guy who, like Prince, plays everything himself. But the minute I heard this song I thought of him. ** If you have a chance listen to his album 'Loss' it really is a work of genius. In my mind this just means that you should stick at this stuff, because you are really really good at it. And it is nice to know there is an audience for it. Just don't worry about having money, it is overrated, maybe just enjoy making people smile instead! Cheers.
  9. Lyrical Parody Parade

    That was quick! Sound of Silence? ;-)
  10. Lyrical Parody Parade

    A little Gin 'n Tonic A pub ban is something I hate They took all my money, but barred the next day I had two beers and six chardonnays But thats not the reason for my bad state A little gin 'n tonic was my drink It's like pain for enjoying your day It's a quick ride to sadness and shame It's bad advice to drink more than eight Who would've thought, it figures Mrs half past nine was just here on a lie She got all freaked out when I started to cry She wanted love and romance but I was too shy And as the fight broke out, she thought "Well, isn't this nice." Another Gin 'n Tonic, that's my drink It's like pain for enjoying your day It's a quick ride to sadness and shame It's bad advice to drink more than eight Who would've thought, it figures Well, Gin has a funny way of sneaking up on you When you think everything's okay and everything's going right And Gin has a funny way of screwing you up when You think everything is right gin just blows up your face A slaughter for lambs, the fight that I made The no smoking sign, I smashed to pieces of eight When ten thousand cops, came and took me outside I watched you leave the bar With no chance of being my beautiful wife Another Gin 'n Tonic, don't you think A little easy on the Tonic, yeah I really do think It's like pain for enjoying your day It's a quick ride to sadness and shame It's bad advice to drink more than eight Who would've thought, it figures Well, Gin has a funny way of sneaking up on you And Gin has a funny way of helping you out Screwing you up.
  11. La la las (or the like) in songs

    I'd like this topic to run a bit more, it is really interesting to me. The more I have thought about it over the last few days the more I begin to realise how many of my favourite songs/artists actually use this device more often than I had ever really noticed. So what is it that makes it actually plausible to use. And why do so very few songs here, for instance, use it. Is this an example of the difference between an amateur and a professional outlook on writing songs? I used the word "confidence" above in relation to Regina Spektor. I cant help but think it is a simple of just being confident. Maybe using strange sounds instead of words difficult for us people who, if you are anything like me, feel they are already putting too much of themselves out there when posting a song here that we try to keep it as conventional as possible just out of fear. It's been interesting to think about and listen out for this week. I am looking to see how I can use this in some of my songs that just don't seem to be going anywhere and see if it can help. This is probably my favourite Regina Spektor song, and she keeps it quite conventional for the most part, but this bridge wouldn't be anywhere near as effective has she actually sang words I think. It is an incredibly sad song really and the bridge seems to lift it, had she put words in there they would have had to have been more of the same. So maybe it is about serving the song, why say something more when just sounds will do?
  12. The Trouble is...

    I can't decide if I messed up or not by not including this song in my picks for the 1+1 or not. You got 2nd place, and to be honest I don't think my vote would have made a difference there, the winner was clearly gonna be the winner regardless. But I read these lyrics again, outside the need to cast a vote, and I still can't believe how beautiful they are. I wasn't lying when I said they brought a tear to my eye, they really did. I do cry at movies to be honest, not really for songs, though I am a sucker for sentimental. But these were special, and I did think about my Grandad as I read them, there was a personal moment or two here. I loved so much about this, the Mona Lisa smile and Judy Garland hair line is excellent, yes very sentimental, but still excellent. I think if you decide to write a sentimental song than absolutely pointless pulling back you need to just go full on with it and be upfront and this did just that. So like I said previously, I scored that comp simply based on songs that fit into my usual listening habits. And fairly or unfairly I made it a bit easier to judge a really difficult competition, but it did make it fair I guess. For me at least. So while the song didn't make my top four, the lyrics are exceptional. I think you know I am not a lyrics person, I mean I want to be, and it is the reason I am here (to learn how to write lyrics) but give me a good tune I seem to forget all about them. Well done Paul. Not only on the 1+1 comp but for making me cry. Also well done on just writing something that means something. I really sometimes wish I had the balls, but I always steer off into frivolous lane - it is safer there. Cheers
  13. Travelin'

    Hey Kuya, I liked the sentiment here, and the idea behind it. I do kind of agree it doesn't go anywhere but as Short Order Cook suggests maybe that is the point of a song about a wanderer. The reason why I am commenting is that I do actually have music and a melody that I always picture lyrics like this in. It's working title has been "long road home" for a while. I really like the feel that you gave these lyrics. It is the most country song I have ever done and these lyrics do sound a bit country. I think, if you are interested, once we have wrapped up something on the Collab contest I might ask if you fancy seeing if you can make these lyrics work with my music. If that is something you would be up for. Cheers.
  14. Jan-Feb 2018 Instrumental Competition

    So I just saw your comment that voting is optional, and very much appreciate your enthusiasm to get some comments going here. As you know I have voted anyway, but screw it I can just echo here what I have already said to you, maybe without giving my scores away. This competition for me is a tale of two cities. Tunesmithh has the most accomplished song of the two, and by that I mean the most polished and better produced. The choice of instruments and the way they are mixed is top drawer. The track is great, worth listening to and never gets too much or dare I say it boring. A really solid performance all in all. RoadDog, for me was a much more natural song. It doesn't sound as good on a technical level but it does have more "soul", in other words it moved me just that bit more. Both great tracks to listen to though, and it was nice to sit at the weekend and listen to a couple of instrumentals. I wish this competition was more popular because actually it is a refreshing change to just listen to music. Well done both. Be interesting to see how the scores go... Cheers
  15. Fighter's Eyes

    It was one of my picks for the 1+1. Not one of your best, but still a great song to listen to. Your voice always helps with that. I have a little boy and when listening to this I did think it could be about a child. I wasn't sure though and didn't want to say so at the time. I am glad you have confirmed that. It does actually make a difference knowing that. Solid song but for me more importantly it actually works as something to just listen to rather than analyse. Great stuff Triffid. Cheers.
  16. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    It wasn't an easy month to score at all. Well I will be honest and say that The Sweeter Side of Somber was probably a bit of a no-brainer, a perfectly crafted song that sounded really nice. Definitely my pick for best song here. I decided in the end to vote on whether I actually would pit it in my playlist on a lazy Sunday morning and therefore, unfortunately it needed to be the kind of song I would usually listen to. I couldn't really think of a better way to judge such a tight contest. So meant I didn't actually include Paul's song in my top four, which wasn't an easy decision because it has really beautiful, and such well written, lyrics that did bring a tear to my eye. The song intself just wasn't my cup of tea. I feel bad now and am really pleased that it scored so highly. I also enjoyed HoboSage's effort, a voice that often reminds me of Jack Black for some odd reason. And Cheeseburger was naughty and fun. In the end I went with Ironknee, Triffid and ScenesfromPalacio. All of them easy listening guitar songs that were nicely structured and performed. Temple of the Singers is worth highlighting as a song that did something a little different, I would love to hear it as a fuller production. It was really interesting and I think it would be greatly improved with a band behind it. Great competition. Thanks for those you gave me a vote, I am so pleased that it touched some people, made my day. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated and thanks Joan for organising.
  17. Does Meter Matter?

    Paul, It's a funny one this, and while I have no doubt you are absolutely correct in this, I still have a problem with it. When Oasis sing "Slowly walking down a hall, faster than a cannonball" and sells 22 million copies of the album and can have 50,000 middle aged men singing it out loud in a crowd with tears in their eyes then Noel Gallagher has something very special, yet would 'Champagne Supernova' even win lyric of month here? And please, that is not a criticism of these wonderful forums or the amazing people here you give up so much time helping each other to do better, it is a genuine question that I do ask myself often and am only raising because of your post. I can think of so many songs that I love where the writer has clearly decided that what is more important than a lyrical message is just words that sound really good in the place they are put. And what is really interesting is that they do not spoil the song, they actually enhance it, despite sometimes totally contradicting a previous line or point of view. I don't know how to write like that really, I struggle so much with lyrics because I am constantly trying to tell a story, or convey a message, and usually fail. Yet when people are judging a lyric that is what they do seem to be looking for. I wonder sometimes how a Noel Gallagher would fair in the Lyrics section of these boards. I guess the answer is that there is room for both. Music is meant to move us, emotionally as well as literally. While a well told story with a beginning, middle and end, can certainly move people, so too could a reading of the ingredients label from a packet of M&Ms were the person reading it was John Lithgow with Hans Zimmer playing pads in the background. Cheers.
  18. Songs about songs

    Of course, probably the greatest song about a song ever is Tribute by Tenacious D. Because it was written about the best song in the world of course.
  19. I was thinking about this a while ago when I posted some lyrics here that were written about a night early in me and Mrs Murphster's relationship when she was far away and I was at a Music Festival watching Coldplay. I called her just to sing Yellow to her (I know, what can I say? I was lonely and drunk). That song is called "singing Yellow down the phone" and I am going to finish it one day. Anyway, I was thinking then about songs that are about songs and tonight I happened to just listen to another song about a song and I realised this could be a good challenge, and to be honest really interesting to me. Of all the subjects that a song could be about that might appeal to songwriters isn't another song the most interesting? So give me any songs about songs! I am really hoping that there are more songs about songs out there. To start with here is Regina Spektor and a song that is about 'November Rain' by Guns and Roses...
  20. Does Meter Matter?

    Now you are just being a cock. You absolutely do not know me from Adam, and yet you make a pretty huge generalisation here. I think, actually I know, I have a pretty huge range in terms of what I listen to and who I am influenced by. And while I may not listen to the music you listen to, even just a glance at my profile would have told you at least a little something about what I do rate as my influences. But no, instead a cheap shot and a lazy generalisation is enough for you. Well done, it actually really does make you seem smarter than me, so that's something. Cheers.
  21. Does Meter Matter?

    Great great song. And yes, not strictly an AABA, although structured like that until the end when he throws in another B (which to be fair is common in AABAs that run quick) but then goes and throws in a C to finish, which is actually quite good and turns this song in a nice direction. I tend to analyse songs and throw them into boxes and this one definately lives in my AABA box regardless.. But you are right.
  22. Does Meter Matter?

    I don't. Or at least I obviously realise it sometimes happens, but wasn't aware of any "rule" or expectation this should be the case. A lot of the AABA songs I listen to and even all the ones I have written don't have a second ending, each verse ends the same. The only difference might be a modulation to a different key for the B or a new chord that takes us there. But that is still pretty rare. I think one of the bext AABA songs from recent times is 'Human' by Rag 'n Bone man. He finishes the second A the same as the first. Am I missing something?
  23. La la las (or the like) in songs

    Funny, it was only in conversation with Qindfish about his song "The story of a Hermit" where we shared a mutual affection for Regina Spektor, that I realised she is the master (or mistress?) of this " non-lexicon vocables" idea. I could pick quite a few examples from her work but this one is a good one. She is crackers but have always loved the idea that someone can be so confident to just make noises instead of singing (There is one song she just makes Dolphin sounds as a chorus and it still works!).
  24. The Story of a Hermit

    I am very jealous of that! I adore that woman. The amount of talent she has is phenomenal. I'm glad I heard some of her in your song, you do a great job of utilising that influence.