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  1. September Song Contest - RESULTS!

    My favourite song didn't win, and a little surprised to be honest, I thought it was a shoe-in. But mine did, haha, something wrong somewhere! I was absolutely crapping it posting a song here, with my own voice on it as well. And it was honestly the first time anyone else had ever heard a song I have written. So I was just ecstatic to get possitive comments to be honest. This is just the icing on the cake. Some great entries here, and very close scores - thanks everyone for sharing your songs and thanks for giving me the boost of confidence I needed. Cheers.
  2. Gravity

    Great song, to echo a previous comment I do too like that you respect the hook in the writing here. Almost everything comes back round to gravity and I like it a lot. The only issue I have is the last verse, the Sunshine and the Rain line. Despite the fact it is a little cliché really, my real problem is how it fits into the theme. Bob made a suggestion earlier about a ball and chain and something along those lines would fit better imo. Really good lyrics though, I love the idea and it works so so well. Really good job.
  3. Singing Yellow down the phone

    Dunno about this, it is a very personal song I guess about the night years ago when I realised I wanted to marry my wife, we had only just met and then she went off on a pre-arranged holiday while I went to a music festival with friends. I had the idea but didn't want it to be too sappy so have tried to inject a bit of humour in here. I can no longer tell if I have managed to pull it off or not. Might appeal to any Coldplay fans... VERSE: You're at the captain's table, belle of the ball. I'm in a muddy field, keep missing all your calls. The rain is falling here, I don't like the price of beer, The queue to take a leak has spiralled out of all control. You spent your day watching people when in Rome. Then drinking sparkling wine with family on the boat While I watch kids get high, hear music I despise, I have too much to drink while waiting for the headline slot. PRE-CHORUS: And I never thought I'd miss you like I do Then those jangly chords began and it was true Peering through the rainy gloom I could just make out the band Then that suspended fourth brought the phone into my hand... CHORUS: Lift up your eyes, and take a look at the stars, They'll light up where you are, A guide to bring you back home I dial your name, as you drift off to sleep I put my heart on my sleeve And I sing Yellow down the phone I'm singing Yellow down the phone VERSE: It's just a month since we first met in that bar And since I don't think we've had a second apart The sparks that flew that night, they still warm my life. And light the way so I don't step in a discarded lamb kebab. PRE-CHORUS: And it's not that I am really that much of a fan In reality it could have been just any band But I have Parachutes, so I know all the words And I will sing it loud to make it heard... CHORUS: Lift up your eyes, and take a look at the stars, They'll light up where you are, A guide to bring you back home I dial your name, as you drift off to sleep I put my heart on my sleeve And I sing Yellow down the phone I'm singing Yellow down the phone BRIDGE: I never really got a song about a colour It's hardly Paint it black or Red Red Wine But in the end it doesn't matter Our skin and bones remain entwined CHORUS: Lift up your eyes, and take a look at the stars, They'll light up where you are, A guide to bring you back home I dial your name, as you drift off to sleep I put my heart on my sleeve And I sing Yellow down the phone I'm singing Yellow down the phone
  4. Click Bait

    Is this song click-bait then? I think this is one that I definitely need to hear complete, the lyrics are so out there, but in a cool kinda way. I love something different when so many songs sound the same so would give you full marks for that. It is really interesting... Cheers
  5. Something I Can Dance To

    I liked it, it works in my mind and is the kind of song that does well sometimes, i.e. just seems to explode for some reason and everyone is singing. I like songs that are a little light-hearted and I would love to hear this song sometime. Nice one.
  6. I Want to Make You Mine

    There is a really nice song in here, the arrangement could be improved in order to bring it out more of you don't mind me saying. I love the riff that plays throughout the song but think it is overdone. I would like to hear it saved for the intro/verses and then do something else with the chorus. It will help make the chorus stand out, and also help with the feeling that the song is repetitive. There are a few places early on where the guitar doesn't quite gel with the drums, it seems to settle after the chorus but it is a little jarring and pulled me out of the song. As for the actual song, I have no issues really with the lyrics, they are what they are. It is a very good song and has the potential to be better with the right arrangement. Cheers
  7. Just Me And You

    It may be personal to you but it is still very universal in my opinion. Makes me remember being at gigs with my wife when there is a song special to us played, didn't matter that we were stood in a sea of people, it was just us singing to each other like idiots. ;-) Another cracking song here. I love the chorus, the lyrics are awesome. Cheers.
  8. This really surprised me. I read the lyrics first and I was expecting something completely different to this, I don't know why but I has an assumption it was a guitar song, English britpop ballad type of thing (I has assumed you were UK for some reason). The intro really threw me, it is a really really wonderful song. Very 70's, in a great way, it could easiy be Fleetwood Mac or 10CC. Really great song. You should be very proud of this. Obviously not a patch on the first song called leaning on a lamppost, by George Formby, but close enough! ;-) Cheers
  9. Falling Through The Window

    Great sound, a song that works well. A nice throwback to some of the stuff I used to listen to in the 90s (and still do to be honest) a little but Britpop if you don't mind me saying. Great effort.
  10. Wouldn't That Be Nice?

    Interesting... I enjoyed the listen, the chorus comes as a really welcome break from the verses, but the two really work well together. Something different and think the recording serves the song really well. Nice One.
  11. Reels of Worn Out Movies

    Something incredibly brilliant about this. Hypnotic. Different. Haunting. I can't say anything else apart from well done.
  12. Just Where Did I Go Wrong?

    Sounds really, really great. Definitely not my taste in music but you would need rocks on your head to not be impressed by the quality of this track. Absolutely nailed it to be honest as far as a female country song about lost love goes. Nice one.
  13. Disappear For Love - Updated

    I think I have done everything I can do with this track now, time to move on and work on other songs. But I have learned quite a lot, and has been great getting so much feedback and ideas around this. I would never have bothered to at least try to improve this so much otherwise. The only thing I might try and do in the future is re-record vocals, but other than that I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Amazing how different it is from the very first version I posted. Cheers.
  14. Disappear For Love - Updated

    Hi, I have been playing around this morning, I have saved the first verse and chorus below, would be interested in hearing whether anyone thinks this is a good direction or not, or whether I should just stop messing around and move on..... ;-)
  15. Disappear For Love - Updated

    Lol, god help my neighbors if I decide to take your advice. I agree somewhat, I know my voice isn't awful and probably would be better were to just stop being so timid and embarrassed about all this. Thanks, appreciate it.