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  1. I have a huge preference for rhymes that are conversational and use everyday words to make new and interesting rhymes, rather than trying to be too clever. Jarvis Cocker is just a master at that, Pulp were an amazing band really. Pulp - Common People She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge, She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College, That's where I, Caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded, I said "In that case I'll have a rum and coca-cola." She said "Fine." And in thirty seconds time...
  2. Walkin' Money--Final, I think!

    I do kinda like the grab my stash and out of here line. For me it is a stronger line and definately serves up a more visual image than the original line. Whether that is better for the song or not though? It's a song that does throw up some great visual images so the Chorus definitely should do.
  3. Daydream Believer

    Thanks. I am going to work on this today. Try and get the chorus to change a few years. Cheers
  4. Daydream Believer

    I am going to try this at least and see what happens. A good idea. My other thought is that I move move the key a little higher and see if that will help me make that part stick. Absolutely, the feedback here has made it much easier for me to focus on what needs fixing and this is it. Thanks!
  5. Daydream Believer

    Thanks, I agree fully. Something others have said and yes it definately needs lifting for the chorus. I am working on a few things here. I am glad you said that, I actually really like it myself but wasnt fully committed to it. Worried it sounded just weird. But I would like to carry it on to the other choruses. I didn't really do a great job there, and it was a single vocal take which I wasn't prepared for really. I would never have usually have posted a song in this state but wanted to try doing this to get feedback early, before I had committed to anything really. I do kinda like this approach. But yes, I am working on the Middle 8. Thanks I really do appreciate the listens and the feedback. Cheers
  6. Daydream Believer

    Thanks Triffid, To quickly discuss the title first I was thinking the same, But I have learned a valuable lesson this week because of this and I find it really interesting. I posted two songs this week, the first "More than Beautiful" has a crap title, but it does need to be called that, it can't really be anything else. That song is actually my favourite song I have ever written and I was a little excited by it. The second was Daydream Believer, which is effectively just an idea and needs more work but has that title. This is the one that has got all the page views and listens and my assumption is that the title alone is enough to do that. Ii find that really interesting.
  7. Song parts

    Actually that bit is quite true. In the UK the bridge is traditionally the part that comes between the verse and the chorus. As with all language now since the rise of the internet terms are merging and people use both, but this has always been the case. When the Beatles talked about the bridge they would be referring to the "Pre-Chorus," and well.worth pointing out because it does cause confusion.
  8. Walkin' Money--Final, I think!

    Love this song. Another great example of something really original and putting in the hard graft to make it work. I have never heard of a song about this and that is pretty cool. Especially for country music this to me seems the way to get a song noticed, everyone is looking for something new and fresh. Well done. Nice one.
  9. Which mic?

    There is a Blue Yeti Pro model, which has both USB and standard mic cable adapter. I have the USB only Blue Yeti and love it, simplicity at its finest. Direct into my Mac and Logic Pro, it has its own headphones out for direct monitoring. The sound quality is excellent and it is very sturdy. I bought the shockmount and have it on a boom stand no problem.
  10. Apologies for posting two on the bounce. I haven't done anything for a while and I am keen to use the great advice I get around here to help me finish a few songs this year. Again, just like "More Than Beautiful" this is a very rough vocal take, and while I have used some effects this time, I didn't really try to sing it too well. I am getting used to the idea of letting any feedback I get help form where I take this song and not try too hard to make me sound nice to begin with. But I like this one too, and it is nice to let loose and write something up tempo and bouncy. Maybe a massive risk with the title??? I think there may be something here. But please, I am looking for real feedback as to whether it is a dumb idea or not. My lyrics really let me down sometimes and I sometimes get lost as to whether I am any good at this nonsense. ;-) Daydream Believer Something in her way Stood her out from everyday She had a good reason Waiting for her season to shine I knew her back in school Always half a notch too cool She was a loner Her family disowned her in time. Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises She's gonna be a star in this town Then leave this town They watch her on TV In the bar she used to clean But no-one remembers Invisible embers don't glow Everybody votes Hometown girl she hits the notes She's in the final American Idol on show Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises She's gonna be a star in this town Then leave.. This town that doesn't really know her face, that didn't hear her voice She slipped down all the cracks they made, yet now they all rejoice Party in the street, The Mayor is here, a giant key. They come to anoint, but She disappoints and disappears. Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises Gonna be a star in this town Then leave this town Then leave this town Then leave this town.
  11. Song parts

    I think the one thing that can get confusing, and worth calling out, is the difference in terms between the U.S. and the U.K. What the Americans call a Pre-Chorus the Brits would call a bridge. And what the Americans call a Bridge the Brits would call a Middle 8. Hence why Simon and Garfunkel had a massive falling out with their UK label when they released the single "Middle 8 over Troubled Water" and it bombed. What is less known about this pop history fued is that this was the direct cause of Art Garfunkel's decision to make the UK population suffer his song "Bright Eyes" so much that he personally paid his record company to keep printing 7" singles of the damn tune until the Queen had to step in and formally apologise.
  12. Collaboration Contest

    Hmmm.. I don't consider myself a musician really, though I would definitely say my strengths are more in the writing music and melody than the words. So would ideally love a joint effort in actuall playing /production with someone who can write a nice lyric too. I am a bit of a hack really. But a good idea, it would be fun I think, and who knows maybe it could lead to writing a great song. Maybe I am just a Milli waiting for his Vanilli...
  13. Start Over New

    I like it, a lot. I haven't heard any previous versions - though weirdly when I was listening to a few songs last night I was sure there was one missing that seemed to be getting a lot of feedback, I assume it was an earlier incarnation of this one. In the thread on Lana Del Rey vs Radiohead there was a mention that any song using this progression would ultimately end up sounding like Creep. I think this track just proves that wrong. You did something different here and I love the quick changes in the third bar, the rising chords sounds really great when the progression resolves back. Love the vocals, sounds really nice with them doubled up, harmonies are spot on. Overall a really well written and recorded track. I would be very happy to have this to my name. Well done. Now go and write something new! ;-) Cheers
  14. Smile For Everyone

    A great idea, the chorus is a pretty nifty piece of work, great idea and original. I like the title repeated in the Chorus. It's a great song to be honest. I wonder if your verses could be a little more stripped? I hear the same sound throughout really, and while it doesn't really hurt the song because your chorus is so great, I would like to hear more of a distinction in the instruments being used. But then again I get this is more a county song and you don't really get to use anything other much than guitar and piano so probably good reasons there. It's great, I love original titles and ideas. Good job!
  15. September's Dream

    I don't really like Country, but find myself listening to it more and more lately. A lot to do with this site, I have heard a couple of great country songs recently here. This was just wonderful, I mean really wonderful. I can't suggest anything other than to echo the suggestion that you try and get this out there. I enjoyed it, a really nice story, very touching and it felt very real. The production was sound, the piano sounded really nice behind the guitar. A really great job all round. I hope you are proud. Cheers