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  1. Murphster

    Virtual song-swap-open-mic?

    I'm in Aus, which can work well if you did something on a weekend. I am usually up very early anyway, U.S. time would mean lunchtime PST would be my usual waking time, so pretty sure I can fit in somewhere.
  2. Murphster

    New Collaboration Contest: Emotional Impact

    Absolutely. I know my wife always cries whenever I sing
  3. Murphster

    August 1+1 Song Contest

    Welcome to the August Song Contest!!! This month we are going to be having a 1+1 contest. For any new members, or even long-time lurkers who still haven't plucked up the required courage to come and say hi, 1+1 means the entry must be only one voice and one instrument. Think accoustic guitar or piano, or be brave and just use a kick drum, or even a Lute. I will personally award one bonus point for any entry that relies on nothing more than a Voice and a Cello. TO ENTER: You must post your song in this thread.  The timeline is as follows: Entries will be accepted now through Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) Friday August 31st 2018. Voting (scorecards) will take place Saturday Sept 1st through Midnight EST Friday Sept 7th, 2018. Official Warnings: Please don’t start scoring until I officially post the scoring instructions. You must score all other entries or your entry will be disqualified from the contest and you may receive hate mail and unwanted, unordered, pizzas to your front door for the whole of September. I will post the results shortly after scoring is completed. Please review the revised rules, pinned in this forum. I have taken it upon myself to add some new guidelines (not rules) just for this month's contest and please be sure to pay attention to the following (breaking these guidelines won't disqualify you, but it might make me think negative thoughts and my Doctor has asked me to try not to anymore). Lenth: Songs should be no more than 4:00 in length. It's a 1+1, if I could I would disqualify every song that lasts more than 3:30. There is no need. If you want to noodle for 2 minutes then order a Thai from Uber Eats. Nobody really wants to hear you do it. Topic: I hate the world as much as anyone does. But what the world need now is love, love, love. So let's try and spread some with some happy, hopeful songs. It might help you to remember how things used to be. Skillz: I don't care about musical skills in the 1+1 contest, and I would love to encourage all voters to think the same. I want to hear brilliant songs and I like to think they can shine through any lack of instrumental genius. You could just hammer chords every 4th beat with your fists for all I care (like Mrs Murphster trying to make the Microwave go quicker). I think the 1+1 is an opportunity for the song to take the limelight, it's all about melody and words. When posting your song to the Songs Feedback Forum, please include: •Title •Writer Credits •Link to the actual song. Embedded SoundCloud or YouTube is so much easier, but I get we all have our own thing so as long as the link works (please check it does actually work). Please include the lyrics on your post. Videos are permitted. (Voters are encouraged to refrain from watching any video until after they've scored the song.) All Musers are welcome, nay encouraged, actually compelled, to submit songs as contestants or if you can't then please score the songs as non-contestants. Any questions or problems should be sent to me, Murphster via private message. (Please try and limit your problems to be contest related, I don't want to spend another month being the go-between in another Muser's custody battle). The best of luck to everyone. I am looking forward to hearing your songs! Murphster
  4. Murphster

    So what's new on the horizon for August?

    I will run a 1+1 if there are no complaints. I will put something up tomorrow. Dunno if a Mod can weigh in and approve?
  5. Murphster

    So what's new on the horizon for August?

    I'm happy to run one this month, I actually thought you needed to be a Mod, but if that isn't a thing I will host. Probably due a 1+1 I think.
  6. Murphster

    July song competition

    Thanks everyone for the kind words about my song! Yes, it was conceived and delivered as a bit of a throw-away love song, but I had never really written one before and I wanted to try. I appreciate the listens and comments. I am interested about the idea of singing the chorus higher, I have been practising on the toilet and in the shower, it might work you know. I am going to think on that and see if it is worth my time having a go at this and seeing what it might do to this song. Cheers all. I only do this so I can keep validating that I should carry on, so hard to find time at the moment and I don't want to give up doing this and it is comments such as these that keep me going... 😉
  7. Murphster

    July song competition

    Well done everyone! A few thoughts below... Life is a fleeting thing I have said before that I can always see the craft in Paul’s songs, I think he is a very decent songwriter and certainly one of the very best around here, certainly if consistency has anything to do with it. My personal problem is usually that for whatever reasons his songs don’t really do it for me style wise. This is one of those that did, from the very opening line, that awesome voice was right there in my face. I liked this song, it was nicely put together and the B section worked so well against the verses, the lyrics and mood they created really hit home with me. It was my 3rd place in the end, a really nice song. Kinda crazy Loved this, for a while it was my favourite. Happy, Clappy Beach Boys track. I love the melody in the verse, so classic sounding but the refrain part is excellent. And so nice to hear a proper guitar instrumental. There is a bit of the Smiths here. The bass guitar sounds awesome and for me it really contributed to the good feelings of this song. It ended up my 2nd. 10,000,000 You are Jack Black and I claim my $5. As always wonderfully recorded, great voice and you manage to make some awesome sounds. Easy to listen to, despite not really grabbing me. Venom & Vitriol Your voice reminds me so much of Mike Scott from the Waterboys, I like it. The song was recorded very well, exceptional really in arrangement and performance. The song itself wasn’t really my kind of thing but I can recognise the skill in making this. The Underground Great lyrics, nice to hear a story style song, I love them. I scored it pretty high, It was just a rather simple but very effective song to help me clean my kitchen while smiling. Active Shooter I couldn’t really get into this. It was so typical of your style, which sometimes I can get into but this I just found a bit too heavy for my liking. Silver Tongue Not your best in my mind, but even that beats most on many given days. Like the beat, like the vocals and instruments used. Pretty awesome job you do of doing something different and keeping it fresh. I did score this pretty highly, just missed out on my top 3. Fun song. Prima Donna Fun song, I love the attention paid to the lyrics and a great idea. Another ssolid entry with some skills on show. Bullets and Lovers I loved the opening lines. In many ways a simple song, but a very classic chorus and you have done a great job of hanging it all together. I love the “sometimes a train” hook. The Moon Is Scheming The doom is gleaming. Bleed – Qindfish This scored fairly high for me, simply because of how it made me feel. I love the stripped down honesty of this song and the stripped down arrangement really works well. The keys behind the verses sound really nice and added an extra point to this song. Great job. The Jesus I know I don’t know Jesus but to be honest I don’t really know Jumping Jack Flash either and I still love that song, good solid song, could have added something more here as it does border on generic a little and a splash of your own personality would probably go a long way here. Long I really liked this one, definatley a bit of a throwback to some of the bands I used to listem to when young. A really solid track with great guitar work and what I think of as a killer Chorus. It tied for 2nd for me. The Meanest Man Of All I thought this song was about my Father-in-law, I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t so I had to deduct points for that. Other than that a good listen, both music and lyrics, it is nice to listen to a story and I enjoyed this one. Without You My favourite song this month, I just love it. I am very impressed with this track, the recording and arrangement is spot on. Great rhythm and guitars, the intro grabbed me immediately and the opening verse melody works so well. The Chorus just knocks it out the park, a proper radio song in my opinion. Well done.
  8. Murphster

    July song competition

    Leave a little light Look at us know, I don’t know how We got to this stage, we got to the end I won’t hit send, It may be naive I pretend that you’ll be calling me and asking for some more of me again But while we’re in the darkness I’m asking you regardless to... Leave a little, light on Guide me through the dark, escape the night Give me hope to, hold on Lead me somewhere I can make it right Just leave a little light I know it’s not, a thing that has got Legs that it needs, to carry us through So I’m just a fool, for thinking that you’ll Ever want to see me, that you would ever need me again But while we’re in the darkness I’m asking you regardless to... Leave a little, light on Guide me through the dark, escape the night Give me hope to, hold on Lead me somewhere I can make it right Just leave a little light If I said I was sorry If I told you I had grown Would you forgive me my folly? And rescue me from darkness, forgive and take me back to your home... Leave a little, light on Guide me through the dark, escape the night Give me hope to, hold on Lead me somewhere I can make it right Just leave a little light
  9. Murphster

    June Song Contest

    Fabkebab is right, there was one scorer who scored out of 5, hence your 2, it actually is a 4. And to be fair doesn't really matter as everyone was scored out of 5 anyway. My 2.5 wasn't that scorer.
  10. Murphster

    June Song Contest

    Some great songs this month, was actually much harder to score than I first thought. Thanks for organising Neal. Congrats Steve, a really good song with your own style stamped all over it. I love the change in pace and the way you always strive to keep a song moving, always looking to take it somewhere else just before I have got used to where it is. fabkebab and Jason, again two solid songs, enjoyed them both, Jason's was actually my second placed song with fabkebab third, but am pleased that I managed to pick the top three with my own votes. Fabkebab I was cooking dinner one night while listening to yours, it is a great tune and a a real feel good rhythm. Congrats! Someone gave me 2.5 ! I quite liked my entry this month, and I will be honest and say I am a little surprised, and a tad disappointed that it didn't do better, but clearly it was a bit polarising which isn't necessarily a bad thing - most of my favourite songwriters tend to be quite polarising. But I don't really see anything in this song that would annoy anyone too much, it is a fairly inoffensive, lightweight song I would have thought. Did I mention someone gave me 2.5? I'm not giving up on Love - I liked the chorus, catchy and a song that grew on me a little. Obviously a story here, and not a good one I think. I hope it all works out. Thanks. The Truth comes stumbling in - Excellent title, love it. Another signature Paul song, I can tell it comes from a very talented place it is unfortunate that that particular place is still not somewhere I like to spend a lot of time, as much as I hear great songs by Paul this style of music just isn't for me. Right there and then - I wasn't sure at all about this at first but it very quickly crept up on me, and yes it is fun. Very 60's, in fact probably a little bit too 60's.... Scored high on my list co's it sounded good.
  11. Murphster

    June Song Contest

    Been a weird couple of months and not had any music time at all, which is never in the plan. I was trying to finish one or two new ideas this week but ran out of time for this, and really wanting to not miss two contests in a row, this is one I actually posted in the feedback thread a little while ago that I have worked on a little. The vocals are pretty ordinary, combination of bad cold and bad voice, but I do like this song. Cheers. Star In This Town (Daydream Believer) Something in her way Stood her out from everyday She had a good reason Waiting for her season to shine I knew her back in school Always half a notch too cool She was a loner Her family disowned her in time. Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises She's gonna be a star in this town Then leave this town They watch her on TV In the bar she used to clean But no-one remembers Invisible embers don't glow Everybody votes Hometown girl she hits the notes She's in the final American Idol on show Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises She's gonna be a star in this town Then leave.. This town that doesn't really know her face, that didn't hear her voice She slipped down all the cracks they made, yet now they all rejoice Party in the street, The Mayor is here, a giant key. They come to anoint, but She disappoints and disappears. Daydream believer You'll know when you see her Nothing they say can bring her down Listens to voices Positive noises Gonna be a star in this town Then leave this town Then leave this town Then leave this town.
  12. Murphster

    Virtual song-swap-open-mic?

    It is interesting. I guess if it is just a few people here, who i already have subjected to my dulcet tones, I might be brave enough to give it a go.
  13. Murphster

    Rhymes 8

    Captain Correlli, appeared on my telly, Strumming his Mandolin. It fills me with rage, When I see that Nic Cage, His acting is 1 out of 10. Switching the station, commercials for bacon, Then Kimmel, and oh god it's him! Nicolas Cage, With that grin on his face I switch back to that bloody Mandolin. The Italians retreat, facing certain defeat, And Corelli now broken and poor. Not that you'd know, From the acting alone, So he'll tell you, just so that you're sure. Captain Corelli, has a sandwich at my deli, They call it the Full Mandolin Slam. It's loaded with cheese, Both Cheddar and Brie, And always a double helping of ham. Next topic: Is this all just a dream?