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  1. Murphster

    October Song Contest idea - comments?

    Sounds a great idea. What about 8/8?
  2. Murphster

    I'm running a competition!

    Fcuk Forever.
  3. Murphster

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    oops!! A little lesson in looking before talking...
  4. Murphster

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Mr Cook, I wonder if you should open a new thread just for entries and keep this for discussion? I would hope to start seeing entries by now. Maybe we aren't the only team still arguing over whether "Spondery" is a real word and how it can rhyme with "Laundry". But dirty underear can hold emotions apparently.
  5. Murphster

    Chord Progressions

    Lovely version of a great song. Nice one.
  6. Murphster

    September Song Contest

    This why I need a lyricist! 😉 I just wanted to comment on this to ensure that SongWolfe didn't get the blame as the man who wrote the words. I actually added this line, because I just needed another line and I think SongWolfe was too polite to change it,! I have actually just used this comment to highlight to him not to accept whatever I change in the current song we are working on! 😉
  7. Murphster

    September Song Contest

    Thanks Paul for running the contest this month! Congrats to Scenes, and to everyone who entered. It is great that we keep having so many solid entries month and after month. There You Are - ScenesFromPalacio, I thought this was going to easily be my top pick when I heard it. A fantastic song, brilliantly arranged and recorded - it sounds awesome. There is something in the opening that does grab me straight away, and there is something recognisable in there, which actually helps a lot to buy into this straight away. I love the rising melody at the end of the opening verses. Congrats, great song. But as it happens it was actually beaten for my top pick by lyd. Time, what a glorious, gorgeous song. The lyrics really grabbed me, maybe it was just the time and the way I was feeling but this song really made me stop and listen. Your voice is great and so perfect for this track. Your choice of instruments was spot-on and this whole track just hung together in exactly the right way. It is a really fantastic song in my opinion and you should be very proud of this, I would be!. I will add thoughts on others later on... Cheers
  8. Oh behave. You should have bothered to look at the date, It was St. Patrick's day and the radio was full of that God awful song 'Galway Girl' which is an absolute travesty and insulting to call Irish. The point of the thread was to get a few alternative, better songs for Paddy's day on the go. Simple as that, bit of fun. I actually quite like some of Ed Sheeran's stuff as it happens. Don't be such a fool.
  9. Murphster

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    We have pretty much finished our entry now, I am just playing around with background vocals and even have some from Mr SongWolfe himself which is cool. We have another finished track which has just been entered into the Sept contest, and who knows, there could well be a couple more on the way! All good at Team Wolfster.
  10. Murphster

    September Song Contest

    Got No Flag Lyrics: SongWolfe Music: Murphster Arranged, recorded, produced and performed by Murphster - Marching drumloop courtesy of Looploft. (All weird noises and screams in the background are courtesy of Mini Murphster). This is the first track from the SongWolfe and Murphster collaboration sessions. Wolfster? What I love about these collab contests is the opportunity to step way out of your comfort zone, and this is certainly an example of that. SongWolfe sent me the lyrics and even just reading them all i could hear was the drums... I ran out of time to really polish the vocals, and like most of my tracks they do let this down somewhat. But you know what? This was really fun to make so I don't care! 😉 Got No Flag I see marching feet Step to a drummer's beat, Eyes straight ahead Brains switched to dead Don't fit in with this I never will I watch history repeat itself Something's wrong and I feel displaced No identity that fits my face. I've got no flag to wave Is it sad that I have got no flag Or is it a freedom given to me? I hear chanting mobs Stirred by forked-tongued yobs Voices full of rage Hearts filled with hate Don’t want a part of this I Never have To watch history just eat itself Something's wrong and I feel displaced No identity that fits my face. I've got no flag to wave Is it sad that I have got no flag Or is it a freedom given to me? I grew up with the talks The peace walls and marching men Gable scrawls of the past The bombsites that haunted them They held back the future then No closure for peace Something's wrong and I feel displaced No identity that fits my face. I've got no flag to wave Is it sad that I have got no flag Or is it a freedom given to me? I know it’s a freedom given to me
  11. Murphster

    Music isn’t the Same

    But then you are not an Arsenal fan...
  12. Murphster


    Thanks all! I never noticed these comments! Much appreciated. I do like this and I am going to have a go at arranging this and recording with some more instruments, though prob not a lot. Cheers
  13. Murphster

    Music isn’t the Same

    I stopped listening to music for quite a few years, no reason why, just stopped. I have always had a guitar but even stopped strumming for a few years. Music just never had the effect it used to do. It was actually the Lumineers who kicked off my rediscovery of music, I was always a bit of a folk fan before so not really a surprise but I heard Stubborn Love somewhere and loved the song so sought out the album, and then learned to play it on the guitar and enjoyed that experience so much that here I am. That was maybe 4-5 years ago, I started writing songs a couple of years ago, then bought a piano last year. And now I actually sit down and listen to music, it's been a very long time since I did that, Along with my kid, music has once again become very important to me. Yes, I agree, there is good music everywhere if you look. I do something now I never used to do, I listen to pop radio on my drive to work and there are some really interesting tunes out there I think.
  14. Murphster

    What makes this song great?

    Good discussion, and I think everyone is in agreement, the songs are not necessarily great, but I do love listening to how these tracks were layered and it is cool getting a better understanding of the chord inversions used to help understand why a particular section of a song sounds so good. I am on holiday at the moment where internet is very limited so I downloaded a heap of his videos to watch. There was one on recreating just the first bar of the Star Wars theme, which as a learning aid for recording strings was brilliant.
  15. Murphster

    Rhymes 8

    My relies are a pain in the arse Cos when I'm out cutting the grass They sit in the shade Drinking rum 'n lemonade And watch me burn up in the sun. They treat me like I'm their personal slave They don't let me shower or bathe So I smell like a tip My clothes are all ripped I've forgotten what it feels to have fun My relies are a pain in the arse Revenge is most definitely on the cards I'm biding my time This place will be mine I'll take back my life and be free My relies are now underground Locked up where they'll never be found All bound up with chain Tight enough to bring pain I taunt them with rum daiquiri My life has turned into a mess The guilt and the sorrow a test I must let them go Forgive and forgoe They deserve to be free of this farce I open the door to their hole The stench of the rot down below I realise right there I'd forgotten the air My relies are a pain in the arse. Next: Elon Musk isn't real