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  1. Hi Matt, I'd be very happy to chat and do a trial collaboration. It sounds like we have a similar vision, particularly around creating a partnership that is focussed and professional. feel free to contact me directly tconnellspeced@gmail.com all the best, TJ
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    Many thanks Neal, will do. All the best TJ
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    Many thanks for the reply Alistair please find a Dropbox link here with songs FYI - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frlonj1r51nhvmk/AAC5hn3M2l1ObXQ5ooUebRy_a?dl=0 Thanks also Spanishbuddha, I'm not so much interested in a critique as finding the right musical partner - I'll certainly take a look at the page you mentioned though. All the best TJ
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    Hi guys, I'm an Australian lyricist and have just joined this community. I am looking for a partner who has a great ear for melody and composition - I plan to form a songwriting team that is professional and focused on the craft. Once we've established a good working partnership and are both happy we'll begin producing songs for specific artist and pitching to AR companies and contacts. I'm passionate about the craft of lyric writing - genuine, authentic and powerful, and I need a partner who feels the same way about melody and production. This will mean setting ourselves very clear professional goals, working together fluently and having a lot of creative fun along the way. If this appeals to you then please drop me a line at tconnellspeced@gmail.com If you'd like to see some examples of my lyrics I've attached three below. I look forward to working with you soon. TJConnell Nashville Sensibility.docx Something Beautiful.docx This Father's prayer.docx Edit: Please see my post below. Sorry. Alistair