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  1. New singer-songwriter

    I listened to your playlist, Varadero 20/10/2017. The songs I liked most are: Tropical Sunset, Careful What You Wish For, Keeping the Peace and A Man on a Mission. I think you have fine writing skill and a radio-ready voice. I think you could get a hit song some day, I don't know with which song, but each second of a song has to be radio-ready. Consider this critique from Grammy-nominated music producer Ricky Reed in this video, who wants every section of a song to be radio-ready (starts at 4:27): *www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB5sEsFEIb8
  2. It has elements of an 80's New Wave song which I like. It keeps the same groove for much of he song while still providing variations on it, which is a key skill to have for hit songs. Vocals sound nice. I can imagine it playing in an edgy movie about youth or love. It is cool.

    Once you get it produced well you should pitch it to pop bands and their management to cover. It sounds a lot like some of the pop-rock hits MTV produced in the 90's and 00's.
  4. Cross of Gold

    Thanks for the feedback! It is helpful and appreciated. I should of mentioned the side-stepping, out of sync, vocal effect of the female is intentional.
  5. Cross of Gold, by Marc G and Angel Cross of gold, my heart enfold To light my life, through dark and strife The cross does shine, through mists of time Down through the ages, in all of life's stages The shine untarnished, the gleam unvarnished Cross of gold, my beacon be Heart of mine, beat for thee Heart of thine, beat for me The hills of Heaven, valleys green Beckon me unearthly sheen The light of Christ, in all of His glory Surrounds the fields, in shining aura Cross of gold, my heart enfold With visions bold, and peace untold I'm going home, my battle's done In God I trust, my battle's won
  6. Amazing, I love it. It would fit well in any bar's jukebox.
  7. Burning Bush

    Sounds good, nice subject.
  8. Jesus Spoke to Me v1: When I was a young boy, Jesus walked with me But I was lost in my old ways, my heart was not yet clean Once I hit some bumpy roads, I called out to His name I found a gift, greater than gold, and this is what He said Chorus: You have to learn to trust in Me I am the Shephard of the sheep There's no need to be distressed, feel at ease Be full of courage, and hear me speak v1: Now that I have been through, trials and stormy rain I've seen the Lord preserv-un', my safe dwelling space Through some rocky valleys, with snakes blocking my way Jesus led me through it, and this I heard Him say Chorus: You've got to give burdens to Me I am the grace that sets you free There's no need to strive, put your mind at peace Quietly listen, and I will speak V3: No other encounter, can comfort so much hurt No other religion, lets you hear God within No money or wordly things, are greater than Him speaking Talk to Him and you will know, the gentle love that comforts souls V1: Now I'm filled with joy and, hope forever more That my savior lives and, Heaven is in store I know there's a purpose, in trials that come my way Because I've seen He exists, by what I've heard Him say (He said...) Chorus: You've got to learn to walk with me, Jesus forever sets you free I know your burdens, come rest in Me Be still and listen, to hear Me speak Chorus: Comfort forever is here with Me Cast all your burdens onto Me Trust in My love, to bare your needs Quietly listen, and hear me speak
  9. Did you remove a song I critiqued? I hope I didn't sound harsh, I like your music.

    1. Qindfish


      No sorry! I took down as someone was asking to hear my stuff on soundclloud and I didn't want them to hear an early demo, in the end the soundcloud deletion didn't even take! Your critiques of more poetic lyrics (if that was you) was a good idea. I was worrying myself about just that! Sorry I could have probably done that in a more elegant way!


      Thanks a lot for listening.

  10. I really liked it. Good production, intro, theme. Lyrics are emotive, with an unusual angle like a previous poster said. A bit melancholy perhaps. The British accent and over-pronunciation compliment the song to me.
  11. How to mix for crappy speakers?

    Great discussion, I have the same engineering dilemma with mixing.
  12. Original Melody 009

    Only a rare jazz song could be a hit, so I don't know how to critique it from that standpoint. Maybe try adding some more riffs, turning up the volume of background instruments and adding some fun lyrics.
  13. In my dreams

    How to give it hit potential? It at least needs some drums and some theatric sounding MIDI effects. Try playing around with a MIDI instrument to add an accompanying melody.
  14. Killer

    Excellent. I think it has hit potential and you should pedal it around to try and get it played. Mixing, vocals and instruments are superb.
  15. Break Down The Doors

    I'll use a critique form: Emotional impact:The guitar work has a mellow and uplifting impact. The lyrics are interesting but not quite hit material in my view. Some of the lyrics are great like "Don't go listening to the Mockingbird " Strength of hook/title: The lyrics "Break down the doors" on their own don't seem good enough to be a hit, not descriptive enough, maybe add some additional lines for the hook. The melody of the chorus hook I would rate at about 8 Originality: Not very original but still good. Sounds like Leonyrd Skynyrd Appeal: Appealing to country fans, about 7 Focus: Verse 1 could use some better lyrics, for example improve "better find your time" to make it more descriptive. The chorus might benefit from some alternating lines Phrasing/cadence: Good but can't hear the word "no" in "no day of glory" very well Arrangement: 7.3, some basic chord progressions but pleasing to the ear Musicianship: 9.5 Vocal delivery: 8, but sounds a little like Trey Parker singing a mock song on South Park Backing vox: 9.8 Recording mix/technical: 10