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  1. Marc G

    "Hydra" -- Alt rock

    The screaming chorus sounds a lot like old Nirvana grunge. I like the way the vocals are up front and crisp, and you can sing well. The melody is overall pretty appealing.
  2. Marc G

    "That Empathetic Man"

    It triggers anti-Whites so it is good. It sounds good. This thread lists complaints about diversity, such as police actions or kneeling, but labels anyone who would therefore want freedom from diversity with anti-White hate slurs, bigot/kkk/White trash/etc. Nothing new.
  3. About 9 out of 17 scored it favorably. This would make me consider how a general audience would receive the song and therefore how likely it would be to become a hit or receive many listens. There is some pretty good information to infer at a glance. About half the audience would find it moderately appealing, another half not very appealing, and it would not have many extreme like or dislike reactions. So I would interpret the song as average based on that score. Anyway, I can see that folks don't want numbers and that's fine, although I disagree about their usefulness. I am seeing how my original post was misleading as it suggested to leave numbers "without leaving a comment." I meant "with or without leaving comments." Sorry about that, it is fixed now.
  4. I understand the feeling, it has also happened to me. 😃
  5. Why wouldn't it indicate how good a song is?
  6. Critiques are important but they don't give a clear average on how good a song is like a number rating would, and they can also be untruthful to preserve feelings. Maybe a number rating would be more likely to be truthful. People might also be willing to leave a number rating if they don't want to write a critique. Instead of polls I probably should have suggested surveys, or something that would also calculate the average scores.
  7. This is a suggestion to allow polls for listeners to rate songs from 1 through 10 with or without leaving a comment, to be used particularly in the forum Songs (incl Instrumentals) Feedback. Number ratings are the best part of the Song Contests forum, they allow everyone to get an idea of how good their songs are based on a number value. Number ratings are more specific than vague comments so they can be more helpful, and they show what the consensus of a song is at a quick glance based on multiple opinions. A pre-made poll could have such rating categories as: Melody: Lyrics: Mixing: Overall: The poll should also show the average scores of each category.
  8. Marc G

    Smile For Everyone

    To me it sounds like a classic country song. The main problem is I couldn't make out most of the lyrics without reading them, and "smile for everyone" might have been too repetitive in the chorus.
  9. Marc G

    UPDATED: So So So

    A great contemporary and upbeat song, it fits well with tunes on modern radio. My initial thoughts are that "so so so" could be changed to alternate words on some lines, example "you make me whole" or "I want you to know"? A little variation could spruce it up. Otherwise I don't know if the phrase "so so so" is going to be interesting enough to the listener to make him him personally identify with the song's love-theme as his own, or to make him think the love is cool enough to enjoy listening to. The boom boom boom might be better if it was spoken aloud.
  10. It sounds great but I think it needs a different subject and lyrics for it to have a chance to be a hit. When i imagine it on the radio I don't think this subject would draw the large-scale interest needed in 2018 radio rock music for it to be a hit. The production, singing and melody are strengths of this song. If it had the right lyrics I could imagine it getting plays on radio. In the 90's this song would likely have had some sort of self-loathing lyrics and it would have given it passion and made it compelling. I myself have trouble finding hit-worthy subjects to write about. Maybe at about 1:40 it could pause a moment and then go into the next verse to add punctuation. The main riff might be too repetitive through the song, maybe it would add variation if at about 3/4 through the riff were played in a higher register.
  11. Marc G

    New singer-songwriter

    I listened to your playlist, Varadero 20/10/2017. The songs I liked most are: Tropical Sunset, Careful What You Wish For, Keeping the Peace and A Man on a Mission. I think you have fine writing skill and a radio-ready voice. I think you could get a hit song some day, I don't know with which song, but each second of a song has to be radio-ready. Consider this critique from Grammy-nominated music producer Ricky Reed in this video, who wants every section of a song to be radio-ready (starts at 4:27): *www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB5sEsFEIb8
  12. It has elements of an 80's New Wave song which I like. It keeps the same groove for much of he song while still providing variations on it, which is a key skill to have for hit songs. Vocals sound nice. I can imagine it playing in an edgy movie about youth or love. It is cool.
  13. Marc G


    Once you get it produced well you should pitch it to pop bands and their management to cover. It sounds a lot like some of the pop-rock hits MTV produced in the 90's and 00's.
  14. Marc G

    Cross of Gold

    Thanks for the feedback! It is helpful and appreciated. I should of mentioned the side-stepping, out of sync, vocal effect of the female is intentional.
  15. Cross of Gold, by Marc G and Angel Cross of gold, my heart enfold To light my life, through dark and strife The cross does shine, through mists of time Down through the ages, in all of life's stages The shine untarnished, the gleam unvarnished Cross of gold, my beacon be Heart of mine, beat for thee Heart of thine, beat for me The hills of Heaven, valleys green Beckon me unearthly sheen The light of Christ, in all of His glory Surrounds the fields, in shining aura Cross of gold, my heart enfold With visions bold, and peace untold I'm going home, my battle's done In God I trust, my battle's won