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  1. Addiction

    Hi Neal and all me good Muzo Buddies, Popped in (after all these years) to see how y'all doin' and so happy to see the sickorette purge. Quit September 25 2010 - Two years, eleven months, two days, 8 hours, 34 minutes and 2 seconds. 85388 cigarettes not smoked, saving £23,054.91. Last carton disposal technique: http://vids.myspace....ideoid=36976544 (smile) Participating on About.com Smoking Cessation Forum and helping others for about two years helped immeasurably... http://forums.about....=ab-quitsmoking Very best wishes to ev'ryone, Ian
  2. Paramount Group?

    special message for Ian MG Smith! Thanks so much for contacting us regarding your songwriting. We're always glad to hear from emerging talent, because some of the world's greatest songs have been created through the talent of writers such as you. And we're happy to be a part of that. In fact, we've been in business in Nashville since 1983. During that time, we've worked with writers who’ve had songs recorded by some of Nashville's top recording artists... Including Alabama, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack and many others. During the past year alone, we’ve helped over 20 writers get signed to publishing contracts. We'd like to see you achieve that kind of success! All the Nashville recording stars love to get great songs to record. And at Paramount, we're in the middle of it all... right on Nashville's famous Music Row, where the music pros work daily to create Nashville's famous music heard around the world. Here on historic 16th Avenue, there's an awesome collection of talent and music business professionals. There are no fewer than ten state-of-the-art recording studios, eight major music publishers and some of Nashville's hottest record producers. Just down the street are Curb, MCA, Mercury and Warner Brothers Records. The recently-combined Sony and BMG Music Groups (Columbia, Epic, Monument, Arista, BNA and RCA Records) are only a block away on 17th Avenue. We can help you get your songs to them all. But first things first. First: whether you write both words and music or words only, you need professional demo recordings. And you must be able to get those demos of your songs to the people who can get them commercially recorded. Record companies and recording artists do not accept songs from writers they don't know. They do accept them from us. And we regularly send them songs of writers we work with. If you're a lyric writer, your lyrics must have music. No recording artist or record company will accept lyrics without music. Fortunately, some of Nashville's best melody writers work with Paramount in putting melodies to lyrics. If you have the kinds of lyrics Nashville is looking for, we'll have them put your lyrics together with their music, then we'll help you with recordings and the total process of becoming a successful songwriter in your own right. And don't think you can't make it in the world of music! Every successful songwriter had doubts at some point, but stuck with the dream. In fact, Paramount songwriter Craig Martin, who wrote Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl," told me he went through some really rough times, and wondered if he'd ever make it. But he stuck to his writing, and one day it clicked. Tim McGraw heard Craig's song and the rest is history. Next, it could be your turn for success! We'd like to help you with it. Now that you know what we do, the next move toward getting your big break in the music world is up to you. First, you need to send us some of your work for our FREE evaluation. If you write words, but not music, you may send them to us by postal mail, or on line at: http://www.paramountsong.com/Info-Thanks.php If your songs are complete with both words and music, you may upload to us at: http://www.paramountsong.com/upload/Info-Thanks.php Or you may send us a cassette tape or CD, with lyric sheets, via postal mail or other physical delivery. A single instrument and vocal--or just your voice without music will be fine to communicate your songs. Please include lyrics typed or printed on plain white paper (fancy paper or unusual type fonts can make your lyrics harder to read). Please don't send us sheet music or lead sheets. Nashville professionals prefer to work with their own charts. And please send no more than four songs for evaluation at this time. We know it's difficult to select just four if you have a lot of songs, but if everybody sent us a big stack of material, we wouldn't be able to find the time to go through it all. Of course, after we've evaluated the first ones you've sent, we may invite you to send more. If you're concerned about sending material you haven't registered a copyright on, see the P.S. below for two ways to protect your work. With a tremendous number of recording sessions coming up very soon in Nashville, it is very important that we hear from you right away if you're serious about getting your songs recorded. Best Regards, -- Norm Daniels, Creative Director Paramount Group/Nashville For the latest on songwriting and Nashville, check out: http://www.paramountsong.com Mailing address: PO Box 23705-N, Nashville TN 37202 Express Delivery: 1505 16th Ave South, Nashville TN 37212 P.S.: If you're concerned about sending work you haven't registered a copyright on, we suggest you do one or both of the following. 1) Send a copy of your song(s) to yourself via registered or certified mail and don't open the envelope when you get it. Put it in a safe place and keep it. 2) Have a notary public or other official who can legally attest to documents sign and date your lyrics. Either method can provide proof that you had the work in your possession as of a certain date. And if no one else had it before then, only you could have written it. *** Then the followups came. Hell, I'll take FREE compliments from anyone!
  3. I was gonna put a message on your soundclick... but no message board :<...