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  1. Don't Need'em Anymore

    V 1 It's a cold goodbye A very big loss Gonna strip away my eyes nail'em to the sky Cut my arms and legs for a memorial cross Give away my heart to a hungry wolf Ch Don't need'em anymore If my heart is laid down on the floor And my eyes can't see you once more Don't need'em anymore If I won't walk through your door To hold you tight like I did before Don't need'em anymore V 2 No heart to sigh no eyes to cry Like diamond reduced to dross A yielding hostage who dreads to fly Chained to memories and scotch to toss Again my lonely shadow's looking for me Ch Don't need'em anymore If my heart is laid down on the floor And my eyes can't see you once more Don't need'em anymore If I won't walk through your door To hold you tight like I did before Don't need'em anymore
  2. Racist

    Greetings Spanishbuddah, I like it very much.Well done.This lyric is a brave and straightforward account of the current affairs keeping the right balance between two irreconcilable parties. In other words,it's a clever autopsy of each side's argument. I hear a noble voice crying in the vast inviting everyone to strip themselves away from herd mentality and stop labeling themselves or others and simply be true to the naked truth. It's really amazing that most people are concerned about air pollution yet unaware of brain pollution inflicted on them by the tyranny/dictatorship of the media hunting them around the clock. It's a tragedy that if ONE event is on the news,we usually get two different/opposed stories of the same event while switching between CNN and SKY news for instance which is absolutely impossible. Those behind the scene simply look after their own interests by keeping the masses in check... The truth is that every soul is endowed with a perfect moral machine but other wicked minds are mean enough to pervert this machine which is the only tool that lifts us to be real human beings. I think this is what your lyric is telling me.By the way,I don't find it confusing at all,it's clear,simple and flows well. " Smart ones suffer even in heaven,idiots rejoice even in hell " Keep or sweep. Cheers
  3. Kill My Baby

    She's restless can't wait anymore Two moons she ain't seen her blood Rushed to buy a kit from the drugstore If it happens it's gonna make her dud Test confirmed her fears now she's two A thankful tear drops as I hear the news At last the family of my dreams is due She's not dancing but drowning in blues One night she forgot the pill She's going to kill She's going to kill my baby Insane is my lady She's going to kill my baby She says money is running short Raising this baby is a mere disaster It ain't no good reason to abort She's got a bright career to look after I can't stop this freedom abuse Still wondering if it's a he or she I'm fighting but going to lose No fruit she's turned barren tree One night she forgot the pill She is going to kill She's going to kill my baby Insane is my lady She's going to kill my baby
  4. Hi J.Pump, Welcome to the Muse. I enjoyed your song "Inside This Place" a lot. Great captivating music. Performance seems quite professional. True talent is showing. A star is in the making. Well done
  5. House Of Movies

    Hi Iggy, Great lyric. Concise and relatable. Keep as it is. Well done. Cheers
  6. Every Step

    Lucky you,you've got all ingredients for making a star... captivating voice and performance,ability to write both meaningful lyrics and good music. "And if I dive in I'm never resurfacing" great imagery Wow,I can only say you're no good,you're no good,Alex you're no good.
  7. Can't Get Enough

    Greetings Alex, I just can't get enough of your "can't get enough". Charming distinctive voice and good music.Definitely, I see a very promising talent emerging .Awaiting complete song. Best wishes and good luck.
  8. You'll Never Be My Girl

    Greetings Bob, A real good lyric. I like it. I dig the clever double meaning title. Verse 1 is crystal clear,telling us about a self assured guy. Who said he was sad? Was he? "You could never make me sad". It doesn't bother that rhymes were a bit simplistic.What really matters is the structure,concept, and meaning of the lyric which makes good sense. It's quite amazing that some are trying to find faults with this lyric while they don't exist.It's irrelevant whether the events are taking place in a small town or in New York City.I guess the writer is entitled a bit of license . "going down" is simply going down,and in the context of the lyric it means (girl you're a loser). In fact, this lyric is coherent and glaring,that people with Down's syndrome can certainly understand. I'm not implying that this lyric is perfect,but surely NOT walking on crutches. All in all well done,just my thoughts,keep or sweep. Cheers.
  9. M A S T E R

    Greetings Kuya, As usual,appreciate your valuable time and kind comments.Insightful. Thanks a lot
  10. M A S T E R

    M A S T E R I'm the master I've got the word I'm the lord I've got the chord Naturally I mesmerize All girls and guys As they hear the news They rush and stand in queues Bright stars gonna rock the ground Boy,tonight I'll be crowned I'm the master I've got the word I'm the lord I've got the chord Naturally I mesmerize All girls and guys Once I start the beat On and on it goes wild and sweet Again I hear the cheers See broken hearts and lots of tears I know sometimes your love is tragic But you heal as you feel my magic In your heart you've engraved my name And posted it on the wall of fame I'm the master I've got the word I'm the lord I've got the chord Naturally I mesmerize All girls and guys
  11. Me, Myself & I

    Greetings Mblack, Welcome to the Muse forum.This is TERRIFIC.Believe it or not,I could not wait till I finish listening to your very well done song which urges me to declare my true admiration.Can't find a nit...lyric is quite meaningful,music is great,your voice and vocals deliver the message neatly.Title is just FANTASTIC. What a unique repentant.Go ahead invest your money nothing to worry about. Best of Luck.
  12. Beer and Cigarettes

    Garyhale's ALABAMAS BEST goes to heaven teeporter's Beer and Cigarettes goes to hell Poor tee how UNFAIR It's just sheer blindness that "Beer and Cigarettes" is reviewed not according to its own merits as a lyric, but based on moral criteria . Well tee,please know that I like it especially the chorus. You managed to deliver the feeling of the imagery in a clear,simple and natural way. "Baby we're good together" said millions of times before and still generates the good shivers when said to one's baby. Yes,smoking cigarettes is a health hazard,but when I listen to a song about beer and cigarettes,I never think of the health effects.Heck... Your unjust preachers overlooked to deal with Garyhale's SINS found in his ALABAMAS BEST.He committed three grave sins according to their logic: 1- He grew drugs. 2-He smoked drugs which is worse more than smoking cigarettes. 3-He spoiled the cop and made him join the gang. Come on guys we are talking art... To make it clear I do love both "Beer and Cigarettes" and "ALABAMAS BEST". I hope that Gary is generous enough to send me two joints,one for me,and one for my"baby" to go with the case of beer you have already sent.Thanks a lot. All in all very well done tee,just remember your song "You Shine" I'm saying it to you. P.S. Sorry that I had to mention ALABAMAS BEST in order to make my point clear.
  13. Watch My Back - Chris Johnson

    Greetings Chris, BLIMEY, so good,so good. You really caught me Chris... Thanks a lot for this gift of fine artistry. A manly and heavenly voice singing instinctively just like breathing. Your song brought Joe Cocker (Unchain My Heart) to my mind.Also when other instruments entered the scene,again that reminded me of Skyfall music by Paul Epworth. Please don't get me wrong,you are not in anyway a copy of anybody else. You do have a distinguished elegant style of your own,which I like very much. I simply mean that your craftsmanship as well as the quality of your music is equal to theirs. "Watch My Back" is definitely Radio Ready. It won't be long till I see you holding the Academy / Grammy Awards. So promise to let me take a shot beside you. Although I am not music expert,I realize there are a few seconds of silence within the stream of music,perhaps if the tempo is a bit faster it would remedy that. All in all well done job. I guess many wannabes envy you lucky man . P.S. I listened to "My Baby's Gone" and I like it too.
  14. Dirt in My Eyes

    Hi Paul, Another very good one. I really enjoyed reading this lyric. The title is a hell of hook,takes one straight to the point. It's a very touching theme and the lyric is loaded with fine imagery.Just good stuff. You did it again.
  15. It Was A Monday

    Greetings fabkebab, Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I do appreciate your input. Regarding the "details" you are missing in the school/cool/fool part,don't you see that the kids had nothing in their minds except the"date" and the "first experience" they were eagerly anticipating... Perhaps details may interrupt the sequence of the "moment". I don't write music,and in case somebody collaborates,I am flexible and open for the music writer's suggestions,as it's got to be easy for him as well. Thanks for the VISIT and hope to see you again