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  1. Thanks for the in-depth critique! Not sure if she can reach any higher, might have to shift the song down a whole step for that. I'll definitely think about it. We're considering some harmony, she would have to sing it and we'll be trying out some different possibilities. Thanks again for the feedback! =Bob=
  2. Good

    Really enjoyed this tune today! I think the mix is a little thin, can't hear any bass guitar, is there one? I like the tune though. I think the hook could be better. It doesn't really hit where the hook is now. Good vocals, need to bring them out more. Nice track. Enjoyed the listen! =Bob=
  3. Thanks BC! Always appreciate the help. I'll be working on the arrangement and mix, actually starting completely over, with this track. Evanescence is one of my daughter's (the singer's) favorites! I need to work on my electric guitar playing! Thanks for the feedback. =Bob=
  4. Thanks for the in-depth review Mark! Always appreciated. I'll try to thin out the arrangement, we're planning on a complete re-do soon. We were going to do it over this weekend (3 day!) but got sidetracked. I wish I could play guitar better but all I can do is rhythm. Piano is my main instrument and maybe I was a bit carried away. We are trying to get some dynamics but we get to playing and, well, it just gets LOUD! We will work on that for sure. I was going to add a short interlude/solo part and I think I'll try to add that before the next time we record. Thanks again for the great feedback! =Bob=
  5. Holding On

    Really enjoyed this track! I love the tone of the vocalist. Needs to work on intonation a bit. Mostly in the chorus. Seems a little dry to me. Love the guitar. Love the interlude. We don't do that kind of stuff much anymore it seems. Piano seems to have too much room effects/reverb, sounds too distant to me. I'd like to know more about the electric guitar sounds. What's your setup? Love this track! =Bob=
  6. We're supposed to only post one song per day and critique at least 2 others for each one we post. Please read the policies? Thanks! =Bob=
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions! I've been busy this week with RL but I'll remix this hopefully this weekend. We're planning on some retakes to fix the vocals and drums. Always appreciated! =Bob=
  8. OCD

    I really love this track! Great subject, I think most musicians and writers are at least a little bit OCD. Love the guitar work and great vocal. What might give this a bit more fun would be to get stuck repeating some part of the guitar solo. Typical OCD kind of thing. Love this track! =Bob=
  9. I'm going to do some remixing today! But we plan to do a complete re-record as I think there were errors made that will make the sound less muddy sounding and I'll be taking every mixing and recording suggestion made. Always appreciate the help! Thanks TC! I'll be working on these things today and as I mentioned above, we're going to retake this one and see if we can do better. Always appreciate the help everyone! Aarika appreciates the compliments too! =Bob=
  10. Thanks for listening and the positive feedback! Yup, I'm going to work on that this weekend. I believe I made an error in recording analog effects with the vocal when I usually only record them dry and add digital effects later. I think it has both now. I'll be working over the mix this weekend. Thanks for listening Joe. I'll th8ink about that. Thanks BB. Thanks for the feedback Murphster! Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback and support! =Bob=
  11. Poor Ian

    Enjoyed this track very much. Reminds me of 10cc. The opening is a little lackluster, I wanted it to get going. Really like the quality of the recording too, come remix mine! Nice work! =Bob=
  12. I think this is a cute song. I also believe it goes on for a bit too long and could be reduced to the most interesting parts. For me, the vocal is difficult to listen to. It's quite nasal. Work on that and make it pop with just the essential lyrics! Enjoyed it! =Bob=
  13. Dirty Money

    Nice sounding track Paul! Gritty. I think that opening lick with what sounds like a violin isn't fitting well with the track. I wanted to hear electric grungy guitar instead. To me, your vocal sounds too nice. I wanted a more dirty and rougher sound. Still a great track! Really enjoyed it. I listened several times! =Bob=
  14. Thanks Patty, she's my daughter! <insert proud dad emoticon> =Bob=
  15. Castle Made of Tears Unpublished Work, Copyright © R. Dobbins Vocals and Electric Bass: Aarika Ravelle Verse 1: Lady Macbeth I can hear you crying Deathly afraid your spirit is dying Ice cold ambitions fly out of control You can’t deny the great power you stole While blood lies wet on the knife You steal into the night No candle will ever light that darkened soul, Oh... Chorus: Drop by drop every tear that falls Builds your rising castle walls Over the years, higher and higher Standing alone, one grand survivor Beneath a crown of fears Drowning in your castle made of tears Verse 2: Lady Macbeth midnight finds you walking Heavy asleep your conscience is calling Hateful corruption pours over the young Your mind explores what can’t be undone Foul hands forever unclean Deep shame buries a Queen Tomorrow will only bring a bleeding sun, Oh… [Repeat Chorus] Bridge: Three witches revealed the future And sealed a wicked fate Was it prophesy or persuasion Ringing the bell so very late To mark this grave occasion With Hell pounding at the gate [Repeat Chorus] Tag: Drowning in your castle made of tears Drowning in your castle made of tears =Bob=