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  1. RIP Stephen Hawking

    And he died on Pi Day! 3/14 =Bob=
  2. Recent shootings

    There were, then it was modified to become the M16... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ArmaLite_AR-15 After acquiring the AR-15, Colt promptly redesigned the rifle to facilitate mass production. Based on the final ArmaLite design, most notably, the charging handle was re-located from under the carrying handle, like the earlier AR-10 to the rear of the receiver, like the later M16 rifle. Colt then renamed and rebranded the rifle "Colt ArmaLite AR-15 Model 01" After a far East tour, Colt made its first sale of Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifles to Malaya on September 30, 1959. Colt manufactured their first batch of 300 Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifles in December 1959. Colt would go on to market the Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifle to military services around the world. In July 1960, General Curtis LeMay, then Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, was impressed by a demonstration of the AR-15 and ordered 8500 rifles. In the meantime, the Army would continue testing the AR-15, finding that the intermediate cartridge .223 (5.56mm) rifle is much easier to shoot than the standard 7.62mm NATO M14 rifle. In 1961 marksmanship testing, the U.S. Army found that 43% of AR-15 shooters achieved Expert, while only 22% of M-14 rifle shooters did so. Also, a lower recoil impulse, allows for more controllable automatic weapons fire. In the summer of 1961, General LeMay was promoted to Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, and requested an additional 80,000 AR-15s. However, General Maxwell D. Taylor, now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, (who repeatedly clashed with LeMay) advised President John F. Kennedy that having two different calibers within the military system at the same time would be problematic and the request was rejected. In October 1961, William Godel, a senior man at the Advanced Research Projects Agency, sent 10 AR-15s to South Vietnam. The reception was enthusiastic, and in 1962, another 1,000 AR-15s were sent. United States Army Special Forces personnel filed battlefield reports lavishly praising the AR-15 and the stopping-power of the 5.56 mm cartridge, and pressed for its adoption.
  3. Recent shootings

    As I tried to point out, it's all about the target. Big, massive target allows for mass shooting. Small moving targets require more accuracy. Assault rifles provide the user with the ability to switch between modes. =Bob=
  4. Recent shootings

    The shooter in Vegas had a bump stock, but the shooter in Florida did not. The shooter in Vegas was shooting into a tightly packed crowd and didn't need to be very accurate. A bump stock is only useful for when you don't really have to aim very well, like when shooting into a tightly packed crowd. =Bob=
  5. Recent shootings

    The point is, you said they had two years when in fact they had 4 months. Simple fact that exposes your fake info and hopefully others will stop paying any attention to you. The wheels of Congress moves slowly, everyone knows it, so getting the ACA in 4 months is actually a wondrous accomplishment. So please stop spreading misinformation. =Bob=
  6. Recent shootings

    Reminds me of "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" - All hail the bomb! =Bob=
  7. Recent shootings

    Donald Trump says he’s open to Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons age limit – or even a ban! http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nati...202733214.html Excerpt: Sen. Dianne Feinstein got a high-profile boost for her new legislation to raise the minimum age for purchasing assault rifles. President Donald Trump raised the issue, unprompted, during a roughly hour-long televised meeting with Feinstein and other members of Congress Wednesday afternoon at the White House. “I think it’s something you have to think about,” Trump said at the gathering to discuss school safety. “It doesn’t make sense that I have to wait until I’m 21 to get a handgun but I can get this weapon at 18,” he added, referring to assault rifles. Trump’s comments came the same day Feinstein and Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake formally rolled out their bipartisan legislation to raise the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons and high capacity magazines from 18 to 21. The California Democrat, sitting directly to the president’s left at the White House meeting, interjected at one point, asking if he’d sign legislation to raise the age to 21. Trump said he’d give it “serious thought,” even though he acknowledged the National Rifle Association opposed such a proposal. The president said he’d been “asked that question more than any other question” in the wake of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people. He also didn’t rule out the idea of outlawing assault weapons, like the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle gunman Nikolas Cruz used to mow down students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High. Feinstein pitched her 2017 legislation to renew the ban at the beginning of the meeting, handing Trump a copy of the bill. She was the author of the original assault weapons ban that President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994. It expired in 2004. Later, the president asked Sens. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Joe Manchin of West Virginia if they could fold Feinstein’s legislation (and another proposal from Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobucher) into their bipartisan background checks bill. “Can you add what Amy and Dianne have, can you add them in?” Trump asked. Feinstein’s gleeful reaction, smiling widely and appearing to plead with Toomey and Manchin, immediately began circulating on Twitter. Congressional Republicans, meanwhile, were trying not to grimace. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas tried to pour cold water on Trump’s suggestion about the assault weapons ban and other proposals the president advocated for during the meeting – which are well beyond what GOP lawmakers are willing to consider. Gun rights groups also promptly rejected the president’s proposals. “President Trump and Congress need to stop talking about passing more burdensome gun control laws and start working to pass common-sense legislation to protect and advance the right to keep and bear arms,” Richard Thomson, grassroots director at the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, said in a statement.
  8. Recent shootings

    This is not completely correct and has been debunked. You should look it up before you make statements like this. =Bob=
  9. Recent shootings

    That's why I think the government can ban bump stocks since they effectively turn the weapon into a full auto. We will see... =Bob=
  10. Recent shootings

    I would just like to point out that the term "Assault Rifle" has an official definition and the AR-15 doesn't comply, although it is a very dangerous weapon. The loose application of "Assault Rifle" gets in the way of reasonable discussion. YMMV... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assault_rifles By strict definition, a firearm must have the following characteristics to be considered an assault rifle:[2][3][4] It must be an individual weapon; It must be capable of selective fire, which means it has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and burst/fully automatic fire;[5] It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle; Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine; It should have an effective range of at least 300 metres (330 yards). =Bob=
  11. Recent shootings

    She's very pretty though... =Bob=
  12. Recent shootings

    I think he means this one: The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of =Bob=
  13. Digital Man - Rush https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rush/digitalman.html =Bob=
  14. Really nice! Love the vocal. Lyrics could be better. Still a great track! =Bob=
  15. Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    I once complained here about a lyric because of its content and it was rather quickly removed. I regret that now. If moderators remove things on their own, it's their right to do so. But I shouldn't have reported the post and will not do so in the future. =Bob=