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  1. Collaboration Contest Scoring - April 2018

    Dancing shoes Team Lyres Music: The S Lyrics: Lyrical Dancing shoes Well I never had much Always was poor But saved a few dimes For the dancing floor I’d swing the girls round ’Cause they’d never refuse Till I wore through the soles Of my dancing shoes There was one girl I met So light on her feet Her long hair would swirl As we twirled to the beat She put on some weight Then she gave me the news And I thought I’d float out Of my dancing shoes Found a small place, made it our home Then the cruel bank... called back the loan Oh she took our girl moved away I long for them everyday I’m like a sun with fading rays When the radio plays A song from those times I’ll comb through my coins For a handful of dimes But I can’t go back It would give me the blues ’Cause I just don’t feel right In my dancing shoes
  2. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Ha! Of course I'd go and do something like that...in the 11th hour and all!!! I'm on it! Thanks O!
  3. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Edit: Right post. Wrong place. Corrected.
  4. Books?

    Ok, sure, I here you. We all use it in it's simpler forms. And get in touch with it on a daily basis. I meant in it's much more complex form. I guess I'm messed up because of one of my teachers at school. He showed us the real meaning of polyrhythms by letting us keep the groove by clapping our hands on 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 8 bars, during that he played whatever he felt like, in whatever time signature and beat he felt like, and he always came back right on the one!?!?! We had a hard time clapping, hehe, how he simultaneously could keep track of "our" beat while he was off to some african or brazilian country and managed to hit that one is beyond me. I was amazed and a bit disgusted at the same time, because right then and there I realised I'll never be as good a drummer and be able to do what he did.
  5. Books?

    Oh and Moso, polyrhythms?!?! Wth?!? That is some serious stuff! Do you ever use it? I came in touch with it when I studied drums in LA somewhere around the year 2 BC, other than that I've never come across it or used it in my own music. I don't see it happening either. Just curious.
  6. Books?

    Ahh, books! I seriously don't know where to start. I simply love 'em and buy as many as I can afford. Last week I got shipped 7 new ones!?! Most of my books are music related, be it "How to" books or just books about various areas of music. I have books about playing drums, harmonica, banjo, guitar, music theory, lyric writing, producing and mixing. You name it. Other books I have and/or constantly look for: Lyric collections. Poetry and/or poetry collections. Autobiographical ones. English language related books. (I have to have them, I'm a Swede after all.) I also buy a lot of books just for the sake of sparking inspiration, about certain people, events, history or whatnot. I use iBooks for downloading the classics which are in public domain. I also can't help myself, so once in a while I buy ebooks, though I wholeheartedly believe they couldn't ever substitute for a real book that you can hold in your hands. There's a special feeling about that. It can not be replaced nor achieved by a simple ebook. Never. Oh, and I haven't read a book in swedish in about 30+ years. I made a decision in my teens that if I'm ever going to be good at writing lyrics, to learn the ins and outs of the english language, I have to stop reading in swedish. I decided it'll be of no use and a waste of my time. So I haven't since. Yeah, that's how f'd up I am when it comes to music!!! I'll check the shelves and see if I can post a few favourites of mine.
  7. SONAR for free

    @HoboSage I agree! That is how it should look. Unfortunately (aesthetics only), I'm way too entangled in Logic to ever consider switching to an other DAW, so sadly, my virtual mixing console will not ever (?) be as beautiful. The people at Propellerhead have always made beautiful and cool looking stuff, one could almost suspect they're from a really innovative and awesome country?!?!?!
  8. Recording setups.

    Now why can't I accept a similar approach?!?! That's good for you Moso! For me it's the exact opposite, well, I'm not saying it gets more important, not at all in fact, but I do have to admit I get more and more into the art of song crafting as the years go by, just by sheer love of the whole process. Writing/Recording etc. It's just boiling inside of me as it always have, now it's more than ever. Sigh. Any day now, perhaps even I shall be released.
  9. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Team Lyres is...ahum...making progress, but the way this is going I'll be done approximately 20 sec to midnight Saturday!!! And this is all on me, it has nothing to do with Lyrical, he's done a superb job and provided me with a lyric that I just loved. No, I'm the one freaking out here!!!! Hehe! Ah well, no time to loose, back to work! Great stuff so far, keep 'em coming.
  10. March Lyrics Contest

    This was fun!!! Congrats to the top scorers, well, congrats to all really, a great variety of lyrics and I must say the competition is fierce around these parts. Hehe! I also thought it was really hard at times to "hear" the lyrics sung in my head, and I quickly realised how important it is, for all of us lyricists, that people who "read" our lyrics really get the rhythm of it, if they don't, the lyric could be lost on them. I mean, some words and phrasings makes perfect sense in a song, but read only, it could easily be missed and just look weird. Ah well, just an observation as a first timer in the lyric comp. Please, pay me no mind!!! Again, great fun, awesome bunch of lyrics from everyone and hats off to Iggy for hosting! All the best, Peter Edit: Oh I completely forgot to say, I absolutely loved "The Rain"!!!! L O V E D it!!! My top score and it won, yeah!!!! More than well done Donna! I tip my hat.
  11. Yeah, I bought his book "Making sound" some time ago, there's absolutely useful info in there, filled with tips and tricks, especially a few technical solutions and also some philosophies that I liked surrounding making music. But there's also some that is way too, hmm how should I put it...modern, digital and artificial, for my taste. Not a bad thing at all, I just can't find a place for it in the music I'm making. All in all, I thought it was good and do recommend it. After all, we can't have one too many books can we?!?! Good stuff Moso! /Peter
  12. Music first lyric writing?

    Nameless, Here's what I do, and I'd say I do it this way 99% of the time. Below is my very first draft of a song called Bourbon Street, this is before it became Bourbon street. It's just me recording the chords and the melody with nonsense words. (The sizzling noise in the background is the frying pan, not unusual for me to get song ideas when I cook, much to my wife's delight since that also might lead to me burning whatever it is I'm cooking!?!) After this is done. I then sit down and put words to it, trying to preserve as much as I possible can of the melody. Again, this is how I do it 99% of the time. Oh, and I take no responsibility for the words I sing, I simply have no idea where they come from!!! Not entirely sure this is what you asked for, but I at least thought I'd throw this out there so you can see it more clearly from a different perspective. (music/melody first, lyrics second.) /Peter First draft: Final:
  13. La la las (or the like) in songs

    I haven't used it either, though many have, heck even Bob Dylan's done it. I might have to do it or at least try it in the near future. Good topic! Maybe this might be an idea for a future contest challenge, every song must have a la la la section?!?! Or not. What do I know.
  14. What an honor to be up there with Paul's song! I can only agree with many of you, there was one song in the field that moved a lot of us, what more can you ask of a song? Truly a great piece of music Paul, and of course, that was also one of my picks. I had two I was sure of, The trouble is and Ironknee's Starry eyed. After that is where it got tricky for me, picking only 4 turned out to be a real challenge. I swear, I think all of the songs at one point made my top 4, but I could not decide on which two that would join The trouble is and Starry-eyed. I agree with Ironknee, the songs this month were not miles apart, far from it, but it had to be done. In the end I went with RoadDog and Mike B. I liked those two songs from the get go. Thanks to all of you for the very kind words. Hearing that some of you guys like and enjoy what I'm doing is the best, I mean, my wife is dead tired of hearing my songs as she's around for the whole songwriting process and get to hear them a thousand times, so this is about the only place where I get feedback. So again, thank you so much. Means a lot. And a big thanks to Joan for hosting. /Peter
  15. Have you always been you?

    Yup, same name, so I am always me. Personally I see no reason for me, or anyone else for that matter, to change their name. Out of curiosity, why have you had different names? I think I joined, 2014-2015 maybe...then I had a sudden urge to ask the admin of the site to erase my account because I then believed this and a couple of other music forums took too much time away from my songwriting. As you can see, that was a really successful move on my part. /Peter