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  1. The S

    Unashamed cheap plug :)

    In this day and age, it's what you do. Subbed. I've only got insta on my phone which is....around...here...somewhere...!!! 😄 I'll get to it when I find it. Peter
  2. The S

    Look Out !!

    Damn, I'd love to see that. Please tell me Färingsö made the tour?!?!
  3. The S

    Music isn’t the Same

    This and this. Spotify and their feature where you can choose radio based on artist and/or a specific song has got me hook, line and sinker. There is such a vast treasure out there with new and old music to be discovered, if you know how and where to look. I'm amazed at how many old and great songs/artists I've completely missed and never even heard of. I'm equally amazed at how many new really talented and good artists/songwriters there are. Also, I read, anything and everything and whenever I stumble on some artist or song I haven't heard about, I immeditately check it out to see if it is to my satisfaction. Be it Spotify, Youtube or wherever I can find it. I find a lot of gems this way. OWLR, I'm rooting for you, just keep looking, turn every stone you find, and eventually you will find your way back to loving it. And remember, if you want to be a good or great songwriter, you need not only to write music, you also need to listen to it. Same with being a writer, you need not only to write, you also need to read to become one. I actually find myself in a state today where I listen to, discover and love music more than ever before. My interest and passion has not declined, on the contrary. Hang in there! All the best, Peter
  4. Yup I echo what has already been said by others, other than that, lovely tune and beautiful vocals. If you just drop the auto-tune, you've got nothing to worry about. Solid and well crafted piece. /Peter
  5. The S

    Listening to whole albums

    If you haven't seen this I recommend you do. Beautiful and haunting.
  6. The S

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Nah, I'm the one at fault here, not you Murphster. You my dear sir, hosting this on your free time and all, are not allowed to say you're sorry, that's my prerogative. 😏😀 Just hope I didn't add extra trouble for you. Need to step up my attention span the next time around, that's what I must do. Cheers, Peter
  7. The S

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Sorry for messing up, for some reason I was certain Sunday was the last day. Apparently it was not. 💩😉 Congrats to Ironknee, Paul and lyD. 👍
  8. Still one of the best songs I've heard on here, it's just an incredible piece of art Steve. So so good!!! 👍 Peter
  9. I beg to differ. Even in the price range you're talking about, I still think there'll be a significant difference in quality between the two examples, but if you move even further up to $1000 or more, it will sound a lot better granted you know what to do with it, than a $100 preamp and/or a $150 mic. Of course, no gear alone will make any of us or our recordings sound like pro, but if you've got everything in order, treated room etc, and it all comes down to what mic and preamp you use, in most or at least many cases, the more you invest, the more quality you get. IMHO. Peter
  10. The S

    August 1+1 Song Contest - Results are In.

    Iphone recording. Sorry 'bout that. 😎 A Burden On Me Music & Lyrics: S Landin Jr A burden on me Well love I hear is getting closer Soon it’ll knock on my door It’ll come falling like the rain Easy my mind and numb my pain And the hurtin' will be no more I remember you spoke of dancing And the time it was midnight and one I looked straight into your eyes And I saw them liquid fires Like a broken, like a broken son And that night you sang of moonlight Sang of a love so violently free Like birds resting in their nests Like there was nothing to protest Like there was no one but you and me So I have come to sweep the sunlight To put it in your strumming hands To lay mercy at your feet Through victory and defeat And watch you sleep ’neath the poor man’s land Well love they say is getting closer Soon it might be close to home But I’ll never know a flame Burn so fiercely once again It’s coming home like a rolling stone So tonight I will drink for the lonely I will drink for the songs you set free And I do and must confess To have nothing is worse than less But today, it’s a burden on me A burden on me
  11. The S

    Oh my...

    Visst e den!!! Sjukt kul o spela kan jag säga, har suttit hela kvällen o kan inte slita mig. Hehe! Thanks for the tips ya'll!!! See, I'm more southern already.
  12. The S

    Oh my...

    Just marks. Cool, diddley bow is the real deal. I'm not there yet. Been watching Justin Johnson vids all day and also some Shane Speal stuff. Always wanted to have one but too lazy to build myself. At least I got one now. It's a lot of fun to play that I can tell you.
  13. The S

    Oh my...

    No frets, it's painted that way, for guidance I guess. Action is high and played with a slide according to tradition. Imma bring the Delta to Stockholm. 😎😋 (No I won't but I'm very fond of pretending I've got some mojo, until I start playing that is.)
  14. The S

    Oh my...

    ...I got this in the mail today. Now only if I knew what to do with it?!?! Ah well, it's back to the woodshed for me...again. Beauty though ain't it?!! 😋