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  1. Muscle Shoals

    Pics or it didn't happen!!! Yeah, watched the doc and absolutely loved it! It would be fantastic to actually be there one day and to see it all with my own eyes, it's just...it's not exactly close to Stockholm!?!?! Ah well, one day perhaps! Cheers, Peter
  2. This is great and a superb start! I really think you've got something here. Love the acoustic guitar comp and your voice! Only suggestion so far is to use dynamics a bit more. Hold back that awesome rhythm guitar at times and then show it full force other times. Really good! Keep it up! Oh and IMHO, you don't need more lyrics, just like Short Order Kook I also wonder what the lyrics are about, but I think that's a good thing. Don't show too much, makes us wonder!!! Cheers, Peter
  3. April Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Thank you for your votes guys and gals, appreciate it. It's been a busy week/month, not so many ups but rather way too many downs, so these news are truly welcomed. Thanks! I'll return shortly to post my comments. Great turn out, great songs and a big thank you to Paul who hosted flawlessly as always. Cheers, Peter
  4. April Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Bourbon Street Music, lyrics and everything else: S Landin Jr Bourbon Street So long to you my friend it’s time that we split ways I’ll forever remember you, oh the bad and the good ol’ days I’m bound and all I know It hurts me to let go But who knows I may plant my feet Down on Bourbon Street Too fast, you and I, we were young and wild at heart Made the world slow down it’s pace and follow us right from the start Like a restless blowing wind beat down upon your skin We were friends, we were enemies Down on Bourbon Street So long to you my love, don’t you cry ’cause we’ve reached the end As you well know I bleed the same, but still consider us the best of friends Now I’m bound and all I know It hurts me to let go But for you my love, I’ll skip a beat Down on Bourbon Street Yeah for you my love, I’ll skip a beat Down on Bourbon Street
  5. February Song Contest - enter by 27th Feb

    Thank you very much...again!!! It's been a great year so far!!! I'm so glad you guys like the song. For whatever reason it is that we write, at the end of the day all we can ask for is that somebody like what we do. It's the ultimate compliment and means the world to me. Thank you! Congrats also to ClintLeonard, GaryHale and all other competitors. Great line of songs this month, again. My comments are as follows: Seduce me : Eric Borgos The verse is really good, like really really good, and I think it is far better than the chorus in this song. The chorus does not succeed fully holding my attention. The lyrics are good and gets the message across but only that. In lots of places they’re close to being borderline cliché, too many rhymes/words in there that I’ve heard before makes this song not stand out. IMHO! Production and vocals are superb as always! Friends of Richard Perkins : ScenesFromPalacio Good song but leaves me hanging with quite a strong taste of the fab four, which does your song no favour. I’m referring to, partly the intro, but mostly the tempo change part, it’s still good but sometimes when you so strongly make the listener think of another artist in the middle of your own song it’s not always a good thing. I’d say you should’ve killed your darlings! Without the tempo change part the song would be stellar! IMHO. Lyrics as always are great and the vocal performance is one of your better ones. Damn This Field - PaulCanuck Fantastic intro. Through the whole song, you leave me wanting more power, the power you show at 2.40, I think I’d like that through out the whole song?!?! Hehe! Great lyrics (as always) and great song but I think you can do wonders if you brush up the production some towards the dirty and loud stuff. More is more, crank it up and add power!!! I wanna hear it powered up!!! =) Rolling On : Jambrains I dig it! It’s a mix of a lot of songs yet none. The production is top notch but what might give the song that extra flare would be to tone down those drums, make ’em less busy, especially the toms which sound just a tad too artificial. Toms and cymbals, more than other sounds, are what gives you away when you’re dealing with computer drumming. IMHO. Mexican Wind : GaryHale I like this song and the lyrics a lot. The song has grown on me after a few listens. Idk, I might be wishing for some change in the chord progression or something, sorry for being vague, it’s just a feeling and I can’t be more precise than that. This song is truly good as is but there’s something needed to make it great. The vocals and production are really good. Also as I've mentioned before, be careful with those toms and how computerised they sound. Sometimes it's better just to leave 'em out if you know what I mean?!! IMHO. Get Gone : The Nameless Untold I think it has potential and the foundation is solid. Right now it lacks dynamics and variation, the various sections sound too much alike. but as i said, it has a lot of potential. Thumbs up on the whistling! Good stuff! My Baja Bug : neuroron A timeless and classic production and song which you do superbly. The overall sound is exactly right for this kind of song. Love your vocals on this and if anything, I thought at some places you lost a bit of sincerity in your vocals, just a few lines and words here and there, a sincerity which you otherwise managed to capture perfectly throughout the song. Good stuff! =) Alpha Dog : RoadDog Close but this song still needs work IMHO. Mostly because the guitar, drums and vocals don’t blend together sonically for me. There’s also a few timing issues in your vocal delivery and personally I would've preferred a little less distortion on your vocals, you've got a good voice sir, show it!!! ;-) Ahhh I guess it’s just me being too hard on you RoadDog, especially after you wrote ”Falling”. That song gave you away buddy, now I know what you’re able to do you know!!! =D What I love though as always with your stuff is the lyrics and the truly awesome attitude you put on display. Keep it up!!! =) Out of time : ClintLeonard Wow! Hold on to this singer, he’s fantastic. What a voice!!! This is a really great and catchy pop song. I love every aspect of it, absolutely top notch songwriting! Music, lyrics and performance, all of it! I tip my hat sir! Good job! I was the one : chazmataz Oh, this is Crosby, Stills and Nash, just without as many harmonies, good to see they made it in the end of the song. I dig it! Especially the vocals and your voice. Good production and the bluesy piano is a nice touch. Cheers, Peter
  6. February Song Contest - enter by 27th Feb

    Elegy on the death of an American girl Music/Lyrics/Production: The S Elegy on the death of an American girl Sail on, on wings so paper thin High above the sea Yeah sail on, on to conquer all And you will not leave me be Oh shades will gather ’round Storm’s a coming too Overturn the sun It’s the rolling of the sea Shaking of the trees And I can’t tell you If love will make it through It ain’t alright, American girl I’ll walk with you No it ain’t alright, American girl I’ll sing for you When a new dawn will rise and bring us song You know I’ll sing it too A new dawn, oh I hope it won’t be long Gonna tell them about you Oh shades will gather ’round Storm’s a coming too Overturn the sun It’s the rolling of the sea Shaking of the trees And I can’t tell you If love will make it through It ain’t alright, American girl I’ll cry for you No it ain’t alright, American girl I’ll sing for you
  7. January 2017 Song Contest

    You've got a way with words Steve, I always enjoy reading your posts! This one in particular, it's almost like I wrote it myself!!!
  8. January 2017 Song Contest

    Thanks to all who voted for my song, appreciate it immensely. As others already stated, a loooooot of great songs this month. I personally had my votes on Hobosage - All the way to the sea and Ironknee - She's in love, those are killer songs with equally great performances. Also dig lyD - Broken hearted boy. Powerful songwriting all around. Cheers, S
  9. I need help writing a melody.

    Oops, a little late but still, WOW!!! Nice solid work on the lyrics. I'm impressed! You've got a real talent with words my friend! I hope you keep it up! Great stuff and fingers crossed, I wish you find someone who can help you out with this!!! All the best, Peter
  10. 2016 1+1 Song of the Year Contest

    Congrats Goldfish, it's a superb song!!! I also have to give props to RoadDog for falling, love that song. A great year and a lot of fantastic songs. On to the next one... Cheers, Peter Oh, and thanks Alistair for running it.
  11. I too had "The Wreckage" as one of my top three. Absolutely love that song!
  12. What an honor! Thank you all and I'm thrilled you liked the song! I think I'll have a beer tonight! And congrats Jason grabbing 2nd AND 3rd, I suspected it was you breathing down my neck!!! Now regarding the prize money, you want my account number or do I receive this ridiculously large sum thru paypal or what? Good year and a great collection of songs, congrats all! Cheers, Peter
  13. SOTY for 2016

    I do, I do!!! Hence I was, with a wink, pushing you ever so lightly in the direction of hosting it. And it also gave me an excuse to post a vid of Mr. Stiller doing "do it", that can never be wrong. Tell me you did click on the dots?!?!?!
  14. SOTY for 2016

    Tom, why don't ya just...!!!