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  1. yolama123

    Mind Ya Nose

    This is a really cool song. I really enjoyed your vocals all around. Your voice is very interesting and I love the melody along with the vocal harmonies. It also works really well with the ukulele playing. Really, it comes down to this, in my opinion: You have an awesome idea going here with plenty more potential, but it's not refined and doesn't flow very well. From about 0:30 to 1:09, that is really really enjoyable and keeps the listeners attention well. After that, a lot of the time, it doesn't feel like it's really going anywhere, and drags on a bit. The instrumental part in the middle especially runs long. The beginning before that section runs a little long, too. I think if you were a little more deliberate and careful about what goes where and how long it takes, you could have something even more amazing. My advice would be to map out the song thoroughly. Identify where you want the song to more intense or less intense and the feelings in each part, look at what you have and how you can modify it to really keep the listeners attention throughout the whole song, and add or remove harmonies or sections accordingly. What it really needs is a little more very deliberate variation. I don't know if any of that makes sense, but I hope it does :). Love your voice, and at its heart, really cool song. As always, take it for what it's worth, and I hope it helps
  2. Hey Fulvio. Really cool song. I know essentially nothing about genre classifications, so I can't really help you there, but hopefully I can still give some good advice. I loved the beginning, the feel, the ending. The verses are top notch in my opinion, and I like how it ends on a second. It sounds really cool I don't intend to, but I think I'd really have to echo fabkebab. It's really the chorus that is the weak spot. I think I get what feel you're trying to go for, and I really like the idea. However, it could be either the chord progression or the harmonies, but it feels a bit awkward to me. Especially that initial "Why oh why do I feel this way." I think you start something really awesome with the first and second chords and harmonies in that phrase, then the third feels like an awkward transition. It took me a few listens to it to get the feel for it. I almost wonder if the third chord would be better diminished, but I'm no expert on that :). I think you're really close, and if you just took a hard look at the chords and harmonies in the chorus, you could fix it up to something that's really something. Sorry I can't be more specific. I'm truly still just a beginner in music, but I try Keep in mind, this is all really just opinion, so take it for what it's worth ;). Overall, great stuff, and I hope this helps
  3. yolama123

    River Walk

    I actually had to re-upload a song once. After posting it, I realized I didn't set the parameters for how long the export should be, so listening to it (already posted), it had a long silence after the song ended then continued with whatever random crap I had afterwards :). What I had to do was copy the link the song had, delete it, then upload it again giving it the same link, and it seemed to work fine after that. From that moment on, I vowed to always listen to a song one more time before posting XD. You could could also share the new version as a private link or something. Only shareable to the people who have the link. Depends on if it's worth it to you to delete it and repost
  4. yolama123


    Thank you Fulvio. That is some great feedback :). I'll definitely experiment with my singing level. I actually hadn't really thought about it that way before, and I'm glad you explained it.
  5. yolama123


    Hey Charlie. Cool stuff :). A lot of this is my opinion, so take it for what it's worth The best part for me is definitely that first hook from 2:08 to about 3:00. Really cool explosive effect going into that that kept my interest through it. Echoing daryl, definitely some good bones there with the hook. I also like 4:06. The drums really caught my attention again. Outside of that, it does drag on a bit. Especially the beginning. It does have a cool atmosphere, but it's long enough that it loses the listener's attention. I would just go back and see what sections you can cut in half, because I bet you could and it would sound even more natural, not rushed. The section from 0:23 to 1:13 could definitely be cut in half. Maybe even a fourth. Just looking at the time, 50 seconds is a long time to listen to the same thing. Also, 4:38 sounded like it had a cool segue into the hook, but then keep going. I'd even say it lost some momentum going into that next section. I think after that, you could even cut that next section out, maybe even put it somewhere else, or you could make it more intense than the last section before the diminuendo into the hook. I think that could help a lot. Again, just an opinion, but a common one I'm sure Lastly, I don't feel like the layers get too much. I think it works well for you. And the transitions overall are very good, aside from what I just mentioned. Again, cool stuff :). I'm awful at atmospheric stuff, and I always appreciate someone who can do it well. Hope this helps
  6. yolama123


    That does clarify. Thank you I guess what I'm getting at now, then, is how could I make the song better to live up to the quality of the track? For future reference mostly.
  7. yolama123


    Haha. Thanks Icey. I'll definitely look into that Thanks for your feedback fabkebab. I'm glad you like it :). I'm having a little bit of a hard time following what you mean by track vs. song. I'd love to hear more about in what ways the song took a backseat to the musical fun. Also, thanks for the advice with my vocals. I appreciate your honesty that that's the weak spot. I'm not self-conscious about it, so take whatever jabs you'd like :). Historically, my voice my voice hasn't been very good, so I've been working hard for the past few months with a vocal instructor to get it where I want it. It's remarkably better than it was, but still not there, and I'll get there eventually. I'll definitely take your advice and try that more in the meantime, though
  8. yolama123


    Hey Icey. I'm glad you like it :). I did add both reverb and delay on the vocals. Just not a ton . So maybe a bit more?
  9. yolama123


    Hey Icey. I think you put up the wrong link. After finding it, though. really cool arrangement and production. I love the sound you've created with the distorted vocals in the background. Overall, very well done. Just before the second verse, there's a part where it goes quieter that is really cool. However, I think if you halved the length of it, it would increase the flow of your song greatly. I love the verses, but I think the chorus could move a little more. Personally, I'd like to hear a little more percussive element in the upper ranges, but but that's just me :). You mentioned wanting some darker elements. I think if you moved the bass a little more, it would help a lot, and you wouldn't need to add much more. Not necessarily move it up and down a ton, like funk or bluegrass, but one thing I've done before that seemed to work well was to keep the same bass notes, but play it twice or three times in the space where you normally play it once. If that makes sense. I think if you did that and move what you have a little more, you wouldn't need to add a lot else and muddy up your mix. It would also really help it to add a little more energy and be less static. Of course, I'm still learning, so take it for what it's worth. Great song, though
  10. yolama123


    Also, I know I rushed a little bit. I'll work on that. I'm still working on my voice
  11. yolama123


    Hey guys! I wrote this song at the end of a storm when I finally paddled my way to shore and feeling the pure joy and relief of having made it there. In this song, I'm talking to God, having just conquered that self-inflicted storm. I really wanted to convey the pure joy and love I felt, and the love I had. How did I do? I'd also like to know how I did with the arrangement. I did some fun things with the chords and harmonies, especially in the chorus. At the end, I wanted to have this sound of a huge choir, more like an audience screaming this melody, but I couldn't sing it, so I replaced it with synths. Did I work around that well? I've also been trying to work on on the production aspect, so how does it sound? Any advice is appreciated! Miracle: It’s been a long road trying to get to you And longer still finding my way Though it’s only been one minute, maybe two It feels like millenia away Though it’s hard to see When you’re twenty miles away I’m getting closer and closer Every day And I’m better Better than I Have ever known Brighter than skies And pure as gold A little surprised At this miracle I’m better than I’ve ever been Now I know that the journey’s not over And potholes and detours aren’t few But I’ve come to know as I’ve grown older I can make it if I just trust in you And it’s hard to see When you’re twenty miles away But I’m getting closer and closer Every day And I’m better Better than I Have ever known Brighter than skies And pure as gold A little surprised At this miracle I’m better than I’ve ever been Now I still fall down And I still get scared Always discouraged, encouraged To give up and call it the end But I won’t give in No, I won’t back down I’ll rise from the ashes and lashes We’ll pave our way straight to the crown Though skies aren’t refraining from raining My heart is with you so I’m (You have made me) Better Better than I Have ever known Brighter than skies And pure as gold A little surprised At this miracle I’m better than I’ve ever been (x2) Better Better than I Have ever known Brighter than skies And pure as gold A little surprised At this miracle I’m better than I’ve ever been Better than I’ve ever been Better than I’ve ever been
  12. yolama123

    Back To the Wishing Well

    There are some cool ideas I really like in here. I like the guitar part and the overall idea. There are a few parts that are a little awkward. More than once, you put the emphasis on the word "the." What I mean by that is that "the" is on the downbeat, giving it stronger emphasis than "wishing well," which is what the song is about. I think it would help you greatly if you placed the lyrics as follows, underlining the beats: Here's how you have it: Back to the wishing well Back to the new grindstone Here's how I think it could be a little better: Back to the wishing well Back to the new grind-stone I hope that makes sense. I bet that if you just say those words normally, those are the syllables you would emphasize on your own. It's best to write that way because it feels more natural and less awkward. Also, I like the idea of the key change in the middle, but it's executed very awkwardly. I think if you were a little more careful about it and lead into it more, it could work well. Also, if it's too awkward, I don't think you necessarily need to go back down. It may work to just stay up there in the new key, or even change key again. Some really cool ideas, though. And as always, take it for what it's worth
  13. yolama123

    River Walk

    Really enjoyable song. I love the arrangement all around. I really like how you arranged the phrasing for the verses, and I think it works well for you. I also like the banjo in the chorus. Nice touch. As far as production, to me it felt slightly left heavy and a little bass heavy. This is a very viable and lovely song, and like you said, with just a little more discipline, it could be all that much better. I'm no producer, so take it for what it's worth, but I think a little more careful EQing and compression could suit you very well. In general, however, it is very well done. Love the song
  14. yolama123

    I'm Not the Bad Guy

    Personally, I'm a fan of your music, and this is a really well written, good song. I especially love the synth you add in the second verse that's only two notes and switches between ears a little bit. It really adds a lot to the style and the feel of the song. I also think you did an excellent job marrying the vocal melody with the background countermelodies in what sounded to me like a series of little two note motifs. It works really well to my ears. Awesome job. Going back to Fabkebab, I completely agree with the double edged sword of fitting too much into your own style. I don't think you went too far with this song, but there is definitely a good balance. There are many artists I've fallen in love with as a listener, and when they come out with their next album, I've become disinterested because it sounds exactly like their previous album. Again, I don't think you've gone that far, but it's always something to consider. That being said, I love your fun, quirky style. Keep up the great work
  15. yolama123

    Best Of Me

    I really like this song. I really do :). Personally, I like that the chorus flows with the verse, but that's coming from a non-conformist as far as song structure ;). I think it works really well with the style of this song, and it was applied well, making the verse/chorus one phrase, then diffentiating from the next verse, making that the next phrase. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to add a little more variation, but mostly I'd like to see the end chorus have a little more grandness. Going along with skingswell, that last chorus could stand out a bit more, which I think you did a good job with your vocals, but the other instruments didn't seem to follow suite as well as they could've in my opinion. But as always, take it for what it's worth ;). Great song