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  1. Thank you for your positive feedback! I hope to one day get the chance to be able to professionally record some more music. That would be fantastic
  2. While I was a couple of days late, I did respond about a week ago. Did you check your inbox? I looked at your songs and so far I think we may be able to make something. Full details were in my reply
  3. My name is Mike, I am 24 years old, and I have been playing piano for close to a decade now. The inspirations I have are only a few of the many on my list. Other artists I look up to are, (in no particular order) Bruce Springsteen, Bob Segar, Simon and Garfunkel, Randy Newman (don't judge) Meatloaf, the Beach Boys, Marc Cohn, and many more. I'm telling you this because while I don't want to copy any particular artist or come across as just as unoriginal, I do believe it's important that the lyricist also love this music as much as I do. It's the kind of music I grew up listening to. That, and some older country music but I really don't listen to that anymore at all... The kind of partnership I want, is someone who is dedicated to me, as much as I am dedicated to them. Meaning I'm not going to go searching for other lyricists while we're a team, or re-use the same melody twice for two different lyrics or lyricists. The kind of teammate I want, is the kind where I would go to my mailbox, open it up and say, "Oh, so-and-so sent me some more lyrics, let me see what I can do with this." We are a team, you send the lyrics, I write the melody. The kind of lyrics I want are the kinds that will be sung in front of an audience. Love songs are fantastic however if I only keep singing and playing one love song after another, it can get old and the audience can get bored. Songs about something other than love are an often forgotten, yet important ingredient in songwriting. Such as, Turn the Page, Bennie and the Jets, Seen the Lights Go Down on Broadway, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, you know stuff like that. I did happen to have a one-time collaboration with someone. I was given an opportunity to have it professionally recorded (which was super exciting) and it is posted on Youtube (link below.) It is just a small taste of the kind of melodies I like to write. I actively avoid writing music with boring four chord progressions, and consistently do what I can to get the song stuck in the listeners head. That is my ultimate goal and I consider it a great compliment if the listener finds themselves humming the tune long after they've put away their headphones. With the song below, the song is one hundred percent mine, and it is one hundred percent hers. I never talk about it without mentioning that I did NOT write the lyrics, and she did NOT write the melody, but even so, the lyrics are mine, and the music is hers. Together, we created something wonderful and while we know really who did what, as far as any publicity goes, its OURS. If there were to have been any costs, (which thankfully the recording and mixing was done for free) it would have been split fifty fifty, all the time, every time. That seems to be the most fair way to handle it but I'm certainly open to new ideas. If you manage to get in contact with me, send me a bunch of lyrics that you have, let me toy around with a few because, there is a chance that the lyrics may not reach out to me like they would others. Words that don't speak to me can affect the outcome and potential of your song if I write a melody that I'm just not fully inspired by. No harm or anything, but please don't mind if it's just not quite my cup of tea. Anyway, that's my little rant/essay. Please feel free to reply if your interested. Heres the link to the song. Youtube did not only want the audio for the song so I threw together a video just full of pictures of the family that let me use their studio, and a couple of shots of the actual recording process.