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  1. Hi everyone! Our new album Valley of the Kings is available now at http://www.evansandstokes.com and also.. Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/2NYkJ46rlhQePkAe83eic6 Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/Valley-Kings-Evans-Stokes/dp/B07CND2MGY/ref=sr_1_2/134-7294343-5304520?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1524751891&sr=1-2-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=evans+and+stokes iTuneshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/valley-of-the-kings/1376994029 Google Playhttps://play.google.com/store/music/album/Evans_and_Stokes_Valley_of_the_Kings?id=Bqbhehywc5gpyipgt44dht3dtre It's a concept album based on ancient Egypt with specific focus on the great pharaoh Hatshepsut. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening!!
  2. Well we are making progress on the album and here is a sample of the song Afterlife. We hope to release this album 'Valley Of The Kings' on December 31, 2017. Thanks for listening!
  3. Hoping for a Christmas release. Working hard to finalize this one. Visit www.evansandstokes.com for updates!
  4. Actually I'm in Northeast PA, but I don't mind the 4 hour drive to go see my Steelers! I love the town too.
  5. THANK YOU Strange Dream!!! I see your in Pittsburgh. NICE! I'll be there for Steelers vs. Packers decked out in my BLACK and GOLD.
  6. This was a two person effort that took nearly a year to complete. I live in Pennsylvania (JE - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards) and my partner lives in New Zealand (JS - Lyrics, Vocals, Piano). We have only spoken on the phone one time. This album was created by sending thousands of emails back and forth to each other and sharing bits and pieces via Dropbox. It was a painstaking process but very fun and we are so proud of the end result. It's available pretty much everywhere (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, etc.) and CD's are also available. Best place to see and listen is our website. Lyrics and videos are also posted there. Go to: www.evansandstokes.com The album 'Beyond The Gates' is divided into two parts. The first half of the album is dark. It follows an individual at the end of their life with no hope. The songs are reflections on a lifetime of poor choices, and family and friends lost. In the second act hope comes with the vision of an angel. As death approaches, the angel's offer of peace is accepted. Their journey ends at Heaven's gate with the last breath. This is a Metal album but also has softer elements to emphasize the mood throughout. I hope you'll have a listen. Thank you!
  7. Thoughts on this one? Music, mix, vocals, lyrics?? Music: John Evans Lyrics & Vocals: Jenny Stokes www.evansandstokes.com He sees my stain but he makes me clean Sees my strength but he makes me weak He brings me down Lifts me up I'm nothing I'm nothing, I'm everything And now I'm And now I'm His Angel eyes they master me Oh bow down Plead For release From them He sees right through me but he doesn't tease I stand here naked, there's no escape Fear and hope dance through my shattered mind All of this from an angel's eyes And now I'm And now I'm His Angel eyes they master me The gaze of the angel pulls me in Fights the darkness beneath my skin What kind of war is this? Cause now I'm Now I'm His Angel eyes they master me They bring light And hope Eternal
  8. JLE3

    Nightmare Of My Dream

    OK Wow, you have an amazing voice! This does stand alone nicely but (and I know this is just my personal preference) I want more out of the music in order to really do your voice justice. You have power in those pipes and I would want the music to match it better. Again, I'm sure this is just me because I'm a sucker for a melodic acoustic song that builds, then drums come crashing in with distorted guitar, dramatic vocals, etc. I've listened to this 4 times now. Really love your voice. Nice job!
  9. JLE3

    You Lost

    OK so as I listen for the first time I'm thinking the lyrics are too basic an rhymey. But then as the song goes on then I get it. I do like that it could be applied to a variety of situations, but obviously with the current controversial political climate in the US that's what most will think the song is about. Nice job!
  10. JLE3

    What Am I To You

    I'm not good with riddles but the song is really good! That backing bass thing is really cool thumping along throughout.
  11. JLE3

    Rush Hour Jam

    Great main riff! I love the bass as well. I think this mix is pretty damn good. And the ripping guitar solos, well they speak for themselves. Only think I would change is the vocal thing at the end "Destination...". Came out of nowhere and was maybe a little too loud in the mix. I'd reduce the volume on it a bit.
  12. Thanks again CapM. I need to re-think these drums. Fills...easy to fix.
  13. Thanks CapM! I was trying to do something a little different with the separate tracks on this song. You listened pretty closely because you picked up on quite a bit. Thanks for the comments. We have several others where we did exactly what you specify with the guitars. Like on the one I'm posting below.
  14. A song about being forgiven. Music: John Evans Lyrics & Vocals: Jenny Stokes I CRY NO MORE I was fallen I was wasted Broken and torn Filled with greed Black desires My soul was at war Then I called out When I called out You healed my pain I am a sinner But I confess I cry no more ‘cause I am blessed No stone cast Or judgement made Just grace bestowed Healing hands Of your mercy My heart is whole Battles fought Battles won I cry no more So I thank you. So I thank you. For all that you’ve done I am a sinner But now I’m whole Black to white I cry no more I am a sinner But I confess I cry no more 'cause I am blessed Feel the warmth of your embrace See the light of your bless’ed face Thank you. Thank you For this soul you saved Thank you. Thank you For this resting place I was fallen I was wasted Broken and torn Healing hands Of your mercy I cry no more Battles fought Battles won You healed my pain So I thank you So I thank you For this soul that you’ve saved So I thank you So I thank you For this soul that you’ve saved