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  1. Should I Believe

    I made this video which I thought was kinda cool and wanted to share! Just a section of the above track.
  2. Should I Believe

    I added some more vocals to the front end. Kinda veered away from the original "should I believe" lyric from above.
  3. This is really cool. I could really hear some powerful drums coming in. I think my favorite part is at 1:46. That section is really nice but the main riff is great too! Like the galloping sound.
  4. Should I Believe

    UPDATE: I added some rough vocals today to the second half section. Maybe some lead guitar over parts of it?
  5. Oh yaaaaaa this is sweet. The beat is tight. Loving it!
  6. Iron-maiden world

    This is cool! I was digging the synth when it came in for sure. Good vibe!
  7. A Summer Place- Demo

    Nice recording! Overall I liked the song and I agree you have a great voice!
  8. Smile For Everyone

    Really nice. The harmonies are great. Love the feel.
  9. Should I Believe

    A bit of a different rhythm and different tuning on the guitar here. What do you think?
  10. Ambient 2

    Here's a sketch I'm working on. Was playing with ableton a bit on this one although I'm not that experienced with the program. Hope you like where it's going!
  11. I Could See The Day

    Another one- I like the vocal here.
  12. Nice lyrics and overall structure. Also enjoyed the solo! Great work.
  13. Whoa rock on! Great lead guitar. Nice!
  14. I Could See The Day

    Here's one more take. I moved it up a half step from the first one above: