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  1. I updated the intro and re recorded some vocals. I like how warm the intro is sounding. Any thoughts?
  2. New one! Still working on it and will be updating. What do you think?
  3. Nice groove! Digging the sound.
  4. I added some things to this and tried some layered vocal harmonies at the end per someone's suggestion. Kinda sounds nice!
  5. I was working on this yesterday. Just a short little demo. Think it could go somewhere cool.
  6. Sounds really good!
  7. Diggin it! Like the lyrics
  8. So I recorded this one this morning- I added a section to the middle and a new verse at the end. What do you think??
  9. Thanks! @Qindfish I like the idea of layering the harmonies. I'm gonna try that. @Short Order Kook I do the recording in a kind of odd way. I initially record a video of myself playing the song with my iPhone. Then I export the audio from the video and bring it into logic to level it out and add some verb. What I do next is then over dub backing vocals by just singing over the top of the recording a few times for each harmony to give it the effect of multiple voices. I don't have any expensive gear or complicated setup. Just my phone and a USB mic!
  10. Catchy tune! Really nice vibe.
  11. Hey! Here's one that I was liking. I'm working on another verse and a break but what do you think? Thanks! 2 versions:
  12. @LB76 @LooknGlass Thanks a lot!
  13. Hey! Cool sound! Catchy too.
  14. This is probably the best take I've done of this yet I think:
  15. Still just looping here a bit but this one is is a little different. Still digging the sorta tropical percussion lately. What do you think? Thanks!