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  1. Good

  2. Songs of being in awe

    I like this! Maybe you could get a bit more expressive with the vocals but digging the start!
  3. Little Italy

    Nice! Very catchy!
  4. Sorry! I'll make sure to follow the guidelines moving forward. My mistake. But thanks for listening anyways!
  5. Sometimes I make more ambient sounding stuff and wanted to share some of that. I use a lot of layering with different guitar and vocal tracks. What do you think? These are just a few.
  6. Hey! Here's another short one I was working on the other day. What do you think? We are free We can be Was it just a dream It isn't what it seemed Can't you see
  7. Dirty Money

    Great instrumentation! Nice work!
  8. Acoustic sketch

    Thanks a lot! @GoldenBlue great ideas! Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely try it out.
  9. Check this out. Just an idea right now. I've been running from all that I have doneAll I see is what I have becomeWhat I said it wasn't meant for youIf I knew I wouldn't have done it to youYou could see me all the way right through I would be there right in front of you
  10. Ghost Of Your Past

    Cool track- vocals are nice and I like the tone on the guitar!
  11. Nice! Very chill and like the lead guitar a lot!
  12. "I Would" (folk acoustic)

    Did this different version- liking the vocals more in this one. The end is still TBD.
  13. "For You"

    @Triffid Oh ya I totally dig what you're saying about the pinball wizard reference. Thanks!