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    "For You"

    @satincross Thank you so much for your feedback!!! This is one I've had for a bit now and also have other parts I want to add in but can never quite find a solid way to tie everything together. I'll try and work something up to post on here for more feedback. Cheers!

    "For You"

    This is REALLY rough but the driving guitar rhythm on this is what I'm liking about it. A bit more subdued than previous versions. Here are the lyrics again: Been waiting for you What can we do To find a way And I made up my mind It's our time Looking up Falling down A moon shown through They made way for you Made way for you

    I Dream Too

    Love the instrumentation. Lyrics are nice and I agree I'd like to hear the vocal a bit louder. Great work!

    Don't Stop

    This is bangin! Kinda has a a haunting feel to it and I dig. Nice!

    Should I Believe

    I sped it up here and switched up the guitar rhythm. What do you think?

    Should I Believe

    Hey everyone! Thanks @RealKevM and @daryl1968! Ya I like the droning nature of this also. It's supposed to be kinda hypnotizing. I think I'm gonna see what adding some harmonies to the "Be Alive" track sounds like. Will update! Also, I did this video below. FYI this is recorded in binaural audio using a product that a good friend of mine created. Has a nice sound.

    Should I Believe

    So this is kinda interesting. I took the original version of this song and reversed it (see below). I liked the vocal parts backwards a lot so I basically recorded another version that is inspired by what I heard. If we wanted We can have it Be alive It's our time

    "I Would" (folk acoustic)

    I'm really liking this new version. This a nice take but does the bird out my window ruin the recording?? I like the 3/4 groove on it also. Anyway, hope you like it. Cheers!

    See What I've Seen

    So I tried doing something here where I'm merging some of the style of the tracks above with the feel of some of the other recordings I make. Just a start. Sorry that it just cuts off at the end for now! I've been mislead I've been afraid I was hit in the head And left for dead I've been abused And I've been accused (working on the rest)

    Happy Days (Fun Rap Beat)

    Oh ya this is really chill. I like the instrumental by itself even! Awesome work!

    Fake Life

    This is awesome! You have an AMAZING voice. Keep it going!

    See What I've Seen

    Excellent feedback @R-N-R Jim! Ya these are more a collection of short sketches but the long intros to setup the songs could be a bit excessive. I do think however that this group of songs is starting to represent a more cohesive sound all together.
  13. Put this together. Different from some of my other stuff but still preserving some of the overall aesthetic.
  14. Was working on this one yesterday. I know I post a lot of short sketches on here but I like to keep moving on ideas and should really actually finish a whole song! But I was liking where this was going. My intent was to make this almost a trance and feel saturated/"wet" if that makes sense. Thoughts? See Do you know me If I only knew If I only knew Do you know me Do you know me

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    This sounds great! I haven't heard much stuff like this on here before so it made it a great listen!