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  1. Also enjoyed the piano! The lyrics are nice. Great work!
  2. Here's another one. This is from a bit ago so my vocals aren't as strong as they are now but I've always liked the idea. Lyrics: Seems I've been waiting for Seems I've been waiting for Just tell me no Just tell me no You never know when I'm running You never know when I'll be gone When I'm gone When I'm gone
  3. Nice work! I also agree about the harmonies.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I've been trying to listen to some Who songs as mentioned above by @Scotto. Anyone have any recommendations? Or anything else that people think this vibes with?
  6. Thanks! I have another part to this song but I haven't figured out a way to connect the two yet. That's what I'm working through. Here's the other part that would be in the same key and tuning:
  7. This is one I've been working on. What do you think?
  8. Nice! Great to hear stuff like this. Digging it!
  9. Sounds good! I think the intro could be expanded upon but overall nice work.
  10. This is another version of this song on the acoustic that I recorded. It was the original demo:
  11. Added some more parts to the intro which I think foreshadow the end of the song kinda nicely. Same link as above ^
  12. I added an intro and a few other things and adjusted the mix. Check it out! Working on adding some variation to the percussion for now. Here it is again:
  13. @Fulvio Ya I'm still figuring out how to work properly in logic so that's why the mix is a bit off. It's always a work in progress! I totally agree with adding more variation. The overall intent is for it to have a droning loop sound sorta like this: But I think whats working better in that song is the more atmospheric sounds and other types of variation happening. Still working on it! Thanks!
  14. Hi all! Here's a new one I've been working on. Kinda mixes some of my older sound with the new. Lyrics: See Your eyes know me If I only knew The way through I could see the day We could have it any way All I want is you All I want is you
  15. Nice song! I agree about introducing different instruments. Would really bring it to life!