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  1. Hey! Here's a new one. Was messing around with my own tuning here. I think it's a variation on dropped A or something. Anyway...hope you like it! I'm waiting for you What can I do I'm here for you If you only knew And I made up my mind It's our time
  2. Should I Believe

    Thanks everyone! Here's another version in logic that I was working on. I think this captures the intent more than the version with strings.
  3. Should I Believe

    Added some stuff- check it out!
  4. Should I Believe

    Thanks everyone! Ya the more I listened to the strings version the less I really liked it. The acoustic version has a much nicer vibe and sound. Thanks for all the feedback!
  5. Here's a new sketch I'm working on. The first version is just acoustic and the second is what I was trying to do in Logic. First time messing around with strings. I think it's sounding nice so far. I do like the vocal in the acoustic version better and want to work on cleaning it up in the other. Should I Believe Should I Believe Is it what it seems Are we free Are we free
  6. One love manchester

    I like how raw this is. Nice clean track. I dig it!
  7. Friend to the End

    Nice! I like this a lot.
  8. Kinda like this one. Still unresolved but like where it's going. Moon shown through They made way for you I'll be gone I'll be gone What I said It wasn't meant For you If I knew I wouldn't have done it To you I was such a fool I was such a fool You could see me All the way Right through I would be there Right in front of you
  9. Tables Turn

    Really nice vocals!
  10. @RH0650 Love the feedback. Thanks a lot!
  11. Champion

    Really catchy! Nice song!
  12. How about this extended version?
  13. I wrote this a while ago but tweaked it and recorded it early this morning. Sun rise if my favorite time to write music Early in the morning Save me when I sleep Early in the morning Save me when I sleep She says she knows me Same things that we keep Same things that we keep You got to save me when I sleep You got to save me when I sleep