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  1. Nightingale

    You are my Destiny

    Hey T.C What a quality recording! Displaying good imagination and ability. Interesting chord progs, nice use of the bass, love the bit at 1.05 Lyrics don't work for me but most don't, including my own. Great solo work, you know your scales clearly. Would perhaps benefit from a breakdown rather than the pause, or maybe just skip the pause. It's a very good, dynamic piece of work.
  2. Nightingale

    Run Away With Me

    Nice one Scotto You have a strong voice and its recorded well. I don't think it needs the distortion though. The chorus is super catchy but the hook maybe needs less repetition. The solo does need some variation in the note values. I thought so anyway. I listened on headphones to make sure I caught the bass line and I felt it was lacking a little. I dig the verses your voice and the chorus, so very good job.
  3. Nightingale

    Change on my mind

    Dimitris Many thanks for your kind comments. I'm not sure I myself can improve on production as I really don't have the knowledge. I may now concentrate on a more simple approach- 1 guitar, 1 voice and hope I can still create some feeling. TC Yeah, I did miss an opportunity with the backing vocals. TBO I got so fed up with the tune I would have probably screamed out the harmony part! Thanks for commenting on the solo. Sometimes the simple lines are the trickiest timing wise and I hear what you're saying. As for editing, I wish! I'm using a boss 8 track with all that cosm tech and a thousand drum loops . It's simple and that's great for me but it is limited. Jordan Thanks for the listen and encouragement. I'm not sure if I will revisit this song but I would be interested to know where you thought vocal harmonies would sit best, I had some difficulty making that call.
  4. Nightingale

    Light in a dark room

    Mike B. thanks very much for your time and comments. Of all the problems I saw with this song the vocal phrasing wasn't one of them. I will pay more attention next time. I let a friend 'mix' this as he has a degree in sound engineering! It took him 4 months! But I agree, its not well done. Tom. Yeah, that's the second, no more now, I gotta start again!. I think ill try to simplify and speed up the process. Thanks for the listen and kind words. Scotto. It's a big help, thanks for the encouraging comments. You are the third person to suggest more attitude in the vocal, so it probably does need it. TC Perkins. I like your idea about going straight into the final verse after the solo, it does seem to sag a little as it is. The mix is not as I wanted and I appreciate your pointers. Thank you guys.
  5. Another tune that took too long and may have suffered as a result, but I just don't know. If you can spare 5mins and let me know what you think that would be great. https://www.musicxray.com/xrays/1854406
  6. Nightingale

    In Your Eyes

    Hey Tom That is such a nice chorus and your vocal harmonies are great, just what's needed, no more,no less. As I and others have remarked previously, your voice is distinctive and original. I feel I am still trying to find my own voice and listening to yours makes me wanna loosen mine up a little. That's what I get from this. Cheers Tom Paul
  7. Really nice Dimitri, With so much going on its an achievement to maintain the clarity the song has. I love to play around with multiple instruments, but as I know nothing about production I can really appreciate the skill you brought to this work. Well done.
  8. Nightingale

    Grave Mistakes

    Thanks Tom Apologies, I didn't realise they weren't your lyrics! This is lovely Tom, well played throughout and you have a very rich voice. Your vocal melody and tone instantly reminded me of Beck. It builds really well (pre chorus working) so that when we hit the chorus you get that feeling that a chorus should provide-release and meaning. And that's goosebumps in England Tom! I would suggest you can do subtle! Paul
  9. Nightingale

    Grave Mistakes

    Tom, unfortunately I can't get soundclic , so I read the lyric and it is one of the best I've read on here because of its clear perspective and narrow focus . With impending doom what else you gonna think about! And with relatively few lyrics the idea is strengthened. Can you provide another link? Paul
  10. Nightingale

    Change on my mind

    Thank you Tom It is the first song but it felt like an album at times! I loved the way you described the song. It needed redefining in my mind and that comment helped! Other than my wife you are the only person to comment and yours is my first considered and objective opinion. I wanna hear your stuff! Paul
  11. Nightingale

    I'm Watching Over

    A strong idea which was supported by the music. I liked the main verse riff and would have enjoyed hearing that together with some kind of solo, I dunno why but my ears seemed to want it! Nevertheless it does deliver.
  12. Nightingale

    Wouldn't That Be Nice

    This piece has some real charm. I can't put my finger on it. I noticed I was smiling throughout. Perhaps it is the confidence it exudes. A confidence in itself! That's something for me to bear in mind when doubting my own stuff. Your voice is spot on for this. Yeah its a little rough in places but the idea and feel is solid. Good work.
  13. Hope this link works, if it does you will find the lyric and the tune on the page. I spent too long on this tune and got too close to be able to judge anymore. I'm not a singer, only a songwriter and this is my first completed song. Any comments are welcome. https://www.musicxray.com/xrays/1868554
  14. Nightingale

    How to post songs

    Thank you kindly Neal
  15. Nightingale

    How to post songs