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  1. LB76

    Time travel

    Thanks Kiya. Yeah I think your right. Maybe I didn't quite understand what sb was getting at but perhaps it would have been better to keep with that pov. I've already handed the lyrics over to someone and they have done a first recording but maybe I could still do something with it
  2. LB76

    Time travel

    Thanks Paul. I'll certainly consider these tweeks when I come to polish it off
  3. LB76

    Time travel

    Thanks for the feedback Buddha. I sort of disagree with you in the point about him just going on about his past. I feel more like he encouraging people to do it because that's what he loves doing
  4. LB76

    Not so long ago

    Good one Steve. Nice flow and I could really hear this as a song. What I like about it is, although it's not majorly poetic or fancy, it is very emotional. We've all been there, wondering where it all went wrong. There is a real sadness and honesty to this song. The way the love of your life and best friend, one minute, is suddenly not in your life at all. You care but they don't. A lot of us will relate. Good job.
  5. LB76

    Time travel

    Time Travel Time travel anyone? Come back and have some fun Just step inside, just step inside Stare back into the sun Find you when you were young Just close your eyes, just close your eyes If you find me lost In a day I'd forgot Don't show me the way home And if you find me gone To the memories of a song I'll be where I belong Time travel here we go Through towns we used to know Just take it slow, just take it slow Go visit friends of yours Friends that are here no more To say hello, just say hello If you find me lost In a day I'd forgot Don't show me the way home And if you find me gone To the memories of a song I'll be where I belong Quote
  6. LB76


    I think this is an excellent lyric. I love the verses and the chorus. I'm not sure about tags full stop but I suppose it's a country thing. Also I'm not sure about the bridge, I think it's a clever twist but it sort of adds a comedy element that I think it could do without. I think I'd lose the tags and bridge but the rest is right up my alley
  7. LB76

    Blue Pencil

    , ,,I like this a lot gary. I like the blue pencil thing. It's different. It's maybe a bit repetitive but I don't mind that. I disagree with the other comments. I disagree with the whole progression thing full stop. Song aren't stories. Some tell stories yeah but it's usually a turn off for me. Too many on this site are hung up on the rules of must progress, must have start, middle, end, must be clear, must have correct rhyme structure. It's a load of nonsense if you ask me.
  8. LB76

    The madman and the lover

    thanks everyone. Lots of helpful comments here. Might sit it on the back burner for a while and come back to it at a later date
  9. LB76

    Naked Santa

    I thought this one was up there for me. It was the cleanest and best worked lyric of them all. The only thing that went against It, I reckon, was the fact that it was a joke song and lacked depth for obvious reasons
  10. LB76

    The madman and the lover

    Thanks Kiya. I agree there is both a madman and a lover in most of us. Certainly is in me. I know what you mean about the holding hands line not quite adding up but it's just another way of saying hand in hand. Like the madman and the lover go and hand in hand with each other ie you don't get one without the other. This was actually the original line but I changed it because the line before said side by side so I wanted to mix it up a bit
  11. LB76

    The madman and the lover

    Thanks Simon. Good ideas with the music. I'll certainly mention if I can find some one to collaborate with on it
  12. LB76

    You Made Me

    I get that barneyboy and struggle with it myself. I also know that like myself your not a musician and just writw lyrics. I actually prefer simpler lyrics that are more song like. Too many lyrics we read on here are all clean, perfect rhyme scheme and structure, good progression, tell the story with a beginning, middle and end but in reality how many songs do we listen to that are actually like that. Not many. Not the kind I listen to anyway. Truth is if your not a musician nd are just putting words down without a voice or music you are up against it and its very hard to get that feel across. We might put down lyrics that sound great in our heads but without the melody or music we've got to go the extra yard to stand out whilst adhereing to the rules
  13. LB76

    The madman and the lover

    Thanks Mike and Kerry, as a non musician things like song structure is something I dont always grasp so I'm grateful lfor the advice Thanks Frankie. Usually when I write something I have a certain musician or band in mind. In other words I try to mimic my heroes styles. In this case i was thinking of an elbow style song. I dont know if you've heard of elbow but worth checking out if not. Thanks again for the critiques folks
  14. LB76

    You Made Me

    Alright barneyboy. Personally I thought this was decent enough and definately deserved a higher placing. No real nits as far as the actual writing goes other than there are a lot of these sort of lyrics on this site and this sort of thing doesn't really excite me. Maybe its the lack of originality that affected the scoring.
  15. LB76

    Love is memories

    I think this is a really good lyric Anna. It's nice to hear a lyric that actually sounds like a song. I have a couple of nits. The watching old tapes line doesn't seem right somehow. Like it doesn't fit with the rest of the song or maybe I just think you could do better. Also if it's about a lover that's passed awat I'd change the line, "Though you've flown back home". It threw me off because it made me think someone had left home for pastures new as opposed to died