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    I really don’t consider myself much of a musician. I write the lyrics and compose in garage band as a hobby, but I don't play any instruments all my music is composed by the use of loops.
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    I have a deep interest in rock and classic country, however my musical taste are all over the place. there are few genres that I don't appreciate.

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  1. Scoring is now open. PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR SCORES: 1. Please send your scores via PM with the title "MARCH SONG SCORES." 2. When you send me your scores, put the number to the left of the song title, like this: “1.5 - Song Title.” 3. Also important…leave a blank spot for your song, but keep the title in the list. For example, if your song title is “Seven Heart Stones Are better” your scores should look like this: 4.5 Song Title 3.0 Song Title ....Seven Heart Stones Are better 1.5 Song Title 4. Please read and rate each song using the scoring table below (Scores of 1.0 and 5.0 should be rare). Copy and paste the list at the bottom of this post and insert your score to the left of each title. Then send your scores to me (The Nameless Untold) in a Private Message before Midnight, Midnight (MST) Sunday, April 2nd. - Do not rank the songs, from 5 down to 1; use the criteria below - Do not rank the songs against each other; use the criteria below - Do not score your own song 1.0 - Excellent 1.5 - Almost Excellent 2.0 - Very Good 2.5 - Good 3.0 - Above Average 3.5 - Average 4.0 - Below Average 4.5 - Poor 5.0 - Very Poor IF YOU HAVE ENTERED A SONG IN THIS CONTEST YOU MUST SUBMIT A SCORE FOR ALL OTHER ENTRIES BEFORE THE DEADLINE OR YOUR SONG WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AS AN ENTRY. Please note that I will be giving each entry a score equal to the average of the scores they provide to ensure no one can benefit from bias or being unduly harsh to the other entries. Here are the entries to score: Three - Seven - Oh - PaulCanuck Don't Doubt My Heart - IyD Little Stones - Fabkebab There You Are - ScenesFromPalacio The Better Man - Ironknee Good luck!
  2. There is still time to enter the March Song Contest (1+1 Format), but time is running out. So, get those entries in.
  3. Welcome to the March Song Contest – a 1+1 Format contest. For any newcomers, 1+1 means the entry is limited to one instrument and one voice. No doubling, harmonies, extra instruments, etc. Think open mic and you'll get the picture. I will be hosting this month so PM me with any questions please. The timeline is as follows: • Entries will be accepted now through Midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST) Monday, March 27th. • Voting (scorecards) will take place Tuesday, March 28th through Midnight (MST) Sunday, April 2nd. • Don’t start voting until I officially post the scoring instructions on March 28th. • I'll post the results shortly after the April 2nd voting deadline. (hopefully only a day or two) If you plan to enter, please review the revised rules, pinned in this forum. When posting your song, please include: •song title •writer credits (If it’s a collab with another Muser please make that clear by including their M/M id) •audio link Please include the lyrics on your post. You may include a small introduction about your song but any other text may be removed by the moderator. Videos are permitted. (Voters will be encouraged to refrain from watching any video until after they've scored the song.) All Musers are welcome to submit songs as contestants or score the songs as non-contestants. Any questions or problems should be sent to me (Oswlek) via private message (PM). Good Luck Everyone! Michael
  4. That is all the encouragement I need.
  5. I'll host a march song contest if no one objects to that. I'm thinking of a 1+1 contest since there was mention of that in the last one. However I will host two separate contest if there is interest in an open format as well. What do y'all think?
  6. Cnagratulation to The S ClineLeonard GaryHale and to everyone else good stuff all around. Thanks for hosting fabkebab. Seduce me : Eric Borgos This is a much better song than the scores show. The music is great. The production is great. I love the horns and the vocal delivery. But, that chorus killed this song for me. Just about anything other than seduce me would have been better. Seduce me puts all responsibility for the passion the song speaks to on the other party. I just couldn’t get past that. Friends of Richard Perkins : ScenesFromPalacio I loved this song. Nice change of pace at the chorus. It has a real good beat. I didn’t care that I don’t know who Richard Perkins is. “tips a cheeky wink” what a great line. It put a smile on my face as soon as I heard it. Damn This Field – PaulCanuck This is a real nice song with great imagery. You certainly have a way with words. Rolling On : Jambrains I really liked this song. I found the last part of the chorus a little confusing. “The strong ones just get stronger and the weak ones just get lost” I’m guessing the subjects were the weak given the rest of the lyrics but I just couldn’t figure that out. I originally marked the song down because of that, but because I found myself singing it throughout the day I came back and gave it a much better score. I thought the vocals were real nice and it is a very catchy tune that has stuck with me. Well done. Mexican Wind : GaryHale This is a very professional sounding song, and if there had been a story in those lyrics it would have been a contender for first place. I just wanted something more from this. It just felt like every verse told me the same thing. I know he wanted out of Mexico but I never found out why. Elegy On The death of an American girl : The S What can I say about this one the scores speak for themselves. Outstanding. I figured this song would win the contest before I even finished listening through the first go round. My Baja Bug : neuroron it has a nice fun sound, I just had a hard time getting into this. Maybe it is because I’m not much of a car guy. Alpha Dog : RoadDog I liked the guitar work on this. Nice solo. I thought the vocals on the bridge didn’t fit to well with the rest of the song. Out of time : ClineLeonard Nice up tempo well produced pop song. I have to agree with others, great vocals. I was the one : chazmataz I like how the song starts. It has a good beat and I like the piano. The vocals seemed muffled and that was distracting foe me.
  7. This is quite nice. I love the picking in the chorus. I was wondering if this was going to be a song like San Antonio Stroll. Then when the music started I questioned that thought because it didn't sound like a song I would have expected to be about San Antonio but it is. That 's awesome. I really like the horns you added near the end. I wonder, if they were played in a classic mariachi style if it wouldn't give just a hint of southwest flavor to really seal the deal of being there next to the river walk. It is a good song as is, just wondering.
  8. I think you and I have a hard time understanding one another. It seems we have been here before. I would say blame lies with me given you obviously have much more musical knowledge than I. I had to google minstrels of Aquitaine to even have an idea what you were talking about. As for the Fulsum reference, I was not trying to convey that I was going after sound attitude or style, rather the way the story unfolds as a straight line from beginning to end. The chorus I only call a chorus for lack of a better word. It was the first part of the lyric I wrote and I assumed it would end up being just that. But as the lyric has progressed it has become less and less a chorus and I guess more a final verse, a small detail that really doesn't bother me. This one seems to have taken on a life of its own and I am just trying the follow where it leads. I really have no preconceived idea of genre for this. Once I start putting music to it I will figure that out. I only mention country because I seem to end up there most times being that my voice seems to fit there best. You obviously feel there is something worth wild here and I thank you for taking the time to read and comment. But I would really like to hear you thoughts as to where the chipping needs to be done, what shines and what doesn't. You have given me good advice before and I believe I have been receptive to it. Hopefully you are not offended by my response but I didn't find much help in yours, specifics would be appreciated.
  9. I'll admit I was really confused by the second line and had no Idea where you were going. but by the end of the first verse I busted out laughing when I figured it out. It is nice to laugh once in awhile. I thought the imagery was great and it flows nicely. I do agree with Barneyboy that toes would be better that feet in that second verse. However, I took the toenail moon in the sky to mean that the singer sees a permanent toenail moon in the sky due to the hole in his eye. (correct me if I am wrong) I don't have a problem with the fungus line but could see where some folks would. My issue with the bridge you already mentioned, given the humor of the rest of the song it seems to lack a bit of punch. I liked this you gave me a good laugh. I'd love to here you put this to music. I'd could even see you doing another animated video for this like you did for that We don't Have Cancel Christmas song.
  10. Thank you, this was tough one for me I have had the chorus for quite awhile but the story took a while to build. Thank you, I thought about putting a line about stars or some other light source but, at least in my mind, she was the only light he could see and when she fades only darkness remains so I thought the story was better not to include it. I even thought about putting in a verse about children and maybe they would be the stars in his life, but that total darkness at the end of the song just didn't seem to flow well if there where other loved ones in the story.
  11. I added another verse
  12. Yeah I was thinking along the same line. Just not sure where to go with it maybe somehow tying in a fading light as old age or illness. before verse 3
  13. I wanted to try something a bit different on this one. I know it doesn't follow a normal song structure, but I don't want to give the chorus away until the end of the song. I am kind of going for a Fulsome Prison Blues feel, not necessarily the genre more the way it tells a story from beginning to end without a chorus breaking up the story. Although I feel my voice lends itself to country most easily so it may well end up there. I am not sure but it feels like its missing something. What are your thoughts? Moonlight V1 She was I saw the moonlight shinning Bright she chased the darkness from his my life on bended knee, nerves he I did fight he I asked the moonlight to be his my wife. V2 Year after year, night after night through every trial and every strife she was always there shining bright the faithful moonlight in his my life. V3 Born into darkness I did not know that such a light could ever grow I hold her close as moonlight grows dim I’m left in darkness once again ---- (or, I return to darkness once again) V4 Clouds, time after time they pass trying to steal moonlight from his my grasp his ageing fingers cannot Tired fingers may lose their hold is moonlight slipping from her throne? V5 On bended knee with trembling hands at moonlights grave he I cannot stand The darkness is reborn has returned tonight as moonlights fades into the night Here lies the moonlight of my life Chorus Moonlight fades into the night a My heart breaks somewhere just out of sight sorrow’s shadow covering covers me the my falling tears, she won’t dose not see moonlight fades into the night darkness is reborn tonight now my companion for life as moonlight fades into the night
  14. I almost passed this by when I read the title, thinking it would be another drinking/party song. (Just not my bag I guess) I am glad I read it. I really liked it. I don't have a problem starting on the chorus. I liked how you changed it up each time. It is a real nice story that is easy to follow and I felt it flowed nicely. I really like how you ended it. changing that last chorus to what the hell was she thinking is an excellent choice. IMO
  15. Get Gone By Michael Williamson She’s traveled the world inside her mind. A thousand times,before. Her dreams are waiting outside the door. She says it's time for more It's time to move on, It's time to get gone. I've got the highway on my mind. I've gotta do it on my own, I'm gonna to stand alone. I won’t let time decide my fate. Oh it may make me or it may break me, but it's a chance I have to take. Get Gone, Get Gone She said Dad I'll always be your little girl. But the time has come to see the world. She's waited on the starting pistol for so long. She's heard the shot now she's out of the blocks. She wants a full life. She wants to live her dreams. She wants to set her imagination free. She wants a full life. She wants to live her dreams. She wants to set her imagination free. Get Gone, Get Gone It's time to move on, It's time to get gone. I've got the highway on my mind. I've gotta do it on my own, I'm gonna to stand alone. I won’t let time decide my fate. Oh it may make me or it may break me, but it's a chance I have to take. Get Gone, Get Gone I gotta Get Gone Oh, Get Gone.