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    I really don’t consider myself much of a musician. I write the lyrics and compose in garage band as a hobby, but I don't play any instruments all my music is composed by the use of loops.
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    I have a deep interest in rock and classic country, however my musical taste are all over the place. there are few genres that I don't appreciate.

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  1. Pompous Ass (first rewrite)

    I normally spend most of my time on the songs forum because I have a hard time imagining the written words as a song, but i am glad i stopped in here today. not only did this give me a good laugh it has a nice rhythm to it that was easy to imagine fitting to music. nice work I would agree with Fabkebab about the language by the time you got to "you fucking pompous ass" I was taken back by the strength of language not that it is entirely bad. just felt a little out of place with the rest of the song.
  2. poems vs. lyrics

    Well said.
  3. poems vs. lyrics

    I tend to say out of the lyric feedback forum because for me it is very difficult to determine if a lyric works well as a song with out having a melody in mind. If I put a melody to those lyrics it is almost certain that it will not be what the writer had in mind. That being said I think that a written poem has good meter and rhyme where as a good lyric does not necessarily need those things. Melody goes a long way in making the words work for the overall sound of a song. Some songs don't need to rhyme at all and will still sound good. So, when a written lyric reads like poetry (which in my opinion can still work well as a song) I think some people feel like there could be more effort made to break free of any standard poem structure so that a melody can mold the lyrics into a sound the will stand on its own.
  4. New Rough Rock Song Idea

    Wow totally different melody than I was hearing. Good stuff though.
  5. Dangerous

    I like it, even if it's not politically correct. It is a fun tune. If you'd like I'll could take a crack at singing it. Most of my songs end up country because my voice seems to fit it best or so I've been told.
  6. New Rough Rock Song Idea

    I really like this. I was even able to put some words to it and sing along. Very cool.
  7. You Reset Me

    I believe it was Depending On You. Of course the lyrics underwent a transformation as the melody was developed and now the chorus is much different. Although I can see how You Wreck Me may have been a influence. I actually had started out writing this as an attempt to emulate the great Mr. Petty, which is probable why I had a hard time shaking his melody. Fortunately Andrew was unfamiliar with the song and as such was unencumbered to come up with something original. Being that I still did know how to play an instrument, when I was working with him on the melody itself, I had to rely on my voice only and when he heard it he thought I carried a bluegrass sound when I sang. So here we are.

    This is why I am almost never in the lyrics forum. It is not that I don't want to share my lyrics, but that I don't know how to critique yours without hearing a melody with them. There are plenty of great sounding songs out there with almost no rhyme to them at all, and there are those that sound like a poem. Just reading the lyrics on a page is difficult to tell how it will sound as a song. Often times I will come up with a melody to see if I can make the words fit into a song but that still doesn't work well when you don't know what the writer had in mind for a sound.
  9. You Reset Me

    Thank you, Freeze didn't come into the lyrics until late in the writing. I was thinking about changing the verses up to be more computer related after adding the bridge but I liked how it sounded the way it was So I stuck with what I had.
  10. You Reset Me

    Sorry I haven't been around much but as the song says "lifes been knocking hard on my front door", and I have had to take on some side work to alleviate some financial strain. This is a collaboration with Fabkebab. Andrew was gracious enough to offer his help finding a new melody after I had gotten stuck on a Tom Petty melody that just would not let go of my lyrics. It tested my vocal range, but I think it came out alright. You Reset Me Music, Melody and Composition By Andrew Richardson (Fabkebab) Lyrics & Vocals By Michael Williamson Come on girl, won’t you join me out back we’ll sit awhile on my garden swing life’s been knocking hard on my front door and I sure could use your company yes I sure could use your company Maybe It’s time we turned off the TV Maybe it’s time to find some time for you and me. You reset me baby You reset me baby You reset me baby when I freeze. Baby, won’t you join me for a drive tonight We’ll turn on the radio and sing Cuz I feel like I’m losing this fight And I sure could use refocusing C’mon girl, won’t you help me readjust my swing Maybe It’s time we turned off the TV Maybe it’s time to find some time for you and me. You reset me baby You reset me baby You reset me baby when I freeze. Sometimes I feel I lookin’ at a big blue screen of death oh please restart me, cause I’m out of breath you reset me baby you reset me baby You reset me baby when I freeze. Yes, You reset me baby when I freeze.
  11. Girls On The Beach

    Very nice. I was kinda hoping for a subtle bit of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman hope at the end. But the song is quite nice as is.
  12. I can't say I disagree with what has already been said, except I don't think it is too slow. I really like the song the rhythm is nice. Your voice fits the style.This could be a great story song if you would just give more progression of Andrews actions in the verses.
  13. Working with others

    I don't have any experience as a performing musician, solo or otherwise, but I agree with HoboSage. Being an introvert myself, I have on many occasions let one thing after another slide and eventually ended up in the full blown resentment stage as Hobo said. it is not easy to repair the relationships once they reach that stage, it can be done but it takes commitment from both parties.
  14. Singing and Illness

    So, I have had a really productive weekend. Singing has gone well and I do not feel sick. In fact I have felt better every day since washing the sleeping bags. I have even gotten some projects around the house done that have been neglected due to the way I have been feeling. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that something was on those bags that my body really did not like. Anyway, I will keep my guard up and if this seems to be returning I will get another check-up. Just thought y'all might want to know the outcome of my test this weekend.
  15. Singing and Illness

    Well, if I had my way it'd all be slang. but I guess I have my own pet peeves. BTW corrected that typo too, or two, or to ??? I blame it on not feeling well.