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    I really don’t consider myself much of a musician. I write the lyrics and compose in garage band as a hobby, but I don't play any instruments all my music is composed by the use of loops.
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  1. Break Free

    This really has a nice sound to it. Good enough that I am currently on my 5th listen. For some reason I am having difficulty staying connected to the lyrics. I am not sure if that is because they just don't stand out enough or because the music is good enough that it is taking my attention away from them. I think have to agree with Mike B. though It does have a muffled sound to it, and the chorus melody could stand out more.
  2. Wishes

    Beautiful song. What a great 1st anniversary love song. You managed to show love and an apprehension in the same song by showing expressing a belief and disbelief in wishes. "It's times like this that I wish I believed in wishes" Really captures the uncertainty that the future holds. nicely done.
  3. Songs advice

    This has to be true of almost all music lovers even some of the pro's. Music is my fix and I spend money on it like an addict. If I could convince my wife to let me, I would spend far, far more.
  4. Orphan

    I like the story you have going here. In my head I could hear Johnny Cash singing this. It almost has a Don't Take Your Guns to Town feel to the rhythm of the words. I 'm not sure if that was what you were going for but that's where my mind took it. It feel like it is missing part of the story between verses 4 and 5. Everything up to the end of verse 4 is a struggle and in verse 5 he changed and found love. it leaves me wanting more of the story. what changed? how did he find love? I think this could be a real nice tale of a broken boy finding his true love, but it needs something more. Maybe some foreshadowing kind of refrain/chorus of the love to come between verses and 2 and 3, adding a verse describing the meeting of this love and a return to that refrain/chorus between 5 and 6.
  5. Liar - Rock Song

    I really like the song it has a real good sound to it. I have just a couple suggestions lyrically. Nice work on this.
  6. Music first lyric writing?

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I had to reload the song on too my Soundcloud account as both my collaborator and I have moved on to other works. This is the finished product. FWIW, I really have grown to dislike this song. probably because we spent way to much time on it and by the time it was done I was sick of it. It is one of my most difficult songs to listen too. We ended up bringing in a new vocalist. I think she did a good job I just had grown so tried of it that By the time she came in to it John and I were about done with the song. Celebrate the day
  7. looking for a little advice

    Wow, much to read after work today. Thanks for all of the advise it is much appreciated. I get the buzz from hitting my fingers as well but for the A maj it is specifically the D string while I can't physically see it hit the fret it seems like that is the case. I have also tried this method with much the same results. The fingers fit a bit better but still not quite right. I have given Alistair's method a try and I can can eliminate the buzz with it, so that is the one I'll be using for now.
  8. looking for a little advice

    Well, I only really picked up interest in playing because writing song with loops is becoming more and more difficult. I really want the freedom that playing an instrument gives you in creating sound. My audience is really just me and you all who are nice enough to give them a listen top help point out my mistakes. My dogs hate it probably because i play so bad and my wife tires of how much I practice very quickly. I sure like the idea that I can be a lazy guitar player because so far it has been hard work. Actually the song I am working on is pretty lazy I am only using 2 fingers on my 3 different chords but it is sounding Okay.
  9. looking for a little advice

    Well, how did I missed this video? Thank you so much I have been doing it like this. your method is much easier.
  10. looking for a little advice

  11. looking for a little advice

    Thanks for this. I will have to give it a go. I'll admit I haven't really given bar chords much of a chance yet because I have found it really difficult to hold all of the stings done with one finger. but I guess I'll have to start practicing them.
  12. looking for a little advice

    I have been trying to learn how to play the guitar. I have learned a few chords and I have even written an original song using just 3 simple chords. I have been having some issues with string buzz. I know this is a common issue for beginners for a variety of reasons. Most common seems to be finger placement. So I have been working on that. In most cases I am able to maneuver my fingers into a position the eliminates the buzz except on the A major chord. I have done some searches that suggest that if I angle my fingers one one top of the other I should be able to get my fingers on all the strings needed in the same fret, but I am finding that if my bottom finger rest on top of the 2nd fret my top finger is on the 1st fret not allowing me to fully depress the D string. This is making me think that my fingers may be larger than most guitar players. Is there some trick thick fingered players use to play the A major chord?
  13. Smile For Everyone

    Not sure how I missed this. Another really nice song from you. I don't have any thing to add in the way of suggestions that have not already been said. I agree with M57, Paul and Murphster on the reverb and scaling back the music in the verses. Nice work.
  14. La la las (or the like) in songs

    I am also working on a song that uses the ohs. It is the first time I have ever done it but it feels right for the song.
  15. Meter Matters!

    Thanks for this is has given me much to think about while writing. I have often wondered why it just felt right to start singing just before the downbeat. I am not this kind of lyric writer. I have only be at it for a few years now and I still have much to learn. Writing a song for me is all about feel. It has to feel right. For me it is the words that come to mind first. If they come with a melody or it's easy to put to one, then I know I have something to build on, if not they rarely go anywhere. I will have to go take a look at my song and count the stresses to see if I am doing this or not.