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    I really don’t consider myself much of a musician. I write the lyrics and compose in garage band as a hobby, but I don't play any instruments all my music is composed by the use of loops.
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    I have a deep interest in rock and classic country, however my musical taste are all over the place. there are few genres that I don't appreciate.

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  1. So, I have had a really productive weekend. Singing has gone well and I do not feel sick. In fact I have felt better every day since washing the sleeping bags. I have even gotten some projects around the house done that have been neglected due to the way I have been feeling. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that something was on those bags that my body really did not like. Anyway, I will keep my guard up and if this seems to be returning I will get another check-up. Just thought y'all might want to know the outcome of my test this weekend.
  2. Well, if I had my way it'd all be slang. but I guess I have my own pet peeves. BTW corrected that typo too, or two, or to ??? I blame it on not feeling well.
  3. You grammar Nazis. Typo corrected.
  4. I had not seen this in my research on singers dealing with congestion. I will give it a try is sounds like good advice. I luckily do not have more than a ten minute commute to work, but I get up pretty early and have the house to myself most mornings, so I should be able to manage it.
  5. Well I am certainly not ruling out anything else but I am feeling much better since removing the sleeping bags. I still have some congestion, sneezing and itching eyes, but nothing that seems out of the norm for this time of year. The fatigue and body aches are gone and I don't feel like I have the flu coming on anymore. I will test it out this weekend. As for technique I am sure I need work there. although I have been doing some research on technique and hopefully I am getting better at it. Also I have been trying to sing a song that has been testing my range so that is probably a contributing factor as well. My overall fitness is good, my last check-up the doc told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing because it is working (mostly walking and trying to eat right). I will admit however that the walking has taken a hit over the last few moths because of how I have felt. I do suffer from a mild case of asthma, I have most of my life. However the doctors have always been impressed with my lung capacity even during an attack. It has never been an issue with singing. Can I hold a note like Axl Rose? No, but I can push a whole lot of air out of my lungs and singing as low as I do I find I need it. Anyway we'll see what happens this weekend and if it returns, off to the doctor I go.
  6. You may be on to something with the allergies. Mine have gotten worse over the years. Here I was thinking that it was just me pushing my voice to soon. but after reading your post I got to thinking that if this is all do to allergies what is so different this year from last year. It does seem to get worse when I spend time singing in my recording room. Then it hit me I hung sleeping bags that had been stored in my shed as sound blankets. I have always been allergic to molds and I never even considered that could be the source of my problem. They are being washed as I type. Hopefully this will fix the issue. Thanks for responding who knows how long it would have taking me to think it was just allergies and stumble upon the thought that the sleeping bags could be the problem.
  7. Good advice, sure enough. It is why I have stuck around. I have learned quite a bit from the folks here and I still consider myself very much a beginner. I would however say that it is a difficult board to get involved in. The veterans here seem quite reluctant to offer advice to some (at least that is how it felt when I started out). on the flip side it is also difficult to offer advise when you view yourself as a beginner. Because you may like something but you may not now why, or you may not like something and don't know how to express what it is you don't like about it. This is where I find myself much of the time, so I end up viewing far more post than I respond to. Maybe this is true of every message board, but there are a few that are especially harsh in their critiques. They offer good advice with a horrible bedside manner. Yes there are some thin skinned folks that are easily offended by a less than positive critique. but there are also some that seem to forget that there are beginners here who could use some encouragement along with that constructive criticism. For some putting out something you worked really heard on just to hear everything that is wrong with it is discouraging. I know most folks here are not like that and try to offer something that they like in all their reviews, but there are some that I choose to ignore because they show very little tact.
  8. Since the beginning of the year I have been struggling with illness. Nothing too serious mostly head colds, allergies, the flu and a case of shingles. It has given me fits when trying to sing and at times has taken my voice completely. But I think I may be starting to notice a bit of a pattern and I wonder if I may be trying to hard to soon. I am fairly new to singing so I don't know if there is something to this or if is just in my head. But as I have begun to feel like I am recovering and my congestion starts to allow me to sing again I have tried to start recording. The last couple times I have done this a couple days go by and I start feeling sick again. Mostly starting out as a sore throat and then moving on to body aches. I was sick again the weekend before last Yesterday and today I felt good enough to sing and actually got a couple of good takes in but after I finished today I felt that same soreness and quite a bit fatigued. I know you're probably going to tell me to see a doctor and I will, but I am wondering if you have experienced anything like this. Am I pushing myself to hard to soon and if so how do I know when to start after being sick?
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and understanding. And now (after the week I had a work, the illnesses I have been fighting and the mess I made out of this) I am going to take myself a much needed long stress relieving motorcycle ride out into the desert, and hope that my voice returns soon so that I can get back to making music.
  10. 1st Place a 2-way tie Little Stones - Fabkebab The better Man - Ironknee I am so sorry for the errors. I humbly ask you forgivness Second Place a 2-way tie Don't Doubt My Heart - IyD There You Are - ScenesFromPalacio Third place Place Three - Seven - Oh - PaulCanuck Edit 04/06/17 3:08PM MST :I apparently had a mistake in my original worksheet as well that was corrected when I transferred to text. When I tried to correct my secondary mistakes in the text I used that original worksheet. This made the one of the corrections incorrect again. I have gone back into the original score from you PM’s and copied and pasted each score individually, And that has changed the outcome. I left the mistakes in the original post for reference. I sure hope I got it right this time.
  11. You are correct sir. Thank you and everyone else for your understanding.
  12. Also this being my 1st (and maybe last) time I have run one of these contest, I had copied and pasted the rules from the previous 1+1. I may have misunderstood the average that was being added. All the contest I have been in have added a 3.0 as the score for your own song. This is what I did, thinking that the average was added in addition to that score not in replacement of. After reading a PM sent to me I can see I was probably wrong in my thinking. I will post those results as well, but it had no impact on the outcome. It does however lower your total scores and averages a bit.
  13. My apologies, Please forgive me. Your total scores are correct. I have this in excel and tried to paste it in to my post which originally looked like it took. but later that day I notice the scores where not showing. In my haste to put the scores up I made errors when converting typing it out and I thought I had fixed them all but it appear not to have been the case. Here is a pic of the scores in excel it appears a 2.0 should have also been a 2.5. Again I apologize.
  14. Much better. I liked the 1st version but when you delivered the swoop down line in the second version I was like "Oh yeah!" Too bad you missed the 1+1 contest this month this would have been a contender. hold on to this for the next one, cuz this kicks ass.
  15. The conversation here sounds like some may have hurt feelings about the outcome. May I offer some advice if this is the case for you. When I enter one of these contest I realize that I am not at the level of many that will enter. So, I set a goal hoping to reach at least an average score above 3.5 and I try not to worry where it puts me in the placing. If that means I am last, that it okay so long as I reach my goal. If not I know I have more work to do. I have not done much better than a 3.0 on any, but this feels like a win for me. All of you scored an average above 3.0 which means the average listener thought your song was above average. This is a win for everyone in my book. You should all feel wonderful about your scores. Three - Seven - Oh - PaulCanuck - I remembered this from the lyric forum. I'll admit that I was biased against it from the start as a lyric it was not one of yours that I liked. I guess it felt exploitative to me when reading it. However upon listening you made sound like a tasteful tribute. Your piano playing really won me over on this song. the way you presented it gave me a much better understanding of your lyrics and overcame my bias. Don't Doubt My Heart - IyD - This was my favorite. I love the feel of this song. I am sucker for a good love song. Little Stones - Fabkebab - The great lyrics in this one. Once I figured out what the little stones were, my mind put meaning to the word corn. It was easy to think that a corn field was where the babies where buried. Quality playing as well. There You Are -ScenesFromPalacio - Great guitar playing. Very nice delivery. I thought the vocals were quite nice and had no problem with the echo. The lyrics were confusing and hard to find meaning in, but not enough for me to mark the song down. For someone like me who tries to find the meaning in every lyric, being able to make me not care what the song is about is quite a feat. Nice going. The Better Man - Ironknee - Wonderful playing on this. Very nice melody that easily got stuck in my head. For what sounds like a protest song I like the soft delivery instead of a hard angry one. It made it much more likable for me. For what its worth the 4.0 you earned from one voter (I will not divulge who, that will be up to them) is in line with how everyone else voted. If you look at the scores by column you will notice that no votes varied more than 1.5 from their best to worst scores. Most were with in 1.0 and that particular column the best score was a 3.0 and the worst a 4.0 so this voter must have had higher expectations of all the songs than the rest of us, but still in line with our thinking.