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  1. Thanks, mate. Hope to get it turned into a song and, if so, I'll post it on this site
  2. Very classy song all round, lyrics, music, vocals. Wouldn't change anything about it. Christine has a fantastic voice and Markus is super talented
  3. Good one. The 1st verse I think is particularly good and powerful
  4. Hi, I like this. I think in particular the thing that stands out is the sense of defiance in the face of adversity and the optimism that tomorrow will be better. That's where it probably differs a bit from my lyric as I guess I was focused in just on the immediate sense of sadness. I think your lyric definitely strikes a chord with how people are feeling. There's possibly just a word here and there that I think you could tweak to make the song even more powerful. Firstly, I felt that 'frown' from 'Even though sometimes we'll frown' felt like it was just there because it rhymes? I'm not sure that frown does justice to the way people have responded emotionally. It might be worth looking at near rhymes such as ground or around? Or use town for something like 'break the resolve of this town'. Similarly, in the 1st verse, I wasn't sure about 'For such a grim display'. Didn't stand out as much but again think it might be worth playing about with to see what alternatives you might be able to generate. Thanks for posting and look forward to seeing more lyrics from you
  5. Thanks. Very kind of you. But I think you're doing yourself down too much as your song is great
  6. Thanks Kuya. No, was written this afternoon UK time so after news broke from Manchester. I started writing it as I was waiting to collect my 7 year old from school and thoughts were with the young people affected and their loved ones.
  7. Whilst not about today's terrible news from Manchester, this lyric has certainly been influenced by the sense of sadness that atrocity has generated. Heartbreaking to hear about. Not sure what the best title for the song is so have gone with 2 possible options. I originally had a chorus and a more flowery outro but have stripped the song back. The story is told from present back to the past. I see it as a slow singer songwriter ballad. The sorrow echo / I wish it was not so (Verse 1) Underneath the branches The river meanders I can almost see The sorrow echo. Flowers gently carried Caught up in the flow Whispers on the breeze "I wish it was not so". (Verse 2) Just beneath the bridges The blackness stretches Hard to imagine The sorrow echo. Children gently playing How were they to know Cries across the distance "I wish it was not so". (Verse 3) Underneath the excuses Evil purpose festers Men choose to make The sorrow echo. Their own children sleeping Whilst they pack and go Murderous intentions "I wish it was not so". (Bridge) Little girls should dance under trees Turn cartwheels in the summer's breeze Wear flowers weaved into their hair Not grieved for as loved ones despair. (Outro) Flowers gently carried The sorrow echoes Children gently playing The sorrow echoes ...
  8. Very sad and shocking news. I'm a big rock fan but never really listened to much of his work. I did check out his Nothing compares 2 u cover version last night and it's excellent. Must delve a bit deeper into his work! Also saw Alice Cooper say that within rock circles that he was known as The Voice which is pretty high praise given all the great rock singers out there
  9. Thanks. Yes, I agree that verses 2 and 4 could easily be labeled as pre choruses. May be better to do that actually, so thanks for that suggestion. I'll have a think about the wording change suggestion too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
  10. Hi Ron, Thanks for reading and for your comments. Yes, I can see how that could seem out of place. To me, the song is about teenagers who feel like outsiders. They have skipped school and they've donned gothic type makeup (the 'our faces painted / what a sight' line) and ended up hanging out in a graveyard. So I thought they might listen to music whilst having a cigarette and maybe drinking some alcohol but at the same time they're fairly reverent to the beauty of their surrounds - they can appreciate the beauty of their setting with the overgrown trees, etc. Just need a video to accompany it and it would all make absolute sense.
  11. Thanks Ron. Yes, what I visualised is that he proposes to her on the beach and then they kiss as she says yes. So I saw it as following on from the preceding lines. I'll give it some thought when I come to do the next iteration. Maybe if the last line was changed to something like 'And then we kiss beside the sea' it might make it clearer
  12. Hi Aneanani. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Yeah, singer-songwriter could work as well. On the ring line, I had in mind that he bought a fairly modest engagement ring, which could be made from something other than gold, maybe platinum or silver? And yes, he's investing in the relationship. Will have a think about whether there's a better way to express that.
  13. Thanks Emily! It's really encouraging to hear such comments. (I'm sorry though for your loss though with your friend). Yes, I posted another lyric on here previously that was on the theme of being a school misfit. It was called 'Never found' but in hindsight I don't think it was as good as this one.
  14. I like your idea of 'torn up' in line 1
  15. Thanks Mike. With the 'our faces painted' line, I was thinking about the way teenagers often make themselves up to look a bit shocking, with black eye-liner, etc. Yes, the alternative chorus was really just an attempt to bring the story to an end. Could maybe change it from the chorus meter into just an outro but I think it's nice to link back to the earlier happier times at the end of the song. Thanks for the pre chorus/verse suggestions. I'll have a think about that.