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  1. SongWolfe

    Demolition Baby

    Thanks Malcolm. Hadn't heard of the nature of that split but doesn't surprise me too much. On the 'nineteen something' bits, I knew some people would probably pick up upon that. I deliberated on it and went with it as I wanted the idea that the passage of time is a bit blurry. The protagonist can feel the emotions that he felt without necessarily being able to pinpoint them to precise moments in time. However, I'll have a think about whether to amend the 2nd reference - maybe it's too much to repeat it in verse 3. Would be interesting to see if others found that to be an issue Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
  2. SongWolfe

    Demolition Baby

    I mentioned in another post that I was working on a lyric called Demolition baby and that it had been inspired by walking past a local inn that had just been demolished. Quite sad as it was an old building and had been a much loved establishment in years gone by. Anyone, it triggered an idea for a song lyric which I've then worked up a bit. In terms of the music to accompany it, I was thinking something in a Dogs D'Amour style. Appreciate that will mean little to most people here. They were a rock band from London in the late 80s/90s. Their singer, Tyla, was/is an alcoholic and not the world's greatest singer but I think he is a very underappreciated songwriter. (And also a great artist). Anyway, I could see a riff similar to their song 'Dog's hair' to accompany my lyric. Demolition baby (Intro) Good lord, they knocked down the old Inn last night Just bricks and broken dreams left at first light And as I watched the destruction You know, I thought of you baby. (Verse 1) We fell into dirty sheets with our jagged hearts In a bedsit in Tooting in nineteen something (Verse 2) You said you hated filthy cheats who slight of hand their cards And I listened as you glistened on a steamy summer's night (Bridge) I know that we were broken But the words that we spoke of Were soft and soothing to my heart, But it seems you were intent On seeing hate where love was meant And that guaranteed we'd be blown apart (Chorus) You're the demolition baby You rigged everything to fall The demolition baby Now there's nothing left at all (Verse 3) We lost our flirty ways almost from the start In a war zone of our making in nineteen something (Verse 4) You said you hated crystal dreams that shatter into shards But you sabotaged any plans that we had for love (Chorus) You're the demolition baby You rigged everything to fall The demolition baby Now there's nothing left at all (Chorus) You're the demolition baby You rigged everything to fall The demolition baby Now there's nothing left at all (Chorus) You're the demolition baby You rigged everything to fall The demolition baby Now there's nothing left at all Dynamite, TNT No point talkin', bout What might have been You're the demolition baby You're the demolition baby (Chorus) Yeah, you're the demolition baby You rigged everything to fall The demolition baby Now there's nothing left at all Boom!
  3. SongWolfe

    LyricSlinger website

    Thanks Kuya. It's lovely to hear such nice feedback. I like writing and it's fun having the opportunity to pull together some blog posts and play about at being a website owner. Had my 1st band contact me today to be featured on my 'Promoted Artists' page, which is exciting. That's interesting that walking works for you as well. Maybe we've hit upon a common secret to creativity! My commute involves walking, train, then bus. The bus trip is too short to be much good for writing. Interestingly, I rarely get *ideas* for songs on the train. I sometimes work on ideas that are in progress, do final editing, etc, but walking is where I get the initial lines to a lyric or a concept to work on. The same can happen during swimming or cycling but with the disadvantage that it's more difficult to get the idea onto paper or app! I think I mentioned in my last post that when I was at uni (many years ago), I got a great idea for a lyric whilst cycling to a class. Indeed, I pretty much had the whole lyric but by the time I was able to commit pen to paper most of it had disappeared. Doh! Finishing up on the topic of walking, I think one of the reasons it works is that we're free to kind of go on auto pilot. Need to take a little bit of care crossing roads (!) but otherwise the mind is free to drift. And you also see things along the way that spark ideas. Today I saw that an old inn that had lain derelict for years has finally been demolished. Quite sad really as it was a nice building. But, on the plus side, an idea for a song called Demolition Girl popped into my head. Whether it actually ever makes it to fully fledged lyric remains to be seen but I wouldn't have got that idea sitting at my computer trying to think of lyrics ...
  4. SongWolfe

    LyricSlinger website

    Thanks Triffid! I'm tempted to give the cut out technique a go. If it worked for Bowie and Kurt Cobain then it must have something going for it.
  5. SongWolfe

    Life goes south

    Thanks Donna. Yes, biological refers to biological father. For the rubber band line, I wanted something that represented a nasty springing back. Personally, I think rubber band works. Try pulling an elastic band out to its full stretch on your wrist and see how comfortable you are about the idea of letting it go. Thanks for the suggestion on the bridge. I'll have a think about whether there's an alternative that might help move the story on. I've half been toying with the idea that the 3 stories could somehow be linked? If I go down that route, the bridge might be a way to weave them together
  6. SongWolfe

    Life goes south

  7. SongWolfe

    Life goes south

    Thanks Patty. Ah, that's an interesting idea. Will have a think about it and see if any inspiration comes for expanding one of those stories. In verse 1, I was thinking of a big time rock musician. Someone who is as much a businessman though as a musician and has amassed great wealth along the way. Maybe someone like Gene Simmons. The term 'corporate rock' is used interchangeably with terms such as 'arena rock' and 'stadium rock'. Glad that you like the chorus. It's my favourite part of this song.
  8. SongWolfe

    Life goes south

    A lyric about mistakes you made in your past eventually catching up on you. Not entirely happy with verse 3 - think it probably needs to be improved. Life goes south (Verse 1) Bobby was a corporate rocker Made his first couple million Had some more in the locker, Sitting in his living room Thinking 'bout buying a copter, When Lesley-Ann burst in Brandishing a gun and sayin' "Hope you got a good doctor!" (Chorus) Life goes south so fast Mistakes you made in your past Now snap back at you Like a rubber band (Verse 2) Tilly was a hard working mother Much loved by all her children Especially her only daughter, Standing by the telephone Thinking of all the things she'd taught her, As the child's biological Laughs from the other end And screams that he's got her. (Chorus) Life goes south so fast Mistakes you made in your past Now snap back at you Like a rubber band (Bridge) Life looks picture book perfect If you don't look under the surface To the naked eye Things are fine, fine, fine Cos you can't see all the short circuits (Verse 3) Mildred was a straight A student Destined for the top, hand-picked By city firm Proctor and Nugent, Lying in a drunk stupor Looking like a crazy mutant, As the biggest case of her life Played to a packed house, media scrum Looked like she was playing truant (Chorus) Life goes south so fast Life goes south so fast Mistakes you made in your past Now snap back at you Like a rubber band!
  9. Hi, I've recently launched a website/blog that features some of my lyrics and instances where musicians have worked them up into fully fledged songs. And also my reflections on my journey as a lyric writer and any tips that I might have for others who are starting out on their own journey. The website address is www.lyricslinger.co.uk It's at a very early stage of development but hopefully will evolve over the coming weeks and months as I add more content. Please feel free to check it out. Also, I've added a page that I intend to use to promote other lyric writers, musicians, bands, etc. If anyone on this site has a website/blog or a music page (e.g. Soundblend) and would like to be featured then let me know. It's free. SW
  10. SongWolfe

    Always Believe (Something Wonderful)

    Hi Ty, I liked this one and had it tied in 3rd place in the contest. It feels musical with good prosody, so fitted the scoring criteria of being able to imagine it sung. It's clearly a very sentimental and positive lyric. I can understand why some might fell that is too much but I liked that sense of optimism. And as a dad, the story of parents trying to equip their child to have a good life connected with me. The only minor suggestions I would make are: - Verse 1 is in the present tense, as is the chorus, but verses 2 and 3 are in the past tense. Might be worth looking at making them all in one tense? - I'm not sure about this line 'As he followed in their footsteps he heard every night '. I get what you mean by followed in their 'footsteps' but wonder if it might be better if it was something like 'As he followed in the ways they extolled each night'? - I agree with SpanishBuddha on 'straight'. Maybe there's an alternative that avoids the potential misreading of the word's meaning?
  11. SongWolfe

    And wedding bells chime

    No problems Paul. Having had the benefit of hearing a 1st draft of this song, I think jolted and squelching will work. I get the point about everyone not being in love with the romantic notion of weddings but some people still have that warm attachment. And on the dated point, the protagonist is towards the end of his life so probably talking about someone who got married in the 50s or 60s when wedding bells, I think, were still very much in vogue
  12. SongWolfe

    And wedding bells chime

    Thanks Fabkebab. I think the points you have made are mostly fair. It is the downside to trying to write to a formula for success. On the plus side, with some changes, I think this one will sound good even though it's always going to come across as too sentimental for some people's tastes
  13. SongWolfe

    And wedding bells chime

    Thanks Donna. It sounds like the 'story' behind the lyric hasn't come through clearly enough to some people. What I had in mind was a guy who is now old and has picked out an old photo from his wedding day. The picture is of him and his bride running for cover having been caught out in a sudden shower. Time has flown by (to his eyes) and I was thinking that, yes, he's probably faced with the prospect of death. Thanks for your lyric suggestions. I'm actually working with a musician on this song and there have been a number of changes. Hopefully may be able to reveal the finished version at a later date.
  14. SongWolfe

    And wedding bells chime

    Ha - yeah, it was too much to expect another win! And yes, couldn't resist having the final chorus build into an outro, even though it went against my findings Thanks for your comments
  15. SongWolfe

    Writing Lyrics: Formula or Freefall?

    Hi Donna. Yes, it's certainly interesting to see if any patterns can be identified but think I'll probably revert to just choosing the lyric I like best Thanks for checking out my site and the encouraging feedback. Your explorations of it have given me record site stats - woohoo! By the way, one thing I'm planning to do is to feature links to the websites or Soundblend pages of fellow lyric writers or musicians. So if anyone from this site would like some free publicity, then I'd be delighted to oblige. And I hadn't heard of the musicianscollaboration site - looks interesting. I'll definitely check it out!