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  1. SongWolfe

    Olives and Clementines

    Thanks. I took the line 'Olives and clementines' from the documentary that I watched. Seemingly they are both found in Palestine and are both recognised as fairly prominent symbols of that country. I found a website that states 'Unlike the orange, the olive has not become a dominant symbol of Palestinianness until quite recently. One possible reason for this shift can be found in the terrain where olive trees grow: first and foremost, the West Bank'. Certainly not something that I would have known until very recently!
  2. SongWolfe

    I'm running a competition!

    Since you've gone
  3. SongWolfe

    Star and a Gun

    Hi Patty, I liked this one. Had it in a tie for 5th place. I thought the lyric was very well constructed and I like the theme. (And funnily enough I just recently heard of Texas Rangers for the first time having watched the film 'True Grit' which features one) As I read the lyric though, I thought it could maybe have been made more impactful by deliberately making it the story of one specific Ranger rather than being about them more generally. Thanks for sharing the song link - it sounds great.
  4. SongWolfe

    Come Back Please

    Hi Kuya, Like Spanishbuddha I hadn't pegged this as a reggae song. Probably mainly though because we don't tend to see many reggae lyrics/songs on this site. On reading it again with that understanding I think it could work well. Would be really interesting to hear it with music.
  5. SongWolfe

    Olives and Clementines

    Thanks Gary. 'Giggling freely' is a great alternative. Freely having two meanings. Thanks for suggesting. May use that.
  6. SongWolfe

    Olives and Clementines

    Thanks Joe. Yes, I pondered whether to include the location but felt it was better not to. It means the listener is free to associate it with different locations, as long as their climate is warm enough to support olives and clementines.
  7. SongWolfe

    Olives and Clementines

    Thanks Patty. Yeah, I did wonder about those line endings. Possibly something that I will work on with a vocalist if I can get this one progressed!
  8. SongWolfe

    Olives and Clementines

    This was my entry for the September Lyric Contest. Pretty happy with how it did given the strength of the other entries and the fact that it doesn't contain a chorus. The context to this is that I was struggling to find a lyric for the contest, until I happened to watch a documentary on the plight of ordinary people in war-torn Palestine. Whatever one's thoughts might be on the politics of that conflict, it was heart-wrenching to see civilians (including children) who've had their lives ruined and who in many cases have little hope of escaping the horrors they are enduring. I originally just wrote the 3 verses and bridge for an AABA format. But then added the outro for which the characters referenced came from the documentary. I think it could work quite well as a song with sparse musical arrangement, maybe piano and acoustic guitar? Olives and Clementines (Verse 1) Olives and clementines once grew here Gaggles of children zig-zagging and laughing, Cats and dogs lazing in the shade Well-fed from the tidbits that we gave away. (Verse 2) Olives and clementines once grew here Picked by young mothers giggling preciously, Men and boys kicking balls on the grass Enjoying our lives as we did every day. (Bridge) Then the bombs came And the bullets rained, The graveyard, ravenous Swallowed our loved ones, Leaving only their names (Verse 3) Olives and clementines once grew here Now barb wire and barricades lurk horribly, Boys and girls crouching in the shadows They know their futures will be counted in wars. (Outro) Amidst all the carnage Life goes on; A hairdresser sings in his salon A lover dreams of his girl far away An amputee daddy carries his baby And the sun sets on another day
  9. SongWolfe

    September Lyrics Contest

    Congratulations to LyriCAL, Moosesong, and 9thStLine. Great lyrics. And thanks also to Iggy for doing a great job of organising the contest. I feel like I should also congratulate myself as I think for probably the first time ever, the final order pretty much matched how I scored the lyrics, taking into account instances where I gave the same scores to different lyrics. I had Pelicans, Box of frogs, and Cold Creek Water all tied for first, followed by Lost in Space
  10. SongWolfe

    Wrong Story Short

    Nice well crafted lyric. For me though the original bridge is better than the new one. I think the words 'couples rearrange' sounds awkward. We don't really talk about couples rearranging in natural speech, so it feels like it's there purely because it enables a rhyme with 'change'.
  11. SongWolfe

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    I think the real value of these contests is the collaborative creative process between the participants. Sounds like your collab has been really rewarding and that's certainly been the case for Murphster and me too. Should be lots of great songs to listen to at the end!
  12. SongWolfe

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Sounds like some good progress being made. Murphster and I are also kicking around a few song ideas. And the emotions aspect to the content is making us think from both a lyrics and music perspective, which is cool
  13. SongWolfe

    Home is You

    Thanks. Yes, I'm aware of that. The lines I'd mentioned were these ones It’s a lifetime mem’ry you hold inside and As far as I can see And I think, stresses or not, they don't match up. Joey's done a great job with the vocal and music so I don't think it really matters but when you listen to those respective lines they don't sound the same
  14. SongWolfe

    Collaboration Challenge: Emotional Impact

    Having great fun with this contest! Hope others are too?
  15. SongWolfe


    Thanks. The discussion around this has been very useful