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  1. EmilyEmily


    This is an absurd statement! It completely denigrates, discounts and diminishes the craft of the lyric writer. I should be beholden to a bad musician/producer because he or she took the time to create or produce music for my lyric? So, in your thinking, the simply act of spending time is the basis for my undying and eternal gratitude... is that correct? So tell me, continuing your line of thought, are you happy with a car mechanic who failed to properly repair your car simply because he or she spent lots of time on it? I disagree with your premise. At best it's one-sided. At worst it's patronizing.
  2. EmilyEmily

    Sea Of Shame

    I love the idea/image of drowning in a sea of shame... it's got such great potential! So many things and instances that I can think of in my own life that would fit into that image: Drowning in a sea of shame All my life taking the blame Drowning in a sea of shame Feels like I'm going insane I think this may be a bit too cryptic... but maybe with a few changes you can maintain the intended mystery but give the reader/listener something more to hook on to. (And madly wading would probably be heard as madly waiting.) I think I understand that this is basically a "you brought it all on yourself" lyric and "you deserve whatever you get." Would that be right? I would flatly state that this is not a poem, but is indeed a song lyric - in work - needing a little tweaking. There's some really interesting things going on in this lyric. Some great opportunities to expand and clarify and enhance. And you can drown, float, swim, paddle, tread, die, touch bottom... all of these can happen in a sea of shame. And what brought this person to this point? And who is telling this story and why? Just some random thoughts I had while reading your lyric.
  3. EmilyEmily

    Toy Rifle

    For me, the key to making this song work is the first line of the chorus - "Modern Times." I hear that as the title and hook, maybe Modern Times (Toy Rifle)? I think moving in that direction can give you a stronger lyrical foundation and the opportunity to really open this up and, if you desire, to make this a personal statement or a political statement or a religious statement if any of those are the direction you want to go in. I think you have the beginnings of something here but it needs to be rethought and refashioned for it to be as powerful as you may have intended.
  4. EmilyEmily

    Burning Bridges

    While I respectfully disagree with Mike and Hobo on this (and yes, they are both very accomplished and their critiques carry weight) I think there is such wonderful writing in this that I would be hesitant to change a thing. Normally I wouldn't weigh in again but this lyric is such a strong one. Lyrics don't have to be literal in every respect to make a story work. So much relies on the feelings and emotions portrayed by the singer and the world they create within the lyric. If, however, you choose to take their critiques to heart, it seems to me that lengthening the time element would be a fairly simple fix to enhance the hook. A word of caution however - tread lightly. Sometimes an entire fabric can become undone when one thread is pulled.
  5. EmilyEmily


    Can't believe this song has received so few responses! Doesn't anyone else besides me and Paul think this is a great song?! I've been humming the chorus since I first heard it... it's so memorable!
  6. EmilyEmily

    Burning Bridges

  7. EmilyEmily


    Thanks, SongWolfe, melahide and skainphi for the input and for sharing your experience. It's very helpful and gives me first hand information. I like collaborating, but I rarely do it. Probably because most of the people I've collaborated with try to marry my lyrics to some decades old production and music. Not dissing anyone but I'm not really about 70's or 80's rock... (I don't write for my parents and their friends.) I know I'm a pretty good writer that gets it right more often than not and I'm looking for individuals that share my sensibilities and are not afraid of trying new things musically and production wise. Anyway, I'm still thinking of maybe posting a lyric or two on the site but I'm not in a big hurry. I guess the bottom line is I don't want to get my hopes up and then discover I wasted time working with the wrong person. Thank you so much for your insights.
  8. EmilyEmily


    I got a feel for something like the opening of "Wrecking Ball" or the verses in Julia Michaels' "Issues."
  9. EmilyEmily

    The Gig economy

    Actually, you're giving consumers choice - i.e. financial options. I only follow up on this because it was a theme from your lyric.
  10. EmilyEmily

    Burning Bridges

    Do. Not. Change. This. One of your best lyrics. (Even I know "Boones) Bet when you wrote this line you laughed out loud that it was that good! Seems like you've got this one under full control... a tweak here and a tweak there and you're good to roll!
  11. EmilyEmily


    I think the second verse is brilliant! Love the theme of this lyric, it's witheringly contemporary and accurate and it's a theme that appears frequently in many of my own lyrics so I can def relate. (If this were my lyric I would do the PC's differently and make it about my feelings, thoughts, etc., to contrast it up a bit with the verses... and/or maybe a bridge to tweak it ...but that's my style.) The final chorus is spine tingling and chilling. A lyric like this is so dependent on the execution in terms of vocals and music... what genre/style do you hear this being performed?
  12. EmilyEmily

    The Gig economy

    I couldn’t make the transition from music gigs to current task gigs the way you lyrically present it... seemed like a leap and didn’t work for me. (Plus, the reality is I know a lot of people who have very successfully supplemented their incomes on sites like Airbnb, Task Rabbit, Fiverr, etc., so I didn’t readily identify with the dual premise... it may have been a case of trying too hard.) It came across to me as more than a bit bitter, resentful and discounting (which is fine in a song and sounds like that’s precisely what you wanted to convey) without really presenting much more than personal disappointment. When you were twenty didn’t every guy think he could be a guitar hero or rock star? That sounds a lot crazier to me than renting out a room on Airbnb or designing somebody’s business card to make a couple of $$’s... but I guess this lyric is ultimately about the passion one has for his dreams and the heartbreak that is endured when those dreams are shattered and scattered to the winds of time and age.
  13. EmilyEmily


    OMG! Best song I have ever heard posted on this site! GFETE! K1!
  14. EmilyEmily

    The Gig economy

    Just curious - my friend rents out his loft for $500 a night in NYC. During the summer he makes over $30,000. ... would this be "serfdom"?
  15. EmilyEmily

    Top of the world

    I really like the lyric. The music and vocals didn't work for me at all. I hear this as more along the lines of a Green Day. Harder, more staccato. The lyric is already so dramatic that I think music that plays off against it would be a much better way to go. Musically its a valiant effort but I think it suffocates under its own self-consciousness. I'd try for a different approach that allows the lyric to kick ass!