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  1. My shallowness and obliviousness is occasionally illuminated by a brief flash of insight...not to worry, it never lasts.
  2. Thank you for the shout out... and I won't flog you... unless that's your thing - Haha! Happy 30th anniversary - that's quite a feat!
  3. I think the PC is more memorable, has more impact and more power shortened to these two lines. The other two lines are distractions, terribly cliche and unnecessary... oh yea, in my opinion LOL! Shared a glance across the room Dancing to a Madonna tune
  4. I really like this lyric. I think it says what I wanted to say in the way I wanted to say it. I'm interested in how this is perceived and what kind of music and production you might "hear" for this lyric. Thanks. CIRCUITS Emily Bond ©2017 I always try to get my meds right I know you’re afraid I’ll go crazy one night It’s the circuits inside my brain Sometimes they short out I won’t take the blame I bleed every month, get so moody I know you’re afraid Concerned for your safety It’s the circuits inside my spot Can’t help if I cry Some day it will stop Wish I was born with an on and off switch I could control with the blink of an eye CH I’m just a victim of these human feelings A girl’s at the mercy of nature and birth I’m just a victim of these human feelings A bundle of circuits with little self-worth But I won’t complain ‘Cause it could be worse It could be worse Men seem to want my attention I know you’re afraid I’ll show them affection It’s the circuits inside my heart Sometimes they run wild Like they’re super-charged Wish I was born with an on and off switch I could control with the blink of an eye CH I’m just a victim of these human feelings A girl’s at the mercy of nature and birth I’m just a victim of these human feelings A bundle of circuits with little self-worth But I won’t complain ‘Cause it could be worse It could be worse When I’m scattered and splintered Please keep me whole From the smoke and the sparks That burn through my soul CH I’m just a victim of these human feelings A girl’s at the mercy of nature and birth I’m just a victim of these human feelings A bundle of circuits with little self-worth But I won’t complain ‘Cause it could be worse It could be worse
  5. This is one of those “academic” questions that may or may not have any bearing whatsoever on your lyric writing. I’m one of those “I know a poem when I read one” people. But I’m wrong just as often as I’m right. Generally, I have to respond in a visceral and emotional way to the written word in a lyric. I read a lot of well written lyrics on the site but don’t respond at all, in any manner. Sure, they’re cute and well written but they don’t engage me or move me or, most importantly, give me insight into the “human condition.” There are a lot of “well written” lyrics that are totally forgettable, and for me that is the ultimate definition of mediocrity... it’s like looking at a roomful of completely bland, boring and empty faces...big yawn. I think an answer to this may depend on the genre you write or aspire to write. Do you aspire to write personal or confessional songs drawn from your own experiences? Perhaps your passion is silly, fluffy inoffensive songs about trite subjects that get weighed down by their own irrelevance and cuteness. Maybe you’re one of the countless “Dylan, Beatles, Young, etc., fans who aspire to emulate their dead or ageing idols. Or perhaps you’re devoted to more contemporary and current songs and are fully aware of how lyrics, production and music has changed over the past 60+ years. EDM lyrics differ from Country lyrics. Confessional lyrics differ from Death Metal lyrics. Pop lyrics differ from Rap lyrics. I think a lot depends on what you hope to accomplish. Do you write for “yourself”? Do you write for a “career” in music? If it’s the latter, I would suggest that you pick some of today’s most influential writers (Lorde, Adele, Angel Olsen, Ed Sheeran, Sia, etc.) and read their lyrics. See how they tell a story, incorporate a chorus and a bridge. Study what elevates their lyrics to move past simple rhyme schemes and how they present old subjects in new and memorable ways. Poems or lyrics? Maybe it doesn’t matter at all how you identify or evaluate the differences or similarities. Memorable writing is memorable writing, regardless of how you choose to identify it or what camp you choose to place it in. Develop your craft. Give your readers something to hold on to, to remember, to be moved by. And ultimately, at least for me, be true to yourself, trust your feelings and take advice from people who know more than you do and whose work backs up their critiques and suggestions. The biggest mistake I ever made was taking advice from jealous and resentful people who masqueraded as friends, lovers and mentors. Enjoy. Embrace. Entertain.
  6. Hi Paul, While the subject matter doesn’t break any new ground, you present a clear and unambiguous lyric describing the polarization, as you see and define it, in the world. Where the lyric broke down for me was in the bridge. It seemed too simplistic and over-used and tended to make this just “another” lyric about the state of the world. Personally, this would have worked better for me if the bridge didn’t attempt to resolve the problem but instead continued the theme in a stronger and more visceral way and really owned it. The below examples are far from perfect but ithey illustrate what I mean: Don’t have time To meet half way Gotta destroy The world today Or Who needs a conscious Who needs a soul We’re all gonna reap What we sow This approach, in your own words, without any attempt to resolve the problem described in the verses, would make the lyric standout for me.
  7. Wow! The Luis Fonsi version has over two BILLION VIEWS! I've been hearing Justin's version for a while. Your version casts this song in a totally different light... the slow yearning and hunger that's reflected in the lyric comes across in your version. It's such a shift in perception! This is such a great song and I genuinely liked your interpretation and presentation. You sing like you have three testicles - (that's a compliment -LOL) Thank you for posting this. It was a pleasure to hear.
  8. Sorry for not responding sooner... this one got away from me. Please accept my apologies. Aneanani - As always, thank you for your thoughtful and detailed notes and suggestions. And yes, "flighty" is a real word... I've been called it a time or two -Haha! SongWolf - I like the suggestion of Pink - that's a nice thought! Mike B - I originally had "Wanna jump in bed" to rhyme but thought it may not have been a good fit. But I like the way it is without the rhyme. Paul - Hmmmm, I have to think about your suggestion for the first verse. I'm not sure that it would match the feeling I was going after. Have to meditate on that for a while. LB76 - Thanks for the kind words. I totally appreciate them! Ron - Well, I'm shallow and I'm aware of it. Do you think that makes me any less shallow? I don't for sure. Oh, and I only do "this" for attention... what I"m doing now, skimpy shorts and a sports bar for a Starbucks LOL!
  9. This is really cute and clever. Can be a fun little song. Personally I like letting us know right up front you're in the car driving... just some ideas for the 1st verse. Every day I drive through It's those sparkling blue eyes I can't wait to hear you say Want a coke with those fries
  10. John, John, John, what are we to do with you? Your lyrics are sooo hermetic at times, cloistered, like they're behind a cement wall. And they are so exceptionally and overly dramatic; at times to the detriment of the lyric, in my opinion. I don't know what the ten pounds lighter refers to...is it that you can't eat because you're so distraught? What am I missing? And some of the lines just seem so over-the-top: But you broke me into pieces Carrion’s for the vultures I can’t survive on sadness I could not detect any musicality in this lyric, try as I might. And of course, every one is going to hear SHARON, you know that, right? It''s a break-up, not a death, correct? This lyric is waaaayyy too self-conscious. I'm sure others will disagree with my assessment but I don't this lyric is not up to your usual standards! It makes me want to eat!
  11. Hi Cindy, This has a very sweet and innocent feel. Yes, it does lean more toward a poem but you could certainly make a few changes and give it a more lyric approach. Also, with a couple of changes in the words and language you can create a "kiddie song" and make it cute and childish.
  12. Peko - Many thanks for the kind words. Snarky - Thank you for your taking the time to read and post. John - Your comments are always appreciated. Kuya - Thank you for reading, leaving a comment and your pun. Paul - Thank you. I'm torn between that line myself but leaning toward keeping it. But maybe I'll try out a few alternatives. SongWolfe - Thank you for reading and commenting. that's quite a bit of alliteration - wild wind whipping -- but as I said above I'm open to suggestions. To be continued...
  13. This is really good! I could hear Hailee Steinfeld singing this.
  14. That's very kind of you to say. Thank you for compliments I posted this originally as a "Creativity Game" topic. I was wondering what some of the other Musers might be "suffering" from
  15. I've been considering putting a lyric on Kompoz. I'm curious about any experiences Musers may have had - positive or negative - about the site and the collaborations that have resulted. Many thanks!