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  1. ABull

    20th century kid

    Hey, this is interesting -- I look forward to hearing the finished song. ~Allan
  2. ABull

    Into the Underground

    Very nice demo of your song -- terrific mix and recording. Like your voice! ~Allan
  3. ABull

    Life On Hell

    Terrific demo of your song as is but it could use some different mastering (more DR). ~Allan fud
  4. ABull

    Feels Good

    Hey, this is wonderful -- your vocal is terrific -- good phrasing and resonance in your voice (so unusual today what with all the thin emo singing that's everywhere). Also, there's no autotune (at least that I can hear). Very catchy song with cogent lyrics -- well produced and arranged. I am very impressed. Good luck to you -- hope you have a career. ~Allan
  5. ABull

    Fake Life

    You've got a good pleasing voice -- very commercial...even tho you're doing some modern r&b here, you almost have a Nashville sound with that little catch in your voice. And, I can't hear any friggin' autotune which is all good for me (maybe it's there but not overbearing). I go around the radio dial and listen to what's top 40 etc -- don't like much of it but sometimes there's something good. With a good musical backing, I could easily hear you on commercial radio. (I like that your lyric is 'about' something -- not just a string of cliches -- bravo.) My sincere best wishes and good luck to you... ~Allan
  6. ABull

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Hey Tom, this was very well done -- your vocals were spot on as usual. I like the message and thought that you got that message across in an affecting manner. Good stuff! ~Allan
  7. ABull

    Pretty Blue

    Hey Paul, this is a very good demo of your song -- and demo is the operative word in this songwriters' forum, right? Good vocals, too. Enjoyed this... ~Allan
  8. ABull


    Some very good work here TC -- great vocals -- really like the harmonies. (Sure, as you said above, you're no Jon Anderson but who the hell is? ) The bass is superb as are the guitars. The mix is clear and punchy. The only nit I have is the instrumental section toward the end -- some of the timing sounds a bit off to my ears. A very good listen -- I enjoyed it...!! Allan =-=-=
  9. ABull

    River Walk

    I was groovin' with this song from the get-go -- really like your voice. The mix and instrumental performances are terrific. The lyric concept is very interesting and well-done. I'm glad I heard this...!! Allan =-=-=
  10. ABull


    Man, I enjoyed this a lot -- the feel is something of a melange of Brian Wilson's "Busy Doin' Nothing", Peter Gabriel and some bossa nova -- very creative! (At times your vocal reminds me of Colin Moulding (xtc) -- and that's good) I like the lyric concept also as well as your performances. !! Allan =-=-=
  11. ABull

    Run Away With Me

    Hey, Scott, long time no hear -- this sounds better than it did last summer and it sounded great then! Good stuff -- I enjoyed this... Allan =-=-=
  12. ABull

    She's In Love

    Hey Tom, long time no hear! This song sounds great -- very clear mix -- fine guitar playing and the vocals are spot on. The song is well written as is usual for you. I enjoyed the listen... Allan =-=-=
  13. ABull

    You Make a Zero Look Big

    A good demo of your song !! Allan =-=-=
  14. ABull

    Sadie Masterkiss

    Hey, what a cookin' demo of your song -- my foot didn't stop tappin' for a second! You did a great job on this -- the mix and playing are spot-on. !! Allan =-=-=
  15. ABull


    Very good demo of your song -- man, those demo singers in Nashville are great aren't they? Did you have this done at Galeen Breen's studio? I wish you luck with this -- hope you get a cut! Allan =-=-=