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  1. I was reworking an existing song I had written and recorded and decided that I needed an organ for a Tex Mex sound. Garageband has midi and keyboard instruments but I don't play keyboards so I did some research and came up with the Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine - a guitar pedal. I got one and tried it out - pretty darn awesome. Here is a link to a video review including the song I used it in. Hope this helps if you need a cheap way to add flavor to a recording. B3 Organ Effect Pedal Review
  2. don21480

    raise me up

    Really nice - reminds me of something Steve Forbert or Jakob Dylan might do. I like the sparse arrangement and I like your vocals. I think the honesty of the lyrics and the timbre of your voice fit well together. Great tune!
  3. don21480

    Bits and Pieces

    Nice tune - has a Toad The Wet Sprocket vibe and thats a compliment! Like the others I'm not wild about the synth. It seems a little busy - a lot going on with single note guitar, bass and drums so maybe quiet something down in the mix or simplify some of the instrument parts. Really nice!
  4. don21480

    Once upon a Time

    Nice tune - it seems to me that as previously mentioned maybe 1 guitar is all you need on this track. There is a lot of competition in the same general sonic space so the guitars are fighting each other. Maybe less treble and mid on the guitars and more bottom end would spread out the sonic listening range? It's a keeper once the accompanyment is simplified for sure.
  5. Thanks Jim - I like the "payoff" idea -
  6. Thanks for the input! Yes, we have been playing together for a while. I appreciate the insight very much. I'll try to incorporate some of your points into one of the tunes I am working on now to make them more memorable. Thanks again -
  7. Hey - I'm new to the Musesmuse. I'm a musician who is finally taking words and melodies in my head and trying to make actual songs of them. This is my 1st completed song that I took to a studio with my band and recorded. I'm the bass player in this group. I'm looking for constructive feedback. thanks! Don't Want You