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  1. I got one on soundcloud from the same person. I just deleted it.
  2. Oops...sorry, had the old link still up....
  3. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    Thanks for the read and comments. I'm rewriting this one a bit. getting rid of a verse and adding a bridge (I think). Taking heart to several good comments and suggestions. I am am going to put this to music. I have some ideas in mind. I will post when rewrite done. Thanks, Tony
  4. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    Paul, Thanks for the kind words. I have a rudimentary melody in my head for the verses. After considering several of the comments above, I've decided to work on this a bit more. I wrote it pretty fast as just a fun lyric with no real thought to make it a song, but I've changed my mind. I think it will turn out nice. I will post the rewrite when complete for further comments. BTW...I wrote it completely from experience...lol. Leaving in a minute to go swim my daily mile. Got another 25 lbs to lose. Tony
  5. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    I honestly didn't think about the imagery throughout the song on this one which is a big oversight since it's defined in the title. I will definitely work on this one. Thanks for the suggestions. Tony
  6. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    Thanks for the kind words...I will be tweaking it with kuya's and fabkebab's comments in mind. They are valid.
  7. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    LOL. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the listen. Tony
  8. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    Hmmm...this gives me a lot to chew on (see what I did there?....) I'm not sure I agree about verse one - the lines tell what I know I SHOULD be doing but just don't do. I think that flows right into the chorus. I do agree with you that vs 3 contradicts the chorus....Dang, I like the idea I have going but not sure how to resolve it.....maybe a bridge where the singer makes up their mind to fight? Thanks for the input. Tony
  9. Tony P

    Battle of the Bulge

    Verse 1: I’m twice the man I use to be I swear But it’s not by getting stronger or wise Fast food and I are having an affair And my gut’s become ginormous in size I really should be eating more veggies Counting calories and watching my weight The problem is that food holds me hostage And my hunger is as large as my waist Chorus: Well I can’t touch my toes And it hurts when I button my pants My belt’s on the very last hole Tyin’ shoes, an Olympic event Diet is a four letter word The only thing I refuse to indulge I surrendered as a pris’ner of war In my battle of the bulge Verse 2: The devil brought three boxes of donuts To a meeting that I just couldn't miss The big one with the chocolate and peanuts A temptation that I couldn't resist Thank goodness for my boss who was clumsy And saved me from committing such sin As he dumped the whole container of coffee Saturating all the goodies within Chorus: Well I can’t touch my toes And it hurts when I button my pants My belt’s on the very last hole Tyin’ shoes, an Olympic event Diet is a four letter word The only thing I refuse to indulge I surrendered as a pris’ner of war In my battle of the bulge Verse 3: I'm breaking off the chains of delusion Gotta fin'lly take control of my fate It's time I start avoiding excuses And the food I always pile on my plate God help me 'cause I need a solution I don't wanna be the man that I am Determined I will fight for my freedom So I'll never have to sing it again
  10. Interesting. I definitely have a lot to learn about song structure. I'm going to make it a point to analyze some of my favorite songs. Tony
  11. Tony P

    May Lyric Contest

    Congrats to the winners! My top three were "The Greatest Story Never Told", "The World of A Child", and A Little Meadow", and "Can't Write No More Love Songs" (tied for 3rd).
  12. Gary, I really like this! It's definitely a departure from a lot of radio music today, but that's a plus in my mind. Very mesmerizing. I was almost anticipating and echo (maybe even with a megaphone effect) on the end of the lines: "Down, and mentally empty too" and "how good would life be for you". But that could have been my inner Beatle coming thru...lol. Very nice song. Thanks for posting. I'm always interested in how the music comes together after reading the lryics first. Tony
  13. She only watching the clock

    I just finished it and posted the music.





    1. Tony P

      Tony P

      Love it!

  14. Tom, Thanks for commenting. Honestly, I have to agree on the "sameness". I originally had a different melody for the verses but ended up reverting to the original when I recorded it....lol. I put it up on soundclick as is due to the fact that I find I'm never satisfied with my songs so I never put them out there as finished. I put it up here just to see what comments I got. In retrospect, it would have been wiser to solicit critiques first. I will probably work on this some more. Tony
  15. Tony P

    May Lyric Contest

    I like cheese.