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  1. Slow Down (Sever the ties)

    Going to be honest - I don't have a grasp on this story. Very strange.

    It was in your ch. I can see 2 women going back and forth with doing the deed. A man would say shut up let's get it on. I'm guessing you're referring to my getting into her pants comment as the statement in question. Again, it's a matter of the indecision you as a female wanting to try on another female. Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that it's too late to change your mind.
  3. The last of Us

    This started out very strong but kind of lost some steam in the other v's Ch was very good.

    Oops, my bad. I presumed it was a lesbian relationship. You are right, I am not familiar with pop structure but there still has to be some kind of coherent story. I did not see your other post pointing out my mistake about your gender.

    I get it you want to get into her pants but I'm not seeing reciprocation. Is this a dream? Might be better if written as a duet. I think your ch went on much too long repeating the same thing in different phrasing.
  6. You Made Me

    Got to leave it to your imagination as to who and how he was found. Admittedly, this is a ch driven song.
  7. You Made Me

    Why do you want more? You say you relate to the pov and someone took you in. The song spoke to you and that is what is important.
  8. Walter The Weasel

    This sounds like someone reading a story not a song. What is with all the quotation marks? The weasel was trying to move in on his friend's skunk but he got denied. Ok, now what? I think the story would have been better if Walter scored. After all, isn't he a weasel?
  9. Racist

    Comment on the lyric only. Keep the politics out of it. Moderator
  10. Racist

    I agree this one might be a hard sing - perhaps a spoken song with America the Beautiful playing in the background. I really enjoyed the read and can relate very well to the message. Got a winner with this one.
  11. Love In Peace

    Certainly an effort to make a social statement but I don't think you stayed on message. Your ch is too generic and your latter v's do not extend the message of v1. The br was totally misused
  12. Little Italy

    Very nice.
  13. She Lied

    I think this guy is gonna stay with her knowing she can't help but lie.
  14. the city is burning tonight

    It's too bad, this started off very nicely but then just went nowhere.
  15. Smile For Everyone

    I don't think I am following the story. I have no idea what is going on in the ch. There are so many different things going on in the ch none that seem to have any relevance to one another. Have no idea how you get to v2. I think the story line line is you got played and you want to turn things around. I just don't think it works here.