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  1. Thank You for your feedback. The song is about contentment and wasn't meant to pack a big punch. Maybe it's behind its time. I'll work on the end of the last verse.  Thanks for your critique.

  2. Nothin's Gauranteed

    I think this just went on much too long. It really didn't go anywhere - there was no pay off at the end.
  3. Judging Lyrics

    Because I like to pick winners.
  4. Least Said

    I really don't know what to make of this one. That said, I'm wondering if those exceedingly long lines can be put to music. The title and this whole lyric seems like it is spoken slang from some part of the country that most people won't understand. I'm guessing it means suck it up.
  5. SHe's Back

    This really started out quite well but then it really faded in the pc's, ch, v2 and br.
  6. Love Always

    You should post this in the song and instrumental forum. It's a lovely piece. My only comment is it seems to have just suddenly ended.
  7. Too much too little too late

    7 line v1 then 9 line v2 then 6 line v3 - seems problematic. Seems you are just throwing out some random lines instead of trying to make a connection with any of those lines. Got no idea what's going on with this one.
  8. Angler Merkel

    First, Paul does not speak for me. Since he asked what I'm saying is there is an open border among the EU countries where refugees are flooding in like a burst dam. To say there are not terrorists among them is not my call but let me just say that bombings, vehicular murders, shootings and other terrorist acts have come exclusively from a specific religious population. Such acts of terrorism have increased significantly with the growth of the refugee population. Coincidence right Paul?
  9. Angler Merkel

    How are they getting into England or, more specifically, London? It seems there is a welcome border between France and England where any refugee making it to France can go directly into England. It's like a straight line from a 3rd world country to a rapidly becoming 3rd world country.
  10. Angler Merkel

    How many have you welcomed into your household? Just heard of another bombing over there yesterday. If it ain't open borders it appears that no one is looking nor cares who is coming in - what's the difference?
  11. Girl, Don't Do It

    Why is it important to know why it happened? It happened- things happen let your audience speculate on the why. Too much detailing leads to too much telling and too less showing.
  12. Let's Get Together

    Nice beat rap was pretty good too. Not a fan of the injustice line -doesn't seem to fit if the message is let's get together. Who is Savion?
  13. Stringin' Her Along

    A very nice and easy listen. I like old traditional sounding country and this one gave me that feel. I thought you worked in the conversation very nicely. I had a couple of issues with the lyrics but, overall, a nice one.
  14. Judging Lyrics

    You are absolutely right. There does seem to be a lack of female participation in the various forums. I wonder why??
  15. Judging Lyrics

    I like writing as it keeps me in practice in terms of keeping up with my vocabulary, putting together coherent sentences and making sure my grammar is in order. I tend to think the lyrics feedback forum is the way to go as I've just gotten a wake up call on my last one. The feedbacks are right on and that is more important than how a lyric is scored. Anyway, I like to think that I know a good lyric when I see one and don't understand how so many are so wrong by differing with me. I'm more into novel writing now - have written 2 and working on my 3rd. Can we expand the forum to post trailers from novels people write?