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  1. Use Your Words

    I don't think we get a clear message from this one. The v's say to be strong but the br kind of whimpers out softening the message.
  2. Tomorrow

    Well, since the whole story is contained within v1 I don't think you need any more v's.
  3. Young love - lyric critique

    Your count is way off in the v's. So is your rhyme scheme. Will be a tough sing with your structure - 8 line v1 and 4 lines v2 and v3. Very cliché ch that doesn't really grab me. I found this to be overly wordy, out of focus with a questionable structure. This is a perfect example of too much telling and no showing.
  4. March Lyrics Contest

    Yes, those are the guidelines.
  5. March Lyrics Contest

    I actually chose #2 but I don't understand how one is conversational while the other literal - they both read as conversational with a story to me. My issue is not how these versions are phrased because I can easily follow along and not have to stop after each line to decipher just what I am reading. Maybe I'm still following the guidelines for voting which is why I'm stuck on my position.
  6. March Lyrics Contest

    Did you read her raw lyric or did you base your rain comments on her explanation of what each line is supposed to mean? She started out with: Rain is a baptizer to lovers. What is this supposed to mean? It has nothing to do with drought, flood plains or financial well being.
  7. March Lyrics Contest

    Ok, we did venture into the muse of silliness for a while but it was fun so let's get back to the topic of discussion. I did not exactly say certain lyrics have unfair advantages - I may have inferred that in my post. I believed my comment was more about lyrics that had a lot of poetry, were wordy with over used images were the ones doing well in the lyric contests. I cited, in an earlier post, an example of how I thought your rain metaphor was used as 2 opposite emotions in the same lyric. I thought your lyric was filled with such poetry, inspirational metaphors and images. I said the lyric was confusing. You suggested it had something to do with my brain. I said that these types of lyrics, the ones most people don't understand yet is written in such elegance, were the ones that fit a formula I believed gives them an extra lift in the scoring.
  8. March Lyrics Contest

    Ok ok. I'll bring it back to topic. Donna says rain is the metaphor for both joy and sadness in her lyric. How can it serve as the metaphor for both? It makes her read even more confusing.
  9. March Lyrics Contest

    Yeah, I'll have to string some words together.
  10. March Lyrics Contest

    So, now I am left brain just because someone else contradicts your clinical analysis of my personality? Stand your ground woman, fight for your own conclusion. I don't want to hear excuses about your being discalculc, whatever that means (I tried to look up the word but the closest thing is discalced which means barefoot).
  11. March Lyrics Contest

    I disagree. The right side of the brain is the reservoir for common sense and does not function as a metaphor.
  12. March Lyrics Contest

    Notice to all, I'm writing something with that hook as I type this so I claim ownership of both.
  13. March Lyrics Contest

    Please don't misunderstand torture and participation. I choose to participate in this forum and I choose to do so by challenging myself to read and criticize lyrics. You may not like my scathing remarks but that's how I roll - people like to sugar coat so as not to hurt feelings but I have ice in my veins, or, something like that saying. I'll tell it when I don't understand and not pretend that I understand. My only confusion is why you identify me as right brain while jonie finds it ironic that I am left brain. I would really love to see the 2 of you duke it out as to which one is right.
  14. March Lyrics Contest

    Wait a minute, Donna said I was right brain. I wonder if I'm both.
  15. March Lyrics Contest

    May I suggest that those guidelines be removed from the voting instructions. Probably would not matter but it would keep "follow the rules" people like me from following the guidelines.