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  1. People are dissing him cause he left behind a wife and 6 kids. I believe a strong argument can be made for his suicide as being a selfish act. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a history of drug abuse that culminated in his taking his own life. Whatever the reason his mind certainly was taken over by demons. 41 is still relatively young - so sad so much to live for yet dying was more important.
  2. Have you ever listened to oldies, motown and big band music? Now we're talking real music that will never die.
  3. The Nevada parole board has voted to grant parole for murderer, OJ Simpson. OJ beat the rap for a double brutal murder and served 9 years for an armed robbery conviction - the irony being is that he got convicted for stealing his own rightful property. Now, he's on the verge of cashing in big time on his prison story. Good news and bad news for Simpson. Good news is he stands to make millions off his story but the bad news is that it will all go to the Goldman family who have a $30M plus judgement against him. Ron Goldman's dad is a pitbull and he will not rest until every penny is collected including interest which alone should run in the millions. OJ is dumb as a nail but he sure is a lucky dumb shit.
  4. Chester Bennington commits suicide - dead at the age of 41. More to follow.
  5. When one loving heart lies still The other simply loses will My interpretation is: When one love dies the other loses the will to live and they go together. Quite touching I think.
  6. Maybe overly poetic especially with the changing choruses. The br and the first ch say it all.
  7. My problem is your structure - 3 v's before hitting the ch. I understand why it took 3 v's as your ch would not work without that 3rd one. Maybe change a line in the first ch. Also, "there" seems to appear too often.
  8. I disagree. I believe Paul is right in his assessment of the musician's role. Unless you already have a melody to go with your lyric I believe any musician who is willing to collaborate on a lyric should have your utmost appreciation. If you do not like the resulting song you should, at least, respect the effort put forth by the musician. Finding a musician to collaborate on your lyric is difficult enough. Your attitude may only cause a potential collaborator to say why waste my time.
  9. I think if you left out your honey and just made this about you this lyric might work better. I'm thinking maybe finding a honey or 3 in Colorado to celebrate your winnings. I know it's just about dreaming about winning but man, dream big if you're gonna dream. Went on a little long just repeating the same thing in the first 4 v's. I think the ch's are a bit weak. I think starting off with a big dream and getting hit with reality is a good idea and this could be turned into a really funny lyric. However, as constituted, I was a bit disappointed.
  10. I'm guessing English is not your first language. I made some comments regarding sentencing structure that I hope you understand. I'm not really getting the story but I'm guessing you are feeling sorry for yourself and dealing with it as best as you can.
  11. Don't good suggestions, it flows much better thanks. The dog will be in the sequel.
  12. You are right about on vs in but my vision is for it to go only 1 way. Thanks for your input.
  13. You know that was going to be my original revision line (actually it was :Come on baby you're my first) but I really liked the thirst/desire sexual implication as suggested by Spanish. Anyways, thanks for your thoughts. Actually, I had a male singer in mind but your "be my first" suggestion would totally make this female sensually suggestive. I like the direction it would take this one. I'm on the fence now after giving your suggestion more thought. I'll also look at v2 as well.
  14. Quench it is.
  15. Fixed thanks to Spanish and kuya.