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  1. iloveadamruinseverything

    Reach Out

    I love the intentions!!! I think it might be more effective if you took a more indirect way of showing this, like by telling a story, than by using command sentences where you just tell the listener what to do. The music definitely shows potential too. I'm no expert at recording or mixing/mastering, but it sounds like it needs some polishing in that area. I don't understand enough ins and outs of that to give any specific advice, so hopefully someone with more experience in that area will post something.
  2. iloveadamruinseverything

    Singing and Illness

    First thing to mention: It could be a ton of things. Anything from Mononucleosis to Chronic Lyme Disease to bacterial infections to fungal infections to parasitic infections etc. For example, when you've taken antibiotics, they can kill the good bacteria in your body (in the gut, sinuses, etc.) making you vulnerable to fungal infections. Another example, when you've been sick with any kind of infection for a while, you become vulnerable to parasitic infections, and there are so many different parasites that can cause so many different symptoms. Most doctors won't look into these possibilities, even though they really really REALLY should. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections! Anyway, you've got to find a great doctor who will really investigate everything until he finds the cause(s) instead of just spending 10 seconds with you and immediately writing an antibiotic prescription without any thought to it. You have my sincerest best wishes on this. It could be allergies, but you need a doctor who will investigate it. You may not have to just learn to live with it, even if that's what a lazy doctor tells you. As for allergies getting worse, everyone with an allergy to pollen has seen their allergies get exponentially worse over the last few decades because the pollen amount has increased exponentially, and most scientists think it's because of climate change btw. I'll come back and maybe edit this post after I read more in the topic. I just wanted to get this typed up quickly. edit: I'm glad you figured it out! I've had mold-caused problems before too, and they're terrible! Glad you got it fixed!
  3. iloveadamruinseverything

    second post to introduce my self and talent

    I love the music and the intentions of the song! It seems like English is your second language. Some of the lines are a little awkward in ways that a native English speaker wouldn't write it, like this line for example: "Can you see it how pretty those colors with breeze" The "with breeze" is the awkward part of that line of the lyrics. I'm not sure how to really give advice for this since fixing lines like this would entail becoming fluent in English or spending enough time around native English speakers to learn the intricacies of the language, which is way more than I could do by just posting a few messages here. It may be best to just take a shortcut and ask someone else to write the English lyrics for you too, if this is the case, or write the lyrics yourself in your native language. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Thank you for posting it.
  4. iloveadamruinseverything


    I enjoyed it a lot. It's excellent! I could write English lyrics, but I can't sing so um, good luck I guess. Hopefully someone else here who can sing as well notices this gem.
  5. iloveadamruinseverything

    "Save the earth"

    I'm not surprised some people think nuclear power is safe, because the corporate media never covers stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrQlluhby4 It's the same reason a lot of people don't know that Obama also approved the production of nuclear power plants. Most recently, this was caught on tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0TFcJX4Mp0 (skip to 11:50 on the video) The only real way to stop destroying the Earth is to switch to green energy. That's my foremost point to make - that the corrupt democrats and corrupt republicans both do what the special interests bribe them to do, and the only way we'll ever change things is if we hold both sides accountable instead of giving whichever is your side a free pass. The irony is that what Nicaragua said is absolutely correct: the Paris Climate Agreement didn't actually have anything in it to force countries to change, which is why people like Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxon) supported the Paris Climate Agreement, and why it was completely pointless anyways. It was the perfect sort of thing to trick people into thinking Obama was the "change we can believe in" vehicle he pretended to be when he ran in 2008 while having his campaign funded by special interests. I don't want what I posted here to be interpreted as "let's let Trump get a pass on this because Obama did it too." Trump has done exactly what Obama did in 2008 - say he'll do progressive things like give every American healthcare while taking tons of money from Big Pharma and the health insurance corporations, say he'll cut our military spending and spend that money fixing America instead while taking tons of money from private military contractors, say he'll drain the swamp while taking tons of money from Wall Street, etc. (The irony is that Trump has made good on all of Hillary's campaign promises, hence the Hillary voters are the ones who ought to be rejoicing.) Key points about the Paris Climate Agreement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd-l3EwFmFE Change will only come from clean money candidates like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein, Kashama Sawant, Nina Turner, etc. In order to tell whether a candidate will actually do what they say they're going to do, reference either of these sites to look up from whom they've taken tons of money: https://www.opensecrets.org/ https://votesmart.org/ Also, draftbernie.org !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I love the intention of the song. These are my suggestions for the song, to hopefully make it more effective. Truth to power! Smash the establishment! Switch to PAPER BALLOTS ONLY!!!
  6. iloveadamruinseverything

    49 More

    This one sounds better, because there's bonus assonance between lines 1 and 3 (Has and Madness, lost and thought).
  7. iloveadamruinseverything

    49 More

    I love it. Very powerful, indeed. Neat guitar composition, too, I should add.
  8. iloveadamruinseverything

    Wouldn't That Be Nice

    It's very interesting, and you do have the perfect voice for it.
  9. iloveadamruinseverything

    Stairway to Heaven

    I've heard about Joe Satriani winning a case against Coldplay over chords though (regrettably, I don't know much about the source here). Also, what about the case where John Lennon was sued (and lost, I'd heard) over arpeggios, which are basically just chords? And what about David Bowie winning his lawsuit against Vanilla Ice about the copied baseline (I think, right?)? edit: Sorry if that sounded argumentative of me. I don't mean to start a fight. I'm just confused now since the courts seem to have gone back and forth on this.
  10. iloveadamruinseverything

    See you in your dreams

    (I'm echoing Bob's suggestion that it needs to be more focused, in a way.) I think you've written too much, Asdfff, or at least, you should know that if someone did try to put this to music, they would have to cut at least half of it. Trying to put it all of it in will either make the song way too long or the singer will be having to sing it really, really fast. The content tends to repeat itself a lot too, which is why cutting it down won't be a problem either. For example, lines 1-4 and 5-8 in Verse 1 say the same thing (as do lines 13-16 and 17-20 in Verse 1). It has potential though, so try not to let the criticism get you too down.
  11. iloveadamruinseverything

    Pray For Peace

    Yeah, this is excellent - the composition, the lyrics, the melody (especially imo), the vocals, etc.
  12. iloveadamruinseverything

    Levee Road Revue

    (On the song "Sadie") I love the music, and the video was well done too.
  13. iloveadamruinseverything

    a "Mark all as Read" function?

    That is awesome! Thank you, DinoRider! Your explanation was good too. I tried it out and it works great.
  14. iloveadamruinseverything

    a "Mark all as Read" function?

    That is awesome! Thank you, Oswlek!
  15. iloveadamruinseverything

    a "Mark all as Read" function?

    I think it would make it quicker and easier to just look at all the new posts since I last checked the forums if there was a "Mark all as Read" function, because I often pass on topics that don't interest me, and then it continues to say I have new posts waiting for me in each sub-forum even though all that's in those sub-forum are old topics I already saw but passed on. So if I could click something and make it just render every post as already "Read," it would make it much easier to see which sub-forums have actual new posts (new posts since the last time I looked at that sub-forum) waiting for me. If there already is a function like that somewhere on the forums, where is it? Also, if I didn't explain that well enough, just ask and I will be happy to explain it again as best I can. Thank you!