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    On a house boat in the FL Keys (I wishhh)
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    I love to write lyrics. Ive been dancing sice i was 4. I started singing when i was around the age of 8. Ive won many national competitions for dancing. My HUGE love is for baking and pastry arts. Im going to school for it as i just graduated from high school. Im pursuing a career as a pastry chef and chocolatier. i love to workout and stay in shape. i play sports like volleyball and soccer and i LOVE to snowboard. I love to have fun and enjoy talking with people. Im outdoors a lot but i love to be inside and cuddle too. my friends are the greatest and im real close with my fam. Ask for more of my interests and dont be afraid to message me.

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    crossfade, staind, dashboard, trapt, michelle branch, the wreckers, ect.
  1. Awww thanks! Glad to BE back :)

  2. hey...

    I have had about 7 myspces.. got rid of them all.. kept this one.. the only people (really) I chat to are the few in my favs.. but I'd love to see what you think of my paintings... I started painting about 2 weeks ago... so no laughing !!

    hope your day was good.. :>

  3. so you want me to get a new myspace ? im not going to tell anyone (where i live) that i have one though because i dont want it to be a big deal ya know ? Alright, i'll make one tonight or tomorrow! And yeah, im going to keep in touch with ppl. on here, not post lyrics anymore!

  4. mmm.. your love of making pastries... wowza... that's pretty tough... chocolatier is not a word one speaks daily.. although it sounds pretty tasty.. I hope you make it.. in both the career and in the pastryish world you want to lead !!!!! x

  5. I'm not posting a lot of MM as I used to.. realised art is all relative.. just on here to keep in touch with old friends.. not saying you are old haha.... I do love your new pics...

  6. you look cute :>... I keep my myspace for my music and pretend friends.. lol and my paintings.. be a devil.. get one back... I can at least bug you more then.. glad you giggled at my interests.. you see, one must be always be illuminated by the strange.. what else is there lol...

    I've been good.. working on getting a band together.. just playing.. singing,, painting.. drinking too

  7. Yeah, not doing the whole myspace thing anymore. Im thinking about making a facebook or something ? Idk. Anyways, i have to take that link down. I'll prolly forget to but .... i did add 2 new pics on here. Ive changed a lil since before.

  8. "love, sex"food.wine,ufos" hahahahahahahahhahahahahaa .... i giggled a lil when i read that! Nice "interests" section in your profile stewie =]

  9. Hahahahahaha! You're wicked funny. Hows life been ?!?!

  10. of course I remember you...

    I've lost the hand-cuffs though LOL...

    kidding !..

    how have you been ???

  11. STEW! I left ya a reply on your post about going to san fran!