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  1. Curious about the project

    Ah, I see. Well, in that case, I think we need to think bigger...much bigger. I say we form a expeditionary force under the guise of being a paramilitay brigade and head to the middle east to clean things up. Our fee to the US government will be steep, but spa treatments can be expensive as well. Two weeks ought to do it over there. We'll pay for the treatments and then split up whatever's left.
  2. Is the idea to vote or otherwise pick the top 15 songs and put them out on a cd? If everyone chipped in $10-$20.00, that would easily cover the layout, packaging and distribution. Marketing will take some thought, unless someone already has that covered. There are a million places to sell it, online or not. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum puts a cd out every year and sells them in various places, including their own site of course. It seems to do pretty well, and they don't lose money Is this the basic idea, or am I completely off on this? I'm relatively new here, and I just read about this ten minutes ago.