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  1. August 2017 Song Contest - Results R in!

    Congrats to Scenes, Jambrains, and Triffid! Well done folks!
  2. Let's Get Together

    That was freakin' awesome! Really, really well done in my book. The delivery is spot on in timing and you guys compliment each other so well. Funky, good-time groove! My only criticism that I can think of is that ... the beat boxing should be louder! Awesome.
  3. I really wish that I could write songs like this! I love the melody of the verses and yes there is quite a contrast with the chorus - but that's OK. It takes whatever familiarity I felt out of the experience and discards it - but replaces it with a fresh sound. I agree that the chorus should build up a bit more. I also am biased and would like to hear the guitars more out front. But this is good stuff!
  4. Well as I have said on other songs around here ... I am a melody-first person. That is, I have to dig the melody before I even think about the lyrics. The melody here is a bit too ill-defined for me (yes yes it is subjective) - but I'd say if you can walk down the street with no music, no beat, no techno, or power chords ringing ... and still hear that melody in your head then it's gotta be good ...at least to you. So I suggest developing the melody sans accompaniment, and see what you get. Then add the other stuff. And there are no boundaries here. For instance two songs I really like are "Falling in Love Again" by Marlene Dietrich and "The End" by The Doors.... very different but their respective melodies and feel ar eboth very powerful, at least to me. One is reminiscent of film noir, the other of napalm. Anywho, it is all in the ear of the beholder!
  5. Sounds good, I think you indeed are on target with getting the feel of the guitarists you named (awesome list BTW) Normally I listen to the tracks with a decent set of headphones but I'm stuck in a waiting room here so I'm listening over my phone ... so not sure if I can hear it, but in case it's not there, it would be cool to hear a note here or there bent up a tone, held for a bit, and then add some vibrato. But I really dig your sound here and welcome!!
  6. I think this is quite good. I especially enjoyed the melody of the 2nd verse (it seems different than that of the 1st) Has a classic sound. Love the jazz chords with the Norah Jones - Joni Mitchell feel of the whole thing. I guess I would suggest exploring more of the lower range of your voice in terms of writing the melody. You sing very well but it would be nice to hear that broader delivery (as you do in some parts) But really nice stuff here!
  7. All About the Rims

    Hey folks thanks for all of the comments!
  8. You Found Me

    Really really nice composition for guitar (and nice playing BTW) Same for the vocals. The only thing I had trouble with here is the more conventional chord progression. Well done though!
  9. All About the Rims

    Thanks JB for the review. Yeah my mixing ability sucks. I have been recording with a AT2020 but finally bought a SM57 for the guitar. But I need to take a class or something on how to mix properly with GarageBand. Any recommendations on online mixing lessons are welcome!
  10. Begin Again

    Believe me I hear you! I wish I could sing and play and mix the stuff in my head. It drives me nuts sometimes.
  11. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan

    Man I was smiling the whole way through this one! The music is perfect - is that a flute or recorder or something else?? It's definitely got that Irish Rock feel going to my ears, it's fun and brilliant! The only bit that gets me is the line " You can still smoke if you like " - it sounds a bit rushed - or has too many syllables - but this is a minor point for such a great song!
  12. The Other Summer

    This is fabulous! The verses and chorus compliment each other so well due to their differences, it always keeps the listener (or at least me) quite astute. And whereas, I get this almost Moody-Blues feel in the verses, I then get a melancholy early-60's jazz vibe from the chorus. This is not only due to the delicate treatment with the drums and those nice harmonies - but the deliciously intricate melody and how it is heard against that of the verse melody.
  13. Wasting My Time

    I really dig the rhythm and melody here. The use of stop time is effective I think. It is an interesting contrast of the upbeat melody (and the whistling) with what seems to be a less-than-happy topic in the lyrics. The bit where the guitar seems to go minor at around ~1:50 is perfecto. The harmony after that is very well done but, again, not sure how it fits as it sounds so upbeat. Maybe it's upbeat because the events to which the lyrics allude will lead to personal freedom of some sort?? Anyway, I am a melody-first guy and I really like the melody even if it conflicts with the lyrics in my head!
  14. The Wonder Years

    This has such a familiar sound to it, I just can't put my finger on it. I'd like to hear less of an echo effect on the guitar solo. Or leave the echo and simplify the solo perhaps. But that is really just nit-picking as this is so well done as usual. I think in parts, it takes me back to my high school days with sort of an 80s sound.
  15. Begin Again

    Powerful stuff here! The guitar rhythm is great and I like the contrast of what sounds like nylon strings with a (piezo pickup?) against the raw vocals. The varying tempo is probably my favorite aspect of this song and you execute it skillfully - so don't lose that. Overall I dig the melody but not so much in the chorus - not sure why, maybe it gets a little pitchy and even though we try to distill the song from the performance - sometimes it's tough not too. I've gotta say, and maybe I am taking this out of context by a long shot, but these intense lyrics "i'll never voice the dreams trapped inside ", "i fear vengeance", " streets run full of blood we've shed ", etc etc. reminds me soooo much of the (also quite powerful) book "On Killing" by David Grossman. But well done - and welcome!