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  1. Well I'd love to enter this but I'm on travel again for work and my latest 1+1 is not ready for prime time yet! But I can vote when the time comes.
  2. Seems like the video was removed?
  3. Oh man I love it! Now I do love beer .....but I did quit smoking in 1997 due to the whole "trying to avoid lung cancer/COPD" deal ... however, I am of the belief that one must not worry about everything in the world being taken as a potential influence on impressionable youth ... It's like saying, sure I played with army action figures as a kid but my only interest in war as an adult is as a final resort. My mother used to asked me if my friend jumped off the Brooklyn bridge... would I do the same? In my head 45+ years ago I would ponder "Why the hell would I do that?!" Anywho, with a title like "beer and cigarettes" I had to check this out. From the title I immediately thought of Rufus Wainwright's "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" (you should google it if you have not seen it, it's fantastic) - but that is a very different tune from what I hear in my head for this one. This one is pure country, pure country to me! Straight, honest, caution to the wind, live like there is no tomorrow etc ... - but for me that is a pretend feeling (like I am looking at the freewheeling former self that I would not tolerate today) I like the imagery of the dueling banjos (which reinforces the country feel) But for me, and this is just how I roll, I would like to see a lyric in one of the verses that utterly surprises the listener, possibly with some tongue-in-cheek humor. Cheers, Pete
  4. Hey folks! Thanks for the comments (yeah, lot's of distortion on my chorus as I am not confident to make it a screamer like I hear it in my head) Congrats to The S, Clint, and Gary!!! Anywho, here are my comments: Seduce Me: Really interesting intro music, almost makes me think of a Moroccan bazaar. The lyrics are a little predicable to me but I like the subtle pentatonic lick right before the chorus. And it gets funky at 2:26!! Love the end of the break(?) at ~4:00 Friends of Richard Perkins: Man this reminds me of early Pink Floyd - like Piper at the Gates of Dawn Floyd! I really like the use of dynamics in how the volume during the chorus drops quite a bit (as well as the complexity) I find that both the music and verse lyrics are intriguing. Damn this Field: I think the drone in the intro works very well. It’s got almost a Zappa-esque feel that might work in a Taratino flick! Love how it really kicks in at 2:45 and the ending is awesome! Roll On: Great eclectic mix of instruments. And the chorus melody feels very natural to me. I like the line about ‘Blinkered Eyes’. Really nice work. Mexican Wind: The piano at ~0:30 is real nice and I like the way the song builds. Cool guitar licks thrown in here and there. I’d like to hear a full out guitar solo, I thought one would start at ~2:00 but it did not. But it’s a great song. Elegy on the Death of an American Girl: I like how the chord progression is not entirely predictable. I love love Love how it kicks in with percussive guitar and hard-edged vocal delivery ! And that harp is sweet Get Gone: I like the acoustic with the trippy distorted wah-wah sound whatever it is. Great guitar playing. I dig the analogy to running a race on a track with the starting pistol and blocks. My Baja Bug: Oh it takes me back to fun days on the beach. The lyrics are straightforward about the bug (reminiscent of old songs e.g. “ she’s real fine my 409”) But it is a fun song! Out of Time: It’s got a contemporary rock/pop sound to it. The vocals and guitar work so great together and the “oh oh oh” part is neat because you mix high and low-pitch voices where you can hear the separation nicely. My favorite lyric by far is where you use “rigid dirigible” - nothing like good old fashioned airship reference! I was the One: I hear Bowie in this one - but interestingly at times I hear hints of CSNY’s ‘guinevere'! Like the funky/blues piano run after the lyric “goodbye” and in general, it provides great contrast of blues motifs with what otherwise sounds like neo-folk. Geez, I hope I've got 'em all! Cheers, Pete
  5. I try my hand at heavy metal here. This song is a result of seeing all the awful things on the news, day in and day out. Terrorism, domestic violence, bar fights, crime on top of crime .... "Alpha Dog" Verse 1: Our species, is no better, than all the beasts heretofore. We murder, each other for, ideologues and spoils of war. Chorus: The alpha dog is gonna bring you down, take what it wants and burn your town. The alpha dog will break your will, it's in its blood, it lingers still. Verse 2: We posture while we steal, coerce, and intimidate. Good people, you’re so few, for you I hope it’s not too late. Bridge: I think I'm from another planet. I think I'm from another world. I just don't get you and your vicious race. So I'm gone ... without a trace. Outro: and if I was of an advanced and alien kind, and witnessed the violence of the human scene, a panacea on the globe I’d unleash, ....and I'd wipe this planet clean.
  6. I like it. From the 1st verse it is slightly unpredictable, which is good. That is, for example, the tempo of the lyrics in the 2nd line of the 1st verse, "so I can get to you" is slower than I expected. In my head, leading up to those words I imagined the beat landing only on the word "get" and but it doesn't not come out like that, which is refreshing. Also, I feel like I can identify with the lyrics of this song!
  7. instrumental

    Super - super Cool! The mix is awesome - but don't take my word for it as I don't know how to mix, but I dig the guitar just before 1:00 and after - and then it reminds me a little of Phish after that... it seems to evolve, like a Coelacanth! (or maybe that's not the right reference) but in any case it does evolve and builds as it goes on, it's positive and fun but I feel like this one should end with bang instead of fading away. Cheers, Pete
  8. Yeah so for me, the lyrics are strong and demand ... DEMAND.. a much heavier approach with the music! I mean, there is a opportunity here for a certain level of attack that begs to be delivered! That being said I like the music in a stand-alone sense, it just seems like a mismatch between music and lyrics - but of course - as always - this is only my opinion! Cheers, Pete
  9. Oh man this is awesome! It belongs in a Coen brothers movie or something!! The video is interesting but it draws my attention from the music a bit, I should listen to it with my eyes closed. But yeah, it's cool!
  10. Hey folks, I'm back from travel and here are my comments. Again it was a great contest with tons of inspiring work! Children of the Stars: Really like the vibes(?) Synth? Subtle in the background. Also dig how it get’s quiet at the start of the pre-chorus. At first it had an 80’s feel (taking me back to high school!) But then quickly became fresh. Raise a Glass: Neo-Irish Drinking song! I like the staccato-like delivery of the vocals contrasted to parts of the song where things get stretched such as the line “…what’s it matter to you?” Great ending. Dystopian Blues: I love how the verses end as well as the melody to the line “My country tis of thee”. I also like how the guitar builds into what sounds like a cool chromatic run in the chorus. Dig the solo and the line “… snake oil is running dry” Man on the Run: Awesome melody in the intro! The harmonica and imagery are Dylanesque to me. The verses and chorus are contrasted well with a good use of dynamics. Cool vibe of the cool in the end too. All the Way to the Sea: I love the trippy feel to the lyrics. Plus the lyrics of the river taking one to the sea is makes this cinematographic when I close my eyes - but what makes this song stand out is that the mixture of sounds is at once eclectic and harmonious. The guitar solo is awesome! I’m in Love: Fun, a little melancholy, but it goes in a wide variety of directions, which can be a + or a minus. But this is yet another representation of how one can be the vanguard of originality. You make a Zero Look Big: This one is also fun. The namesake line “You make a zero look big” reminds me a bit of that old song “Down at Palisades Park” - but that’s OK, it works.The bridge is awesome including that fat tone on the guitar, cool solo. The High Tide: Nice melody and what a great line regarding feeling like driftwood on the shore! The song is a bit too uniform to my ears but I still think that the bridge works well. Until it’s Time to Part: Piano is sweet. It’s nice that the drums are delayed until the second verse. I wanted the chorus to kick in a bit more the 1st time around as it does later, but at the same this, it’s nice to have things build the way you did. Love is More: The guitar is super cool - almost Cowboy Junkies in parts almost Johnny Winter in others. But I can’t figure it out, is it a whammy bar? The harmonizing is cool! Also I wonder how it would sound as a duet with a female’s voice in the chorus. She’s in Love: The train adds some pictorial backdrop with the guitar. Nice transition at about ~0:40. It’s nice hold you hold the note with just a touch of vibrato on the word “Love” At first when the harmonica comes in it’s right on top of the vocals but other than that, it’s a nice touch. Black Heart Lane: Super-cool intro! Like the familiar synth but then it kicks in with a fresh riff. The harmonizing comes in a little early to my ears but sounds good later (but this is my preference to not reveal your whole hand right away) The bridge provides a nice contrast. Totally dig the raw guitar solo! Tell Me What is True: The traditional “sold my soul to the devil at the crossroads” guitar set against the melody is really interesting - at parts it reminds me of Roy Orbison. The melody almost sound mixolydian to me - I like mixolydian This song’s got an aura to it. The slow parts of the very vocal guitar solo work well! Broken Hearted Boy: “it’s easier to cry than to look at love with open eyes” That is such a great line. The melody and tempo are well suited to the lyrics and the lyrics themselves - this song is a reality check that delivers us from any stereotypical corniness of love songs. The Best of Everything: The mix sounds good on this to my ears but what I wonder about is how a real piano would sound here. It’s hard for me to tell as it sounds like a synth there. If there is a piano I say bring it out a little more. Overthinking: I like the novel mix of ‘almost-techno’ with what sounds like bells - but is a keyboard? Different, but good! Also, any song that mentions physics in a positive light is cool to me! Cheers, Pete
  11. Hey guys! Congrats to The S, HoboSage and Ironknee!!! Lot's of good songs!! I've got comments but am on travel so will post in a few days. Cheers, Pete
  12. This is just awesome!!! My only criticism and it is minor .. is that when the guitar solo comes it should stand out more, the solo is good but it needs to be louder and blow the listener back like that old Memorex ad with the dude in his chair and the speakers just blasting him. But great great singing, classic rock/vintage metal sound, I dig it!! Cheers, Pete
  13. Oh and congrats to Goldfish and bee!!!
  14. Wow! I am thankful that folks liked this song enough to place! I must admit I really like People Like That and was thinking it would take it all!
  15. So here's a song about being pretentious ... High Class Verse 1: So you went to your über-cool prep school, and then got your PhD ... ...or you’re preaching etiquette at the table, toutin’ your blue-blooded pedigree. Pre-Chorus: You’re always puttin’ on a show! You’re an avatar! Don’t you know?!!! Chorus: You wanna be a high-class, high-rollin’, struttin’ boulevard strollin' debutante …. always gettin’ what you want on a platter made of gold … bought and sold. With your short-sighted big talk, hotels, boardwalk “Look at me!” .. you say … you’re the one that we ought to see … in all of your glory. What’s the moral to that story? Verse 2: You’re speaking latin in the garden, but the plants don’t seem to care... ...with character deep like cellophane and a heart that’s heavy like the air. Verse 3: Your entourage of faithful sycophants, they love your image is that all you ever want? From your ivory tower to your mirror on the wall, preserve that apparition never let see you fall.