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  1. Muscle Shoals

    Hey folks, I'm traveling for work and happened to be near-ish Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I knew there was music history here but had to take an extra day, make the drive, and check it out. If you dig music from the 60's and the 70's (Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Duane Allman, Wilson Picket, Paul Simon, Bob Seger, etc.) and you are near here I highly recommend touring both FAME studios and the 3614 Jackson Highway. It is hallowed ground. Here is a trailer for a 2013 documentary about the place: Cheers, Pete
  2. Suite: Monster

    Dudes/Dudettes, This is really good. I love the verses, and I really like the guitar work underneath the chorus. I wish the chorus vocals had two things: 1) more oomph 2) perhaps had a second half with lyrics different from the first The use of the echo on the word 'gray' works very well - makes me think of Kenny Wayne Sheppard Blue on Black in terms of 'echo use' The solo/guitar break is proper prog - reminding me of one of my favorite bands: RUSH! The outro is freaking brilliant!! Cheers, Pete
  3. October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Congrats to Clint, HoboSage, and Triffid! Great group of songs! Let's do it again!
  4. November 1+1 Comp, now open for entries

    Hey guys, there's a slight effect on the vocal here in spots but it is just 1 voice + 1 guitar. "Doesn't Make Sense" Verse 1: Jesus hates traffic but he really likes cars. He’s got a ’58 Chevy that he’s cruisin’ ‘round Mars. And New York City is a pit bull vortex .. taken by the Dutch for a case of beer. For a case … of beer, for a case of beer! Oh it doesn’t make sense. Verse 2: Abraham Lincoln on a big white elephant .. took a bullet in the head for the USA . Now I’m high in the sky over the heartland, thinkin’ ‘bout chasing the American dream. The American dream, the American dream, Oh! it doesn’t make sense! Verse 3: I’m going fishing off Madagascar. Gonna catch me a Coelocanth … swimming in the past and stuck in time … evolved enough just to die on land. Just to die on land, just to die on land, Oh, it doesn’t make sense! Outro: Like a 20-dollar bill you can’t break at the bank, it doesn’t make sense.
  5. Saccharine

    Hey Ryland, This is cool. What I like is the sharp contrast in the melody when you get to the chorus. It really releases the tensions that you build in the opening verses. I also dig the uniqueness of the verse melody. What I don't like is that you use the vocal effect throughout and I think that it would stand out better only used in one part or another - maybe just the chorus? Keep going! Cheers, Pete
  6. Can't Do This Anymore

    Wow, this is like The Band + Neil Young + maybe a little Eagles mixed in there as well plus something else - not sure if those are the influences but that's the feel for me. What I really like that is not constant throughout is (at least on the first chorus) the line "Say goodbye ..." has this big almost anthemic (sp?) sound but then "there's the door" is much more personal. And that makes it sound just a bit more fun (whether that is intended or not). I guess I'd like to hear a bit more variety in the lyrics and push the bridge slightly further from the main theme in terms of the melody. But I like the cool honest feel of this one.
  7. Acoustic sketch

    Yep I like the galloping sound of the rhythm ... and it is building the tension along with the repeated melody accompanying the lyrics.... so now I want to hear it release to some powerful major (or maybe minor) sounding chorus. Cheers, Pete
  8. Can't Do This Anymore

    Hey James, The music sounds familiar but I dig it. But would you please post the lyrics as it's a bit hard to make out what you're singing at times. Thanks, Pete
  9. Little Big Lies

    Ahh don’t let it kill you, it’s not worth it. I come in last place all the time and I just let it roll off my back. Granted I’m not a professional musician and I do it for fun and I really do try - but you gotta roll with punches, that’s what life is about! And yes I need to give that speech to myself over and over cheers, pete
  10. The Break-Up Dawn

    I know you asked for comments mainly on your singing so I really shouldn’t be replying here as I feel that I’m not a good singer. But I love songs with cryptic lyrics as it’s like a puzzle to me. As was said earlier the phrase ‘break-up’ dawn vs break of dawn as well as ‘repel’ instead of ‘rappel’. Not sure but maybe you mean the former? But maybe not as it fits the cryptic mood And who is Marjorie and what does the CIA want and why are they in the laundry?! I love it! Your singing is fine although there are certain places I would have chosen different notes. For examples at “the rubies” my brain expects the pitch to drop. Fun stuff!
  11. Thanks I appreciate the listen. You are correct, the lead is part written and part improv. Next version will be stronger!
  12. Rock 'n' Roll Citizen

    Thanks for the listen Clint!
  13. apparently I can't spell 'lullaby'
  14. Hey folks, Here is my attempt at a jazz-style lullaby for my wife. Would it put you to sleep??? Cheers, Pete
  15. Dirty Money

    Hey Paul, I hear huge potential here. My first comment is that in some spots it gets too busy. For example the electric guitar fills (and y'all know I love the electric guitar!) - well I think that those could be saved for later in the song. That way there is sort of a build in complexity. But that is how I like to write songs, don't show all yer cards at once, dig? The minor sound of the music really fits the quite tangible filthy topic of dirty money - which can be a metaphor for so many things that are in fact not money I suppose - so the public should be able to relate to this one well. There are parts where the song sounds major but it is too subtle to my ears e.g. "How it grinned", maybe more grunt in the vocals is needed here. But it's a really cool song - has some Bon Jovi Dead or Alive feel to at times. Oh and I love the basic electric guitar under the vocals at 3:13! Keep going!