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  1. There is a lot of variety in this song which is great. It definitely has a pseudo-psychedelic vibe and in terms of the imagery sometimes reminds me of The End by The Doors. In terms of rhythm (or the cadence of the lyrics) I hear "Horse with No Name" by America - but obviously this song is so different from any of those and stands on its own. I'd like to hear the vocals a bit more in the front, especially when they get a little distorted. Cheers, Pete
  2. This is awesome! I especially love the grunt right before the keyboard break. Funky baby!
  3. Regarding the niche market comment. I guess it what I mean is that.... it is really really to good to be unique in my mind - but there is a balance between being unique and being accessible. That is, I really like Frank Zappa. Frank is unique but he is out there - more for a niche market - not so accessible (or having pop-level appeal). But I also say - so what! Write and play music for yourself before anyone else!
  4. I dig the Arthur C. Clarke reference! I also like the almost drone-like nature of this. I think I like acoustic version better. It's a little CSNY-inspired and that's good. Maybe somehow integrate the two so that the guitar dominates and the strings add targeted embellishment? pete
  5. Boy there is a sense of power here. What I really like is not only the originality but also the complexity (and maybe unpredictable nature) of the melody. As Hobo says sometimes the guitar-vocal sync throws me. But one could look at that as avant garde (sp?) albeit reigning in only a niche market. For a sad song I'd say it sounds pretty damn angry - is that also the intent? Either way I feel that is merely an artifact of your delivery. Good original stuff though, take this one as far as you can! pete
  6. Thanks Dan and Vinnie for the listen(s)! Yep I will work on the mix, I appreciate the suggestions! Pete
  7. Hey Dan, I'd like to hear the guitar stand out a bit more in this one, and maybe play with the dynamics a bit. There's a base there to work with so keep going with it! Pete
  8. Congrats to the winners JamBrains, IronKnee, and Scenes!!! Thanks Paul for hosting and thanks fabkebab for the kind words! I agree - nice idea on the shakeup of format. Keep writing everyone! Cheers, Pete
  9. Hey folks, Here's a new one in the punk/garage-band raw vein. Thanks in advance for your help! "Rock 'n' Roll Citizen" Verse 1: You’re always digging in the weeds ... but they’re back again like yesterday. The days now bleed into one, as the record skips within the song we play. Pre-Chorus: Do you remember, how it used to be? Let’s get back to rockin’ it, naturally! Chorus: I wanna be ... a rock ’n’ roll citizen ! ...and cast my vote in a rock ’n’ roll world. I’ll fight for the right to live in harmony! and have some fun with my rock ’n’ roll girl! Verse 2: Punch the clock and do the time. Get the groceries from the corner store. Welcome to the daily grind. Now can you deal with me for evermore? Verse 3: Feed the birds and read the news. They both make a mess but in different ways. One can ease the mundane blues. As for the other, all I have to say ... is ....
  10. Hey this has potential I think. However, please post the lyrics as that would help. It seems like they were forgotten at 1:27 but not sure - maybe that was the intent. But if you post them that will clarify. The piano in general works well for this but my thought is to change up the rhythm a bit here and there. Let's here the latest! Pete
  11. Sounding good! And yes it is begging for some lyrics. The mix is good and, not being a Soundgarden expert, I'd almost say that you need to go darker to get that effect. But it is good as it is melody-wise so keep going! Pete
  12. Yeah, feeling the jazz-fusion vibe here! And your graphic reminds me of King Crimson. Im curious about the recording of the horns versus the guitar. The latter sounds to be in a cavernous hallway and the horns to be in the foreground. I agree with the Steely Dan assessment. Great stuff though, has an original sound! And great guitar playing, keep going! Cheers, Pete
  13. Yeah I'm hearing some Billy Joel influence here. But that's cool, because Billy Joel is awesome! The autotune can work but maybe not for the whole song. Maybe mix it up with a telephone vocal or something analogous. But it is catchy! Cheers, Pete
  14. Thanks very much for the listen Hank and Skainphi. Yep, keeping time is something I am always struggling with as well as recording/mixing. But thanks, I'll tighten it up! Cheers, Pete
  15. Guitar(s) sound awesome as usual! At points it seems that the vocals drift into the background, maybe where the crowd laughter clip is. The build in this song in terms of intensity works very well and at times to my ears is almost too subtle. But I like it! Pete