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  1. Hey folks, Just looking for a little more feedback on my attempt at a jazz standard (Stuck With You) - for my wife. Yeah the mix ain't the best, but it was like the 50th take and the 500th mix attempt of that take! Thanks, Pete
  2. Hey folks, congrats again to the winners and here are my comments: These Are The Days Oh how I love the cadence of the lyrics right off the bat in the second line, especially with the words "...drippingly ironic" - but I admit my lexicon is no so vast as to include "mellifluously" so I had to look it up. This song has some contrast for me between the verses and the pre-chorus/chorus in terms of how literal the imagery is. The melody is quite catchy though. The City Falls Into Your Eyes I feel as if I am transported back into pre-swinging London! I dig how the alternative melody resolves on the 2nd and 4th lines of the verses. How do you keep coming up with these fresh melodies? The break with the piano and guitar after the bit about the carousel is great as well as the final harmonies! Please Don't Let the Music Die Really nice acoustic guitar complimented by piano? or chimes? Nice touch. The melody of the chorus is indeed different from that of the verses and the "oh ohs" reinforce but also lift the feel of the song. The lyrics and the idea in general of the song remind me of Billy Joel's Miami 2017 or "Discovery" off of Rush's 2112. Touch Me Really professional sounding! The contrast of the verses and the chorus is strong here, and it has a good and sometimes surprising melody albeit in subtle doses. I could totally see Lita Ford doing a cover of this! Lies! Cool driving rhythm here and I love the power of the chorus! The muted guitar starting at 1:00 is great! The variety added by the stop time at ~2:00 works well just prior to that sweet guitar solo too. Wall The opening to this song is very cool, reminds me a bit of Jukebox Hero + Tom Sawyer. The raw guitar solo is very cool, kind of Neil Young-like. The bridge works quite well too. If I Told You The piano intro is fun in the sense that it tricks the listener that this will be a totally happy song. Really nice delivery on the vocals with a nice melody. This is a great line "Is there a possibility of our worlds turning one from two? " Not sure if I dig the finger snaps but the strings (or synth ?) along with the adding of more vocals (but in a tempered way)later in the song really raise this piece to a higher level. O2 (Oxygen) I love the accenuation on the words "Each breath slowly rising" and then the drum lead in to the next part really helps the build up. The unpredictability of the chorus is great - especially on the line "O2 - O2 - O2". I can't quite get into the bridge, maybe it sounds a little forced, but I like the tune overall. Having hiked at elevations over 4000m I can identify! Flying Daredevil in the Sky Boy the guitar playing is great and the choices about muting/dynamics with the strings vs bringing up the volume is really good. I like how you re-worked the delivery of the lyrics so as to not sound rushed - especially on the 1st line of the chorus. Bourbon Street Love that intro but I can't tell if it's a mandolin or just tremolo a la Tarrega - and I dig how it comes back in one form or another such as at ~ 1:30. Such a classic, and timeless tune as always! Cheers, Pete
  3. Congrats to the S, Mutrins, and Scenes! I've got comments that I'll post on Monday. Again great work folks! RD
  4. So when you say that the loop extends for a while at the end, well to me it seems to extend for most of the song. I understand that it is an idea, and to me it sounds good - but I agree with Vinnie, that is we need to hear some more elements that ride on top of this wave to review it. I dig the Arthur C. Clarke reference in the title - but that made me also expect some kettle drums Keep developing it!
  5. I dig the bridge a lot and the very thoughtful guitar solo that follows. I agree with Hobo, the drums need to come in earlier. Nice work!
  6. After humming this in my head for a bit I'd also say that, whatever that chord is over the word "chance" in the chorus - some kind of suspended something or other ? - it sounds like it should be at the end of the song. That would require a different chord to resolve the chorus. Again I dig it!
  7. really cool and unexpected melody! I like the change up over the chorus to in terms of chords. What I wonder is if the chords and or the lyrics of the two halves of the chorus should be the same as they are - or different. Not sure... it's my uncertain ears, keep going!
  8. Good stuff Paul! Who's playing that banjo?! Really tight, and fun!!
  9. Dude this is pretty cool. There some parts where the lyrics really stand out like the lines about "focus" and "fantastic" and other parts where it's less clear. Maybe shoot for something in the middle." - like balancing being very direct and somewhat withdrawn. Also for those parts where you have a repeating lyric I dig that you might want to build tension before you mix up the rhythm, which sounds good when you do BTW, but to my ears I say dial back the repeated phrases just a bit. But yeah, it's cool.
  10. Hey folks, here's a tune I wrote for my wife while yet again on travel for work.. It's my attempt at a jazz standard. Comments welcome by default! Stuck With You Verse 1: I'd like to see you on Saturday. But I'm on the wrong side of the world. Across the deep blue sea, you still inspire me! Chorus: I could get stuck on a train or on the tarmac in a ... big jet airplane. I could get stuck talkin' to who know's who. But I'd rather be stuck with you! Verse 2: I'm livin' up in the blue sky ... inside a tube .. and I wonder why ... the world is so small yet you're so far away.
  11. Man I love the guitar playing in this one, I only wish it would stand out more - just without it becoming too dominant. Pete
  12. This sounds really cool, rhythm and singing are great, but please post the lyrics! Cheers, Pete
  13. Well I think that the rhythm is pretty cool. I say try singing it an octave lower and maybe give it a slightly darker delivery. Cheers, Pete
  14. Well I'd love to enter this but I'm on travel again for work and my latest 1+1 is not ready for prime time yet! But I can vote when the time comes.
  15. Seems like the video was removed?