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  1. RoadDog

    A Drunkard's Lullabye

    To me the chorus sounds refreshingly different from the verses - and a bit surprising too - in terms of the chord progression. "A voice as smooth as gin on ice" - this is a cool line because it sounds like the alcohol is talking to you. I also like the abrupt stop. The music is fitting but almost too perfect, Im not sure if that makes sense. I liked the horns in the break though!
  2. RoadDog

    May Song Contest

    Wow, Chili Peppers that was by accident for sure! Yes, there is heavy use of the E7#9 chord (i.e. the "Hendix chord") here - but it makes me smile to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Jimi! Yep, my playing is my downfall - I usually hope to get the idea of a song across, hoping maybe an artist can make it there own. Hey thanks, but yeah no worries, there is no frustration with the scoring, it is what it is and I am just having fun doing it, and glad people are listening! Agreed, my lyrics can be a bit divisive especially when apart from the music. Oh man I so wanted the gal who sang Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky to sing the chorus, maybe with the gal from Gimme Shelter ! Glad you liked it Ironknee! Thanks all, for the comments, I hope I got everyone! Until next time!
  3. RoadDog

    May Song Contest

    Hey folks! Congrats to Scenes, Mutrins, and Oswlek!!!! 😄That was a good one! Thanks for the comments. Yeah my stuff is not for everyone. The scoring doesn't bother me, I'm just glad that people give it a listen. Anyway, here are my comments: The Real World: Well yes, the real world is indeed a sadder place than the ideal world, which of course is subjective. I notice the tremolo on the vocal and wonder if that is an effect or just the straight vocal. If it is the latter I'd say that you have tremendous control. For me the best part of the tune is how it really picks up during the chorus. But I notice a slight delay before the chorus and I wonder if that is intentional. I'm sooo with you on the message! Bring Me Home: Well I read the lyrics before listening and was pleasantly surprised when I heard the music. It had more of a drive (and then to me more of a positive-don't-give-up feel ... or positive in terms of acceptance of one's fate) with the lyrics. Great mix of the acoustic, appropriatley minor feeling, with the gentle drums. The flanger (phaser?) in the bridge is a nice touch, and then the lead into the great guitar solo with the confident "I'm going home" is really nice. The Night Lingers On: Hey man, this has a touch of old school rock'n'roll from the indie master! But oh you still very cleverly inject that indie magic. I really love the interplay of the melodies in genre-collage way. Cool guitar work too. Good stuff! Never Gonna Be My Girl This has a fun retro feel too it. Nice contrast in terms of the chord progressions used. "If looks were dollar bills she'd be a billionare" classic line. I like the point of the bridge where the singer just wants out, there's originality in that sentiment. Wedding Bells Still Chime The music is wonderful! I really really like the intro, outro, and the instrumental break. Great note choices here. The lyrics are quite nice as well, my only gripe is that their delivery seems a bit rushed at times. The tambourine had me tapping my feet though. And it sounds like it was a good collaboration. Sent to Win: I read the lyrics first and I could feel the hip-hop in my head. Then I listened to it and I think you nailed the timing of the delivery quite well. It sounded more angry in my head though. Maybe think about ramping up the anger on the negative parts then dial it back on the reflective/positive parts - and that by the way is what I really like about the lyrics - Character Development. Or at least the revelation that this is a person who is not so far gone that they see that the source of theor trouble (the mind) also holds the key to their salvation. Child of the Radio: Man I love the falsetto and note on the word "fall", The delay/echos coming later work quite well. When the song gets more "choral" (sp?) sounding it has a bit of Alan Parsons Project feel while staying original. Really nice original melody. The electric guitar also provides a good contrast to the rest. Nice work. Gone Gone Gone: This is a nice mellow tune. The gentle albeit almost march-like drums against the drone of the strings (synth?) provide a nice contrast. It is interesting that the melody is kind of upbeat vs melancholy for the given lyrics. Comic Girl Life: Super-cool lyrics! I read them first and then was surprised by the music. The melody was indeed unexpected and I loved what sounded like a Hammond organ part-way through. To me, the verses build melodic tension in a clandestine manner, but then there is a great release in the chorus. Good stuff! Love Triangle: This evokes cinematographic images in my head. The bit that starts "Nimble Hermes .." - has the lyrics are well-matched to the rhythm to my ears quite well here and it is fun. The corollary is the part about Phileas Fogg (around the world in 80 days ???) vs Gatsby. It sounds a little forced here (in the sense of wanting to use those lyrics but them not fitting so well rhythmically) But the comparison of Hermes vs Hercules versus that of Fogg vs Gatsby (the former of which I read as adventurer vs new-rich former bootlegger) is an intriguing one. All of the Trees: Oh the literal vs the symbolic. That's what I like about these lyrics as the lines are blurred a little for me. Great guitar intro here and the song has a whole has a very eclectic feel to it. That is, at different times it reminds me of different artists/genres. I guess I'd like to hear just a tad more power in the chorus to make it stand out more. That would (to my ears) give this piece more dynamic range. The Way You Make Me Feel: Man when I read the lyrics I was like "How is this going to work?" Well you made it work quite well!. It's very well put together and almost already begging for a remix with the bass turned waaay up for the clubs. Aside from all that the harmonies are awesome as well as your use of dynamics (or silence) here and there. This is my favorite line: "It could be this Jack and Coke" Hope I got everyone! Cheers, Pete
  4. Thanks Donna, glad you liked it! I've listened to this thing a million times and I do agree the chorus needs to stand out more. Thanks! Oh Netflix, if only! Just kidding, I do this sort of thing because I feel the need to create. I wondered about a full band but I wrote this one specifically as a 1+1 (to force myself to simplify once in a while) Thanks for the listen! By guitar solo do you mean solo guitar here? Yeah I made this one simple on purpose. But I see a trend here and maybe a fuller arrangement is due at some point! Thanks! Thanks again Tom, "always on the cusp" - now maybe that could be a song! hmmm ....
  5. Hey folks, Here is my 1+1 entry from last month. Curious if there is any more feedback. Verse 1: Can I buy me a beer with a pint of my blood? I know you can’t resist a sanguine flood … and it may … sound pathetic but these are desperate times! I’ve got the good stuff, and it flows like wine. Verse 2: Been living like this since the end of World War Three. They just had to pull the trigger on destiny … and open the … gates of hell, to a winter dark and cold, oh and the cholera, it’s gettin’ old. Chorus: Was I … predetermined to be hiding in the dark? I can see that everybody knows … that this inferno began with just a spark. Could we have stopped it? I suppose. Verse 3: (I guess) it was worth it to the powers that be but there’s a catch. Y’ see we’re living underground like a mole in hole. Don’t forget to close the hatch! Machiavelli, could make prince even out of me. He said.. the end, justifies the means, the end, justifies the means, Verse 4: I need a vampyre tending bar and workin’ late. I’ve got a pint of the good stuff, let’s make a trade … of precious … red ambrosia for your finest IPA, Now sink your teeth in, before the break of day. Thanks, Pete
  6. Yeah I like how the beat builds and builds but I am waiting for the main theme to kick in. Now maybe that is not the point. That is, if this were to accompany a film or something then the visual might take over as the main theme. But if it is a standalone I think it needs to 'graduate' from a introductory feel to the main event? Do you dig? It is a cool start and I think you nailed the "dark alley" feel. Cheers, Pete
  7. RoadDog

    Do You Know Me

    Yes it is trance-like for sure. I was thinking that to contrast the busy beat of the existing instruments you could add a slow synth or guitar - but then I think you succeed in part in this vein with the vocals (but maybe hold the notes a little longer) Cheers, Pete
  8. RoadDog

    March on

    I love the instrumental intro! I like how the chorus has more of a major feel than the verses, I just wish it had a little more oomph, for lack of a better word. The instrumental break/solo is really nice, if you have a mandolin that might work well in there too but I wonder if that would complicate the simplicity of the arrangement. By the way, these are great lyrics : "you fear what you think you think you know but you don’t" Cheers, Pete
  9. RoadDog


    Well I just had to review this one as I wrote a song of the same title a few years back Man it's funky - and I totally agree, the verse vocal and concept has Zappa written all over and I dig Frank! And the "circuit dialogue" fits it like a glove! The synth work brings me back to high school in the 80's. Cool video too.
  10. RoadDog

    Pretty Blue

    Paul this is rockin'! Me like! But of course I will try to comment aside for my preference for rock. I really like the stoptime(?)-ish feel that first occurs at 30 sec. One thing that I'd change is to make the lead-in chord from the organ @ 1:29 a little different - but I am not sure to what. But perhaps that is the effect for which you are going. But I dig it! Sometimes we have to rock out! (it relieves stress! )
  11. RoadDog

    Take This City

    This is spot on in terms of the timing of the lyrics to the rhythm of the song, it works really well and is quite singable. I love the contrast of the quiet verses against the vibrant chorus. I agree that the song builds up as you say. But I did read all of the lyrics before I listened and I thought that they would have built up more toward the end of the song. The line "Damn you would like that sunset" is great! Cheers, Pete
  12. RoadDog

    Bottle of Whiskey

    Thanks Malcolm for the listen. Yeah this one generated some controversy. Basically that line means that if I were such a jerk as to wake my wife from a sound sleep to place a blanket on me, she would.
  13. RoadDog

    May Song Contest

    "Funky Baby" Verse 1: Ice cubes don't sweat .. but it ... sure looks like they do. Well, melting away like that ... wouldn't you? Tryin' to keep up ... with filet mignon ... and trippin' on checkmate ... when you're just a pawn, Oh No! Chorus: You got to get your funk on! But don't be gettin' too high. It's gonna get hot, whether you like it or not, so roll on ... down that runway and fly. Verse 2: Sometimes I think we're livin' ... in a crazy dream. Where all is as it is ... but not as it seems. Drop the microphone ... and split the scene. But try and keep it funky baby ... You know what I mean, people? Outro: Like a bird, baby, or a 747, Queen of the Skies ....
  14. RoadDog

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Hey folks! Good fun as usual! Congrats to Fabkebab, Triffid, Ironknee, and Donna!!! Here are my comments, The Countless Few (#meToo) - MondoArt I love the whole feel of this one. The music matches the lyrics quite well. Not sure I dig the choice of almost falsetto-like voice, but overall the sometimes gentle/sometimes not piano and the words along with the pace is so very pleasing for me. Cold Lover - ScenesFromPalacio Great melody and at first I feel that it sounds quite familiar but then quickly and nicely takes me in a different direction. Also this is a great open verse : “On a ride to free the lost & lonely You decide I’ll be your one & only but I’m on the outside of the pain, let’s talk about it yeh I’m on the outside of the play in your mind” - it grabs my attention right away. Just Trust the Tales - Zeligovitch Cool intro! And this is deliciously different! The melody suits the song well and my favorite line is “You shouldn’t take your luggage” Total Loser Song - Hobosage Oh I can sadly identify with this one! Ha! It is reminiscent in terms of idea of Nowhere Man, but the approach is fresh. The chord choices are great and I really really like that they are arpeggiated for much of the song! This nicely contrasts to the point where it builds “Same thing ..” My favorite line “I’m a major misfit but it kinda makes me free” - oh god if only I’d recognized that years ago. Places - rwade Americana Nouveau! This is great and somewhat reminiscent of a childhood I did not have. Not sure if that makes sense. The line about “…where our souls are headed” - well for me I expected…, well not the Promised Land,…. on that one - makes me reflect on a life of regret. The lyrics dance between the literal and symbolic. So well done! Tangled in My Hairbrush - DonnaMarilyn The piano is fantastic. When I hear the vocal I hear an almost phantom of the opera mood. This has broadway written all over it to me. “And here I lie, longing just for relevance” - what a fantastic line! Real nice. Passengers - Mike B Transported back in time am I on this one. A proper laid back protest. I’d like to hear more power in the chorus (such as you do in the bridge). The guitar is quite fitting. When I Find My Way - Triffid Oh I really really like the guitar! Really nice melody here. I love the ‘minor surprise’ when you sing “with cynics held at bay i'll know it when i find my way” Keep the listener on guard! Also very good use of dynamics here Triffid. Good stuff! Hang on Shep - PaulCanuck Wow! And the reason for the wow is my surprise at the music. What I mean by that is that I read the lyrics before listening and I imagined totally different music (maybe more Disney sad - more with like an Old Yeller feel) - but this is cool because it’s almost like an old Fistful of Dollars Eastwood Spaghetti western feel. Nice work! In My Memory - Short Order Kook Oh the music here takes me back to my youth in VT and Cape Cod for some reason. Really nice guitar, familiar but oh so good. But this line “We passed just like two ships in the night” - too cliche for me. But the line “My heart is an eggshell” - awesome! Perfect Light - Murphster Cheers mate for the single take - I am not so brave! 50 takes minimum! So this line grabbed me “Be what you're preaching to the choir” Yes! This line however, “You could raise the roof” - I’ve heard it too many time (yes I am a hypocrite) - but I love love love the change in the tempo/feel at ~ 1:32 - this is brilliant. Ted Talk - fabkebab Brilliant Mate! Grass-fed meat! This is fun! But oh, unlike my many MANY of my friends, I’ve never been to a Ted Talk. But maybe that’s why I love this! Don’t get me wrong, science is my career, but man - sometimes I need to just chill and rock ’n’ roll or not. But I love this. That Empathetic Man - Ironknee Foot-tappin’ goodness right here. It’s like idealistic John Denverism crossed with the harsh reality of life. Im not sure if that makes any sense but I hope it does. Well done on the superb lyrics, married in the only way they could, to the wonderful wonderful guitar playing. Games Already Lost - Iggy Sweet guitar intro, the initial feel of the chord progression is familiar. The delivery combined with the lyrics is sweet and simultaneously hopeless (and I assume intended!) - nicely done here. It’s almost like a defeated Gordon Lightfoot feel. Sad - and man oh man, we have all been there - and when it happens to you, this is what you want to hear. Cheers, Pete
  15. RoadDog

    I Come Here Every Day

    Man, I don't know how you could get more old school country than this! Such a classic sound. Nice one Paul!