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  1. RoadDog

    July song competition

    Hey all great contest!! Congrats to Jambrains and Hobo! I’m on travel right now and will send my comments when I get stateside. Cheers, Pete
  2. RoadDog

    'Til Daybreak

    The guitar is real nice here. What I am trying to reconcile is how the rhythm of the vocals in the lyrics pairs with the guitar. It seems a little unnatural at first - now, later in the song, it seems to find the groove. In the chorus it seems to be natural at once. Of course this is to my ears and brain. So here is my dilemma - I hate grading (commenting?) based on performance or mix (as mine are usually not good ) So I try to listen to the song as a songwriter - and that's where I can't tell if the rhythm bit I mentioned is intentional (as you meant it to be like that) or it is an artifact of performance. In any case it's a nice gentle song about love and caring that I can relate to due to my constant travel. Keep writing!!! Pete
  3. RoadDog

    July song competition

    Here's a song about an all-too-common-occurrence these days: Active Shooter Verse 1: Doin’ time in my cubicle Here come the reaper down the hall Should’ve punched out ‘round happy hour Looks like he’s comin’ for us all! Verse 2: No movie sound effects of ricochet! No smoke and mirrors, just shock and awe. Flying metal through my ergonomic office chair Knuckles white and fingers claw! Chorus: You’ve got to Run! Run, from the man with the gun! He don’t care ‘bout your situation. Run! Run! or you’ll never see the sun come up again, no not again …. Wait! No, no. no, no! Bridge: I always thought it’d be the other guy. Can’t I just - work - myself to death … instead? Why must you come in here and vent all your frustration? With your language of lead?
  4. Really great, I listened to it three times in a row, the melody really inspires me!
  5. Oh yeah, and I love the very clever use of the reggae beat of the guitar!!!
  6. Super cool and the guitar is fantastic man! I really wanted to hear the word "being" stretched out a bit more though, then came the refrain "all the time" and then I especially love the guitar at 1:00 and .... then how the whole melody evolves after that in almost a pop-jazz way! Oh and "In these days I am out of place like a modern plague crawling back to black but I won't give a damn" - really great lyrics! Then the subtle bass comes out at 3:20 ish. It's a good listen, Really really well done!
  7. RoadDog

    I Dream Too

    I agree with Joey, bring the vocals forward a bit more. But I love love that guitar intro, nice warm tone, cool note choices. In fact I’d say that the orchestration overall is really good! - just dial in those vocals a tad.
  8. RoadDog

    June Song Contest

    Cheers Paul, I wasn't sure about the guitar tracking the vocals but after playing around with it, it worked in my head. Thanks for the listen! (and thanks to all others who commented!)
  9. RoadDog

    Today Is Everything

    My sentiments exactly! "A moment in time that'll soon be yesterday" that's a great line. Nice guitar fills here too Joey. Your vocal vibrato is good but there are a few places where I'd dial it back just a hair, but that's just nit pickin, as it's real nice!
  10. RoadDog

    Into the Underground

    Man I'm hearing Phish too here! What a great jam-band tune, I could listen to this groove all day long! And on top of the groove you have a great melody and a sweet sweet guitar solo with a nice fat tone - but with note choices almost Duane Allman-esque!!
  11. RoadDog


    Hey thanks for the listen! Yeah, alarm clock, gentle, gatling gun - therein lies the irony! The song to me anyway is a mixture of feelings, I've got this monkey on my back but I've got to keep going and face the mundane. So the confidence is there, then it fades, then returns. Thanks! Thanks Patty, glad you dug the line about kevlar and coffee!! Yeah the prechorus is pretty weak, I agree. I struggled with that and the mix (this is the 1st song where I tried to add a bass (fake a bass with Garageband) Yeah the solo was a blast to write, glad you like it Thanks for the listen! Thanks Joey, much appreciated!!
  12. RoadDog

    June Song Contest

    Hey thanks!!
  13. Hey folks, Here is my contest entry from this month. Any more comments are appreciated! (Thanks again to those who have commented in the contest!!) Chorus: I'm gonna cruise like a Tomahawk, over the sea, with a monkey on my six, followin' me. Oh no! Woo hoo! And that monkey gonna see what I'm a gonna do! Verse 1: Don't 'cha love Mondays, like your hand in a blender? or shoehorned subways ... with their odor of life? But I got a new alarm clock. I'm gonna set it on stun. It's gonna wake me up gently, like a gatling gun! Pre-Chorus: Take your everyday vitamins ... and your go-fast pills. Now focus like a zoom lense, if you've got the will! Verse 2: Wading through email, and emoji death threats, I don't need kevlar. I need a coffee to go. Living under a black cloud, like canaries in a coal mine, I'm gonna lose that monkey, then I'll be fine. Cheers, Pete
  14. RoadDog

    June Song Contest

    Hey folks, Congrats to Scenes, Fabkebab, and JK!!! Nice work, and fun as always! Thanks for the comments too I appreciate them! Here are mine, I hope they are useful: Sunday Christian: I really like the message in this song! As a kid in catholic school I recall my thoughts that confession was some kind of get out of jail free card - and this song addresses just that point. It also makes me think of the Godfather, where there is this great irony of people going to church while at the same time ordering the murder of others. The music and melody surprised me nicely a bit and the singing was good. I think that baker in Colorado need to listen to this one! Summertime Song: Oh man you are the grungemaster! But I think I also might hear some Ramones in there too. The rhythm is great and my favorite part is the bridge but that is in not only in terms of your note choices but how it contrasts with the rest of the song. Not sure I dig all the lyrics but I find your stuff fun Joe and I always look forward to it. New School: Really cool rapid-fire somewhat-syncopated delivery of the lyrics. The build to the chorus is inviting and I really like the vibes?? synth-vibes?? used in the chorus. “…Don’t want my retro world …” Good line and it’s so true (sometimes The truth comes stumbling in: Your deft use of imagery evokes scenes from a play or film that is so very familiar but that Ive never seen. Although the melody/theme (not sure how to say it) is a tad too familiar to me, it is well-done (as usual!) and a nice combo of the guitar and harmonica. Dreaming of You: Great great intro with the mix of acoustic, drums, and subtle electric guitar. The mix sounds so good, but what I really like is your use of fills in just the right amounts at the right times. I love the ~falsetto on the line “…let me in”. Nice! Bottle: Man I love the music!! It makes me think of New Orleans! Don’t know why. It’s got a refined yet raw sound … like the early Stones. And it is Oh so Sweet when you slow it down in the bridge! “Bottle talk is cheap” Dig it! Forever: Familiar chord progression here for most parts, but with a surprise here and there and that is nice. I like what I hear with the guitar solo but I’d say bring it more forward (but I am biased for such things :). The notes under “Like a bird on a wire..” don’t resonate with me for reasons I can’t explain - but then the chorus develops into something that my ear and brain like quite a bit more! Right There and Then: Man I really hear the Beatles inspiration here? Is that just a coincidence? Nice change-up with the “I was waiting…” Sometimes the doubling / delay on the vocal gets a bit too much but for much of the song it’s good. You give a nice contrast just after 2 minutes. And I love the guitar! Love and Joy: The organ, drums, and vocal melody give this a classic 60’s feel to me (like The Association?) but that great shift after ~ 1:15 takes the song in a whole new direction. Signature uniqueness! The last note of the guitar solo made think briefly of Thelonious Monk New Life Around the Bend: Awesome acoustic guitar work! I’d say this is more country than alternative country. The main thing I’d like to hear is more of an evolution in terms of dynamics. I’m Not Giving Up On Love: Classic feel of Billy Joel here with the piano and the sax! Takes me back to the Stranger. It’s got a catchy chorus and the sax solo is so so sweet. It’s a good message and great delivery of it. Star In This Town (Daydream Believer): Nice harmonies on the chorus but he word “Daydream” seems a bit rushed. And oh the line “Always half a notch too cool.” - to true for many I knew too! Cheers, Pete
  15. RoadDog

    Maybe Rock isn't dead

    Oh man, off of Zep 1! She is rockin'!! I had smiles all the way!!