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  1. April Song Contest

    Hey Guys, So sorry to miss the voting period. Have a new baby at home and got a bit too ambitious about doing some music stuff too soon. Look forward to getting back into it down the road and hearing your songs. -Brian
  2. April Song Contest

    Hey All, Look forward to hearing yer tunes. Soundcloud - So Far Words and music - Hayter Verse 1 Lately I've been thinking too much. Started kinda losing touch. Lately I've been drinking so much but find that it's not enough. Just a couple a day 'cuz your so far away. Chorus So far from home we are. We're changed if we go back. Verse 2 Told a story the other day about how we almost lost a baby. Everyone just sat and stared. I said "oh no, I'm feeling scared." Let's go back to where we came. But we pledged our love and we traveled here. Chorus So far from home we are. It's changed if we go back.
  3. Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Hey Everybody! Happy Holidays and nice work all around. I thought the voting was good and the winners were well deserved. My votes were pretty similar to the totals, but I really like Bee's song.
  4. Come On Over

    Think yer really on the verge with this one. A great catchy melody and memorable chorus with some great rhythms throughout. What's missing for me is the that kick to the gut that sets this apart. In searching for this, I would start by tweaking the verse melody just so to find out somehow to make it one of a kind. Here's one thing that comes to mind: ... in this one FB repeats one word almost obsessively to get a really cool, memorable effect on the verse melody. Another thing I can think of is try making harmonies off your original melody and then pull the original melody down in the mix. Let the harmony become the main vocal.Also, the chorus lyrics seem like they can use a tiny kick as well. Something to really wrench the gut, eh? Also, I think the vox can come down in the mix prolly 5-6 dbs. All and all, really nice comp and really impressive recording. Best of luck, Brian
  5. December Song Contest

    Of the Sun Words and music by Brian Hayter Harrison, of the sun, skin so bright it warms me up. Baby boy, heart of joy, dreams so large they fill the sea. Sometimes you're gonna feel like life has let you down, but don't you know you're gonna rise above and have faith in love. Harry boy, hands so strong, grip that life and pull it in. Oh my man, take a stand. Make it all you think it is. Sometimes you're gonna feel like life has let you down, but don't you know you're gonna rise above and have faith in love.
  6. Ever to Happen

    Thx everybody, Gold, Steve, Tams, Drum, it's great to be back on here with all of you again. Drum - thx for pointing out specific parts for revision as that is always what I benefit from the most. I'm not a detail person.
  7. Ever to Happen

    Hey Rick, Ya. I agree. Some sort of alteration to the structure could be real good. Just curious, where would you put the interlude?
  8. Almost Winter

    Hey man, This is absolutely great! You got serious talent. You got a real simple tune here but its got pizzazz and the tropes aren't too tried. Keep it up. -B
  9. Nothing Going On Round Here

    Wow. Think you've gotten even better than the last time I listened. This is one quite DBowie, but, thankfully, a bit more bottom heavy than he usually is. As usual your songs sorta bend my mind because all the structural/arrangement choices I would normally make are pretty much not in this song. It's a good thing though, and the lyrics definitely carry this one through. I guess it runs like a Dylan song, which are pretty linear and go until the story is done. Nice work-- going back for one more spin. Best, Brian.
  10. Hey brother, Guitar playing and sound is great on this one. You even have a nice feel/mood to this one that is pretty much in style with all the americana stuff out there now. I'm gonna focus my comments on the verse, however, because (honestly) the verse melody is so distasteful to my musical palate that I sat down to try and figure out why. To the best of my musical knowledge, which is not much, the melody is simplistic/childish because it hangs on the 1,3,and 5, which are the basic notes of your major chord. I was able to get hugely better results, imho, by tossing in a 6 and ending the melody on a 2. The basic idea, though, is throw in some more colorful tones into the verse melody. I think the song will be light-years better. Thanks for the listen and good luck. -Brian
  11. Hey all, Whatsup! Been off here for a while, enjoying poetic license, but will surely appreciate your help with this one. -Brian Ever to Happen Soundcloud It's been a long time since I remembered to tell you that you were the best thing ever to happen to me. I know how you must feel sometimes. Feel like I don't know you-- feel like I don't care. I know you feel alone sometimes. Feel like I don't see you-- feel like I don't say: (You were the best thing) ever to happen to me. Life began when I came to see how much that you mean to me.
  12. Great man. Listened to two different mixes, and if I'm not mistaken you improved the verse melody a bit in mix 19?? Really digging what you've done w/ this mix, but I think all you need is to iron out some of the parts of the verse where the words sound a little chunky. "I am on track" is an example that sounds like you need more syllables or something tweaked. "guess" sounds wierd too to me. Love the slide. Doing great man. thanks for the listen.
  13. Nov Song Comp

    Congrats Jason! Really nice work, as always. Thinman - this was most definitely my favorite song I've ever heard from you. The rhythm in the vocal melody was so creative and really perked my ear. Rick D - really loving everything I've heard from you lately. This is very Paul Mccartney, but also more risky/ vulnerable than some of the stuff that I'm accustomed to from you. Very nice. Steve - so good, man. We gotta collab one day.
  14. Nov Song Comp

    Hey y'all, Back in the game! Excited to hear everyone's tracks. Hayter (music and lyrics) What We Make Of It verse I don't wanna talk about it if it's not gonna change. Anyway, I don't really know what I'm trying to say. chorus I know you're trying-- maybe try a little harder. We'll work it out. I'll just keep on singing, and I know that you're listening and understand that men go dark if you don't shine your light all warm and soft. Our love's what we make of it. verse I know you love me, so why are you always trying to get me to change? There you are so high above me. Maybe I should just let you reign? chorus Our love's what we make of it.
  15. Song Of The Year - Open Format 2012

    Congrats Tom. You certainly have a special talent, and I'm so glad that's recognized. Muse provides a very fantastic place for people who might otherwise never get their songs heard to touch lives and make connections. So cool. Well deserved. To all contestants, much of the same applies to everyone here. I love hearing your songs and wish everyone the best in this next year of songwriting.