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    President Trump

    I'm sure you know @jonie that the US admits in the neighborhood of a million immigrants a year. Year after year. I'm talking about legal, vetted, processed immigrants. I've sponsored immigrants so I'm familiar with this process. And the US has admitted many more than the above quoted million a year on specilized work visas, seasonal farm worker visas, fiancée visas, student visas, etc. Our legal immigrant policy is quite generous in comparison to virtually any other country in the world. Absorbing a million people year after year is no small accomplishment. Some think that number is too much to do year after year. Racism, or more accurately bigotry, is not limited to only one country or only certain ethnic groups. I think racism is an inaccurate term as we're all the same human race. I see bigotry where I live now toward the chinese, and toward certain religions by other religions. Your country of residence has it's own history of bigotry and greed too, as does most any country. I strongly disagree with anyone asserting that the current US immigration policy today is based on xenophobia or bigotry. I don't see that at all. We take people from everywhere year after year. After year after year. It's perfectly reasonable to want to know who we're taking though.
  2. kuya

    What Kind Of Man

    What kind of man What kind of man primps in front of a mirror With ointments and hairgels for his pimples wrinkles and curls Ignoring the cries of his own little children His four year old son and his two little girls What kind of man? What kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man is so obsessed with status With In the country club and his brand new car What kind of man is impressed with his address Name dropping friends who are movie stars What kind of man? What kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man walks away from his family Abandons them all for a new piece of ass What kind of man lets his kids go hungry Impressing his friends with a big wad of cash What kind of man? what kind of man? no kind of man at all What kind of man lets his mother suffer What kind of man still acts like a boy His clothes cost more than the cost of her treatment Dying for nothing while he plays with his toys What kind of man? What kind of man? I tell you no kind of man at all
  3. kuya

    What Kind Of Man

    Thank you Ty Mick and Barney, I altered a couple words based on your suggstions. Although I hesitated using wrinkles as I picture the main character to be about 30ish. It's a fictionalized depiction of someone I know but it's really more my take on these irresponsible guys who leave their kids essentially fatherless. Kids deserve fathers.
  4. kuya

    President Trump

    What about playpens. Or cribs. Both are intended to keep babies out of harm's way. How about fences around schools and daycares. Context is everything.
  5. kuya

    President Trump

    You know you guys in Canada could buy an old cruise ship or two and put your money where your mouth is. Head right down there to Central America and offer to take as many passengers that'll fit directly to Canada. One could float back and forth up to Vancouver and the other could bring them up the East Coast up to Montreal. And then haul ass back down to Central America nonstop to do it again day and night until every single person that wants out gets out. But no passenger screening allowed. No weeding out MS13 gang members or drug pushers or criminals of any kind. Assume that every single person wanting to escape their country is wonderful. I'm sure the majority are decent but your rules require you to assume that everyone is acceptable. And you pay for these people and all of their needs for the rest of their lives. And. And. And when America deports anyone from their country you must accept every single one of them. No questions asked. Get rid of your border control completely with the US and stand by while we drive thousands of people a day right into your country and drop them off. And. And. And pay for all of these people and all of their needs for the rest of their lives. No questions asked. About those cruise ships: after you take on as many passengers as you think will safely fit, leave the gangplank down until the passengers decide how many will fit. Don't leave port in Central America until every last person who wants to cram onto the ship is on, no matter how horribly overcrowded and unsafe and unsanitary it is because you are not in charge anymore. You are not allowed to make any considerations for budget, safety, practicality, feasibility etc. just keep doing this day and night for decades. Round the clck. Day and night. And then we'll talk. And all the while you're doing your best, listen to people in ivory towers call you gaddam heartless sons of bitches.
  6. kuya

    Guns anyone?

    So by definition this man is not a legal gun collector. Felons and gun collectors are legally mutually exclusive groups. My comments about collectors excluded criminals posessing things they are not allowed to have. This kind of proves an adage among gun owners. If you criminalize gun ownership then only criminals will have guns. But this criminal could also make a gun using a 3 d printer. Now hopefully we can all agree that he should serve a mandatory 5 years for each criminal gun posession, consecutively. @Barneyboy since this is a local story for you, maybe you can let us all know his actual sentence please when that happens.
  7. kuya

    A Non-Trumpian Topic For Us To Ponder

    Student debt is an interesting subject here in the US. Multifaceted. I once worked for a state agency that serviced student debt. Let me just focus on one aspect of student loans, if I may. One of the problems with student loans is there is currently no incentive whatsoever for colleges and universities to control costs. These institutions live and survive in their own little bubbles. If a school wants to raise tuition because they can't control their budgets they can rest assured there is a lobby in congress that will immediately respond by raising student loan limits or creating new student loan packages so students can find a way to borrow larger and larger sums of money. The government guarantees these loans against default and the former students end up with what are essentially mortages they can't live in. A student will pay off debts for years making it increasingly harder to purchase a home or fund a retirement. Our kids, God bless 'em, listen to us and go to college because we all know that the difference in lifetime earnings between a bachelors and a high school diploma is roughly a million plus dollars, as is the difference between a bachelors and a masters, etc. a few years back during the obama years these same kids rebelled against the system because they took our advice and piled up debt getting an education, but couldn't find enough work and had to live home with their parents. (The one percenter protests). These kids felt betrayed by the system with good reason. And here's a big part of the problem: when one side tries to force these colleges and universities to control their budgets by not rubber stamping loan limit increases / artificial interest rates/ etc. they are blasted as heartless republcan sons of bitches instead of applauded for attempting to impose some restraints on a college's ability to raise tuition anytime everytime with the certitude that some idiots in congress would automatically make it possible for students to borrow ever increasing amounts of money. Money that is almost impossible to repay. (It's the same approach the dems are using today for border patrol-- make republicans who are trying to enforce our laws / control expenss look like heartless sons of bitches. No effort by them to ever help solve a problem that can be exploited successfully. These students and those poor kids in detention centers are both being exploited for votes, to the detriment of our country. it makes me sick.) God forbid a university will ever have to exist under the same monetary constraints the rest of us do. I truly empathize with these students and parents. The colleges are screwing them with the help of congress. One of the many reasons I moved overseas is so that I could bankroll my son's college years right through to a doctorate if he wants, without him incurring any mortgages he can't live in. And lest anyone think i am conveniently blaming only the democrats, i equally blame the republican cowards in congress for not standing up to them. Equally.
  8. kuya

    President Trump

    When a parent gets arrested for DWI with kids in the car guess what happens? The kids get separated from their parents. That's not the cops fault or the politicians who passed anti DWI laws fault- it's the person breakng the law's fault. And the kid suffers. When some idiot kills his wife guess what happens? The children are separated from their only living parent after just recently losing their other parent. Don't blame the people who created or enforced that law for making the children suffer. Blame the law breaker. And the children suffer. Adults who are arrested illegally entering our country are equally responsible for their children being separated from them, cruel as it is, unless you want America to start arresting 4 year olds like they do in Pakistan? The children aren't criminals and as such they can't remain with adults charged with criminal offences who are flight risks. Parents should be offered immediate transportation back to the border with their kids. I favor immediate deportation. Same day hearings. Goodbye. Keep the family together on the other side of the border. If the US has open borders we will have a billion people within a decade with half of them starving. The humanitarian thing to do is stop this invasion. And yes the children always suffer the most.
  9. kuya

    Guns anyone?

    Chasing after 11 year old kids is bizarre but collecting things isn't that unusual per se. this collection doesn't look like he's really a collector, as many of them look like run of the mill stuff. A lot of copies of the same stuff as opposed to someone who wants one copy of each thing. My guess is he's selling them. But i'm not a gun guy. Jay leno collects cars. He doesn't want 50 of the same car. He wants interesting unusual cars and he enjoys driving them too. I think jeff beck is a car collector as is neil young, although the story with young is more interesting. Seinfeld too I think. Eventually the environmentalists may want these gas guzzlers seized or made inoperable. I have a friend who collects old Indian motorcycles. Old indian anything. A beautiful collection. American pickers is calling him but he's not interested. He also collects steam driven tools from the 1800s. Beautiful collections. He restores them to working order. As a kid I collected LP records. I also collect books to this day. I have a lot of old fishing lures too. As a kid I collected coins and stamps. Mike collects guitars, and has some absolutely beautiful instruments. A lot of you guys do here. They're your babies. Clapton and Harrison each had beautiful guitar collections. Townsend. Hundreds. Entwhistle had a huge bass collection. Most of our wives collect shoes, I suspect. Enjoy! Collecting guns (as opposed to these clandestine gun dealers supplying the drug trade or survivalist apocalyptical type guys) may seem hard to fathom for a guitar collector, but there's a lot of military buffs out there. Mention a war or a battle and they can rattle off what kind of weaponry was used on each side and what advantage each weapon gave them. Mention an historical figure such as Boone, Crockett, Custer, Pershing, Patton or the MacArthurs and they can tell you what make and model of sidearms or long guns they carried. These same guys collect swords and military knives too. Some guys are strictly civil war. It's a hobby. Most of these weapons in a true collection haven't been shot (perhaps barely handled) in decades and many are inoperable due to age or condition. But they're history. They have value. I suspect if I name a famous guitarist many of you could tell me their preferred guitar or guitars. Make model year. Maybe even which guitars were used on particular songs. Which amps. Which effects. which recording equipment. If people can collect guitars amps foot pedals keyboards and recording related stuff, why deny someone else their stamps, coins, motorcycles, cars, cookie cutters, or gun collections? Enjoy!
  10. He wore just a thong in that open casket there was a line around the corner down to 4th & Taskett i still think of dad and it gives me chills what i remember the most are the smelly dollar bills
  11. What creeped me the most--except for using that toy was when he pulled me on stage and yelled 'that's my boy!' In a town this small you can't really hide so I learned pretty fast how to take it in stride but if times get tough and i can't find a job i'd rather scrub toilets beg borrow or rob he didn't stop til he hit his head i had greased the pole and he dropped dead
  12. There was one thing more that just seemed so wrong it was 'Who's ya daddy?' stitched on his thong.
  13. It would really be jaunty if he did the full monty
  14. kuya

    What Kind Of Man

    Thank you Mr. D, Is the variation of where "What kind of man..." falls in the verse detracting or distracting for you? I didn't purposely set out to vary it that way but it ended up like that. As I looked at it later I thought the variation seemed to flow more natural, but that's why I post them here-- for a fresh impartial perspective. The 4 year old in the lyric was dropped on our doorstep a couple months back and we became best buddies. He wished me a happy father's day sunday because his own father was too busy. Yeah.
  15. kuya

    The long hot summer in Hamilton

    Hi WB, You have 4 verses with V2 being the odd man out. Or is V2 just a half verse? Mike made a good suggestion already about structure. Patty and Carl both are looking for contrast. I agree. Look at it this way: right now you have a bunch of sweaty teenage boys. And your imagery of good times together is fine, so far. Most of us can identify with similar memories of our own. The POV is one of those guys. The storyteller. The perfect way to provide contrast is to get inside the head of the storyteller and share something. What is the guy thinking about? Is he worried? Is he fearless about the future? Maybe he just got one of the guys' sisters pregnant and he's worried. Maybe he has a mancrush on one of the guys and he's uncomfortable with it. Maybe the gang committed some petty or major crime and he's wondering if they're about to get caught. Maybe they injured some lifestock cow tipping and face arrest. Or more likely he's melancholy because this lazy summer idle time is quickly coming to an end and he knows the gang is splitting up. Somebody's dad got transferred. Or college is calling. And the guy is still a kid and he's not quite ready for adult responsibilities. He wished it could go on forever as is but he knows everyone has to grow up and let go so they can move on. The lyric is about this happy innocent teenage summer. The contrast can be that even innocent teenaged boys have hopes and fears they rarely share with even their closest friends. I'm sure you have some great ideas to provide contrast. Welcome here and looking forward to future edits and more from you.
  16. kuya

    Is there a North Korean deal

    Regarding returning the remains of our Korean War soldiers @Barneyboy I am aware that North Korea never returned all of our soldiers during the armistice. As recently as the 1980s Americans were known to be alive in North Korea. Yes, I realize they must be dead by now. Just as the Soviet Union kept thousands of Allied soldiers at the end of WW2. With Stalin it's been documented that he offered to trade these soldiers for Germany's scientists, and Eastern European dissidents, Russian POWs, and others who were either potentially useful or potentially threatening to Stalin. Many of the Russian POWs we did return to Stalin were promptly executed. These allied soldiers likely ended up deep in the Siberian Gulags where they likely were worked to death. Truman and Ike and Marshall knew that the scientists would be of tremendous advantage to Stalin and the others faced certain death. So we wouldn't trade. During the Korean and VietNam wars a handful of American aviators were also transferred to the USSR to extract technological info. This is in the days before Al Gore invented the internet and technology was a little more difficult to steal. So it's not just the bones the families deserve. Boris Yeltsin offered to provide us with answers to these POWs (most but not all of whom were long since reclassified KIA or MIA) within 2 or 3 days of becoming Russia's President but Bush the elder quietly said no that's ok. Now we have a similar opportunity from Kim if the US (and our allies) want answers. Trump is a different kind of president. Maybe he will press for a full accounting, as painful as this will be for the families. Trump may be completely unaware of the issue. N. Korea kidnapped many people over the years. Ask Japan and South Korea and even one or two American families. People were kidnapped mostly for language instruction. I know it will be incredibly painful for these families to learn that their loved ones survived years and sometimes decades after the wars in deprived and depraved conditions. Baffled in their daily thoughts as to why they were knowingly deliberately abandoned. Betrayed. But their loved ones deserve to know. My own thought is that it will be a hundred years after the war, after the children of these POWs are all dead, before it's exposed. Too bad.
  17. kuya

    Voices Inside Myself

    Hi Donnie, I also found the first verse very confusing. The rest almost reads like a very confused suicide note. But then right at the very end he asks God's help? It would help with the editing process if you clarified what you're trying to say and do, in particular with the first verse. I posted a lyric with a similar theme -- depression-- called Dem Blues back in late February. The POV was a guy with depression and how he dealt with his gf who didn't get it. It is not a suicide song though. my POV was also somewhat confused. not thinking clearly is a symptom of severe depression. So i certainly get the general idea here. It's also interesting to see different approaches to a similar theme. Welcome here to the Muse. Be patient with this lyric and you'll end up with something you're really satisfied with. It's 90% editing, either before you post or after. No escaping it. Looking forward to more.
  18. kuya

    World Cup

    A small earthquake detected in Mexico city each time Mexico scored. Actual news story! Now that's what I call fans. No further word on Iceland's plans for a volcanic eruption to celebrate their next win.
  19. kuya

    Human Doings and Human Beings

    Hi Fab, I get this lyric. At work I used to remind people "this (work) isn't our life--it's how we finance our lives" because for so many of them work was their life. It was their entire social life for many. It was kind of sad to see day after day. So I understand this. But at the same time it didn't grab me and pull me in. The first line seemed more like a summary or conclusion. Maybe it would benefit from an Eleanor Rigby treatment with specific characters rather than generalizations?
  20. kuya

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Tom, Your plumbing story reminds me of me and my habit of holding doors open for people. Nine times out of ten someone will say thank you but that one time when they don't I still notice. It still annoys me just a little. Any time I might start thinking "how rude" to myself, I remind myself I'm not so much holding the door open for them as holding it open for me; because I want to live in a world where people are polite and thoughtful and empathetic. Where people hold doors open or otherwise show respect for others, like stopping to listen to a different opinion even though they disagree. Empathy. Do unto others. That sort of thing. Holding a door takes no effort. So if that guy didn't appreciate your help enough to even offer you lunch or their sincere thanks, that says something about him, not you. You probably wouldn't offer him help a second time, but at some point in the future it's possible that he might realize what a tremendous thing you did for him and months or years later truly appreciate it. And say thank you or try to reciprocate. Sometimes lessons aren't learned at the exact same time they are taught. It may take a while for some to actually absorb the lesson. I think that's the hope the nuns held onto decades ago when they taught me. Maybe someday some of this will finally sink in.
  21. kuya

    World Cup

    The lead up to these games in the u s media i follow has been centered on the russian fans promises to hurt visiting opposition team fans and some on the cost of hosting these games for putin and if it will result in future tourism post games. That sort of thing. So it's nice to finally read some fan-generated news here on all your favorite teams. It's amazing to think iceland even has fields to practice on (with their short season) but i'm sure most of the year they're practicing indoors or offsite? So who should i root for after my team is elminated? Is anyone planning to attend a game or games? And predictions for who will win?
  22. Sounds great. It could use a female vocal or falsetto with a happy simple lyric. You created a very nice vibe! Soundscapes
  23. kuya

    Is there a North Korean deal

    Spin equilibrium. P/L> JI It used to be that a journalist or a journalist organization would bend over backwards to be scrupulously honest and careful in reporting because they realized that credibility was everything. All the credentials on the wall and all the years of experience don't mean anything if you lost your credibility. After someone lost it they rarely could ever get it back. Ask Dan Rather. Editors would drill this into their proteges. There used to be such a thing as journalistic standards. I can remember the big 3 american networks were not really constrained by profit /loss because the parent companies viewed their role in the 4th estate as almost a sacred duty-damn the costs. But all that changed. I think all that changed when cable news arrived. Cable and the internet pretty much destroyed the newspaper's profit margins, but then the proliferation of cable and now internet forced a dozen or more cable news organizations into competing for a slice of the pie. The big 3 are history in the sense that younger people have no idea what I'm even talking about. As a network's pie slice shrunk network heads came up with decidedly non-journalistic strategies to compete. We're left with a group of strictly anti Trump networks and at least one thriving pro trump network, but we're also left with little or no journalistic standards because the honchos calling the shots are not journalism majors. They're MBAs. P/L > JI Profit over loss is of greater value than journalstic integrity.
  24. kuya


    I think @R-N-R Jim raises a very good point about point of view in comparing this one to welcome to the jungle. In most of the lyric you (the POV) almost seem omniscient until you show your cards in the chorus with the word 'we'. By saying "we"you are taking sides in opposition to the central theme of the lyric. I agree that taking sides in opposition tends to dillute the power of the imagery here. If "we" became "you" then the POV changes and allows the narrator to become the devil himself. "You can't stop me /us" Or if not the devil himself he can be mayhem and havoc anthropomorphized. The POV can revel in it instead of being a bystander. This example is way before your time but when Sympathy For The Devil came out 50 years ago this month it frightened some people. It was being recorded the week RFK was shot and so they changed the line from "who killed kennedy" to "who killed the kennedys" and it was chilling because the POV said "I did it". So what I'm getting at is this lyric would have much more impact if the singer wasn't an almost impartial observer, and certainly a passive observer, but lawlessness mayhem havoc murder and chaos personified and he absolutely reveled in it. "I'm here and you can't stop me!" Adopting that POV doesn't mean you personally endorse the POV's mindset; it's just a literary device. Good catch Jim.