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  1. Nothing Says Love Like Flowers

    Hi Jonie, This is a nice quirky lyric. The first verse sets us up to expect almost anything. As long as you mentioned that you aren't satisfied with the chorus, I'd suggest considering adding a little foreshadowing in there of potential mayhem up ahead. A jailbird isn't going to sing your chorus as is. It's too normal. They could sing every line just the way you wrote them but they would add a little creep factor in possibly. Such as Car-nations swe-et daisies Baby’s breath and a rose yeah, I cut them myself with a knife A card that says, “I love you with ribbons and bows I tied them up tight like my wife just to remind the listener it's a jailbird POV. What would Son of Sam say?
  2. Very nice. I think you have this song down cold! The plaintive vocals seem just right and the snow flurries add some overall ambiance. This song was me before I bailed on the northeast in late January. I think I missed 5 feet of snow, so far. I won't say a word about the weather where I am now, because that would be just plain cruel. Hope you can write about the first signs of spring soon. Hang in there.
  3. Tomorrow

    Hello Charlie and welcome here, It's too soon to tell what you have here as there isn't enough to really go on. We don't know where you're going to go with us. Hopefully you're not telling the whole story in one verse, and you have more verses and a chorus to let the story play out. You may or may not be a singer or musician but you should be trying to sing what you write to see how the words work with each other. Is it smooth or are there tongue trippers? Patterns? Melody. You're here now. You made your first post. Now let's see some more. You can learn a lot here if you give it a chance. Looking forward to more.
  4. A Beer Will Have to Do

    Hi Jonie, I'm a little late to this party but I really like what you've got. I have to admit I got a little indignant when you said micro shit (I'm just getting a nanobrewery started) but upon further reflection, a lot of it is gimmicky kind of shit. You covered a lot of territory naming all those breweries. Some of the finest breweries in the world but an awful lot of crap mentioned too. As the character says, he's not picky. Whatever makes him hoppy. I can hear this one quite clearly on the same jukebox as Paul's 'When this bottle let's go of my hand'. Good company indeed! Very enjoyable.
  5. I enjoyed this a lot. I hope you have a lot more. You know a little about cold winds, do you? You're up in polar bear country. One typo: they're not their
  6. Real nice Rob. That reminds me it's time to hit the pool. I'm kind of a chubby seahorse.
  7. Hi Gregg, Everything Dan said and then some. The simplicity of the music almost belies the lyric until you let it all sink in. I can see why you had this tune in your head for so long. It needed to percolate until you could find a lyric that truly did it justice. Well done!
  8. You certainly have a gift for words Robert. I hope this is not autobiographical. But if it is I extend my condolences. How do I find your books online? I want to find out what happened to that runaway at the diner that you teased us with a while ago. Pat
  9. Beautiful tribute Theresa. Sincerest condolences. I'm sure his memory can inspire you to write more about some of your happiest times together.
  10. Your husband sounds like he was quite a guy Theresa. I hope this one leaves you with a smile every time you read it. There's a lot of wisdom in those few lines from Rick.
  11. March Lyrics Contest

    Water under the bridge.
  12. March Lyrics Contest

    I think Donna Patty and Paul's all would make nice songs. ( and obviously others too) And I have no doubt we will hear them. But Ty Cobb's More is the one lyric entry I would most want to hear FIRST. More received my second highest score, but it is written in a style that I enjoy more than some other styles. I did not say Rain would not make a wonderful song. Stringing words together is how we communicate and how we write lyrics. we all should be able to appreciate that some people certainly have a way with words. Barney, we still quote Lincoln and Jefferson and Franklin, centuries after they're gone. Shakespeare too. Some people have a timeless gift with words. Including this month's winners. Fab, I was thinking of you when I wrote that. I'm glad you're back in your house.
  13. March Lyrics Contest

    I thought this month's contest was pretty much over when I read Rain. Every word seemed perfectly placed and well thought out. It flowed. Stood on its own as pure poetry. Nothing in it that any Muser anywhere in the world could find distasteful or objectionable unless you were a recent victim of a flood perhaps. I thought the only way someone else could win is if Iggy wrote Rain and it ended up disqualified. The best lyric won. It was and is an absolute gem. This month I called most of the podium, as I usually do. But as I was voting I thought to myself what lyric would I most like to hear as a song and I went straight to Ty's More. That song for me looked like pure fun. (Of course I didn't appreciate Facial as much as I do now at that point).since I tend more to certain genres than other genres, as we all do, it's no surprise that Ty's would probably appeal to me more as a song.
  14. I Don't Want Em Anymore

    Very nice Jim. Reminds me of 'Knockin on Heaven's Door'. Your 4 line chorus adds a lot to this. The shine shine line had me wondering though. Even if the storyline doesn't progress as much as Pat Patison might like, I think this will sound just fine.