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  1. Mona, welcome to the crew here. you're probably gonna write a lot of so so stuff before you write a lot of good stuff, and even if you write good stuff it will be still mostly so so stuff and that includes even the professional song writers. So just keep at it. Post them here. Read others posts and especially the comments and suggestions. The more you write the easier it gets and the easier it gets to come up with ideas. There's so much here in the lyrics section to look over and see how others fixed their mistakes and improved their lyrics. Write something. Work on it. Edit. Look at it again in a week or two with fresh eyes. Then post it here. I hope you enjoy your time here, and please participate in the lyric and song contests by submitting and also by rating others.
  2. I switched to Tang back in the mid-90s; that OJ will kill you.
  3. Nice job John. I thought the voice sounded solid and strong.
  4. Hi Silver Beat, your link is to a Cubs song! I like the positive outlook here, despite the circumstances.
  5. Hello, My favorite lines were the first 4 I believe in the power of words that we write to create other worlds we can cherish.
  6. Heaven's Creed is as good as anything I could come up with.
  7. Hi Steve, I think they call it spring fever! Hehe
  8. Hello again Robert, Another good one. This could just as easily be called 'faith' and it's as good a description of faith as any explanation I've seen so far. Keep 'em coming! Nice job!
  9. Hi Robert, Very nice!
  10. Thank you Bob. Much better.
  11. Hi Bob, thank you for your comment. All I was trying to do there was convey a sense of urgency. Time is short. don't waste time. The POV realizes his days are numbered. The other reason I used it was I remember that Moses was able to see the promised land from a mountain top with his brother Aaron but he didn't actually reach it. Martin Luther King also made the same reference (to Moses) in his famous March on Washington speech. MLK knew his own time was short.
  12. For me it's about someone looking at the world today and picturing a different world within the realm of possibility in the not too distant future. Perhaps not within my lifetime. Thanks to Barneyboy, PaulCanuck and A Musical Key for the suggestions. I'm studying them, trying to see what I can do.
  13. Thanks Barney, I'm working on the second 'there'. V4 L3--- 'A place that we all dream of'? I agree too many theres there.
  14. Quiet Solo piano or accoustic guitar sung slowly. I wrote this after listening to Lightning Hopkins 'awful dreams' while doing my laundry this morning. Someday (I looked over the mountain ) I climbed up on the mountain To see what i could see I felt a bit like Moses Pharaoh after me My eyes cant see too good now No I cant see too far Mostly what I saw (there) was Sorrow pain and war Somewhere in the distance T'was almost out of sight Things didn't look so dark there Peaceful calm and bright Some, some, some, some, some, day I might not get to live there But some of you may Some, some, some, some, some, day My time left maybe short now At least I got to see A place that I can dream of There for you and me Some, some, some, some, some, day I might not get to live there But some of you may Some, some, some, some, some, day Some, some, some, some, some, day I think I see a path there Has to be a way Some, some, some, some, some, day Someday soon