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  1. kuya


    Thanks for the advice guys. Very much appreciated. And excellent suggestions too. I've already used much of it. I agree that it's too long, but I want to look a little more and try out a few things before shortening it. I was thinking of having a short refrain after each verse if i edited this down into a shorter version I was thinking of something like Parchman ohhh Parchman, Destination Doom get outa Mississippi, can't leave a day too soon The following is from a PBS website on Parchman. There's a well known song called Parchman Prison Blues covered by many blues guys. Mose Allison, Bukka White, Mayall. Many bluesmen served time here too. Place is infamous. Freedom riders did time here. located about 100 miles south of Memphis in the Mississippi River Delta, the birthplace of the blues, Mississippi State Prison in Parchman, Mississippi, has become as much a historical landmark as it is a penitentiary. It’s about 30 miles from where Emmett Till was murdered in 1955, and surrounded by uninhabitable swampland. Parchman’s storied history is the basis for the prison farms featured in the movies “Cool Hand Luke” and “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, it’s referred to as “destination doom” in a William Faulkner’s novel “The Mansion,” and it is now a haunted setting in Jesmyn Ward’s National Book Award-winning 2017 novel “Sing, Unburied, Sing.”
  2. kuya

    President Trump

    The other day Obama said there were no scandals in his administration. How's that for a whopper?
  3. kuya

    President Trump

    Our choice in the last election was Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It was going to be one or the other. I'm relieved every day I wake up that Hillary will never be president. I don't mind people blasting Trump everyday (there's plenty I don't like too) as long as they leave the non-political members of his family out of it. I wanted to see Peter Fonda arrested for threatening the kid. Same thing when people threatened Obama's kids. As far as the cages, why not also blame the people who actually passed the legislation that requires these detention center / cages and the actual president who signed that legislation into law? And the judges who upheld the challenges to that legislation? And the senators and congressmen who can repeal the legislation TODAY that is making you livid? And the adults who dragged the kids over the border knowing this would happen? You do understand that Obama used the same cages? And seriously, you can't remember Obama lying? That excuse seems just a little too convenient. What do they call that? Political Alzheimers?
  4. kuya


    Parchman Yeah I'm going down to Parchman You won't see me no more Judge he give me 50 years That makes me 94 That'll make me 94 The warden took a look at me Can you do 50 here? The other prisoners stared He pointed to the way out back Said graveyard's over there I said suh to the warden I feel it will be soon There ain't no man do 50 years In Destination Doom Yeah I'm going down to in Parchman Ain't no use in crying Work the life right out of you Lord I welcome dying They whooped me with a leather strop [strap] The strop was four feet long Warden he see everything He don't see nothing wrong Two men they hold me as they whooped [whipped] They whoop me with that strop I feel the life drain out of me With every single drop Yeah I'm going down the river yeah they sent me down the river Yeah I'm going to the pen And they dropped me in the pen Parchman like no other place No place you ever been Said whoop a little harder boys Cuz you ain't even trying Pretty soon I'm out of here Cuz Lord I think I'm dying Anyone who ever said That work won't do you harm Plain to see they ain't been here They ain't seen Parchman Farm Yeah I'm going down to in Parchman Ain't never going home Even death ain't easy here My grave is full of stone
  5. I would offer to moderate but my iPod will only cause the same problems as it did before. I'm sorry I can't MC. You guys don't need the headaches. Sort of makes you appreciate the folks who do MC though.
  6. kuya

    President Trump

    We just had a discussion here last week about name calling. When @Onewholovesrock said basically anyone here who disagrees with me on this issue is a blah blah blah, I thought we're back to name calling so fast. It was me. If someone with a polar opposite view to @Onewholovesrock 's view said the same type of thing (really nasty name calling) i would object to that too. And to all those people getting so worked up over Trump's lies, I have a rhetorical question for you. When the last president lied, for example, about health care-"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" -- did you start foaming at the mouth then too, or is it only when this guy lies? Don't answer with some witty retort, please. But try to be intellectually honest enough to admit the lies don't bother you as much as who is telling them.
  7. kuya

    The long hot summer in Hamilton

    ' Crouched under waterfalls with a red haired girl' made me think the POV was a guy. That and the sweaty stuff. Works fine too with a female singer.
  8. kuya

    Sat Nav

    TBH It could flow a little smoother in a select few places. 'You helped me to take a' and the next line seem awkward. The second verse seems to have a lot of extra syllables. 'i'd never have got to go' could easily be 'never got to go' or never thought I'd go I would also consider repeating sat nav in the chorus a little differently. sat nav where you gonna take me sat nav blah blah blah see/tree sat nav Except where i wanna be One last thing, my sat nav is a TomTom. I love it. Does your sat nav have a name? Reason i ask is you could use tom tom for example throughout the lyric in place of sat nav and at some point at the end of the scond chorus say ' SatNav is killing me' just to personalize it more. Tom Tom where you gonna take me TomTom Blahblahblah break/fake me tomtom Except where i wanna be SatNav you're killing me Like Barney's similar idea, with Alexa, I think this has a lot of potential. Worth tweaking. Hope this helps.
  9. kuya

    This Girls Love Is Not For Sale

    Hi Mr D V2L4 i would use when will you ever learn V2 could be more interesting if they actually once were friends before he changed. Maybe years ago she saw potential in him? I'm noticing rhymes or lack of or variations in V1 same word rhyme V2 perfect rhyme CH same word rhyme V3 3 syllable word rhyme v4 near rhyme BR 3 syllable word rhyme I also see that the wording is almost completely one or two syllables. You use anyone in the chorus. But toward the end -- V3 and the Bridge you start using 3 syllable rhymes. i think the bridge is an opportunity to expand a little more to flesh out the POV's perspective. 3 lines is kind of short too. Who is she? Why is she so certain he's a loser? Whats she even doing there? Ex: i don't have much but I don't need/want you. Or you're not the guy that I once knew or not a word i say is getting through I wrote these observations before @spanishbuddha posted his.
  10. kuya

    President Trump

    I'm sure you know @jonie that the US admits in the neighborhood of a million immigrants a year. Year after year. I'm talking about legal, vetted, processed immigrants. I've sponsored immigrants so I'm familiar with this process. And the US has admitted many more than the above quoted million a year on specilized work visas, seasonal farm worker visas, fiancée visas, student visas, etc. Our legal immigrant policy is quite generous in comparison to virtually any other country in the world. Absorbing a million people year after year is no small accomplishment. Some think that number is too much to do year after year. Racism, or more accurately bigotry, is not limited to only one country or only certain ethnic groups. I think racism is an inaccurate term as we're all the same human race. I see bigotry where I live now toward the chinese, and toward certain religions by other religions. Your country of residence has it's own history of bigotry and greed too, as does most any country. I strongly disagree with anyone asserting that the current US immigration policy today is based on xenophobia or bigotry. I don't see that at all. We take people from everywhere year after year. After year after year. It's perfectly reasonable to want to know who we're taking though.
  11. kuya

    What Kind Of Man

    Thank you Ty Mick and Barney, I altered a couple words based on your suggstions. Although I hesitated using wrinkles as I picture the main character to be about 30ish. It's a fictionalized depiction of someone I know but it's really more my take on these irresponsible guys who leave their kids essentially fatherless. Kids deserve fathers.
  12. kuya

    President Trump

    What about playpens. Or cribs. Both are intended to keep babies out of harm's way. How about fences around schools and daycares. Context is everything.
  13. kuya

    President Trump

    You know you guys in Canada could buy an old cruise ship or two and put your money where your mouth is. Head right down there to Central America and offer to take as many passengers that'll fit directly to Canada. One could float back and forth up to Vancouver and the other could bring them up the East Coast up to Montreal. And then haul ass back down to Central America nonstop to do it again day and night until every single person that wants out gets out. But no passenger screening allowed. No weeding out MS13 gang members or drug pushers or criminals of any kind. Assume that every single person wanting to escape their country is wonderful. I'm sure the majority are decent but your rules require you to assume that everyone is acceptable. And you pay for these people and all of their needs for the rest of their lives. And. And. And when America deports anyone from their country you must accept every single one of them. No questions asked. Get rid of your border control completely with the US and stand by while we drive thousands of people a day right into your country and drop them off. And. And. And pay for all of these people and all of their needs for the rest of their lives. No questions asked. About those cruise ships: after you take on as many passengers as you think will safely fit, leave the gangplank down until the passengers decide how many will fit. Don't leave port in Central America until every last person who wants to cram onto the ship is on, no matter how horribly overcrowded and unsafe and unsanitary it is because you are not in charge anymore. You are not allowed to make any considerations for budget, safety, practicality, feasibility etc. just keep doing this day and night for decades. Round the clck. Day and night. And then we'll talk. And all the while you're doing your best, listen to people in ivory towers call you gaddam heartless sons of bitches.
  14. kuya

    Guns anyone?

    So by definition this man is not a legal gun collector. Felons and gun collectors are legally mutually exclusive groups. My comments about collectors excluded criminals posessing things they are not allowed to have. This kind of proves an adage among gun owners. If you criminalize gun ownership then only criminals will have guns. But this criminal could also make a gun using a 3 d printer. Now hopefully we can all agree that he should serve a mandatory 5 years for each criminal gun posession, consecutively. @Barneyboy since this is a local story for you, maybe you can let us all know his actual sentence please when that happens.
  15. kuya

    A Non-Trumpian Topic For Us To Ponder

    Student debt is an interesting subject here in the US. Multifaceted. I once worked for a state agency that serviced student debt. Let me just focus on one aspect of student loans, if I may. One of the problems with student loans is there is currently no incentive whatsoever for colleges and universities to control costs. These institutions live and survive in their own little bubbles. If a school wants to raise tuition because they can't control their budgets they can rest assured there is a lobby in congress that will immediately respond by raising student loan limits or creating new student loan packages so students can find a way to borrow larger and larger sums of money. The government guarantees these loans against default and the former students end up with what are essentially mortages they can't live in. A student will pay off debts for years making it increasingly harder to purchase a home or fund a retirement. Our kids, God bless 'em, listen to us and go to college because we all know that the difference in lifetime earnings between a bachelors and a high school diploma is roughly a million plus dollars, as is the difference between a bachelors and a masters, etc. a few years back during the obama years these same kids rebelled against the system because they took our advice and piled up debt getting an education, but couldn't find enough work and had to live home with their parents. (The one percenter protests). These kids felt betrayed by the system with good reason. And here's a big part of the problem: when one side tries to force these colleges and universities to control their budgets by not rubber stamping loan limit increases / artificial interest rates/ etc. they are blasted as heartless republcan sons of bitches instead of applauded for attempting to impose some restraints on a college's ability to raise tuition anytime everytime with the certitude that some idiots in congress would automatically make it possible for students to borrow ever increasing amounts of money. Money that is almost impossible to repay. (It's the same approach the dems are using today for border patrol-- make republicans who are trying to enforce our laws / control expenss look like heartless sons of bitches. No effort by them to ever help solve a problem that can be exploited successfully. These students and those poor kids in detention centers are both being exploited for votes, to the detriment of our country. it makes me sick.) God forbid a university will ever have to exist under the same monetary constraints the rest of us do. I truly empathize with these students and parents. The colleges are screwing them with the help of congress. One of the many reasons I moved overseas is so that I could bankroll my son's college years right through to a doctorate if he wants, without him incurring any mortgages he can't live in. And lest anyone think i am conveniently blaming only the democrats, i equally blame the republican cowards in congress for not standing up to them. Equally.