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  1. Train Whistle Blues

    Hello everyone, I don’t normally bump my stuff but I was wondering Is it possible to get any feedback on the edits I made on the 12th? Is the chorus working? Thanks. And happy Thanksgiving to anybody who celebrates it tomorrow.
  2. Muscle Shoals

    Excellent documentary. Was unaware you could take tours. So many unbelievable stories.
  3. One In A Million

    Hi Kerry, So you’re the 1 guy in a million who doesn’t think the focus of the POV is 1 in a million? My initial reaction is the awkwardness of — it ain’t me. I can’t help thinking but not me doesn’t work? Maybe I need more coffee. I’m still sorting through all the cool imagery here. Some really good stuff. I’ll be back.

    Hello J, Welcome back. I like this one. If it gets put to music you might trim some words for consistency. All in all, well done.
  5. Hi Dani, For a title it could be “ (your loved one’s name)’s Song” . It’s hard to critique something as personal and poignant as this. Mike’s comments about structure are a good place to start, but this lyric may not lend itself to a typical structure. Other helpful comments don’t need my repeating. Looking forward to seeing more from you and welcome to these forums. Really happy to see your posts.
  6. Can't Do This Anymore

    The lead singer reminded me a little of doug grey today, who’s still out there performing as marshall tucker. From my pov i’d say the vocals were the weakest link, but Jim, all in all, I bet it felt awesome to hear your lyric set to music. Good for you! There’s very few musicians who I’ve heard say they were completely satisfied with any recording of theirs or anyone else’s. That’s part of their creative chemistry. The hardest part for an artist is to know when to put the brush down sometimes, or when to tweak more.
  7. Planes Trains And Automobiles

    Thanks for the feedback guys. He was originally on a banana boat in Bali. But it’s weird to take a vacation without the family. So that would change ‘send the kids to grandmas’ to ‘tell your friends you’re busy’. I’m not really enthusiastic about the make up sex line either. Wasn’t sure if I should use or not. I could easily do this as ‘nothing beats your sweet embrace when I get back home to you.’ Either way the guy is ready to drop everything for the girl. Would those changes make much difference? I thought of that movie when i used p, t and a, Paul. I don’t recall they had a theme song though. It could be trains planes and automobiles just as easy. I appreciate your looking. Fresh eyes help.
  8. Planes Trains And Automobiles s’on a business trip in Bangkok banana boat in Bali When i received your text You said you’re sorry please come home Just be here on the next. Took the hotel elevator I raced up to my room. I grabbed the airport air-link train That thing can really zoom. Plains trains and automobiles. And a taxi ride or two. I’d even ride a tricycle to get back home to you. Planes trains and automobiles Ain’t much I wouldn’t do Cuz nothing beats the makeup sex /your sweet embrace when I get back home to you Racing thru the airport I’m jumping thru the gates My luggage has those little wheels I ride ‘em like a skate Love those moving sidewalks Switching planes in Beijing An escalator ate my shoe Because of my shoe string Planes trains and automobiles And a taxi ride or two I’d even ride a tricycle to get back home to you Planes trains and automobiles ain’t much I wouldn’t do Cuz nothing beats the make up sex / your sweet embrace when I get back home to you Got nothing against a rickshaw A camel or a bike The thought of getting home to you It really has me psyched So send the kids to grandma’s /tell your friends you’re busy Put on your negligee And leave the porch light on for me I’ll be home right away Planes trains and automobiles and a taxi ride or two I’ll even walk the last ten miles to get back home to you.

    Hi SFX, There’s a lot of nice stuff that gets posted here in the lyrics section that I can’t come up with a serviceable melody or rhythm for. And lo and behold, I’ll see it in the song section being sung just fine. Maybe this is one of these lyrics.
  10. Dead Man Switch

    Damn! Well played. I enjoyed it.
  11. Halfway to Nowhere

    Very nice Ria!
  12. Death

    Hi Ron, 2 typos I spotted. Won’t even throw me a bone— not thrown. V3. When you’ve been reduced. — not you all in all, very nce. I think it could stand a title as clever as the lyric.
  13. RED

    You might enjoy a tune from rootboy slim. Heartbreak of psoriasis. On youtube.
  14. My American Hero

    Hi Peko, Excellent so far. Regarding pretend. Pretend to be brave for the children works too. I had lunch today with a large group of DAV seated around me. Even as old men these guys are impressive. Very appropiate post for November. I’m still going to study this further so i may return with some suggestions. This seems authentic. What’s that saying about ... they also serve who only sit and wait ... ? My point is you serve too because you worry 24/7 while the hero may only be worried for far briefer periods of time because he is situationally aware. It’s the not knowing that’s worse than the knowing. There’s an old line from a Tommy Bolin song. I’d rather have trouble than fear. By the way, bravery is not the absence of fear, it’s despite the fear.
  15. MOOD

    Hi sfx, First verse. The puppeteer would not be in the puppets grasp.