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  1. Hi Luke Mn, Your song sounds very nice and haunting. By haunting I mean it lingers in your mind as you try to decipher the precise meaning. Here on the Muse we indulge each other by explaining meanings, but on radio we are only left to wonder. I think your lyrics create interest, because a listener is not quite sure unless you explain. A little mystery is a good thing. In American English we would say 'lend a hand' and instead of generalizing about the capitalists, we might be more specific by saying the insurance company or, in the extreme, the death panels ( the actuaries who decide the cost / benefit analysis for a surgical procedure). I say we might. Everyone has the choice to say it anyway they want. Capitalism is a subject of heavy disagreement in many places of the world. There is a receptive audience for those who might criticize some aspect of capitalism. Even a pro-capitalist can admit no system is perfect. So I think leaving the word capitalists in makes absolute sense. I might suggest dropping the 1% . I can understand the Cranberries comparison. I hear other Irish bands too. I think you did a great job
  2. kuya

    Zombie Blues

    It sucks to roam the world/ streets this way? The news line in the intro chorus could be And no one laughs at my "boo" s It's all in the delivery J, but I'm sure you already know that!
  3. kuya


    Hi Deeptrope, I liked this but I had the same situation as RNR Jim in trying to follow it. Metaphors are great but I think this is, to use your own words, covered in metaphors coming ajar. For me it seems like you're trying to cover too much territory. Verse 1 L 3 and 4 goes off on one tangent which turns into a dead end. But most of the second verse seems to veer off into a tirade against capitalism. Profiteers seemed out of place here. You have plenty of great material here to use. I particularly like your choruses and bridge. I suggest some slight tweaking of the verses.
  4. kuya

    #MeToo version 3

    Yes, I read the entire lyric, Mike. While it may not be only about her, she is the only individual (out of all the dozens of famous women who you could use as examples ) that you clearly identify.
  5. kuya

    I'm Sorry

    Hi Jim, And to think a lot of these lyricists and songwriters are all dried up by the time they hit fifty! You're just getting in your stride. Christiane had some nice suggestions. Her instincts seem pretty good. And I agree with Hobo about length and monotony. I think I counted 7 choruses. Maybe if you only do a chorus after every two verses that would take care of that? Justin Bieber just had a hit with a song called Sorry but I don't see much overlap so I think you're fine. Hehehe. I like it!
  6. kuya

    Olives and Clementines

    Hello Songwole, Ambitious subject matter--trying to capture the hopelessness of these lives. I think verse three needs a little reworking. I was just watching a WW2 documentary and throughout there were images of trees blackened and splintered and burned, often next to makeshift mass graves. I think the word splintered as in splintered along with our dreams might work nicely in V3. Barricades has a place as it symbolizes so much of the problem too.
  7. kuya

    #MeToo version 3

    Hi Mike, as long as you're singing it to the choir I think you'll be fine. By making it about Ford though you lost half the audience.
  8. kuya

    Idk a title yet

    Here's a suggestion: Why don't you look at somebody's else's postings and critique them? You've posted 5 lyrics(?) so far and people have been quite generous of their time looking at them and commenting and making suggestions. But you haven't bothered to make a single comment, critique, or suggestion on anyone else's stuff. That's pretty rude and selfish.
  9. kuya


    Hi Deeptrope, Nobody has commented on this yet. I think it's great. I want to study this a little more before before I comment more but you can certainly write well. I posted a lyric here called Gravity a couple years ago that was also a very sad or depressing lyric. The title lends itself to that sort of song. I'll add to this post after I look some more.
  10. kuya

    Come Back Please

    Thank you for the feedback thoughts and suggestions. Admittedly this is a simple tune without any pretense of being a literary masterpiece. Cliches such as 'a happy wife is a happy life' and 'if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy' kind of intentionally bookend the lyric. Timeless situation where the guy ctiticized his wife or girlfriend just a little too much and so she walks out in a huff and goes to her mother's or sister's or girlfriend's house for a weekend to cool off. She's not abandoning the kids-- just scaring the guy a little. Kind of like if you think it's so easy you try to take care of your kids by yourself for a weekend. He's groveling in an exagerated comedic yet sincere way, including joking that if she doesn't return he will jump off the pier. I think it was a Toots and the Maytals tune that I heard recently that inspired this. I was going for simple and singable.
  11. kuya

    Backyards of Australia

    There is always things to hear While you’re throwing back a beer And there’s always things to see Cooking snags on the barbie But of all the things that are really whack It's all my mates when they're out the back i just tried to add a little of that famous Aussie humor
  12. kuya

    September Lyrics Contest

    Congratulations to LyriCal Moosesong and 9th Street Line for the wins. Laugh and California were among my top picks. Interesting mix.
  13. kuya

    Come Back Please

    Come Back Please I am sad and I am lonely You are gone not here with me I am worried what will happen I was wrong it's plain to see I don't know what I will do now Tis the saddest time I've known Can't you see that I'm so sorry Little darlin please come home Please please please Come back home My arms wide open I was wrong I am down here on my knees Oh darlin I'm so sorry Come back come back Come back please Children ask me where is mama And I don't know what to say Children crying all the time now Why did mama go away If you come home things be diff'rent Not go back to like before I will never criticize you I'm not boss here anymore Please please please Come back home My arms wide open I was wrong I am down here on my knees Oh darlin I'm so sorry Come back come back Come back please If you not here our kids be orphans Go to the pier and jump right in And you know what will happen Cause you know I cannot swim [originally it was ... rasta man he cannot swim] Please please please Come back home My arms wide open I was wrong I am down here on my knees oh darlin I'm so sorry come back come back come back please
  14. kuya

    Whales (Demo)

    Hi Altair, It may be a cultural thing but I don't know anybody who would like to be described as big as a whale. I know in some cultures obesity implies wealth, but I think the big as a whale comparison is not a pleasant one for many if not most people. One man's opinion.
  15. kuya

    Burns victim

    Sorry. I did recognize Red Red Rose and forgot to mention it.