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  1. Rooster Joe. ( with a dog thrown in for Barneyboy) grew up around the barnyard. seen things you wouldn't know but I never seen nothin like that cock called rooster Joe One day i saw my papa Put something in his feed. Old joe was kind of high strung. That help he didn't need. Joe started with the poultry. He didn't spare no hens. chicken, turkey, waterfowl, and then the livestock pens. Joe went after everything; he didn't spare a cow I saw my mama watching this, and all she said was wow That tail chasing rooster joe Got more tail than you'll ever know Chased 'em high and chased 'em low My tail chasing rooster joe and then ma looked at papa And Papa kicked his shoe if I had some variety Said I could do that too. Then papa turned to mama. You better go and hide He's li'ble to go after you It's best to get inside. Joe went searching wide and far. Didn't spare a critter. He even got my sisters dog laying with her litter. This cock was busy all day long but it was getting late I said Pa he's going to kill him self, but that was not his fate That tail chasing rooster joe Got more tail than you'll ever know Chased 'em high and chased 'em low My tail chasing rooster joe Pa we gotta do something. My papa said not so Have a little faith my son. have faith in rooster joe A buzzard soon was circling. Joe struggled on his feet Old joe spread eagled on the ground. It seemed like he'd been beat But then i saw joe wink at pa. He had some kind of plan See that buzzard overhead? He'll jump her when she lands. When joe was finally finished. I almost felt a shiver For a little bantam red Old joe could sure deliver. Sometimes it seems like yesterday but it was long ago. BRIDGE Never can forget that day. That day and rooster joe That tail chasing rooster joe got more tail than you'll ever know Chased 'em high and chased 'em low My Tail chasing rooster joe
  2. Hi Barney, The main character ( the fisherman) didn't call her names. The fisherman is sticking with his gf. He's not being Judgemental. He's got metaphorical lemons and he's made lemonade. Considering the circumstances, I'd say he's a stand up guy with the patience of Job. All that's missing is a dog. I always try my best to fit a dog in there somewhere for you Barney, but it was only a twenty minute write. I wrote it so quick because it's based on a joke i heard back in the '70s.
  3. Hello A, . I'm not metal oriented so keep that in mind. I like that it's short. If the music required or allowed you could always expand. I don't know if this makes any difference to the music you hear for this, but the meter is inconsistent. Lines 3 match on the verses. Nothing else. I understood verse 1. Good solid imagery at least for me. I didn't quite get the first line of the second verse. More times than not it seems that the meaning of some lyrics are unscrutable. It sure sounds bleak. That's my overall impression. It presents a bleak picture of the future, and if that was your intention it worked. I'd say good job.
  4. Shocking Emily! Just shocking! sung to the tune of " they tell me God don't like ugly"
  5. For all of those fishing enthusiasts, trout season is April1st in New York. I tell them I love fishing My fishing buddies wonder, 'bout what is wrong with me. I catch the most fish always, but that's not it, you see? It's because I got a girlfriend, and still fish night and day. They wonder why I'm not at home. I should be getting laid. I tell them I love fishing. That's what a man should do To try and make the best of things. I got the fishing blues. They ask about my girlfriend; i always tell the truth. "My girl's got gonorrhea. I'd rather fish with you. " They said to roll her over. It almost feels the same. But she's got diarrhea too; backdoor just ain't my game. I tell them I love fishing. That's what a man should do To try and make the best of things. I got the fishing blues. They asked about her mouth then. I said "hey buddies please!" "It's getting kind of pers'nal; she's got a gum disease." They said "Man are you crazy! Say what is wrong with you?" She's also got 'case of worms; they're good for fishing too. I tell them i love fishing. That's what a man should do To Try and make the best of things I got the fishing blues
  6. Hi Ron, I didn't really hear a song either, but that doesnt mean it's not hidden in there somewhere. So many of the lines seemed too long, and are possibly run-on sentences. You have a lot of great rhymes but they suffer from the length of this, and they seem too obvious at times, such as in the chorus. To be honest, i took one look at the size of this and hesitated to read it as i didn't know if i had enough time-- that's how long this is. Sometimes less is more. I don't think the second verse was set up well by the first verse. V 2, 3 and 4 are part of a story that might not need the first verse to set them up at all. The first verse seems far too simplistic and your facts are debatable. Ever watch the NatGeo shows on sea lions fighting over the females, or moose, or musks? They definately get tired, and sometimes they get killed trying to prevail. I think you will lose people with your first verse and so they will miss the real story in V 2,3 and 4. There's your story. Michaelangelo started with a lot more rock than he needed. The beauty of the sculpture wasn't revealed until he did some serious chipping away. Hope i helped.
  7. Barney's comments notwithstanding; and yet there's something very endearing about the lyrics- like we're being let in on some inside stuff. Love to hear the finished music. For me it scores well on both mood and imagery even if it's somewhat nonsensical. Curious to hear others' suggestions.
  8. Hello tongue tied, To be honest, it's not 'mesmerizing' me this time. The rhymes seem kind of forced, and the language kind of stilted. The storyline doesn't seem to move forward enough. Hopefully, it's just me and others 'feel the magic'.
  9. As a followup to song Wolfe regarding random word generators, how does that work? Do we pick one word from the random words generated or is the object to use them all? I have no idea how it would work. And Musical Key, i might be over in that corner of the world the middle of next week and if so i'll look for that family again. Oftentimes the sidewalk sleepers there tend to remain in their particular chosen neighborhood so sometimes you see them on an ongoing basis.
  10. Hello. Im wondering if fountain is a typo for foundation-- in verse 2? and also verse 2. --- I, surely I've. If it's autobiographical in nature, it's a very nice tribute to your father.
  11. It's all good. I just threw some ideas out there but i'd rather not pick an idea myself, or even run it. Maybe someone not writing will offer. I think the different interpretations might be pretty cool.
  12. Hello all, I noticed here and there that more than a few people have said that they enjoyed challenges based on a specific theme. So i was wondering if anyone was up for a lyric challenge on a theme or topic yet to be decided? I have no preference in mind. Yesterday was the first day of spring. Summer vacation after that. Mother's day is coming up. Father's day after that. Gary seems to think Alabama grows the best weed. My kid's got too much homework. There's a zillion ideas we could pick from the news. If there's any interest we could do it outside of the monthly contest. Just wondering. Maybe we could even do quarterly themed challenges. No harm in asking.
  13. Hi JW, Sometimes a little mystery in a lyric makes them more interesting to people, especially around here. Myself included. I interpreted the lyrics to mean a man with a wife and children is lonely for some man from the past named Georgie and his wife can't take that kind of loneliness away from him, and the wife finally realizes it at the end and lets him go. For me the weakest line in the chorus is "he does his best to show he cares." I think theres maybe too many syllables in that line, or at least as i hear the rhythm. If my interpretation is accurate as to the storyline then maybe "he tries his best to hide it." Or something like that might work. I liked your lyric. You can write an interesting story and its all the more interesting by not giving it all away. Good job. Don't change a thing on my say so. i predict you will enjoy this forum and the nice group of people here.
  14. Damn Near Perfect! Wish i wrote it.