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  1. Mondo Art

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Yikes! To be honest, I always found it strange to say "1" was best and "5" worst. I think that "1-star" to "5-star" like ratings in iTunes would make sense to most people.
  2. Mondo Art

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. If anyone's curious about the songwriting and production process behind my song, it's on my blog: http://neelmodi.com/the-countless-few-metoo/ I'll reply here later on with my comments for each song as well, and I welcome any feedback on mine Cheers Neel
  3. Mondo Art

    How to mix for crappy speakers?

    Not necessarily, it will add a bit of mid or high freq info, but because it's in sync with the bass / kick tracks, on speakers that have good bass response, the original tracks will be louder, just with a bit of added sparkle. The key here is to be subtle with the aux track level, it's usually a lot lower than the original track. Anyway, try it and see, it isn't always needed, but a good tool to have handy when you do.
  4. Hi everyone Here's something a little different. I wrote this for two voices and got two really talented singers to perform it for me. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p4h2y3y1gn9598s/AAA0e3RGcgq_vlsJbTeakHHZa?dl=0&preview=The+Wicked+Queen+-+FINAL.mp3 Credits: Music: Neel Modi & Sonja Seiler Lyrics / Orchestration: Neel Modi Knight: Ryan Wilkie Queen: Kira Braun Lyrics: There was a wicked queen She would curse all that she saw We four horsemen galloped in To proclaim the new law We said, “Your highness, we must take you in.” She said, “You’re foolish, weak little men.” She approached us in a dash Then two were dead in a flash. Their fear then took hold For I held a flaming sword “Your doom is at hand,” “It’s too late to cry out ‘Dear lord!’” “The others are coming,” we did warn, “They’re strong and they will destroy you! Your reign is now at its end!” “I curse you all! Your lives are through!”
  5. Mondo Art

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    The Countless Few (#meToo) Words and Music by Neel Modi https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p4h2y3y1gn9598s/AAA0e3RGcgq_vlsJbTeakHHZa?dl=0&preview=The+Countless+Few+-+FINAL+1%2B1.mp3 Can’t believe what I see The shame of our time What we've put you though It weighs on our minds You said, “Me Too” Of course we believe you Wishin' it weren't true Join the countless few There is no excuse For stealing your pride Sorrys won’t fix the pain You don’t need to hide You said, “Me Too” Of course we believe you Wishin' it weren't true Join the countless few How has this been taught to us? Can’t we respect the lot of you? Gotta unlearn the hurtful stuff Gotta change our attitude You said, “Me Too” Of course we believe you Wishin' it weren't true Join the countless few Must listen to what you say It’s our time to change
  6. Great job! I have only one small nit: on verse 1, try starting the line "fresh ideas" an 1/8 note earlier, I think it'll land better with the emphases on the right syllables. Neel
  7. I recorded one for a client a short while back. The song had uke and vocals. The glock was the middle section with the uke. I used my small pencil condenser (Rode M3), pointing down at the glock about 18" away (I think). It was not close mic'd. Results were great.
  8. Mondo Art

    How to mix for crappy speakers?

    If you try out a mix on crappy speakers or your phone or whatever, and you find the biggest problem is that the bass and/or kick drum disappears, try this trick: Create an auxiliary track/bus of the kick and/or bass track. Make the send pre-fader. On the new aux track, give it a generous high-pass filter, and amplify a nice frequency in the mid-high's Also on the new track, add a saturation or distortion plug-in. Make it sound dirty, that's ok. Blend the aux track into the mix, volume to suit. This will give the bass/kick a little bite, and come through better on crappy speakers.
  9. Great groove, I really dig the 6/8 feel and the guitar riff. Well done It's a really focused idea, so I would be careful in the second verse that you go slightly somewhere else with the lyric, or put a different spin / angle on the idea. Like maybe verse 2 is how everything "I" do to change everything stays the same - so it's the same theme, but a different look at it. Cheers Neel
  10. Mondo Art

    I Come Here Every Day

    Hey Paul Another winner! Great country tune - story, melody and emotions all ring through nicely. I have only one suggestion. While I know you're going for a 3-chord song (C F and G in this case), I would still suggest an E-major chord when you sing "talks to me this WAY", switching to the E on "way" each time. This would spotlight the lyric and give the chorus end a slightly different shade. Cheers Neel
  11. Mondo Art

    A little to late

    Great tune! I like the change in the pre-chorus, just when I expected there to be a chord change. Nice catchy, simple chorus. And I like how you considered the ending carefully. Nice job.
  12. Mondo Art

    Holiday Shopping Spree

    Thanks TC! Glad you liked it. I made a video to go along with my song: Happy holidays!
  13. Holiday Shopping Spree Your new greeting card Peace and love for the holidays I say good fortune for all And dollars to spend on sales You wrote that song The evils of materialism Give away half your guitars To the needy and poor musicians You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree Always preaching moderation Credit cards gotta stay at home Support your local economy Don't be a consumer drone You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree Get what you want Not what you need You’d better like What you got! I only wanna spend Christmas with you Binge watching on Netflix On my brand new 75-inch, L.E.D., 4K HD, and 3D Smart TV with 1000 watt, 5.1 surround sound You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree
  14. Mondo Art

    I Wanna Be Loved

    It's a good start, good beat, bassline and groove. Good singer with good melodies. OK, now the critical stuff. Waaaaay too much repetition in the lyric. It's pretty simple in its message - you could get this done in a much shorter song. The chorus could pop a bit more - maybe change the melodic centre and move to a new chord progression, and you'll really have something. Hope that helps! Neel
  15. Mondo Art

    Die another day

    Cool track. I really dig the guitar riffs. They have a smooth cool factor and all resolve quite nicely. The verses are catchy and keep the song moving along well. I think the chorus needs stronger melodic resolution. This means 4 or 8 lines of melody, returning to the I chord when you're done, and using perfect rhymes, for example. The top of the chorus is great, with the "Die! Die! Die another day!" - I expected this melodic pattern to repeat, but you broke out of it with the "alien landscape" line, which really threw off the order for me. I think the second half of your chorus reads more like a "post-chorus" which is fine, but again, you don't fully resolve the chorus before you get to this, so it really feels unfinished. My $0.02. I think the chorus needs some help, but otherwise a good song.