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  1. A little to late

    Great tune! I like the change in the pre-chorus, just when I expected there to be a chord change. Nice catchy, simple chorus. And I like how you considered the ending carefully. Nice job.
  2. Holiday Shopping Spree

    Thanks TC! Glad you liked it. I made a video to go along with my song: Happy holidays!
  3. Holiday Shopping Spree Your new greeting card Peace and love for the holidays I say good fortune for all And dollars to spend on sales You wrote that song The evils of materialism Give away half your guitars To the needy and poor musicians You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree Always preaching moderation Credit cards gotta stay at home Support your local economy Don't be a consumer drone You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree Get what you want Not what you need You’d better like What you got! I only wanna spend Christmas with you Binge watching on Netflix On my brand new 75-inch, L.E.D., 4K HD, and 3D Smart TV with 1000 watt, 5.1 surround sound You know what I like my stuff Makes my life easy You know what It's never enough Holiday shopping spree
  4. I Wanna Be Loved

    It's a good start, good beat, bassline and groove. Good singer with good melodies. OK, now the critical stuff. Waaaaay too much repetition in the lyric. It's pretty simple in its message - you could get this done in a much shorter song. The chorus could pop a bit more - maybe change the melodic centre and move to a new chord progression, and you'll really have something. Hope that helps! Neel
  5. Die another day

    Cool track. I really dig the guitar riffs. They have a smooth cool factor and all resolve quite nicely. The verses are catchy and keep the song moving along well. I think the chorus needs stronger melodic resolution. This means 4 or 8 lines of melody, returning to the I chord when you're done, and using perfect rhymes, for example. The top of the chorus is great, with the "Die! Die! Die another day!" - I expected this melodic pattern to repeat, but you broke out of it with the "alien landscape" line, which really threw off the order for me. I think the second half of your chorus reads more like a "post-chorus" which is fine, but again, you don't fully resolve the chorus before you get to this, so it really feels unfinished. My $0.02. I think the chorus needs some help, but otherwise a good song.
  6. tips on mixing Bass?

    For bass punch, sometimes I use a parallel track (i.e. pre-fader send from the original track) and EQ the new track with a mid-range boost, deep hi pass, and apply some distortion and/or saturation. Then blend in the parallel track (hint, it's usually a lot lower in volume than the original bass track).
  7. Reference CD

    I kinda miss having bass and treble knobs on my playback device
  8. What do I need?

    I've been using Vegas Movie Studio for years - it's the smaller brother to Vegas, under $100 to buy, and is powerful and user friendly. I've done a couple of music videos, and some corporate stuff (awards, educational, etc). Of course, I agree that the quality of the footage is more important than the software you use. Planning your video is the most important thing.
  9. live performance and having a cd

    It really depends on the songs. For example, I'm producing for a singer-songwriter whose songs are very open to adding bass and drums especially, since they are rhythmically tight and highly structured. So I added tracks to the album cuts, and he sometimes performs solo or more recently, with a band. The songs dictate what works and what doesn't. That being said, the guitar and vocals are always the main thing in the live shows with or without a band, and in the productions. Find a producer that understands YOUR songs and YOUR approach, and the recordings should nicely complement the live versions.
  10. July Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Yeah, I can settle for that, I guess Thanks for being my online Yoko Ono!
  11. July Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Tom, if you're putting my song second to Strawberry Fields, I'll gladly take it!
  12. July Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Congrats to Tom and Paul - well done, guys! Here are my comments on the songs: Satellite – Catchy chorus. I like the specific references to places and aspects of the travelling life. The bridge is good as a change, but feels like it’s missing a lyric. Suggestion: the entire lyric is about movement; take a moment in the bridge to sing about missing your love when you get to your destination (alone in my hotel room, etc). Clouds – beautiful melody in the verse, especially the change on the last line. All in all a very nicely constructed song. Great imagery. Could make the melody in the “chorus” or b-section a little more different than the verses. People Like That – beautiful, delicate song – guitar work and melody work really well together. Love the simplicity of the lyric and idea, but there’s enough variety in it to keep things interesting. I love that you dared to make it short and to the point. Learn to Love – Really love the lyric “The one the mirror shines” – brings to mind MJ’s Man in the Mirror. I also love the chord changes in the last few lines of the chorus. Performance tip: too many “conductor’s eye’s” where you pause. This can be good, but too many of them gets a bit annoying, especially when the song is highly structured and rhythmically strong like this – you want to keep the rhythm moving for the most part, IMO. Josie’s Song – I admit, the silly rhyming made me laugh, but also shake my head in disbelief. Is this supposed to be tongue-in-cheek? I’m just not sure. 49 More – Great theme and execution. It feels a bit frantic – I wonder how it would be a few BPM’s slower. I like the catch phrase “49 more” and how you book-end the chorus with it. Great bridge – I would let the final chord ring out a take a beat before resuming strumming. When She’s Right - I like the progression in the chorus – the rhyme pattern, and the resolution at the end (I think you could omit the last “oooo I love you” and it may work better). I like the interplay between “I’m the one who whispers” and “She’s the one who whispers.” I think the bridge is good but it could have gone to a different place lyrically – maybe told from her point of view? My Heart Opens Like a Rose – wow, kinda schmaltzy , but in a good way. Excellent melody development, but somehow sounds a bit derivative. Cool and unexpected bridge. Great piano work. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like Meat Loaf could cover this and do it justice. In the Rain – Something unsettling about the delicate guitar work and the strange spoken word thing, but I think that’s what you were going for, so well done – it’s a unique take and mood. The image of being in the garden in the rain is kinda dark – and the one line of hope “Miraculously you still shine with love” isn’t enough to make up for it, IMO.
  13. July Song Contest (1+1 Format)

    Orange Purple Yellow Song ©2013 Neel Modi A song about a guy and a girl, and another guy, with rather colourful names. Burn yellow train inside Look blind and hide Orange say you bite French fry Overnight if the sunrise Purple mane on high Red light Orange with plight Yellow ball of white Stay dry Tie the magenta kite right Flip under weight and die Tear sheet safe flight Orange leave your sight And sigh Watercrest with the moonrise Purple taking flight They cry Carpet stain pile Yellow being like They lied Keep the hurricane mile high
  14. June Song Contest

    Are We There Yet? Great hook in the chorus, and love the title. I wonder how it works nowadays, though, with all the kids who have their own devices to keep them occupied and minivans are equipped with DVD players, etc. But this makes for a nice little piece of nostalgia. I felt the song was over at the 3 minute mark, I don't think you needed more repeats of first verse and more choruses. Fourth of July Great blues licks and hook on the "Fourth of July" lyric. The chorus kinda of falls flat and the "Fourth of July" hook is not nearly as hooky as the verse. I would restructure the song so each verse ends with a "Fourth of July" hook and lyric. The "oh sweet time" section could be done just once as a bridge - so the structure could be verse-verse-bridge-verse I Woke Up From The Dead This Morning Great melodic work in the super long chorus. I appreciate the unconventional structure. Great bridge, you could repeat the dream line a couple of times. I think since you have an instrumental section to end the song, you don't need one in the bridge as much. If You Knew Great tension in the verse and release in the chorus. I like the "draw, draw, go, go, reel, reel," etc parts, it's a nice way to cap off each chorus. DAMNED IF I DO Loved this! Very clear idea and development. Super catchy chorus. If there's one nit, the BBC line doesn't really stand up well against the rest. Great bridge - very different from the rest. My top pick from this contest. Mars & Venus Really liked the "she" and "he" duality in the verses. The chorus is a nice change. I would extend "Mars" and "Ve-" with longer notes, you rushed over them. Suggestion to make that work: "Mars and Venus will find their way" LIE WITH ME Love the chorus - powerful melody and lyric. The girl verse vs boy verse is a very strong contrast - it's a little jarring, and that's not only from the voice difference - the music itself is vey different, I think that difference could be reduced a bit. I'm Watching Over Great chorus. Maybe a little obvious, but "I'm watching over YOU" would feel a lot more resolved - maybe you didn't want that, though. Loved the lyrics in the choruses, the idea of "when..." and "I'll be" - great stuff. Didn't care for the Churchill speech bit - it detracts from the song, IMO.
  15. I'd second Mike's idea to record both as a scratch track / guide track first. You don't need to record this to a click / beat - it really depends on the song. But if you find some timings are off a bit here and there, you can always nudge vocal phrases a bit forward or back to get them in place after they're recorded. Pay attention to the downbeats and make sure they're in sync.